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We come from the Moscow grand duchy.We just wanted to mean our esteems to the khan, dided not add the meaning of harming the khan.Just that is an alarm clock, not a weapon involved in murder."
"This I know.You respectfully dedicate of that is from strike bell.That trick is to use to compute horary."Zhuo especially the Er lo of Ba Ba Tu all have no lo Jie the benefit is rather second one eye, without telling anyone move while belonging to of chair up did down.
The treasure thing that the eye sees Zhuo Ba Ba Tu Er's one eye recognize especially oneself respectfully dedicating, the Jie benefit is rather second not from embarrassedly Leng for a while.However at the moment of he already not intentional care if own small trifle can intimidate mongols again.Is a want to protect a life of he quickly climbed to dedicate a Mei way in the past:"Oh, adult you really see know more wide.That invites you as us toward the big sweat explain for a while.We really have no malice."
"This~perhaps have a little a difficulty.This king knows that is from strike bell but this doesn't represent khan and then will believe.Say again even the Lama country teachers all accused you, this king is also no longer a lot of to say what."Zhuo especially Ba Ba Tu Er Be past to make to helplessly shake to shake head.
Listen to the reaction that the translation of finishing the attendant see that again Mongolia Wang Ye, the Jie benefit is second rather despairing emotion again climb last his at heart.Sees deathless heart of he again time the toe way that is fierce to kiss the other party:"Wang Ye of the kindness, please save us.We would like to become your servant, would like to do anything for you."
Had Jie benefit second rather and so on taking the lead, the Ni Suo man waited a person to also follow to climb to fight to be the first to start to kiss Zhuo to expect the feet of diagram Er especially in the past.Can this quasi- Wang Ye of Ga Er but reluctantly Chuai the Jie benefit is rather second and the man of Ni Suo is one feet, turn a son harsh voice openings way:"Do you have a choice now.In addition to being a slave for this king, having no whichever way can save your lives.If don't want to be thrown into a fuel heap to burn dead words.That honestly answers this king's question."
"BE, BE.Wang Ye has what problem though ask."The Jie benefit is rather second head to go into a Dao garlic ground to promise a way.
"H'm, this king asks you.Do you come to soil Xie Tu Han to have scheme?"Especially Zhuo Ba Ba Tu Er comes straight to the point a way.Because quasi- country of Ga Er is as adjacent as sand Russia.Hence to these Luo the Cha person's Pi still have some to hear.These people from greatly and from afar run Mongolia steppe.If say that they didn't attempt, devil of a genius believe.
"Wang Ye, we just come to do business of have no another of what attempt."The Jie benefit is second to rather and repeatedly "clarify" a way.
"Do business?Take a few tea-leaf, two things like the bag salt and some skins on your body.This kinds of goods greatly and from afar run to make business here, perhaps even want old origins to compensate last.This king doesn't like that someone takes this king to be simpleton."Zhuo especially Ba Ba Tu Er sneer way.
"Wang Ye, you can believe us.We are to just come here for the sake of the business.To, these goods really value not a few money.However we this comes to survey and map map all the way.Will draw good map to resale again to the businessman after returning to, so can change a big pen money."The Jie benefit is second to rather follow to round out one's explanation a way.
"So say to come, you are drawing map for your troops."Especially the Zhuo one needle of Ba Ba Tu Er sees a blood way.
"This, frankly speaking who Qian Duo of give who Luo."The Jie benefit is second to rather and frankly and earnestly be candid in saying way.After a series of dialogue, he has already understood his own in front this tartar for wearing Wang Ye isn't vague generation.Some affair everyone just mutually understand without saying just.
"That you open a price.Does this king buy your thing in the brain to need how much ?"Zhuo especially Ba Ba Tu the Er Ao however ground ask a way.
"Oh, we were already your servants now.We the thing in the brain is certainly your thing."The Jie benefit is rather second oath solemnly pledged ground assurance way.
"This king says not only to is a map.This king knows your Luo Cha the person pretty much excel to make firearms.Don't know you how many meetings to can't build big gun?"Especially Zhuo Ba Ba Tu Er gathers together to come forward a small voice to ask a way.Is as early as previous with soil Er Hu department especially fight medium the quasi- person of Ga Er then have already experienced firearmses like artillery,etc of power.Empress through confirm all of those firearmses to are Luo's the Cha person's hands that comes from a west.But at present of this a few Luo Cha person's expecting diagram lately and saying obviously especially to the Zhuo is good opportunity to help he or she to raise real strenght.
Give Zhuo especially Ba Ba Tu Er so on asking, the Jie benefit is also second to rather understand the meaning of the other party.But see him hurriedly following to gather together to come forward with the equally deep and low orotund answer way:"Meeting, meeting, meeting.Wang Ye trusts.We come to soil this time Xie Tu Han is to come to talk big gun seller's business.But now see come with it sell to ignorant Ka Er Ka person, also rather dedicate to astute Wang Ye."
"That good, this king accepts you this slave."Zhuo especially noding of the Er satisfaction of Ba Ba Tu way.For an instant, he feels that he leaves a sweat again near one step.But meanwhile, Zhuo especially Ba Ba Tu Er's younger brother Ga Er Dan but just observe the national capital-Nanking of China empire as a small Lama.

71 five a life times reaching to depend on should invite into China impress in the city to grant to appreciate a screen

Hong Wu Wu Nian, five a life times in Tibet reach to depend on to at the invitatio of China impress lead a member to go into a city dynasty Jin.With go not only to there is the many deluxe monk of Shamanism, more have many houses Mongolia Wang Qin's nobility accompany or so.The great condition and grand view is seldom seen through the years.Connected to see Guan the Nanking common people of big condition in many years bring up this matter, will as well the air Be excitedly surging to not and extremely say 1.
In fact, this isn't monks and laymen leader in Tibet for the first time come Central plains dynasty Jin.Ming Dynasty from take over from Yuan Dynasty, then inheritted the power of managing Tibet.The then Ming Dynasty reserves for promising the continuous to manage the policy to Tibet, to dollar generation official position name and article Zhi big department original shape.Hence the relaxed policy that mainly adopted "because it is past vulgar" to Tibet.Promote Wei make, establish "is black to think to hide lines to all direct to make a department" and"is sweet the line all direct to make a department" respectively in central part in Tibet and the east, belong to lines in Xian to all direct to make a department, equal to province military district organization, and manage domestic affairs.Is another at in constitution"Russia dint thinks armed forces and people commander-in-chief mansion", seal Shuo to think Mr. to lose the Jian as commander-in-chief.Was perfect to make from the conductor, Xuan Wei Shi to ten thousand, thousand, 100 etc. all levels post and their authority and feudalism obligation, the monks and laymen officials are all appointed by the center.
In addition, Ming Dynasty owing to each religious section of Buddhism influence in Tibet's fighting for supremacy at that time, each Ba was one square reality, a changed in Yuan Dynasty worship the Sa Jia sent of way of doing, adopted to each religious section of Tibet more to seal many set up, any religious section leader with real strenght, all granted to add, made it as imperial government loyal to.The Ming Dynasty successively granted to seal Ga Ma the Ga raise a parties admire sign the hemp as"big treasure method king", the Sa Jia sends Kun Ze to think Ba for"Mahayana method king" and adds "big Ci method king" towards residing the last space Lu parties sakya also and losing to seal first for the country teacher afterwards, behind."Big treasure method king" position is the tallest in the these three greatest methods king, Ga Ma Ga's raising a parties is valued most .Method Wang Feng imperial government mission, exercise place authority.Method king under still seal "great kind king", "protect to teach a king", "the Chan teaches a king", big country teacher, and country teacher...etc..Is all each have already ruled over territory.Ming Dynasty's upper level in granting to once seal monks and laymen leader person all establishment dynasty Gong relation, deliver certificate especially quasi- to go to the capital dynasty Gong.Every time round the Gong expects a festival, the monks and laymen leaders all send to make or come to city in person everywhere dynasty He,Beats by Dr Dre solo, present Gong square the thing thank for favor, the imperial government all gives a great deal of time to the coming to makes to grant, its amount and quality all far far above dynasty contribution.Cause dynasty the Gong make the regiment be no more unique than a way, from here also close upper level in Tibet and Central plains central of contacts relation.
From Central plains the warfare quell, China dynasty establishment after, how take over Tibet and then became Hong force what impress concerns heavy medium of heavy.However because of Ming Dynasty behind expect internal rebellion foreign invasion to continuously have no time to have regard for Tibet.Therefore, the realistic circumstance of big minister to Tibet in dynasty also knows it is very few.Many people whom they win even still think Tibet still comes from her idea to anticipate in the parties of Sa Jia up to now of BE, five a life times the reaching depending on reply for her very quickly, and gladly should invite to rush through to come to Nanking in two years.Have to go to responding to of Tibet to don't already make Sun Lou delighted smoothly thus.However she but don't understand, at the moment China empire of so can a needle see the blood ground vital part that holds tight situation in Tibet, completely is the "help" that is received benefit to west mongols.
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