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Block, think to carry on deadly blow to the Mo Chuo on the big Mo, don't count 100,000 battalions can not, as a result, I decide, the next year is this battle, throw in 500,000 battalions."
Slightly one deadlock, way:"500,000 battalions, this hasn't led in my big history Tang.There is no never mind, open a precedent!"
Li Jing puts out Turkic one war, the tang dynasty starts out ten several ten thousand troops.Turkic after the backstroke of Wu Ze Tian, at most start out 450,000 troops, however, a have no acquisition.Transfer 500,000 troops at a time, historical in the tang dynasty indeed is a scale Be getting more unprecedented.
This also displays Li Long Ji's decision:Must annihilate a Turkic main force, Yungching north ground!
"The war of 30 in the last yearses, big Tang and Turkic continuously, although obtain many victorious battles, big Cuo its drive, however, mostly is the war of shot Kui, don't annihilate its main force, harmed skin not to harm a bone, the north ground isn't and rather."Li Long Ji downwards says:"I decide that next year this fights and lends the Turkic goes down south of machine, make it giving the annihilation main force.There are no troops, Mo Chuo even if is the male eagle of big Mo, he can not fly for nine days either on!"
"Emperor's saint is clear!"Zhang Shou 珪 sings the praises 1:"The minister is these years, realizes Turkic at the north ground it to get much and deeply.Isn't big Tang Da however Turkic, and because the big Mo is vast,beats by dre uk, the Turkic immediately runs away once losing war, big Tang Yao makes track for also and makes track for not up."
Horde from the small growth is on the horseback and ride to shoot to be familiar with and come and go like breeze, the Piao is fierce fast.Beat however, escape right away, want to make track for also and make track for not up, this is the strength of Turkic.
Its shortcoming lies in, horde knows dish Ma Wan Gong, don't know science and technology why thing, has the scholar the drama to call"science and technology to horde, really difficult!"This words are quite right, they lack the forerunner's science and technology and lack iron, there is no good organization discipline, these are their shortcomings.
Once meeting to equip is excellent, train to have plain China troops, that they only eat to lost battle.Zhao Wu's working properly Wang Ji to break non-Han nationalities and The Huns is such, Qin Shi huang's greatly breaking The Huns is such, man Wu Di Ji break The Huns, be still such, Li Jing puts out east Jue is also such!
The China dynasty changes in succession, a dynasty put out, another dynasty rise.Being same is also presenting to public a same story on the big Mo, a horde declined, another horde was rising, however, they deduce of story homology.The The Huns meets violent Qin Han's troops, the Turkic meets to fight well of Sui battalion Tang, they only a hurt to hurt again of.
Two Sung dynasty creation of wealth far far above Sui Tang, science and technology more brilliancy brilliant, but at agree a Dan and female true, Mongolia these different clan in front incapable is dint, in really make people regret!
The race that is same equally own advanced science and technology, the China of strong financial power, but can not vanquish a number top far far not equal to The Huns and the contract Dan of Turkic, true female, Mongolia, in really China is a historical different number!
"As a result, the next year is this battle, the duty certainly wants the battalion of the whole Jian Mo Chuo!"Li Long Ji's right hand heavily hits on the map and sends out one of bang to ring!

The fourth empire collision chapter 7 appoints commander-in-chief
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"The intelligence report that I receive greatly food parties the person send for Mo to knife in Damascus with still have a batch of craftsmans.I estimate to touch.The big food wants to build to offend city apparatus for Chuo.There are these apparatuses.Mo next year the meeting distinctly go down south.Next accept surrender three cities.Arrive to the yellow river to the our army with the south."The Li Long Ji's right hand presses on the map.Immediately after analytical way:"The Turkic person lacks iron.Don't offend city apparatus.Fighting the field battle can be also.Make reference to offend city.That incapable is dint.However.Have these the apparatus the empress.The circumstance had a dissimilarity.Accept surrender three taking precautions against of cities the beard strengthen.I intend to make use of Mo Chuo to be eager to the viewpoint that takes down to accept surrender three cities.Make the Jue person's drive depletion accepting surrender three cities at.
"Wait until to implicate Turkic person to drag along tired after.My battalion waits on machine to attack.Round but Jian it.Certainly.At and the Turkic is while person is beating war of attrition.My battalion should is bold to add to the Turkic person's rear.Arrive appointed district.It is concealment to gather.Accept surrender 3,1 hands.Start an attack right away.Contain a Turkic person from the on all sides.This best plan that is me!"
Accepting surrender three cities is all very heavy to person of tang dynasty and Turkic.Three cities are tang dynasty yellow rivers north the shore has a foothold of ground.If lose of words.Tang Jun only backs yellow river south shore.Throw away these three cities.Tang dynasty at yellow river north the shore had no stance.BE not likely to take this as gangplank.Take the offensive to the big Mo deep place.Come up to see from the strategy.Greatly reduce to the threat of Turkic.
If the Turkic take down to accept surrender three cities.So Turkic the person can return Mo south.There is the ground that sign the awl here.And.Can take this as gangplank.Take the offensive to the You state nearby hair.This weighs threat to the northern composing of tang dynasty on the strategy.
The You state is tang dynasty's war base in the north most important ground.No matter is a north ground.Or Liao east.All is carried on a replenishment by You state.Don't say to beat You state.Be threaten You state.Will let tang dynasty not and rather.It is a big a day victory.
The Mo Chuo advertises for a war whole life.Craftiness fox.Was Wu Ze Tian so smart personses to all ascend his big be can't even these all can not see clearly.Past.Empress Turkic frequently strike against to accept surrender three cities have never succeeded the biggest reason after lying in the Turkic person don't offend city apparatus.If arrive a big food of support.Own city apparatus of offend.Mo affirmation is wanted to beat to accept surrender three cities.
This.Being exactly Li Long Ji to beg it isn't greatly good!
Make use of Mo, this mental state.Make the spirit troops depletion of empress Turkic accepting surrender three cities at.Start decisive battle again.To the tang dynasty there is advantage greatly.The this speculation of Li Long Ji is very good.
Zhang Shou wanted to think a way:"The emperor conceives often good minister also together.It just is similar.The battalion replenishment of adding is a great problem.The thorough steppe isn't problem.Conceal is not a problem either.The only problem be how let the officers and mens eat satisfied?Enough grass in the big Mo what enough water lack is a food."
Not the Kui is a long term will get to inquire about an idea to ascend in the north.Yao Chong, the head agrees with:"Emperor.The pole that general piece talks BE."
Li Long Ji didn't answer.But is looking at Chen Wan Rong.Ask a way:"Do you say how to solve?"
Chen Wan Rong wanted to think a way:"Emperor.Want to solve is not difficult either.Take more some horses.The Duo transports food a food then.Up north route a soldier in the big steppe.Riding a soldier is very fast.Adds one for a day 3200 insides aren't problems.Only ride the soldier's words.Takes 35 days and then can arrive appointed district.And the deployment stops for rest.Probably need saying is also seven.8 before decisive battle and starting sets out and then went.
Have foot ground for half month ration about.Really don't go.By that time.Can also kill maintenance horse.One rides a soldier to have three war horses.An use to ride.1 stops for rest to treat to ride a Duo ration and material.The minister wants to completely can work out this problem."
And empress Turkic this war don't avoid|the glory be late often also thinking right.
Words sound a fall a point.Li Long Ji Yao Chong and Zhang Shou toghter the shot Zhang is great:"Say well!"
Li Long Ji says with smile:"What you said is what I think.I am to think.The next year sends 100,000 ride a soldier.The soldier divides two roads.Copy the Turkic person's back route to go.Give them the three horses a person.All of the food and drink carries.Turkic person ground Ma Nai Zi quenching thirst and solving is hungry.Be easy to conservancy.It is just friendly on the big Mo.North ground the ground officers and mens also used to eat to Ma Nai Zi.I have already issued order.In great quantities do.By that time.One person takes several Ge bags.Enough they drank ground.Again ascend some dried sliced meats.Noodles.Supporting the half month can't have a problem."
The horde love of Ma Nai Zi drinks.BE use Ma Nai to make into.Quenching thirst and solving is hungry.Very benefit in march a battle.There is this thing.Tang Jun just like in with might greatly increased.
The Yao Chong nods a way:"Emperor's officer's horse isn't enough.Need to take private Ma Ru Jun.Imperial government should immediately next aim.Encourage the officers and mens private Ma Ru Jun.
"This is you this win the book makes of matter."Incredibly the Li Long Ji Liao picks son.
Man Wu Di of so can the set so large-scalely ride soldier's reason in west the man promote Ma Zheng.Western man savings a great deal of of.Were it not for Ma Zheng.BE not likely to have "Khan the night escape" Related articles:

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