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:"Is this an artillery?Is so small?Is smaller than what we imagined Be getting tooer many!Is this useful?"
A chain ofly the problem throws out.Allow of no Chen Wan Rong to answer.A clap horseback.Flew to like hurtle up.Hurtle to the near front.Fly a body to dismount 3 and make 2.Eyes put light.Will touch an artillery.But give a deep-fried thunder the voice drink:"Stop!Who are you ?Who make you incoming?This is 1 ground!Come.Take down for me!"
It isn't other people and are exactly Ge blessing and fluently discover Zhang Shou.Think is personally intrude into to ground outsider not ability the strange Ge blessing is agreeable.Is Zhang Shou don't wear battle armor.Whole body casual wear.
Long Wu Jun ground the action is very quick.The Ge blessing follows one to make next.Brush ground to surround to come to 78.Round Zhang Shou betwixt.
"Ge general.Your courage is a lot too big?Incredibly want to grasp a general!"The Chen glory late arrives to a near front.Hand a flick.Drink a way:"Back bottom!"Long Wu Jun's soldier hesitates.Not from of stare at Ge blessing agreeable.
Ge blessing fluently naturally is believe Chen Wan Rong.Flick.The soldier kept on backing.Stare at Zhang Shou.Ask a way:"Excuse me, you Gao name.At under the Ge blessing is agreeable.Some eye Zhuos.Don't know your good self.
Zhang Shou Jiu at north ground.BE spread fame a soldier in but hardly arrive Chang-an.And the Ge blessing fluently haven't met.To don't know.
The Chen glory late jumps down a horse.Lead to lie a way:"General piece.This is the Ge soldier.Long Wu Jun's general.Behave moral qualities like.Particularly|pick a soldier for our artillery."
"Yours the cheapness still sell lovely!"Ge blessing's following isn't great very much.
Chen Wan Rong immediately after way:"Ge general.This is Zhang Shou Zhang's general."
"Oh!Is a general!The Ge blessing follows long smell the name like a thunderclap piercing the ear.Early hope to see you.But always not the ability is fulfill a wish.It is proper to just violate openly more.Still ask a general to forgive offense."The person's the shadow of the tree.Ge agreeable blessing a listen to is well-known Zhang Shou.Not from of delight with unexpected good news.Attend to an etiquette not.A bear embraces to hug Zhang Shou in the bosom.Good elephant old friend noodles.Don't live to beat on the his back.
All will get.Like of be keep tube son.Piece the action that guards to follow to the Ge blessing also disappears at 1:00 strange.Clap a way on his shoulder:"General speech heavy.Long Wu Jun's name.Hear every day.Early want to experience.Today a see.The fruit is extraordinary.At least.Taking my this rash person is all right."
"Ha ha!"Ge blessing agreeable cachinnation not is already:"General piece if don't understand spirit.I pay!"
Piece the head for guarding writes loud and clear.Yang Si Mang comes over to meet.Wait 2 people to once see a gift.Wang Shao Hua an embrace a boxing:"General piece.Recognize of I?"
"General king!Ha ha!Meet again."Zhang Shou's exultation.A hug a king'China say with smile:"North ground ground brothers'|who don't know the general king who dares to kill a superior?"
Wang Shao Hua says with smile:"In those early years.If not that the general helps me.I early kill for person!"
"Kill well!That guy is getting more disgusting.You don't kill him.I also kill him!"Piece troops' military discipline for guarding is strict clear.That kind of kill common people to emit the matter of soldier achievement is can not get use to very much.
Chen Wan Rong at Ge blessing agreeable shoulder a clap.Say with smile:"Ge general.Is the sun to beat what west come out?The training field of artillery.You are to never step enough.Why today depend on don't walk here?I say for you.You depend on also useless here.They are still artilleries.Can't Long Wu Jun."
Always pick a soldier from Long Wu Jun.This matter really lets the Ge blessing follow not great of tight.The in the mind contains spirit.It is every to have the place of artillery.All don't come.Passive way of staying out of trouble.After Chen Wan Rong's that one or two Long Wu Jun's cent criticize the idea of sending the last battlefield.His attitude to the artillery came one 180 degrees ground big turn.A free run and see
"The artillery is also our Long Wu Jun.My love to come right away!Your tube of wear?"Ge blessing agreeable eyes a turn over.It is very proud.

The fourth empire collision chapter 8 difficult military advance
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Guard to in really and too concern to the artillery.Exchanging greeting an is over.Right away way|soldier.Can let my knowledge for a while?Ever since you at vomited a Fan use artillery.I early wanted to experience."
"Is all right!"Chen Wan Rong promises very generously:"Liu Fu Qing.Let a general open."
"Follow instructions!"Liu Fu Qing should 1.Stand to behind in the artillery.Starts holding cannon.
Cannon beats of words.The voice is too small.Zhang Shou perhaps doesn't believe.|Late glory way:"Toghter deliver cannon."
After there aring up to 100 artilleries here receiving orders.The gunners are each each.Wang Shao Hua flicks to get ensign.Drink a way:"Prepare!Put!"
Words sound a fall a point.Ascend 100 hair shells appear in the sky.Fly toward afar.The condition is very sublime.Zhang Shou is greatly surprise:"This this ……"
Such condition.He in all his life the first fall among.Though he has Mount Taishan Be collapsed to constantly valuable quality of front but color.Is still surprise not.
A round and round fireball Shan is now.The explosion voice of ear rings out.Comparing with the deep-fried thunder has to also have Wei power.The piece guards more surprise.Wait until an explosion later on.Zhang Shou this just wide awake.Shake:"Well big of threatening force.Really not of.General Chen.Go up lo lo."Lift desire to walk,Cheap Beats By Dre.But call for Chen Wan Rong:"General piece.Need not come forward.Use this!"
Pass telescope to Zhang Shou.Zhang Shou connects in the hand.A conjecture.See not clearly so.The Chen glory late has to the explanation to him:"This is to hope a mirror.Can observe the scene of distance.Past.After we deliver cannon.All go up an observation.There is this thing.Need not run one more."
"Does this how use?"Guard is very curious.
"Like this use to put to see in the Jing be."Wang Zhong|release for him:"You looking at me to went!"
The piece guards according to speech but for put telescope fore.One lo under.Sees a childish face at at present.Just to the his tongue.The large tongue good elephant wants to lick his eyes not from frightenned a to greatly jump favour to take away telescope.Conjecture Wang Zhong|.Sees Wang Zhong|blink to expect eyes.One is mutually very naughty.
"Wang Zhong Si doesn't stir!"Chen Wan Rong knows that the piece guards to the king|play joke on.Lift 1:"General piece.You visit the distance going to see here."
Wang Zhong Si's a pair of small hands put an ear.Of 1 of idea.
The piece guards to depend on speech but BE.The far mirror leads place.Sees play place one and other pit.Don't know how much some soil colors are new.It is a bit old.Surprise not is already:"Really harm.If this thing towards Turkic riding of person soldier Be fierce to bomb.Must be utterly routed.The Turkic person descended but met a disaster star!"
His viewpoint and Chen the viewpoint late agree without previous consultation.Is really seen by hero all together!
Telescope a put.Zhang Shou Wan rises a sleeves way:"Chen be able to teach me'"
"General piece wants to learn.From all right.Liu Fu Qing introduces the use of 1| artillery for general piece so much."Chen Wan Rong deep body Li Long Ji's intention.Want a piece to guard to have overall understand to the artillery.Next year can to the use of artillery just more efficiently.
Liu Fu Qing doubly feels honor.:"General piece.Please!"
Zhang Shou says with smile:"Brave man.You don't want to call my general.Don't be me as general, either.Be a soldier good.Only have so.My ability and learning arrives essence."
The Chen glory late teases 1:"General piece.Listen to your words.Good elephant our artillery likes hiding part of something."
The Ge blessing fluently once connects a words head way:"Calculate you to there is self-knowledge."
Chen Wan Rong hits one punch on his head.Be regarded as an answer.It is public to bomb a cachinnation.
Purely point out at Liu Fu under.Guard a beginning'operation artillery.Learn very hard.It is meticulous.See publically not to live to nod to endorse.
Famous general.From have its valuable quality!
The jade door closes.A name for acquainting with.People will think of an of"spring breeze not degree jade door pass" sentence.
However.China for pass in the jade door is count for much.Link Western Regions and the strategy of area in the China center to want.
Pass in the jade door's starting is placed to a man force period.At that time.The year is only Related articles: