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Is the most for a year for three birthdays, you also fee not how much ."
Chen Qin hurriedly asks:"That do you invite them this year?"
Liu Zhen Dong thought for a while, don't give up of say:"Calculate, anyway Liu Bu Yang also not at."He still sees
After going home, Liu Bu Yang ended telephone engineering to continue to write manuscript.He has to call again in the telephone the affair that Han Shu Wen doesn't want to tell other miss both parties parents to meet, Han Shu Wen promised, also order small pity rival in loves.The script writer is that one is tired to live, and Liu Bu Yang clear he or she writes badly,monster beats, the dialogue has to invite person's modification, he can frame details.After all his cultural accomplishment is really low.
On the morning of August 4, seldom cloudy weather, have some pleasantly cool breeze, have to three people to cherish together.Han Shu is to thought of what will what:"Play tennis!"
Still have to go first to buy tennis for Liao Xian to take.Liao Xian chose culottes, not that breaks excessively small skirt.The Liu Bu Yang casually trousers Cha went together with T-shirt.
A to two.The opposite of Liu Bu Yang is two tennis with just about height Spice Girl, is all white white shoes socks.Han Shu's short skirt side contains bright green grain, tightly the yellow diagram on T-shirt~take the leveret son crest of inside since.Although Liao Xian is to wear culottes,a rightness of beautiful legs still rear undoubtedly, how don't lose as well to Han Shu Wen.The small belly is to have some, however cans not see clearly.
Liao Xian still needs to learn, but her condition than Han Shu Wen good-the energy is big!Han Shu Wen's action is very standard, can the arm is too thin.The bulbous root originally has no speed.
Liu Bu Yang has much of gentleman poise and gives two misses create to catch the ball a condition well as far as possible, let they need not run too vigorously and flick to clap energy need not too big.Han Shu Wen is very glad.Liao Xian also makes great effort, but usually fly ball or is hit online.Liu Bu Yang is always gentle and soft, each time is lightly a lift.Liao Xian doesn't feel grateful and always thinks to the some hard nut to crack of Liu Bu Yang.Can skill not equal to person.
Liu Bu Yang also laughs at for the sake of the active bottom atmosphere:"The woman is a woman, useless."
Two girls immediately make great effort many, can still difficult!When Liao Xian finally in Liu Bu Yang's manufacturing of an extremely good pass by failed ball under the opportunity.Liu Bu Yang a stretch hand don't also receive, two misses immediately the shot Zhang shouted bravo, is really happy.
Together once had lunches all all go home.Time of having a meal Liu Bu Yang's pouring is a shameless nothing important action.But send the time of the misses first and Liao Xian good-bye kiss then tie up Mian with Han Shu Wen.
Five number morning.Liu Bu Yang receives car Xu ground once telephone:"You get to the Internet!"
Is a local very greatly very well-known forum up.A lot of version pieces all have a very hot invitation card, the contentses are all whole similar:Liu Bu Yang.I am the Hui son in bamboo of Yokohama, do you still remember me?Affair is so, I have already measured to decide with parents' company to travel in even city at this holidays and appreciate a sports games, I thought of you.But I not know how contact you, also not know that you are over there.These words are the mindsets that I entertain to try and see to please a Chinese teacher to write down to erupt cloth on the network of and hope that you can see merge to fasten me, my the electronics mailbox is XXX,
Originally was to look for missing person an invitation card very usually, can return card but very noisy, say what of all have ……once car Xu to Liu Bu Yang of is the conjunction Web address of game version piece.
Embroidered Hui son, Liu Bu Yang lodges the daughter of a ground of time hostel store owner in Yokohama and should was 18 years old this year, is a more traditional Japanese girl, everyday talk will also take to respect language ground that kind of.Isn't a female kid very gallantly, but because gentleness and instinct ground is considerate, it will let with the person whom she gets along with and feel happily.This is Liu Bu Yang to linger in Yokohama one of the more than a month ground reasons.
Once the car Xu queried Liu Bu Yang online:"Is not that you stir-fry to be you?"
Liu Bu Yang says be not.
"I know that you aren't innocent, ha ha, keep secret a fee!"Once the car Xu still thought blackmail.
Liu Bu Yang says:"I now do to keep secret a work."He finds out old address book date book and finds out the telephone number of the bamboo bottom hostel, then an overseas call beat to pass by.
Telephone the ring out an inside year woman sends greetings to of voice:"How are you, is the hostel in bamboo here."
"Is ashamed, bother.I BE-Liu Bu Yang, you are O.K.?Hear sounds very open-beautiful Zhi sub- aunt."Liu Bu Yang's Japanese returns and at the beginning one vegetables but unpleasant to hear, but he is light to loosely listen to answers the phone of is the mother of the Hui son Jin island the United States Zhi son.
Just glad way after the other party Leng good short while:"Liu Bu Yang's gentleman is Liu Bu Yang's gentleman, , how are you ……" telephone again drive a man's grab:"Call Hui son …… , Liu Bu Yang's gentleman, long time no see, did you see the thing that the Hui son send out to on the computer?"Straightforward Hong bright middle age male the voice is the father of the Hui son bamboo bottom and male.
The bamboo that delivered an invitation card last night next the Hui son camed and then wased frightened to death together this morning, the new mail quite a few in the mailbox was ten, is also say what of all had, even useful Japanese of.These mails let bamboo bottom the Hui son be rattled to lose a hope, but still keep continuously looking into new mail, there is also the surprise of a short moment, but also very quick discover those people to just pretend to be of, basically isn't Liu Bu Yang is talking.Her really hasing never thoughting Liu Bu Yang's telephone will beat to come home an inside.
"Liu Bu Yang ……?"The bamboo bottom Hui son pickeds up a telephone and a little bit dares not believes.This name also still calls difficult to pronouncely.
"Sub- young lady Hui, are you O.K.?If"Liu Bu Yang is put on an act, " I see you staying online, so making a phone call to bother of delight."
The bamboo of the original concussion next the Hui son smiled all of a sudden, this was orthodox Liu Bu Yang, the old love packs Liu Bu Yang of elder.
Haven't waited Hui son to say what rubbish, Liu Bu Yang can't waited for:"You can go to and delete general public notice now, I wait you."
Hui son this just once came to absolute being, the knowing those things definitely resulted in for Liu Bu Yang to bother, hurriedly say:"Execuse me, I go right away, sorry!"
The Hui son deleted general public notice, Liu Bu Yang descended to chat severals with male with bamboo, bamboo the bottom and male still say that good rice wine is waitsing he to taste.He two relate to quite good, Liu Bu Yang went to a customs store and was a bamboo bottom and male and took for the first time.Can Liu Bu Yang control breath not good, meet a Chinese store of doing not welcome.Embroider bottom and male and are also very shocked detections to originally and nearby still have this kind of matter by himself/herself, ask Liu Bu Yang to drink to calculate apology.

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Code wait more than ten minute Hui son just come back, or say sorry, because the words of her F, but can not delete all invitation cards.
Liu Bu Yang says to don't relate to, and then said to welcome Hui son to an even city, he would be responsible for a reception.Hui Zi says that she books a ticket right away, hence leaves telephone and electronics mailbox each other.
Liu Bu Yang says again:"The things on the net aren't taking care of him again."
Hui son is one Leng, she originally still fixed to go explain order what, but Liu Bu Yang since say, she promised combine once again apology, and then say:"I tell thousand feather elder sister, she will be happy."
Liu Bu Yang smiles:"Or don't , she affirmed more badly."Qi in the island is thousand feathers, Liu Bu Yang stays the main reason in Yokohama.The small way building being thousand is next apart from the bamboo not far, she in those early years just 24 years old, but is ITF the Tae Kwon Do was black to take three recruits type, also mastered in judo to with bare hands become adult man's scene in doing completely stunning Liu Bu Yang, let his brains one heat make a firm decision and sneaked into.The way building is to go in, also making great effort, but discovering Qi in the island thousand feathers is a big Japanese woman, and A that wants to establish her father really engages in fisticuffs a skill to promote.Although she didn't is obvious of discriminate against Liu Bu Yang from the race,can't give him, either what opportunity.However Liu Bu Yang's leave-taking before still secretly and more the class challenged a , unlike at that time now, is used several minutes, he drive only one meter 75 thousand feathers with the judo tie up on the ground to move not get.However should touch of also Related articles: