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, I know how to do."Take in the light words can not resist of dignity, after toughenning of several yearses, the gram Luo promise more and more had the appearance of place of honor.
"BE!"The adjutant is immediately polite on bowing, turned round to walk to go out.
After the adjutant walked to go out, the gram Luo promise's facial expression relaxed down, depended on the chair-back and hoped a ceiling:"Li Yun, is this also your manuscript?"Ten battleship, for the administration, this is the very huge fighting strength, especially those ten Hong light cannon, if the words that shoot at the same time absolutely let the whole time dollar collapse.
Hero Er looking at the amount of in fronts huge machine army corps and sends out a crary cachinnation:"Ha ha ha, administration how again, saint church king again how, go forward in my army corps of road up, all entirely will be demolished."
"Early beat not good."Watt Luo remains is the appearance that prepares a high tide at any time and fondle a face, from think to sweet and charmingly say.
"Fill a bacterium, the circumstance fished for and then handed over to you."Give Lei to embrace hands, far away hope the administration ground headquarters there, a face seriously says:"Want to carefully order a point."
"BE, understand."Filling the bacterium should a , the ground beginning of foot slowly starts to be suffused with a water line, and her body also beginning slowly Qian next go.
"So, Doctor, when take the offensive?"The black promise in front presents together and only an act, the top is some datas of machine puppets, sees fill after bacterium beginning act, raise head, hope hero Er.
"Wait."Though hero Er's thought contains problem, but the judgment ability that towards situation is still certain, now if Li Yun and rest attack, been warmed up already a long time of Nai once leaf several people bomb, what don't remain as well.
【Saint his majesty king, examine be supervised and controled of activity 】
When saint cradle king's intelligence procedure voice is resounded this empty hall of time, is watching in the gull of Wei Wei of the light act side flick another light act open and filled the scene that the bacterium sneaks in a ground to present.
"Temporarily don't take care of first, continue to keep watch on."The gull of Wei Wei hoped those silent medium of the hero Er wait a person, flicked to wave hand and said.【Understand 】
"Card Li Mu elder sister, your a person, does the true favour come over?"The gull of Wei Wei that works properly of once the eyes murmur turn and change direction there just Mu to curiously ask a way at the card Li that doesn't stop an operation, and the card Li Mu in front that one pass like flowing water the data of slide, but the gull of Wei Wei also sees understandly.The preparation degree that those is all this huge battleship to start, and to the intelligence judgment that bursts a circumstance system.
Hear asking of the gull of Wei Wei words, the card Li Mu becomes overdo and passes a smiling face to the gull of Wei Wei:"Is all right, his majesty."Always for is handling the card Li of the whole church business Mu at ordinary times, a person is used as N individual at ordinary times, to this affair is still a specialty very of, besides card Li the Mu is original and then excel to handle these affairs very much.
See card Li Mu is an appearance that visits blade enough to spare, the gull of Wei Wei sighed tone and changed direction vision the light act of in front, she isn't to be not willing to help, but card Li Mu say, this small matter how to put~to the troubl his majesty, once the gull of Wei Wei kick to open, stubborn personal beginning writes procedure.
Pawn everything an act up, Li Yun Yi's sword will pull Al Gore to split to fly of time, the gull of Wei Wei flicks a small fist, jumping of concussion:"The elder brother is excellent."That small face top deeply the flavor of is very anxious to oneself ability also end, beat up a , not stem sit here, before maintaining the whole battleship start of have to energy.
But when Li Yun's words resound the time in hall, the gull of Wei Wei is curious about that the facing card Li Mu asks a way:"Card Li Mu elder sister, housemaid is what?"But discover card Li Mu of grounded to a stop down, the facial expression was a little bit difficult to see of turn the light act that the head looking at the Wei Wei gulls in front.
"Card Li Mu elder sister?How?"Mental age still young gull of Wei Wei, don't understand special feelings of this kind of men and women's, so to Yi card Li the facial expression of the Mu is doubt very much at this time.
"Oh."Return to the card Li Mu of absolute being to hear asking of the gull of Wei Wei words, hurriedly shook to shake head, turn the spirit to top in the writing of procedure:"Nothing important, his majesty, you continue to see."
Nothing?The gull of Wei Wei how to believe and just wrote ten together very short instructions of character lists of from the card Li Mu hand and had been wrong three character lists, the clapping of headache clapped a forehead, the Wei Wei gull wry smile write ask a way:"Card Li Mu be the elder sister really free?"
"……" Hears the Wei Wei inquiry of gull concern, raising head of panic, the card Li Mu a little bit mismanages of looking at the gull of Wei Wei:"Shi, what?Have no, have no matter."Just that is difficult the facial expression for seeing let Wei Wei does the gull discover and have already seemed to take place what affair?
"Shout ……" feels that his/her own emotion a little bit loses control, the card Li Mu deeply absorbs an one breath and shuts eyes, is adjusting own emotion at the same time, also secretly make decision.
"His majesty, I was all right."Re- open eyes, from the eyes of card Li Mu send forth of ray of light, let the Wei Wei gull Leng for a while, card Li Mu elder sister, how exactly?
The card Li Mu rapidly starts to pound a keyboard afresh, after revising a previous mistake, start continuing to write in a procedure code again, but that speed, seem compare previous speed, more of quick.
Looking at to pop in the card Li of burning the mode Mu, the gull of Wei Wei obviously comprehension not ability of slanting head deliberation,cheap beats by dre, at bitterness the bitterness deliberate have no fruit behind, can helpless Song shrug shoulders Bang, afresh change direction vision light act.
Six section the personnel jail place.On this day, all six section the personnel all be jailed in a huge prison building.
Is all six section the personnel round at the same time now a turn of, that one of the machine of looking at of strain their middle is about two light with big palm acts, this machine but Milky Way and the father of Mao, prairie.Big uncle in the medium island discard the energy of eldest brother, just gave a person to silently deliver to come in.
And the affair taking place now also let six a hearts of section personnels mourn tightly and see according to the circumstance in nowadays, should be Li Yun to occupy absolute advantage, this makes the person who belong to the administration feel one silk uneasy and suffered.Although they are jailed in the big prison now, , after all they still keep belonging to administration, and also have very deep feelings for administration, now see ownly belonging to will drive the person oneself admire and respect ever shot Kui, the taste in the heart is really an it is a long story.
"Shout, elder sister Yin, Di Ya, you say an end who will win?"The Mao finally cans not restrain the question in the heart and makes a noise to ask a way.
Chapter 97 rare technical ability
A words of the Mao pulled six section personnels' attentions to all come over, they obviously also wanted to know a circumstances in it.
"I feel a winning of administration the noodles still compare bigger."Cross legs to sit, the space benefit Fei Si pushed to push eyes, on that face deeply a wise and farsighted ray of light:"After all still have Hong light cannon this is behind recruit."
"You isn't this an useless talk?Spoke to equal to don't speak."Wei Si's throwing is a look in the eyes for despising for space benefit Fei Si, the others are to looking at the space benefit Fei Si with the same look in the eyes:"So many evil tutors are here, does the administration dare to use Hong light cannon?Does he want even is the strength of the administration also along together bombing?"
"This, this ……" space benefit Fei Si had a little embarrassed Nao Nao cheeks.
"I think that regardless this combat is who victory, the administrations will suffer to establish, the biggest injury."The Milky Way smiled to touch the head of touching the Mao and raised head and seriously said:"And, everyone has already forgotten an organization."
"What?"Is public in every aspect and mutually Qu, together the voice asks a way.
"Saint church king!"
Ten battleship appear during the time and space of administration the outside of the headquarters, that compares with the whole headquarters to say, infinitesimal and matchless warship Related articles:

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