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Two people and Sichuan trip passes out .relationresultCrazyafter Dugu ,long out of breath ,suddenly from the side grabbed a handle sheath sword ,is placed on the eyes, eyes full of joyance color ,laughed : good ,good ,the world really worth my sword man .
Waiting for the day ,for too long . , relationresultYang Yanthe sword of nearly five feet long ,almost as much as his own blade length ,but only two inches wide ,even the sheath ,one can imagine ,this is a slender sword .
Do not know from all the filthy hands play out ,would be a like .relationresultThisis all to two people laughed : this would like to thank you tell me this matter, as for Song Jin the two things ,although I don know, but if you have asked me for help ,despite the opening who let me and you couple hit it off ? , relationresultYang Yan thenput yourself on the Cape Wind but scrambling out .
Crazy after Dugu ,before: as you don mind, I could feel the wind ,general to was in Ling .But if your heart he ,I can accompany you for a few days ,only to you after the end of the war, and then we have a competition .
I want to Cape Wind also will have no objection . Because the Cape Wind is not absolutely sure to win all the crazy, so in this situation ,two man battle until after the war again, should be acceptable to both the conditions .
relationresultYang Yanhearts thrilled ,Dugu delusion or Cape Wind ,too, although is detached from earthly ,but not devoid of feelings .relationresultZhao Yueruto the fluttering worship, said: thanks .
, relationresultAll thesilly laughs: to be ,my life has always been to wander freely act ,as long as it is on the hand ,is willing to help him ,no matter what .If you want to thank me ,later you couple married when I drink a cup of wine ,please .
, relationresultYang Yan andZhao Yueru looked at each other ,the heart is very happy .Yang Yandao : please come with us . , relationresultThen,three people together in an array of rotary song .
In fact, this time to go to have a many hour ,but Song Jun is still waiting ,soldier hasn .Yang Yan saw ,was also not proud ,not negative own painstaking training .relationresultYang Yanzhengordered the army to return to Huizhou, Ling Xiang Yue Chung out suddenly ,fell at the front and all the crazy ,said: master, how could it be you? Old ? , relationresultYang Yanand Zhao Yueru were startled ,alone and was actually Ling Xiang master ?This is a coincidence .
All the crazy laugh ,pull the LX : there really is too small, all people should get together . , relationresultTheLX was seventeen years old ,once to the southern services ,meet by chance in Jixi reclusive alone ,Artist Series.
All the crazy see his talent to * ,a moment of love ,heart ,taught swordsmanship LX ten days ,the LX swordsmanship dart .Although there is no trying to ,but to the Ling Xiang as commander of all .
But the two one after the other ,for several years did not meet again ,when all filthy did not tell LX their name, thus LX also don preach ourselves sword of human is the result of a dynamic sword devil Dugu arena .
relationresultLing Xiangand Huang Mingxia to meet all the filthy ,nature is to the satisfaction of all .Yang Yanzheng worries about their own affairs too much ,Zhao Yueru is not to entertain people ,Beats Detox,do not know how to arrange the catch and live food ,now just the opportunity ,let LX and Huang Mingxia two people serve alone .
relationresultAfter returning to Huizhou,Yang Yan immediately ordered ,to allow Cao Xun to give up Huizhou ,immediately marched into Chizhou and Bangladesh in the combined army ,to attack the Taiping state .
At the same time, wrote a letter to Li Xianzhong about his health ,attack together .relationresultThirty of eight Jin division ( on) , relationresultWanyanlong defeated ,song soldiers front watched on the approach to Ling .
The whole house of Ling Jin army were all shocked ,who also did not think of ,Wanyan long would suffer a big .relationresultAlthough thelong war knows ,victory or defeat is a common soldier ,an occasional failure to nothing ?To know the Wanyan length which is a South Main planner ,and since the South since, Wanyan length on Li repeated military exploits ,the Jin army under no one doubted Wanyan long ability ,so this time defeated, only shows ,Yang arthritis than the end of Yan Long worse .
relationresultMoreover,this time played ,the Jin army dispatched six thousand iron pagodas, unexpectedly only 2000 ,loss proportion is big ,is Daikin has ever had .The song out as first army ,to the Jin army caused great shock force .
Now the Golden Army on almost all know ,song has a special team ,with is called elephant beast war ,more powerful than the iron tower ,this time to win the fight song ,the group .
relationresultSomedid not participate in the Golden Army heard after all ,as war had Jinbing for the elephants ,and fight Jinbing in order to hide his ignominious defeat to other people ,and often exaggerated described as army terrible place, had a few Jinbing met real elephants ,spread from mouth to mouth ,100 around the world ,everyone play to their imagination ,adding the trimmings ,do what little one can to help ,the results get wilder ,nature also spread to more and more terrible .
relationresultWhile someJinbing heard later, went to Ling to ask the local people like elephants ,some saw an elephant to is the home of truth ,but also some people in order to frighten the Jin army, from shanhaiching a kind of strange sou Shen Ji records see monster image is added to the inside ,the result nature is all sorts of strange things ,not a word .
She said the more outrageous is exaggerated ,the more people believe that .relationresultAnd the songis mixed with the Ling Intelligencer also took the opportunity in the city to rumors ,saying is Jin-jun nanqin ,is one way, by provoked God in this sent animal bound, assist in song ,Jin is hit .
Perhaps say Song Jun to teenagers ,to became the world, still Chengtian brought ,so only have auspicious beast was born ,his democratic ,Jin when the difficult north also etc. .Not a few days ,the entire Ling city four rumor ,jittery .
relationresultWanyan,the civil and military ministers had seen much of the world people ,nature won believe these rumors ,cheap dr dre beats.But these rumors will not sit idly by and watch .But just at this moment came in the navy in the news of the defeat .
In the Navy and was deputy burned ,Navy altogether for nearly 500 warships, now the sea is the navy of South Song Dynasty .Not only such ,song still in Wenzhou landing ,can land and sea, toward Ling .
And in the north ,Song Jun also stormed in Huai east .relationresultThe face ofbattle one step toward deterioration ,Wanyan Yong also some be on tenterhooks ,immediately decreed ,Chao Wanyan long back to Ling in the .
Now the Jin army defence watershed ,Tonglu ,Metro ,very close from Ling ,but a hundred miles away, horse dash one day you can catch a back and forth ,to not delay the military .relationresultJust now,after Yan long occupied also wants to return to Ling after Mianzou Yan Yong ,just start ,at the same time in order to let the officials know this battle the Jin army really lost there, specially ordered Zhang Hu Song Jun elephant are painted a pair of picture ,personally to Ling ,submitted to the finish to Yan Yong ,more to the civil and military officials have an intuitive understanding of .
relationresultWanyanYong also can be considered immediately emperor ,then as GE the king, but had participated in the Shunchang war ,and the civil servants and the song is not the same as ,or almost by the comic ,so everyone more or less ,know some military ,and over half are also seen elephants ,so everyone sees Zhang Ge painted images ,also will immediately understand somewhat ,in the face of such a huge monster ,changed who is getting a badly, so the Wanyan long the loss also can understand a bit .
But who would have thought ,the Southern Song Dynasty when training such a like army .relationresultButunderstanding is to understand, but after Yan Yong and the picture ,or are not Related articles: