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Voice), even if is rubbish, can not get mistake generation as well.You think, Li Shi Shi and your old daddy is have so one leg two legs, if I say that she is my words of younger sister's son, not big you are one generation, that I take you to escape, can not really become**elope, I this is for the sake of your reputation wear think, don't want to let you carry that on your back**bad reputation, so oneself eats some Kui and recognized Li Shi Shi be ……"
Words didn't finish saying, saw fragrant rather princess spirit small face son is red, scold his way:"Do not say quickly, what call to there is one leg two legs of, you ……you, I didn't kill you can not, let you say my father emperor."Say, she then starts every where seeking knife, fix this smelly rascal.
The favour way of Mo Qi Zhe:"Like well, you don't love to listen to, I don't say is, you don't get angry and carefully annoy a big wound body menopause to arrive in advance and also have that ……"
"You die!"Joss-stick rather although the princess doesn't understand what is menopause, from this rascal mouth in vomit of settled however isn't good words, she picked up the cup of table to throw to Mo Qi Zhe, the Shan body of Mo Qi Zhe once hides and ran cabin.
House he just thinks of, even if is to recognize Li Shi Shi to be younger sister's son, oneself can also pretend to be badge to believe in privately to give birth to a boy at the same time, that not just and as usual is with joss-stick rather the princess is disorderly what, turn to read a to think, don't recognize Li Shi Shi to be mama, nature also be not the badge believes in of private give birth to a boy, that even if is want to don't get up indiscriminately as well indiscriminately!Ha ha, to to, be say so!
He is about to come out yard, suddenly saw hide in the hospital Cape of those small maid - in - waitings.Mo Qi Zhe sank facial expression down while signing, once the handle knob flick and drank a way:"You severals come over for me!"He doesn't dare to blame and scold joss-stick rather the princess run about aimlessly everywhere, darling baby is should never attempt to with give offense to, can to this a few small maid - in - waitings needless care, shoulding scold has to scold, not ability very kind.
A few small maid - in - waitings meticulously walked to come over and looking at Mo Qi Zhe starts to stare of double eye, frighten even can not say it words.
Mo Qi Zhe's way:"You are this a few bond maid films, unexpectedly dare not guard a princess well, almost make her a person sink into a dangerous situation.Say, should He Zui!"
The maid - in - waitings hurriedly kneel ground to beg for mercy, a courage a little bit smallly and unexpectedly frightens cry to make a noise.
Mo Qi Zhe scartsed to scart a head, he could have never thought he to unexpectedly have so big"dignity", can give° the young girl to frighten to cry, oneself this didn't become big ash wolf!He is ashamed again scare young girl, have to the facial expression of laying up fierce Ba Ba, Wen Yan Dao:"Like like, don't cry!I don't scold you be, however you hereafter can get to nurse a good princess, don't make her one more to go out, have been already understood?"The maid - in - waitings hurriedly nod to promise.
Mo Qi Zhe instructs them to take good care of a princess to take a rest, he then walks by himself to ex- park and Lyu elder brother Yu company the quantity take over the troops' business.
Lyu elder brother Yu join the army a day long, realize the importance of soldier's right, in this chaotic, owning soldier's right to not only mean can safely keep on living, is also assurance that claims leadership everywhere.For finishing prevent°froming Yan believing in Han to create unexpected complications, Lyu elder brother Yu advise Mo Qi Zhe to more and early solve this affair more good, suggest tomorrow school soldier's field outside the city review troops and come to hand troops, Mo Qi Zhe agrees to this deep form.
Sleeps so much for a night.Early in the morning on the second day, had the gold country the officials to deliver an officer for him to take, brand-new of from one article military officer the officer take and up embroider aureate Qi Lin of a head of.Is happy in the heart of Mo Qi Zhe, think a way:"This not believe in Han just than the over Yan small half class!"
He asks a way:"I see my officer take and generalissimo of about, can with all the officer of commander-in-chief take but not greatly same.Excuse me, , all is the commander-in-chief several article officers?"
Gold country officials to this the first in leap for the general of gold soldier No.3th person is to fawn on very much, finish respectfullly finish respect the ground answer a way:"All the commander-in-chief is imperial house's prince, wear is Wang Fu, certainly and the dissimilarity of general."
Mo Qi Zhe"" a , just know originally over Yan at this time Zong Wang is unexpectedly emperor's clan, no wonder that can control finish moving Yan to believe in a Han so overbearing person.
Gold country's officials tell Mo Qi Zhe,Beats Solo HD, the gold is distributed by the imperial government, ask Mo Qi Zhe to patiently wait for.Mo Qi Zhe just don't care what gold print a silver to print of, what he concerned is those 40,000 contract Dan soldier, that is the real real strenght.
Put on an officer to take, across a horse, Mo Qi Zhe rides a with many attendants crowding round coming down of the soldier to soldier field in the school out of the city in 3,000 Piaos, the 40,000 contract Dans soldier got the news that wanted to review troops yesterday, so today in early morning and then at the school soldier field in file,Artist Series.Four myriad people brigades are at the school soldier field top very neatly the alignment write and wait for an inspecting of new appointee great commander soldier.
Mo Qi Zhe after walking into soldier field in the school sees all of this from ride the troops whom the soldier constitutes, greatly deliver regrets, if not that ancient text ink in the belly is too little, he is about to sing a hymn to set against.At this time, two contract Dan soldiers all walked to come up generally and saluted to send greeting to Mo Qi Zhe.
Mo Qi Zhe asks a way:"Are you a contract Dan to take care of in soldier?"
Noodles skin fair and clear middle age all all way:"Reporting back a great commander soldier is left under the mark all all Han Qi first, this is right the all all Xiao Zhong is respectful, we 2 is to agree Dan soldier in of take care of, if the great commander soldier has what order, can tell us, is done for great commander soldier by us."That calls Xiao Zhong respectful of also nod to call BE.
Mo Qi Zhe's way:"Is very good, hereafter you still do all generally, follow me to set up an achievement to establish a career, conduct this Bian beam city well."
Han Qi first and the Xiao Zhong kneel down towards seeing one eye, 2 people together respectfullly and gratefully say to Mo Qi Zhe:"Thank great commander soldier for appreciating, if have already assigned a mark ten thousand dead not Ci."
Mo Qi Zhe is tiny tiny on smiling, pointed to point after death of the Lyu elder brother Yu's way:"This is my pair will, he is to agree a Dan person."
Han Qi first and the Xiao Zhong respectfullly and hurriedly come forward and Lyu elder brother Yu say "hello", really warm and affectionate.
Mo Qi Zhe listens to them at after death and Lyu elder brother Yu the small voice whisper and say is finally got away from over Yan to believe in Han, this giblets.This giblets fight of time, always make the soldier do forward, put together to fight to the death lively after beating a victorious battle, he and then calculated the all of achievement to a female true soldier in the body, and then say great general since with contract Dan artificial pair will, so definitely will treat kindly to agree a Dan soldier, their bitter day finally the cook Be getting more successful in career.
Mo Qi Zhe listenned to big joy in heart, he just still feared to agree Dan a soldier to defy himself/herself, now see come need not worried, this still needs to thank to finish Yan to believe in Han of cruel!
Agree Dan to ride soldier's row to become square brigade, from 40 thousand men long lead, a group of brigadeses ground once walked before the body from Mo Qi Zhe, troops tidy uniform, in addition to out of the clop one silk food for powder of noisy all have no, long the pike is sharp, the yataghan is very clear, whenever a brigade ride a soldier to walk to Mo Qi Zhe's in front, then will raise a yataghan in hand and loudly loudly appeal to the public Mo Qi Zhe's title, "fierce Anne strives for a gram, fierce Anne strives for a gram".
Beyond all doubt Han Qi first and the Xiao Zhong is respectful these are generally two to all lead troops a square in normal times,Beats Detox, the troops' discipline quality can directly reflect fighting strength up, this troops fight battle to affirmative not Be lost to a female true soldier.
If Mo Qi Zhe heart win very be satisfied with, decide to say to the food for powder to be some encourage, he loudly way:"The brotherses, as long as you follow this great commander soldier, that is all bright forever, this great commander soldier will definitely take good care of yours and take you for one family to treat, in no case will elephant a certain giblets make you walk into death so!You know who what I said is?"
Agree Dan soldier to toghter say with smile:"Know, we know who the giblets that the great commander soldier says are!"
Mo Qi Zhe again way:"Know good, in a word we hereafter is a brothers, this Bian beam city is us of site, at these three cents, on the ground, who if dare to call with us plank, we fix him, let he didn't the nice day leads."
Mo Qi Zhe at this time still could not say what the big truth of excited public, have to those two words that all say generally according to just hearing reorganize for a while, the over Yan believes in Han not to cherish to agree the Dan soldier's lives, he then says to cherish, can that these soldiers also not support and adore him?
Although the this time words sound elephant not to is the lecture that the great commander soldier announces for warrior, pouring the elephant is a bandit headman to toward small bandit Xun words, be that as it may can, the contract Dan soldier also all still appreciates him very much, many soldiers will together the voice battle cry send thanks, "thank great general!Who if defy great general, we fix him!"Shout astoundingly, vibrate open countryside.
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