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The power and prestige is eight sides, give to close in snow mountain ice hole at present silly, I teacher Mao benefit the old Zu have already repented to go into a Buddhism, I have already gone into green city to send to have another teacher as well, you need not saw in the past face let me, wanted to kill gold Zhu with the skill!"
At this time Zhu food and poison fruit already finish, two Zhu also already dint to the utmost Jing tired, although loosen open spider's thread after letting go of have already pulled immobility ground the gold ship think rest, but under the yoke of absolute being Yu make, not dare obstinate, didn't order is regardless how all not dare move of, even if be attackstoned don't dare to move as well, but Europe sun frost etc. person drive the shot fly behind just think of is going to accept two gold Zhus.
She is several in the sky light Maos, two gold Zhus then if receiving an emperor the boon general amnesty is similar, immediately start to fly, unexpectedly not wait host to mutually force, keep toward fly in Zhu He who saved a body at first to, at 1:00 also not take a lot of doing, these two Zhus although fierce wild, was the different race of ancient, but saw top ground snow mountain the old evil spirit was also very an afraid, so too anxious to had opportunity to escape from battlefield.
Sun frost in Europe hard dances in the wind in the past, favour Zhu He's cover, went a method once the hand recruited and in a hurry once pulled a dugout canoe, exhibition the moving teacher early gave of work properly a sign, drive a dugout canoe path sank to go toward water bottom, while two of her teachers sister Mu permitted sister 2 people also responded to come over and immediately displayed this magic trick and respectively drove a dugout canoe to sink into water.
Snow mountain the old evil spirit was blocked for a while by Zheng Ba Gu, lost to let two gold Zhus escape first, hated center of earth funeral desire crazy, just kicked out Zheng Ba Gu but don't think that Zheng Dian Xian has already flown to come over, Zheng Dian Xian knows the old evil spirit of this snow mountain is longer than Xuan achievement variety, all fly sword, magic weapon all all difficult harm him, on the hand although have several lately- got treasure machine fairies soldier, but again most likely don't clear method of using, in case of be seized by him, sign huge harm.
Have no what then, she has to make use of a Xuan achievement, will oneself pure sun the true fire send out first and resist a burst of, again think of a plan, at the right moment can overcome old evil spirit ground at the this pure sun true fire so much Yin fire cold Yan.
The snow mountain old evil spirit sees gold ship and dugout canoe's accompanying have already sunk into water, even great anger in the heart, intend for and keep wearing water bottom, pour and turn over a ground of lung, dollar Ci really the spirit spark and change into the fire sea to the whole riverses and make the gold ship sink a ground of Qiao always, then look for enemy try very hard to, see at a glance Zheng Dian Xian and fly, all of at the thought of everythings is this old Qian old woman makes out, hence nowise ponder, fiercely rush toward pass by.
Didn't expect Zheng Dian Xian also knows that oneself isn't an opponent, hence put together to expend a true dollar, unexpectedly the inborn of oneself's self-discipline too B pure sun gold the Dan Be directed at face to spray to go out, knowing this Dan is this life that fixs a person pure sun the true fire Ning does and become of, didn't hundreds of years ground the capability coagulates is not ability chain become ground, even if the chain becomes hereafter also all Jean over life, in addition to resisting oneself natural calamity, don't arrive thousand times urgent, will never lightly use.
And snow mountain old evil spirit whole battleses wear Yin very the algidity Ning chain fix, this fire is exactly one of enemy opponent jinxes, allow him much magical power is also difficult and forbid and be subjected to, and is suddenly of never thought that, bumped is wearing, protect purple Yan of coldly green fire of body ice be exterminated first half, places, such as face and chest...etc. also drive burnt was subjected to serious wound, not from ground again surprised again Nu.Only fear the enemy still sprays this fire and quickly exercise a demon method protection.
The bitter bamboo An pupil that the otherly green city sends pupil and leaves sees this old devil is very severe and all of oneself round together, at Qin Zi Ling ground under the transfer the diligent knot go to battle to come from protecting, but their eyes all ever and anon see toward those magic weapons that dance in the wind everywhere, all of in the minds are greedy thoughts to greatly living, if not is have snow mountain old evil spirit this strong enemy at, early an onrushing crowd and similar hurtle up.
River even now one in water Be stuffy to ring, a thousand meterses grow of purple gold color the ray of light hurtle sky and from the river water, immediately after one gives a long whistle, Sung Chang Gung hurtled out from water and all the way and nowise stopped over the gold basin of going straight to the sky and go, although those 11 people surround gold basin, but none of this several individuals is a camp of, who Be not willing to let go, either, square off so.
Sung Chang Gung is flown at this time, 11 people arrive is with one mind, will fly sword or thunder fire to split in the past, want to impede him a near front, Sung Chang Gung sees they do so a parties, can not help exploding Nu in the heart, fiercely on urging capability, listens to earsplitting Long Yin, an Ultrasaurus of purple color flew out, in the sky a burst of and vacillating twist, resist sword and thunder fires of flying of these people all.But Sung Chang Gung have already flown to the near front, he shouts at top of voice a way:"Your these people was also the persons of establish a reputations, what dint have no to incredibly have the thing that the face robs me, don't feel cold Chen?"
(Roar one throat, almost by the end of the month, I just have mercy on of 3, the wretchedness has mercy on me!)

The first the 23th Ning green jade to war chapter 222 golden light raging flames
(Is alas!See to my begging an everyone don't also respond to, seeing 3 of that wretchedness is to have no language, the brothers sisters take handle knob to Zhang Piao, thank.)
This words listen to unpleasant to hear, in 11 individuals in the sky above of two people in, an among those openingses lightly say:"Sung Chang Gung, this thing is my elder generation in the Xuan door loose, when became your thing?This gold at the time that basin flew out you and then where?We intercepted you but come to say that this is yours at present, don't you feel cold Chen?"
A few words choke Sung Chang Gung keep Ge, he the spirit ground point at that person to loudly drink a way:"Together Shu Ming you bastard, Kui you are still that the E eyebrow parties Zhang teach and have you to talk so?While just cracking to seal to print, I am musted can not move to just let the gold basin fly out by the anti- earthquake, I have already ambushed person and magic weapon on the sky, any things all fly not to go and intercepted with you?You want to rob and then say clearly, don't argue irrationally here."
By this time lightly say with smile at a person of northeast direction air:"Sung brothers, you this words say of too unpleasant to hear, the somebody else is small how together is all Zhang that the E eyebrow sends to teach, do you scold so how he go?Although we all know that he is readily kind and justice morals, the full belly male steals a female the guy of the bawdry, but know to return to know,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, can not be the somebody else's noodles to speak, this is your not to."
Drink a way in an old way Nu of southwest direction air:"Zheng Yin, you how say to is all what we E eyebrow send go out, slander this parties Zhang to teach for outsider so happy?Sung Chang Gung is the person whom the green city sends, be the same as proper way middleman with my E eyebrow, we archimandrite ground affair's returning a round don't arrive you these to participate.You dare again to talk more, my Xuan's true son put together this old life with you!"
Looking at the Xuan of the beard hair Ji piece true son, talk in times before of blood absolute being sub- Zheng Yin the unexpectedly momentary could not say what.He the ground of Zheng Zheng see Xuan true son one eye just in a soft voice way:"Ha ha, in a flash several a hundred years, I still think you already such as ground in water goose egg the stone is similar, drive time to whet even sharp angle, unexpectatively your temper is so suddenly and violently still a fire, just be covered up at ordinary times."
Stand in those 11 individuals down belowly is the middle age of a feature handsome friendship, his whole body red tunic, taking white the jade is satisfied.Hand Nian three wisps of long beards say with smile:"Brothers, how?The recollection rises past?Ha ha, everything sees forward, this didn't sell to regret a medicine in the world, the person regardless did what affairs all want to own behavior to be responsible for, now that went into evil teach, why the need for think archimandrite again of things of the past?"
A few of his words say of nothing important vehemence, imitate a Buddha just the low language is concealedly similar, but spread to at the ear ear in but such as matin bells and vesper drums similar, let to had a little originally dejected of he resumed to come over.He to that middle age one arch hand way:"Ha ha, I because dividing time a mind to have a little behind is temporarily unsteady, have feeling just, thank fire for working properly an absolute being gentleman to remind."
By this time station another two a men say to everyone in the sky:"Ha ha, for many years old evil here but have no little come, blood absolute being sub- Zheng Yin, evil teach the southwest of the elder 14 hole in sky five strange three evil of an of the fire work properly an absolute being gentleman, this wanting is necessarily a cold soul Yu absolute being gentleman stem magpies?Your three people, but our archimandrite contains eight people and listens to me traversing Hun one to advise.Hurriedly leave!"
Is evil to teach 3 people haven't talked, a fatly monk coldly socket way:"Old beggar, two thighs that want to embrace E eyebrow of your husband and wife don't want to calculate me, my Xiao is a long Yunnan Di hole month now ha ha the pupils of old Zu.Be not the person of archimandrite any more, and here in addition to being evil to teach 8 people out of 3 people how to win, I don't calculate, teacher in the sky parties of hide Related articles:

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