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Frequently volatile exchanges but still need to differ up Be getting aer lot of.
The silk of Suzhou market because of my get involved.Is a price for a day, those buyers all hold a silver to wait for now, few someones start a great deal of purchase, and seem this kind of trend have already started spreading from facing the whole whole country in Suzhou, in addition to those persons who necessarily and against will have to buy, other persons are hesitating.
However by so doing to me don't lose as well is a good news, everyone is that asks price,have no how much person buy, and world clothing material shop also because Zhang Kun is kidnap of the affair make one burned and still have idea to procure these silks there.So say this time silk price of manipulating Suzhou, actually didn't cost my too many silverses, however hand in piled up many silks.
However among four individuals the most worried ground of still the Min respect at first, Suzhou appeared an affair like this, and all of the both sideses of I and Fan Qi were to isn't the influence that he could give offense to, so he also canned helplessly looking at an affair gradual depravation,oneself the slightest had no way, didn't can not say that being a kind of is painful!
" Say, see the price of silk have been downwards falling?"
I shake and looking at a fore basic virtues one eye, then just speak slowly a way:
"Does the Min adult why not procure a silk in the name of authorities, when the time comes even if is an authorities to sell not to go out, wait to open widely a person to have department Ya here a door a prepare and plan well, also fear that no one buys?"
The Min respects at first sighed tone shake head say:
"Although say that mansion in Suzhou enriches number one in the world, but I this inside momentary go where gather together 100,000 many two silvers, have no money who hand over to the authorities the silk again."
I lightly say:
"Now 1,000,002 silvers of patrimony in Suzhou of, I estimate also many, but say to can take out 100,000 many two silvers to quell silk price in the in a short time of, return be really have no!And I if raised enough silver to perhaps also take most time of a month, far water didn't understand near thirst!"
Really, the rich is many BE, now the price slump of silk, how later circumstance is who also could not remembered clearly Chu, new of the silk also just became available in the market, if don't can sell those silks on time in half year, waited until next year a new silk down, presumably will lose money, for this kind of affair with risk, presume and set foot in of still really have no severals.
The sudden openings of fore basic virtues piece says:
"Hou Ye, if say the authorities procured a silk, don't know that the Hou Ye can all buy next?As for silver but can slowly ascend a slowly."
I deliberate for a while, just answer to say:
"Open widely the person says of pour not to lose is a good idea, however the affair of business I generally hardly participate, is all Joe's shopkeeper to make decision, this affair I still want with him negotiate for a while."
The Min respected to also say with a smile at first:
"That this affair Hou the Ye gave a lot of care."
After waiting I to fully satisfiedly coming out the doorway of county Ya, the Min respected to return to room with fore basic virtues piece at first in, the Min respectfully originally possessed some exclamation groundsed to say:
"We this Hou Ye really got cheapness to still sell lovely."
Fore basic virtues piece Pie the Min respect original one eye and just lightly say:
"The Min adult sees on the associate's share son, I remind you a , carefully beware of eavesdroppers."
The words that hear fore basic virtues piece, the Min respectfully originally possessed some unnatural smiled to smile, however don't say again what, have with fore basic virtues piece a have no one after chatting in a short while sought to lend to leave.
But this time I just in the Jiao son returning Yue visitor inn, feel joy for own some kind of actions.
So, some kind of magnificent and victoriously reduce price to fight like this impressive beginning with poor ending of end, and Zhang Kun's affair also spread to Zhang Ju Ya Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's ear under the intentional publicity in, a letter lets to used Zhang Kun whom 50,002 silvers claimed pawned article to turn to°from a hell another hell just in.
Looking at Zhang Kun to face his madam who will soon marry to come in to vomit vomit of, I smiled and suddenly thoughted of:Probably vomit vomit of become accustomed to.
The affair of Suzhou has been already ended, I didn't also stay a long while and sought to lend to leave Suzhou, certainly I still owe one large sum of silver in Ya door in Suzhou now, however the silk of O.K. around ten thousand already enough I earn of the Bo is full but return.
The silvers given by Fan Qi I didn't use, the big part all on the contrary gave those people of unknown building, this also at last blocks up to ascend their mouths, there was nice day to lead, worked feeling meeting more work hard, the sometimes appropriate material reward is still necessary!Certainly, 50,002 silvers can't give several personal, but handed over to those silvers all Shen Shu, let him be responsible for distribute to died or injured before of brothers or they of family members, the flower other people's money won hearts by illegitimate mean me to always all spare no effort.
The silks of more than 100,000s all shipment since carry, vastly and mightily and very is a grand view, this and Ya door in Suzhou of this trade very immature, being clear eye personses can see out the cat in which get fed up with, however I don't fear to, 100,002 silvers of ten thousand Li emperors is therein, there is earnings, also fear that someone sues in court in front of emperor?
The china of view virtuous town, also have the reaction that all are in time at us of the raw silks of lake state under quickly stabilized situation, and Shi Jia's clothing material shop all always insists a best price in the process of reducing price, so also gradually for Suzhou of large knit door know, Shi Jia's kind also farer Yang.
After some kind of rains and winds, all affairs resumed again quite, the Ji boon waited a person to also leave island in the mirror lake on time and started before having the department Ya the door and establishing the last business.
Certainly, while working properly a fontal arrangement, I also knew reveal me this time and the Ji boon cooperate of unexpectedly is William of Hong Kong island, this lets I to he not from of record to hate in the heart, can only cherish the association that we have no business, and I am in the European's in front always is all 1 on seeing the attitude of colleague, not a lot of add an interference, also have to in mind make a decision, seek opportunity to thoroughly teach William for a while.
This day, I sit at the shade under a tree in the hospital, sea breeze often blow, also brought repeatedly the flavor of sea water, clip a wisp of fish gamey smell in the light water spirit.
"Get an one by one, 12 get two, 22 get 4 ……"
Treasure son like those young scholars sing a hymn generally, loudly recite from memory multiplication form.Although this thing says in brief, can but is my foundation of all scientific knowledges, however after O.K. arriving this generation, I also saw academic book concerning natural science in the house of many in the pasts and combined the thing of inside oneself brain in of learn,cheap beats by dre, 11 of all explain in detail to treasure son they listen to, pour don't fear to someone to know as well, even if was someone to know, say to is a Yi, person teaches to also block up those people's mouths.

Chapter 336 Wo person

Was the whole to seem to be also to all return to moral path up, as for Zhang Kun's affair, I hear finally is also Zhang Ju Ya is making decision to Zhang Kun Na Qie, the time luckily get married this time the brides are all receiving a cover head of, and Zhang Kun isn't a courtly person, and again is a Na Qie, none of persons gone to is an outsider, otherwise of words Zhang Jia the face this time throw big.
However there are also some good newses this period, there makes steel according to what I say along with the Buddha mountain the Ye chain of method, although say that the steel material that the article eyes are of a great variety can not also produce, however can already producing of large numbers of quantity can be used to the steel plate of the ship body of reinforcing now.One inch thick steel plate, even if is a close quarter drive the enemy's shell to beat in, can also keep the integrity of ship body, the naval battle in much less now more and more comes to pay attention to the use of artillery, near war already less and less.
"Master."Wu Tang's orotund and sudden at my after death ring out.
I return overdo, indeed as expected is Wu Tang, I know to presumably occupy to take place again, otherwise of words Wu Tang can't come over to bother me.
"Take place what affair?"I am tiny wrinkly eyebrows to ask a way.
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