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The man who livings the feeling of a bad omen unclearly gave a shudder while ascending, hurriedly strong smiled to once turn round to go ……
Later on, face more than ten ways to be full of thin Nu, query, stunned view, he very knows a swallowing of interest to swallow throat, a side stays calm and collecteds of looking for and escaping path, one noodles smile way:"This, in fact, you misunderstood ……so-called good-bye kiss, actually ……actually, BE, is a kind of square whom the south Di clan expresses comity ……save, Help!"
"Die brothers!"Life of, but see on riding to speed since then, Wang Bo right away isn't to need to be closed to and then has already loudly drunk a way:"Die brothers, eldest brother Qin wants me to call you to return to, there is urgent matter negotiating!"
BE being placed in urgent in of stone not the language smell speech and ascend delight with unexpected good news, quickly separate a various female, urgently and urgently face to come forward to go to, the Ti tears maneuver a way:"Brothers king, all depended you ……the military airplane important event hold up not to get, we this then leaves!"
They had been having fun to used to make, if put in normal times in, Wang Bo should certainly however will stop horse, in advance have a liking for a good play to say again.Just at this time, although witnessed thus an interesting scene, Wang Bo be but remain all over the face respectfully, eyebrows tightly lock, have no one smiling of silk idea.
The various female sees a form and all feel not satisfactory and stopped Xi to make at the same time.Stone not the language also laid up smiling face at this time, one noodles evocable means of transportation of Xuan Mo, a side ponders a way:"Brothers king, might it not be true what important event?"
Wang Bo is silent not language, dynasty he deeply hoped one eye and just sighed a , foot way:"Die brothers, you do of good matter!This time, but is ask for next sky big trouble to come!"
Not the stone language smells speech is greatly consternation and expect a moxa moxa way:"What I do of good matter?I always shrink in the mansion recently, occasionally the Jian arrives money to also hand over to the police the uncle, what the bad matters have never done!"
Wang Bo is and is one to sigh and hope worry toward the all over the face of public, wry smile way:"The sun Wang Chen of Su reaches to unite a gold to lift Wang Zhang Yan, distance beam Wang Li to keep Kun and has already risen in revolt 300,000 in ex- day and kill to rush alongside the sea declare to avenge for only son notifying enemy since then!"
"Shi, what!Does "stone not language Zheng one Zheng, startled way, " take the offensive us?Etc., are you to say to die for Chen Tong revenging …… difficult, that guy already?"
Wang Bo was to suspiciously hope his one eye, finally endured the wrath of canning not bear the at heart and sank a voice to drink a way:"Die brothers, the matter arrives at present, you why the need for continue again mental reservation does the bottom go?That reaches repeatedly say of personal enemy, would be you!"
"Wrong!I return Yuan than the Dou E!"In the Anne the sun argument matter hall, stone not the language jump feet son and look up at sky to loudly appeal to the public a way, " I am these 20 several in the last yearses, then connect a chickens all have never killed, besides is to livingly and greatly live a person!"
The cluster Hao sees a form, not from must in every aspect and mutually Qu, lead a long time, just by Qin Mu, hesitate way:"Die brothers, you say truth, you actually have …… certainly, maybe not is that you make moves in person, but name Anne vegetable ……"
"Miao Miao of!If"stone not the language is as well a Nu pole psychological attack, gnash teeth in hatred way, " is that so words to, with the sneak attack ability of the mountain Xiao, incredibly still let to state the justice succeeds in escaping smoothly and was to also exaggerate too much some!"
This talks a , cluster Hao's pouring is to don't feel nod, in fact, to the stone not the personality of language, they still understand very much.If say, Chen Tong because several times and stone not the language set against, then be taken the words of life, so the Shu believes in of that is falsely green, perhaps and early be killed ascend 100 times 1,000 times ……
Once"since it is so, so this matter ……" read into this, Wang Bo is and then converted mind, the deliberation rises the true inside story of affair.
Xu Shi Ji ponders a short moment, slowly way:"BE making sure in my eyes under the premise that Chen Tong really is assassinated, this matter, then exists two kinds of possibilities!Want Yao, state that the justice is telling a lie ……"
The words sound didn't fall, Qin Mu had already otherwise shaken head a way:"This isn't that possible!State the justice follows behind Chen Tong for more than ten years, utterly loyal, there is no reason lying!Besides he is made track for by the mountain Xiao to kill on that day of the scene is personally a Shu to believe in disciple see!"
"Since it is so, so then leaves a kind of possibility!"The tiny Han head of Xu Shi Ji sinks a track, "the enemy who really didn't know details assassinated Chen Tong, then put the blame to two elder brothers, but its end purpose, perhaps still lie in our Bin sea ……"
This calculates and pour is match feeling reasonable, the cluster Hao listens to, and no objection.Stone not the language have already calmed down as well at this time, deliberation a short moment, openings way:"If is alongside the sea to engage with Su's sun, who can obtain a benefits from it?Is Yang Guang, still some road various Hou?"
"Can't be Yang Guang not!"Xu Shi Ji shakes head to veto a way, " requites according to the scout, widely really has already sunk into obfuscation, few months to have never exposed half noodles, the whole politicses all hand over by a few minister sons to negotiate a processing."
Is public in every aspect and mutually Qu,Beats by Dre Just Beats, since it is so, so then can make sure, so-calledly and secretly of plan, should be a certain and cantankerous various Hou, but its purpose, obviously intend to provoke the various Hou fire combines, obtain a benefits from it.Just, world the various Hou is consumedly small to add next 18 roads not, again how make sure who is real scheme design?
Thought of here, associate to there Chi evil spirit Wang Liang that conceals in the shadow, slightly several some persons of has a good head, all can not help at heart delivering cold, living a many bad omens unclearly of feeling.Just sit at above of the distance go strong, but to this wait an affair totally unconcerned, the path keeps a way:"Thinking these to do is very!Needed that to reach to come, we explained to would be with him!"
Stone not the language Be tiny to knit the brows, wry smile way:"Eldest brother, you say in brief!What about evidence?If Chen Da be willing to believe and just really saw ghost ……"
The list knows a male jar voice jar spirit of in response to the way:"He if believe, then live together peacefully!If he doesn't believe and hum and put us alongside the sea 39 allies, also fear not to become, then killing him is willing to believe!"
The cluster Hao listenned to and had no speech with to, lead a long time, then listen to slowly a life time merit sighing a way:"In my eyes, this war, it is definitely to want to beat to fear ascend a dozen!Su sun fee so and strongly annoy, started out three stranger horses, don't also listen to the truth that a few explanations then and namely withdraw troops!"
"Since it is so, my etc. should also the whole armament war, prepare to make frontal attack!"Once Qin Mu's spirit flap, quickly start in response to the way, " moreover, we also need to be written letter with several on good terms road various Hous and invite them to come to help as far as possible!"
"Is wonderful!Is wonderful!"The distance row or column aside listenned to, mouth happy way, " is spoken of, these years of old distances are also unlucky, not is to meet Li Dao's religion to would be to meet Yu text to shout, always kill however they!Meet these soft persimmons at present, somehow also want to let the axe open once!"
This talks a , all of the cluster Hao is to don't live to nod to attach and, the momentary unexpectedly starts assigning since the homicidal quota.Stone not the language aside saw, although feel funny, the at heart still keeps saving one silk apology, mumbling way:"Speak of, is also blame me!If at that time on bed terms Chen Tong's that fellow ……"
Words didn't finish saying, Qin Mu had already heavily clapped his shoulder, clear voice way:"Die brothers, say where words come!Is exactly a group of heroes to chase deer at present of, would be us to shrink beginning to be tortoise, other people will also the deceit come!This kind of matter, finally hide however of!"
The distance goes strong is quarreling loudly to want to go to battle in person, smell this speech, also right away turn head to drink a way:"Is old two, do you think what these do?Would be you not to do a rightness with that, the I is going to look for him to be also unlucky!"
Not the stone language smells the speech pour is a strange, startled ask a way:"Eldest brother, might it not be did you also knot with him to once descend beam son?"
The distance goes strong complexion on sinking, thin Nu way:"Last time I meet in the soldier with him, that fellow incredibly Wu and Wu ……"
"Boon?Do you mean to say and insult?"
"Is quite good, the that fellow incredibly insults me, the derision I is a born ugly ghost!"
"…… This, frankly speaking, is not at last either to insult ……"

The text chapter 348 beginning fights
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Accounting an argument is decided, the one side of alongside the sea various person sends a person to spread book to Chen Da Jun, small and soft speak the sequence of events of clear affair, distinguish a stone wronging of language not, a side again the parties go abroad as ambassador rush through to leave for all Hou place with good various relations, ask it to send army to help each other, but in addition to these are outward two of in addition to affair, just rested whole nearly the troops of half month, and then restart the well regulated reorganization drilled, may arrive at any time by accolade of attack.
Three in the days to come, as expected, reaches after receiving letter, sees a few lines then and namely and quickly start, noodles be emissary, tore letter paper sparse Related articles:

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