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But ten thousand insides in Yangtze River, suddenly have Gu mountain 2:00, order to break crystal basin, in order to lend the whip Ting the dint, get rid of to attach Kun Lun!Hope Huai Yin, soldier Ye place, solemnly save!See to heaven's will, owe private's friendship and Liu Kun, three Fus at that time Wan stone, wake Long up in an old, thin with consider a Fang, Meng summer positive beard rain, a wash north the dust fainted!"
The Shu listen to strangely, strong from accept to shoot mind, the low voice asks water soldier manager Zhang Hong Fan's way:"What song is what he sings?"Zhang Hong Fan rather poem phrase, the small voice is in response to the way:"What this song says is:River's mountain strengthens the United States, I want to be like Zu Ti and Liu Kun a similar deportation beard Lu, such as various Ge bore clearly general Northern Expedition Central plains."
Once the Shu complexion sink and call a way by man words:"Who is the you ?"Ram feather lo his one eye, say with smile:"Who is your asking me ?Admire, I am toward visiting south china sea
Mu Cang Wu, green snake courage in the Xiu is thick, three last Yue sun the person don't know, the Lang sang to once fly The Dongting Lake."
Many close soldiers have already endured to can not bear and fly body desire to rush toward, which know to just raise knife, then feel a whole body a hemp, move not get.The poem hasn't finished reading, more than tens close soldier already Zhang Kou with angry look, as if the wood Su mire vulture one after another settle on the spot.
Ram feather once the big Xiu hang and say with smile:" Shu, you way who am I ?"This poem is made by Lyu Dongs Bin, the ram feather freely leads, should be with romantic fairy from the condition, the Shu don't understand its idea, but feel the in the moment like this uncanny matter have never seen, the momentary spine livings cold, drink a way:"Everyone's son bewares of.This sour D will bewitching method!"
Ram feather Pei one- track:"Clear is fairy magic, but you say to is a demon method.Is alas, the person says the Ta son is stupid like cow horse, indeed as expected not false, talk with you, true call play the piano to the cow!Is boring, boring."
The Shu settled to stop and think and sank a track:"The gossip is little to say, does the you exactly have what business?"The ram feather smiles happily a way:"Being only improverished is what business not worthy.Do of however is descend nine flow of plot.Lee too the white once was blind:'Once the world wager toss, can not forget war.'I come this time, thinks that bird emperor to is suddenly necessarily strong far apart with you, on the wager one bureau?"
Shu feel this person language of expression peculiar difficult to understand, heart Cun way:"Run into a big assassin of this etc,Beats Detox. a, however have already walked one step to calculate an one step and talk more and procrastinate time with him."Right away way, " good, you how wager?"
The ram feather claps hands to say with smile:"Indeed as expected play the piano to the cow!Once the so-called world wager toss, certainly is toss dice.Wager?It is then this ground of this day.However the gambler had, the wager had, dice also not the ability is little!"Say from nearby brought up a cloth bag, with once the hand trembled, the Gu Dong rolled out a person's head in the cloth bag.
The Shu see pure that person a head facial appearance, once the facial expression change and lose a track:"Yan iron wood son!"The ram feather says with smile:"Dare feeling this guy call this son.My lo he shows off right away the force spread fame and then and without extra trouble lead long to him this head."He once the Xi Xi smile, point at a person head way, " this calculates me the first dice,Artist Series.It is said that he is the Lao Shi son Ma Jun Wan's man long to make 3:00 on the whole."
Yan iron wood son is a dollar soldier ten thousand, valiant, at present but the body head separate.Momentary, many will all living the feeling of a sympathy for one of its kind.
The Shu is a great commander, the nature can not show weak, cold cold on smiling, Yang track:"Ten thousand man long is 3:00 dice, originally handsome think necessarily be 6:00."
The ram feather greatly points one Qiao and says with smile:"It indeed as expected is the armed forces commander-in-chief, greatly have self-knowledge.Unfortunately, at 6:00 only 1, could not toss 66 greatly agreeable and sovereign leopard sons.However, there are also three managers luckily on sky.The leveret Zai son of this surname beam is a big troops and horses manager, reckon 5:00.Army's manager stab rare calculate 4:00, water soldier manager Zhang Hong Fan calculate 4:00.Three argument politics Dong Wen Bing lead troops not much, the officer is fair crystal, somehow also calculate 4:00, as for this Fan text tiger Yao, commit treason to beg glory, the shameless lout in the shameless lout, all encouraged him at 1:00 on the whole, went fetch to do dice, with no reason soiled Lao Tze's hand."Fan Wen Hu is scolded by him the dog blood sprinkle a head, the noodles takes angry countenance, but the heart doesn't already is secretly pleased.
The day didn't win a sky at this time, if river's water takes, prospect Kuang Yi,cheap dr dre beats, originally very comfortable.But this very small stone male summit of hill, atmosphere Ning are like lead iron.Ram feather always the smiling face don't change, then if attend meeting empty talk.But he more talks to smile breeze to living, various will then and more feel breathe heavily however annoy.They order hordes of troops and horses in normal times and hold numerous people's life and living to kill to the Duo and do as pleases, but such as like this is a fish and let people to cut into pieces, is have never had.
The ram feather hand Nian beard, and then say with smile:"Gambler gambler, not three namely six.Is poor and envious we just hand breeze not agreeable, toss 3:00, dare to ask everybody, the poor and envious next time tosses what point just good?"The vision once sweeps various will, unexpectedly and neither person row.
The ram feather is cold cold on smiling, is just wanting Ji Feng, see suddenly beam Xiao foot not point the ground sort is more many but, wave hand on a close soldier's back to clap to fall.That person's arms and legs dances indiscriminately, acupuncture points solution.Sees the beam Xiao is left in the person's heap on wearing, right on wearing, if body the Die flies, the Zhang is like lightning flashes, in a wink, those ten remainings after aring close before the soldier the Yang match and flick enough dance and exert an activity and open.
The beam Xiao body form is one Lian, you not D not eight, cool way:"The ram Sir pleased!"
Ram feather face ascend green annoy one Shan but lead, in but smile happily a way:"At 5:00 Yao, very good."He the right Zhang is one Yang, slowly clap a chest border toward the beam Xiao, beam Xiao but feel his Zhang breeze Ning if is substantial, must answer, who anticipate to flick once the Zhang block and then annoy blood in the chest like Fei, not from must fall back 3.Rear a close soldier is stubborn, rob to up hand him, how anticipate finger tip to just meet with him to carry on the back, then have huge dint to flow out, throw he fly six Zhangs, a somersault falls in an overhanging cliff, one is sad and shrill to miserably shout, far away spread into.
The ram feather doesn't need beam Xiao the station settle, a Shan body has already arrived his top of head, cachinnation way:"Leveret Zai son, connect Lao Tze's one Zhang again!"Beam Xiao which dare to answer again, lance sheath, go straight to ram feather chest and belly.The ram feather humed a , green Chi sword in the Xiu breaks empty but, the sword is like thin paper, the right and wrong has no square and moves just like the cluster snake Zan and stab toward the Liang Xiao all over the body vital part.
In a short instant, if the 2 people sword flies an electricity and suddenly rises to suddenly fall to dismantle five to recruit, recruits although quick, the sword body didn't the least bit hand over to answer and looked like each a dance each of, actually then all is criticize Kang Dao to falsely kill to recruit.The beam Xiao is aggressive although is mutually soon, compared with the ram feather still a form to see Chu, the Die is through the strange insurance.
The ram feather sees he pick up he five record cutthroat, and then feel shocked, again sad:"This son gives sufficient time, how don't become generation respected master?Is hateful he helps as Nue, the fighting skill is more strong, more is a disaster, if don't uproot he, don't know to return vital part to die how many Sungs person?"
He a read and this, the heart replies to become hard just, the lance was one disease, stabbed the beam Xiao noodles door.Beam Xiao backward one Zong, suddenly feel enough bottom step empty, the at heart frighteneds:"Mess!The behind was an overhanging cliff!"Just want live emasculation, the ram feather sword power is since then like breeze, rush toward noodles.
In the public surprised noise of shouting, after the beam Xiao body form Yang, sink into an overhanging cliff, but his feeling urgently livings Zhi, suddenly the Qu wears wall blind side in the precipice and spares no effort to carry a sword sting person.Listens to "Qiang Lang" a , the beam Xiao catches sword all alone, the body hangs empty, concuss river's breeze and don't already flutter along with the Hao.The ram feather temporary doesn't make track for shot, the Nian beard says with smile:"This recruits'the monkey commit suicide by hanging', make wonderful!"The beam Xiao knows oneself unavoidably one dead, straight-tempered Yang track:"Good, you make to recruit'the wild dog eat excrement' stab me!"
He the place directions is very low, the ram feather heart way:"If however stab him, inevitable Fu body, the form,such as wild dog, crawls, didn't win his speech."Just from hesitate, suddenly listenned to back the breeze rang, many close soldiers flicked knife to rush toward.The ram feather turns round one Zhang and sweep to turn over four, the soldiers are shivering to halt.
But listen to the Shu drink a way:"Retreat cut!"His military order cannot be disobeyed is unmanned to defy, close soldiers put together dead to come forward in succession.
The ram feather says with smile:"The shrimp soldier's crab will, don't calculate at all, if toss out, Lao Tze not big Kui especially Kui, lose it cannot compare with."He the soft sword Sou ground retract a Xiu, the Shu suddenly feel at present one flower, have already been held tight center of the chest by the ram feather, the Qing is in the hand.
That ram feather ha ha say with smile:"You repeatedly make people walk into death, from the skill of son but also very loose."It is various to see an eye the commander-in-chief being made, all disgracing.
The Liang Xiao got Xi, on trembling a hand, pull out sword to turn over an overhanging cliff, in out of the sky sink to drink a , the sword goes "Huan sword way".Axes on the Huan Xun bottom, if Yuan the strong breeze blows Related articles:

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