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 Chapter 70 will is right way
The east Yi city.
Hillock outside the city under be suffused with miserably yellow grass hut just as come and go that sort calmness.There is no sword light.There is no sword breeze.Have no sword blade to break an empty voice, Be just one calmness.Is already a near hot deep spring seasonal changes at this time, aglow day head the east ocean that look after in the mainland on, start to steam numerous steams, let the whole eastern Yi city all sink into hot and damp.Like in the sea breeze often year not Xie, can slightly go to ailment.
After three year agos were big east mountain one service, the sword Lu pupils do the place of sword and then moved outside.No one dares to bother keeping of deep place sword saint adult in the Lu hospital wound.So would seem to be such calmness inside the Lu at this time, invisible water spirit fill the air in the air, drown but become cold and sink to decline to the ground along with the head ground in day, slowly depends on those sword blade the steel discard a slice on, the Yun becomes just some little drop of water.
The setting sun is gradually descend.The thin light in red shines upon sword Lu deep place and shine upon that big pit in, numerous the drop of water of sword shine upon of clear, ooze into a blood-red color, is like a blood general.
Don't know where flew to come to a few bird flies.Curiously round sword pit to fly, deliver Weng Weng ground nuisance ground voice, these living to work properly really don't know this pit, the sword in the pit.Represent in the world how of position.How of fame, they are to instinctively stare at those up of red drop of water, in mind interrogative matchless, why these bloods have no one silk pleased gamey smell?
The weather is very hot.So the natural ice in the sword Zhong very of the spirit is also thin many, then these bird flies can have enough courage is here dancing in the wind, however at sword Zhong flank that gloomily house in.But have similar ice is cold with outside environment.Probably is this house year often don't see bare cause.Probably is the big respected master body that lies on the bed to gradually incline to die, but send out come of a kind of make the ice of people's heart palpitates cold.
There is no bird fly in house, there is no spider, there is no net.Also have no mosquito to dare to go to Ding that is cold thick drive ground person's one mouthful, but at snow-whitely wall dime.But have an invite little finger A size ground long leg mosquito, the dead hopeless situation stares at drive medium of the person.
The long leg mosquito shivers in the Se Se, transparently wing often fondle oneself gradually withered body is for a while.Remind oneself still survives, two long legs also seem to be particularly to have no dint.The whole bodies are all suffused with a kind of ill-health ground brown yellow.Have a liking for to go to is like all of juice waters to have no and soon become hull.
It has never flown to walk, because it didn't discover 1 to can take blood ground object in this grass hut, ground in the grass hut people seemed all and had oddly power, as long as close to their ground body, be all blocked by the natural cover of 1 F invisible back, earthquake dead.
Only bed up this wants dead Human body to ascend have no that ability, but the long leg mosquito still doesn't dare to keep on flying.Because it feels that this wants there is a cold idea on the dead Human body, at this big hot ground of sky of in.It is cold to get it to soon endure long hardship not to live.
Can it is still in the cook, because it knows that person to have to die.Again severe person, as long as died, will become blood.Fu meat.It needs blood.Outside of those bird fly brotherses demand Fu meat, thickly cotton quilt underneath, four attend to a sword whole body iciness.Don't stop to deliver to tremble.Tremble to all arouse his chest and belly that wound to tear to pieces general ache every time.Three year agos are celebrated emperor right way one punch to shoot.An upper arm is flowed cloud by the leaf to living to tore bottom.One is many to be again stabbed two swords on the chest by the shadow before the month.Even if the fee lies to sow of poison already the Jiang die all of his wounds, but the source of vitality has been already had no.
Press the truth to speak.He early should die.But he didn't die, he was just Zheng double eye.Wood however ground stare at inside the house snow-whitely wall, stare at last long leg mosquito of that dime inside.Looking at that mosquito to shiver.It is enduring long hardship.It is waiting for that mosquito cook not to live.Fall off from the wall.
The emotion of the big respected master is very cool, very quiet, seem to be already to see through a human life ground everything.It is 1 to include life most end.Living to fear with of the dead ground greatly.
This eyes inside, has no a silk at the beginning the sword cut 100 tiger Wei the ground Be ruthlessly oppressive to kill an idea.Have no one silk Tu Fu ground bloody sword idea, also have no a silk blunt sky but rise.War idea unyieldingly even connects a lot of year ago big green tree bottoms to stare at an interesting idea for moving house ant to also have no.Have of just equanimity, and that witheredly and tanly at shiver of the shadow of long leg mosquito.
In the article of deathly four attend to sword Be not willing to die.Because he is waiting a person.
The door is slightly pushed away, the outside slightly showed warmly Mu only and deeply to come in and also was long that young person's shadow long of project in the ground.
Four attend to sword didn't loss oneself's end ground the life see his one eye.Don't also speak up what, he knows the other party since rushes through back, will tell oneself the affair that some he or shes want to listen to naturally.
Fan Jian leaves from Kyoto, changes direction slippery state and goes in secret into ten villages again.Hard walk faster for consecutive days, finally outside the east Yi city with inspect the troops rendezvous of hospital, he didn't delay for a little times and then arrived to sword Lu and had some to coldly push door but go into in the vision in the Lan of cloud.Push door to go into again.Push door again but go into, once connected three heavy door, step voice accompany with to become nervous to urge, arrived at four sword of attending tos.
He looking at a thick cotton quilts to outside peep out of four attend to the skull of sword, this just discovers, the body of this sword saint big respected master is really extremely thin and feeble, even if covered three bed cotton quilts.Still being an is dinky, seem to be his skull thus particularly large.
Arrived this farm land, four attend to sword incredibly haven't died, this fact makes Fan Jian feeling inwardly scared, he looking at that old but apathetic side to permit, and the openings says:"Not the Shu China pond form still puts out bad.When lead for a sky, the spring infuses one's self ……"
Didn't say what to celebrate the country emperor his majesty ground idea aim.There is no company quantity east Yi city ground future, have never related ground in heart secret, Fan Jian is in momentary.Practiced moral teachings oneself since the childhood a ground of unknown achievement Jue, such a 1.Is clear, matchless lavishly carried on the back to come out.
The unknown achievement Jue is totally divided into top and bottom 2.Fan Jian this present life more than 20 year also fixed first volume.Second volume although also the back ground roll melon lousy familiar.But is some progress to also have no, these writings are in his brain like is engrave go to general, the root isn't thin to forget, at this time at four attend to a before the bed carrying on the back of the sword, Long totally also spend to count an interest for time.
He need not consider four to attend to sword to can understand.You can remember.Because the other party which afraid want to die, but after all is also a big respected master.
Along with Fan Jian's words.Four attend to the vision of sword gradually to accept back from the mosquito body of corner of wall, don't know is stare at before fixing attention on of where space.Coolly the look in the eyes becomes sharp-edged.Coagulating is like a sword, the sword body gradually puts light.Become bright.It is intensely hot and matchless.
Fan Jian's lips shut up.Then silent but in quiet wait in one side.
Need not his openings explains that four attend to sword nature also ability from these ingeniously sentence.Is fantastic, abnormality coarse of go a spirit luck achievement the method door Be pleasing to listener to come out, the praise center of earth method that he carries on the back.BE exactly celebrate emperor an overbearing true Jue.
Four attend to eyes of sword along with Fan carefreely the praise read.It was gradually bright to arrive extremity.Carefreely shut up along with Fan.But thin come down.
"How to fix second half book?"Fan Jian lowers the head polite ask a way.
"Not ability."Four attend to sword ground the voice is very weak, very and hoarse.Answer ground but is very resolute.
Fan Jian not equal to what disappoint, continue quiet ask a way:"But his majesty he fixed second half book, being right way."
"Does the extreme achievement of violent in action would be right way?"Do not know is be not at in the article of death before finally understanding to celebrate the achievement method of emperor secret, four attended to the spirit ratio of sword to be good friends with a lot in times before.Talk a ground of voice also gradual flowing freely get up.The tiny Zhao says:"The violent in action arrived a top still a violent in action.Might it not be emperor in your house still really thinks to have what substantial variety
"But the fact have already proven this."Fan Jian lowers the head to say:"The his majesty fixed second half book.I want to know how he is attained.And this meeting can't have to him what influence."
Four attended to sword to sink into silent, lightly the vision gradually appeared a tiny doubt.Finally but soon after change into after a kind of understand creation ground to smile an idea.In a soft voice say:"Meat body ground the blood vessels always has extreme limit.It even if is your this small monster, but always have extreme limit."
"So big green tree next.In the castellan mansion, you teach me to take intention as first.Person ground the meat body always have extreme limit heart to read a will but have no boundary."Fan Jian connects a way.
"Violent in action ……" four attended to sword to cough two, icy coldly the body delivers to tremble under the cotton quilt, have no who understand more than this big respected master, again how can enter sainthood a ground of person, once being organic be broken, the body collapses bad, in fact and a common run of people also about.
"If can really outstrip human body ground extreme limit."Four attend to sword to slowly shut eyes, the beginning is in the brain calculate at the beginning at big east one act act of the top of hill.
The rain water condescends to come in the summit of hill, that points out to break rain water.Order into a bitterness lotus ground between the eyebrows, in in a moment degree water in the half lake go in.Livinged to support to break the spirit sea meat bag of the bitterness lotus country teacher.
Is that!
Four attend to sword to fiercely open a pair of eyes, the eye Tong sharply narrows.Finally shrink into generally a small black mark: sword point, use the language of very slowness to soon say:"A degree half lake.No one can use so quickly a speed degree true dollar.Because the blood vessels of human body practices moral teachings end.Again how thick great, but still is have restrainedly."
Fan Jian wasn't in the top of hill at that time.Don't know four to attend to as well the in the mind of sword is just thinking what, have some not to understand this sentence, wonder everybody cultivation Wu Xue, promote state.All at solid with power two word last the dozen turn.Certainly would be so-called technical skill, and want to plus four to attend to center of earth idea two words that sword teaches at present, but solid word.But is an individual really fix for.No matter is generally practice moral teachings ground spirit sea the pubic region is still own two week skies.Snow mountain after the waist.Always need to have groundwork, then basis blood vessels but go.
The human body contains blood vessels.Want to be subjected to blood vessels ground restriction naturally.He feels four attend to the sword this sentence is like an useless talk ……however.Fan Jian gradually realizes four to attend to the sword is saying what.The facial expression is tiny to change.
Four attend to sword that double of leaked out such as the cold long grass generally profound eyes very complicatedly emotion, these emotion at end become matchless the idea of taunt is strongly.Again go together with to ascend his lips Cape difficulties to extrude to ground that silk to raise a line.Seem to be very mean to disdain.
A burst of and deep and low but weird laughter from four attended to sword ground to ring inside the withered lips, seem to be particularly irritating to the ear.Don't know that he is smiling to celebrate country emperor.Still is smiling oneself, or is smile Fan Jian over-confident, incredibly want that learning is unknown achievement Jue ground after half book.
He at quiet looking at Fan Jian.One word one says:"Celebrate inside the emperor body.There is no blood vessels."
Although already from in times before four attended to sword ground to guess in words few, but suddenly listen to this speech, Fan carefreely brain still if encounter a thunder, for a while ringing of the Weng, shocked remaining, exert is don't understand.Emperor Lao Tze does the ground have no blood vessels inside the body?But have no the person of blood vessels how live down!
"Empress half book still walk ground is violent in action of power, if you want to continue to keep on doing, only the blood vessels bursts and dies an end.Even if you are lucky.Also the physically disabled that can become a the whole life."Four attend to sword to looking at Fan Jian, the inhospitality says:"But if don't support blood vessels to break, second half book inside those control breath method door.You aren't likely to attain, those incline to.Originally isn't a road son in go order, you do again for 50 years, also of no use."
Fan Jian Shen's deep breathing is several times.The earthquake being strong line of to press down at heart is surprised, he certainly knows four to attend to the analysis of sword to is to the ground.As early as few years ago, he has already done the overbearing true spirit to top.He has already stepped to go into nine thresholds at that time.Is exactly an energetic and daring of.In the mansion Ya of Kyoto outside, the boxing breaks necessarily Anne's one sword, who know to unexpectedly ask for the true spirit in the in proper form the surging suddenly and violently splits.Oneself ground blood vessels earthquake ground seven Suns eight harm.
It is very to hard cure a good condition of the injury.Result at hang empty temple after.1 makes track for to kill and kill ground with shadow to rise of, inside the body of concealed suffer from again suddenly and violently.He is finally accidentally lost by the shadow to stab into severely wounded.
Violent in action achievement the Jue do till the last big concealed suffer from.Fan Jian once meets two, more accurately say.When he is still a kid.Fee's lying a teacher has already realized that he by all means will meet a ground of big danger in the future.So would leave that deep red tablet for him.
That deep red tablet finally sent to go into queen mother ground lips in.But Fan Jian knows that this only is that he or she is lucky.So would be twice really annoying to break a limit.The blood vessels big Sun lived down after.
He depends on ground is begonia the boon of the Helping of.What to depend on is together a north a Mi in the sky not the natural achievement method of unauthorized biography.In Chiang-Nan, he uses a sky together naturally really annoy repair for a long time, just cured to like blood vessels last harm.Until is the last totally different property true the spirit fix into to greatly become at the same time, is respectively circulating for two week skies inside the body.Mutually assist to mutually depend on, he just really kept off true spirit suddenly and violently body ground big danger.Left this to have been accompanying with own shadow since childhood.
However today from four attend to get a confirmation in of sword, want to fix second half book, have to allow true spirit suddenly and violently body.Inside the body allly the blood vessels shake smash.Fan Jian Yi thinks and this.The facial expression then changes the Lyu deadly pale get up, the Jiang lies a bed up.Difficult food difficult language.This kind of day basically isn't a person to lead ground, and the blood vessels inside the body exerts ground.How does the person live down?
"The blood vessels after exerting ground can also live down, that will see life in a sky."Four attend to sword inhospitality to say:"Celebrate an emperor undoubtedly is one controling breath is really fine of person."
Even if be dying, four attend to sword to be not willing to admit celebrating an emperor, either is a sky, the person returned by life.
Fan Jian is for a long time silent, then shakes to shake head:"The luck can not work out a problem, my luck is also fairly good, for the first time when the blood vessels was damaged don't die.But I know, if the blood vessels exerts ground.Can only can become a disabled person, and that kind of is inside the body have no place not at ground pain-suffering.It basically isn't a person to bear with ground."
"But celebrated an emperor to endure down, lived down."Four attend to a sword tiny pendency eyelid, don't easily realize that the ground sighed 1.
Fan Jian sank into a kind of stupidly status, he this has many dreams or says ideal from cradle to the grave.The problem that doesn't lift wife's kid's silver those customs, says this keep company with he exactly the second living of unknown achievement Jue, become a part: his life ground unclearly however already.Although he has been hasing no clear talk, but the in the mind is to pretty much hope earnestly can this achievement the Jue do to arrive Volume 2.
And break the state become big respected master irrelevant.Pure is a kind of desire.However this kind of hope earnestly but became 1 kind to unreachablely entertain wild hope in this time, the blood vessels exerted ground can also live down.Still need to bear with that kind of the pain-suffering of the non- the human life.The fragment that is strong line of to lift to gather to spread into a starlight inside the body the general location order true spirit.The cook leads whole body stiffly ailment, strong guard heart of ambition.Rebuild ……
Fan Jian suddenly thought of Chen Ping Ping and fathers to all once lift to they, the south celebrated to carry on ground the first-time Northern Expedition to the big Wei.Emperor Lao Tze fiasco in fight pleasant breeze commander in chief on.Also the oneself body suffers from severely wounded, the whole body is stiff to move.Almost die.
See to his majesty ground break for the achievement method.BE exactly at volatile.Is dangerously matchless in the battlefield!
Fan Jian not from sigh, in spite of he to emperor Lao Tze ground feelings impressions why, but think and in those early years last appearance in the battlefield.And that middle age the man once experienced ground inside the body molestation, and those marvellous geologic changes turned.He still keeps livinging to have one to respect and admire.
"In addition to life in the sky.Still need what?"Fan Jian soliloquizes ground to ask a way.
"Perseverance, not and generally perseverance.Don't otherwise and impossibly once stand that kind of pain-suffering.That kind of living with of dead of endure long hardship.That kind of is darkly been closed to in, oneself with have never known flounder of fear."
Four attend to sword cold say.Although he has never practiced moral teachings unknown achievement Jue.But needs an idea to read,www.beatsbydrdreaustralian.com, he then knows if want to practice moral teachings second half book, celebrated country emperor to once experience how the ground whetted to do.
"Celebrated an emperor to must be painful in those early years.Is very painful ……this is exactly my just happy reason."Do not wait Fan Jian to connect words.Four attend to sword immediately after sand voice to say with smile:"However can the anti- lead this person.Own of will and perseverance.I admire very much."
"I can not do it, you also can not do it."Four attend to sword to say:"In this world ability like this will.Ability to oneself thus cruel person.Probably also only he is a , you broke this mind."
Fan Jian lowers the head.Basically hard put a speech.Listens to four attend to sword's great anger ground of voice at oneself ground the ear ring out:"This***……basically isn't a person to do a ground of thing!"
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