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Bone.Hum, should come finally to want, I pour and see your this wildcat eldest brother skill actually have much big!"
"Good!"I clapped Zhang, eyes hoped to Ma Tian Yu's list pick that square.
The kid lately almost faints, is this to make what?Are you to just duel with me?How to don't so not concentrate, on the contrary concern other combats.Are you to look down upon me?
The disaffection returns disaffection, kid lately still curiously followed my view to hope pass by.
I am long to urge an one breath,beats by dre studio, and then once escaped a to rob.
Already the Ma Tian Yu in this time Ai leads the aggression of Zhu Da Dun a burst of fieriness, in greatly again the slap clap to time(why the fatty hit persons majority of time all like to use a palm, because is their meat too many to on the contrary and more like to enjoy the felling of the meat of meat 踫 ?), Once Ma Tian Yu's left hand copy and kneaded Zhu Da Dun's finger.
"Mama of, fatty pig!You how always recruit with this, Lao Tzes all saw through you!"Ma Tian Yu Sen however on smiling, the left hand puts out strength one Ao, after several bone fracture voices that resound through a warehouse, Zhu Da Dun Tong must shout loudly.The strength of his surprisingly Ma Tian Yu is unexpectedly so big, a left hand ability elephant iron pliers Be similar to knead his right hand.
"Originally he just is packing be clapped by me muddle-headed change direction."This is greatly to pick medium last mind in this list.
Ma Tian Yu can't pass to spare no one of opportune moment, greatly have already been made by the huge pain in dizziness giddy moment, Ma Tian Yu robs front one step, almost fly a body one punch to beat at Zhu Da Dun's face up, the blood splashes medium still mix miscellaneous bridge ground voice.The strength of Ma Tian Yu's fist adds bodily weight, even if are that 230 catties of heavy Zhu Da Dun Be similar to be knocked down in the ground.
When everyone thinks that this combat has been already ended, Ma Tian Yu returns hideous smile to emphasize heavy kick Zhu Da Dun Ji's feet, this just jilt to jilt the blood on the hand, wipe off a sum a few small sweat beads of top exudation.
Is post-war from this, greatly and soon withdraws river's lake.According to become snub nose of he says, as long as mixing on a way with Ma Tian Yu, he will have a nightmare every nights.
"The commander is excellent!"
"BE not kill a pig, the commander certainly easily solves!"
I am believing these hearts that shout bravo a person, certain is rejoicing for the enemies who isn't Ma Tian Yu but.
"Rain night butcher" indeed as expected lives up to reputation, that his eldest brother ……
The kid is lately tight tight iron chain, stare at me.Take care of his, anyway he also wants to begin of, rather I compete first begin!
Looking at kid new appearance, I which still don't know that he is beginning.Ma Tian Yu has already fixed now, believing the far ambition of week should also about.I can not fail by a small margin in this time.
"Good!"I am past to account heavy, chase opponent of attention again lead another part go.
And the war situation of that part is also really much more good-looking.

The text chapter 18 list picks(3)
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Week the far ambition and Zhu Er Liang people have been already offended to guard with each other, this also makes the many people secretly scared:Is this the real strenght of the S class association?Small small[one] cent brigade pair commander unexpectedly like this skill and week the far ambition beat the difficult cent is difficult to solve.
Week far ambition not is lack of generation, even want Ma Tian Yu to have scruples about for three centses to him.This list picks at present he undoubtedly is ate the Kui of the shape weight difference of both parties.This isn't the knight errant legend, in the underworld, if both parties are bare hands, the physical stature is big, energy greatly of wanting and having some cheapness, win noodles also bigger.Luckily the week far ambition also has advantage, he is vivid.
Whenever Zhu Er offends, week far ambition all will the flash across vital part of just right, again cleverly ambulation step, unload the injury that the opponent give to lowest, but when the week far ambition takes the offensive, but Zhu Er how don't defend, if not that the vital part is subjected to threat, he is a battle physical stature strong, the meat is many, hard get the fist of the other party, and wait for an opportunity a report return a report, he to his strength but have absolute confidence.
If if this continues, the week far ambition undoubtedly will lose.But week the far ambition is after all my wildcat of four fierce will it a, from have one of his skill, can say that his Gui changes of way still at Ma Tian Yu on.Connecting Ma Tian Yu to deal with to mostly use to order a small stratagem is besides him.
The list picks can not the elephants beat, not only is a body to want to experience a test, even brains also not the ability is easy.
The most fascinating a moment came.Sees the far ambition of week shout at top of voice and suppress to get red in the face, the left foot forward and greatly acrosses an one step, and the one punch beats to Zhu Er's noodles door.Imitate a Buddha this one punch is far week ambition whole body strength it collects and went for broke.
Zhu Er Leng hums a , the in the mind disagrees:"Mama of, again big of strength Lao Tze also block of come down, and take advantage o to want your life now!"The his right hand mentions guarding against by making before the chest, and make the preparation of good countercharge, the left hand stirs far ambition of week of fist.As long as canning poke aside, the right boxing can not fail to take advantage o power the right rib of far ambition had better would be the wrist that can hold tight far ambition of week for crazy shot week, like this as long as one step before acrossing, the facial expression, throat then can weigh to bomb far ambition of week, the ground of one big slice of vital parts like chest,etc.
Hold tight!Mama of, canning not tell the so thin shape energy is still not small, however finally differed my 21.
Rejoice with wild joy in disloyalty of heart, however action not slow, change him to shout loudly this time a , will an arrows step across up, thoroughly discarded week far ambition.However, he fell into trap.The week far ambition is really one shot with all strength, go for broke.But use of isn't a hand, is feet!It is accurate to say to is a toe.
When Zhu Er acrosses ex- left foot to heavily step on the ground, week far ambition that right foot that puts in the behind as if early Xu power the arrows of the due-out is similar to kick to his foot Jian.
Two strong meet the brave to win.However the week far ambition is this strength that recruits but asked for help of Zhu Er, and Zhu Er is attackstoned of the place Be even achillean war absolute being in thou Greece can not do of in the Human body one of the weakest places.Result certainly obvious.
One of "踫 " is huge to ring, Zhu Er Tong calls a , this time of he is equal to to suddenly break a feet, how may another feet start to pay him to deliver those 230 catties of heavy huge bodies of dint just and forward?Have a foothold unsteady under, pour to the week far ambition.
The words that pass up this opportunity, week the far ambition wasn't far week ambition.
Only and week far ambition the real list once picked of the talented person know, the energy of his left hand can be much bigger than the right hand!
The week far ambition puts in the left hand of waist border in this time, again is make use of Zhu Er to pour downward of spoil dint and he body of amount of excess, face be the one punch bombs at Zhu Er of under the Han is outside.The big strength lets Zhu Er changes a normal track, outwardly the side kept on pouring, mouth inside continuously of run off blood, didn't know to is a tongue to break, is still that all of the tooth finished dropping.However this time of he hasn't felt and thoroughly sinks into profound obfuscation because of the huge pain.
The whole field was utter silence, all picked by this list to shake.Only a mind in much public:Mama of, this dry that is real!
The week far ambition is to natural and unrestrainedly clap several bottom palms first, then hopes toward Ma Tian Yu, 2 people to see with each other smile for a while, finally see to I.
This time of I am certainly very happy, because they all fixed, I need not beat.Ha ha ha, fight but harm a body very much.I stuck out thumb to them very sincerely, one is great they are dry to get beautiful, two is thank them.
However …….Mama of, I forgot, they was two are all heart of a beasts, they just for the sake of victory but victory, anything but fight for because of doing not make me fight to be subjected to a pain victorious.
Listens to Ma Tian Yu start revolt first:"Zhu Da Dun Zhu two although lose, however I admire them very much."
"BE ah!"Always how can don't know with the bad man that Ma Tian Yu act in collusion for evil purpose how attach and, " they once made great effort at least and lost again for hinder."
"Not the elephant is some people, never understand to earn respect for oneself.Seem be about to admit defeat now."Looking Ma Tian Yu's target is that the kid is new, however I know, the ultimate end target is still me.
"I see is also.Although he again beat next go to nothing important meaning, doesn't he want to stay some dignity for his so-called big association?Which afraid win Related articles: