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Chapter 640 happy male Sun Zan
Set up an Anne's autumn in four years, although western Qin who dominates section of country always all have no action, but close an of eastern various Hou is have no little rub, male Sun Zan and Cao holds at least, Liu have of usually take place some combats of small scales.Although with one enemy two, male Sun Zang Zhang wears oneself to have three states as the advantage of backing, can also hold with Cao, Liu have 2 people beat a draw!But as for that plan, this how many years but is even oneself the Yu state and Yang state is inshore of the mountains all more put gravamen, where still have energy go to with other various Hous a strive for superiority?
At You state Fan Yang is also male Sun Zan's base, this in former days the city defense of the You most prosperous state, now but is seem to be a bit desolate.Make reference to bottom, also because these several years male Sun Zan Heng advertises for suddenly and violently the cause of Lian, for raising strong white Ma Yi to join the army, male Sun Zan You state of the farm tax and excise tax raise quite a few doubly, and constantly grasp young fellow who catch the You state and fill front line to battle.There is no young fellow, You state greatly good farm lands all have already started desolation, the common people's day was also more and more sad.
But with of contrary, is a You cantonal of ruler, male Sun Zan's life but is in the lap of luxury.In the mansion of Yan Hou in Fan Yang Cheng, be built by male Sun Zan may compare Luo sun, Chang-an of imperial palace, thus stylish building, only afraid the whole You states all could not seek the second!But in the argument matter hall in the mansion of Yan Hou, male Sun Zan and one staff the bottom all get together and listen to a non-commissioned officer requiting the latest war bulletin.
"Three months ago, Liao east Hou male Sun Du died, at the same time the Xiang is even to break out a war in disorder, Mr. Sun Du eldest son Mr. Sun Kang and second son Mr. Sun Gong is at the Xiang Liao in the even city east the Hou mansion launch combat.Although male Sun Kang has already controled Xiang even most of troops and horseses inside the city, Mr. respectfullly and nearby is have get Liao generally east soldier several years of male Sun Hao's support.But male Sun Kang see because male Sun Hao's cause, under charge battalion the morale of troops is unsteady, unexpectedly the life under charge person makes a sneak attack to shoot to kill Mr. Sun Hao!Male Sun Hao Yi dies and on the contrary arose Liao east the disaffection of the soldier, greatly parts of Liao east soldier all the Pan leave Mr. Sun Kang.Male Sun Kang loses war to die, Mr. take office respectfullly Mr. Sun Du's feudal title!"
"Good!Beat well!"After finishing listenning to making collective report of non-commissioned officer, male Sun Zan but is unbearable the shot Zhang drink colourful!Male Sun Zan in nowadays, have already had no the past days that fierce Zi, the body has already seriously grown fat, even the face type all become a circle of, it is a various Hou that fights for supremacy world to have a liking for to be different from, pour is like a Lang outside the member for living a good life.And male Sun Zan have his face raddens all over at the moment, but because too excited cause, male Sun Zan is bein fact en from to Liao eastern Mr. noble family, only Mr. Sun Zan is to pay sons beside, and a mother is still a very small maidservant, so woulded be since the childhood at Mr. Sun Jia endure to treat coldly.Afterwards male Sun Zan with lend own effort, finally became one square Ba lord, but he and Mr. Sun Jia's old grudge, is always difficult to forget.If not because the south has Cao to hold to lead long to make with Liu fully, male Sun Zan leads troops to kill once early Liao east to go to!But now, although have never canned personally kill Mr. Sun Du revenge,hear male noble family's 2 to inherit person's dog to bite a dog, Mr. Sun Zan still not from get excited.
"Congratulate a lord Mr.!Congratulate a lord Mr.!"At this time, it is a to stand to start than the male Sun Zan even fat man, toward male Sun Zan to would be to embrace once the boxing do obeisance, this person betrayed Liu Yu in those early years, went and lived with under male Sun Zan Zhang of Ma Pi superior Mr. Sun Ji!The white horse was one war in those early years, Mr. Sun Ji although whole army is routed, but is to by luck escape to return to, in the beginning, because this war lost war of cause, Mr. Sun Ji was to get many punishments.However with lend male Sun Ji's that a good talker mouth, make male Sun Ji once more again appear at Mr. under Sun Zan Zhang of among the core member.And see male Sun Zan's mood very good at this time, Mr. Sun Ji is also hurriedly stand up, toward Mr. Sun Zan dedicate Mei ground to say:"Need not lord Mr. make moves in person, male noble family was already they's internal rebellion!Once believe not how long, male noble family by all means is self-destruction!Lord Mr. not only reported big enemy, but also can also without any reason get Liao east when the time comes, be really kill two birds with one stone!"
Male Sun Ji that is to more say more excited, seem now Mr. Sun Zan have already seized Liao east similar, he this horse fart clap thus have corpse exposed, let all of others in is not from must wrinkle up eyebrows, obviously very dissatisfied.However these people are full dissatisfied, male Sun Ji isn't concerned, most important of, is male Sun Zan, he eats this set of!Finish listenning to male indeed as expected Sun Ji's words, Mr. Sun Zan sign a horse to would be to roar with laughter and repeatedly nod to say:"Well said!Well said!Ha ha ha ha!Male Sun Du Lao's thief!While humiliating me in those early years, you canned once thought of will have today!Ha ha ha ha!"
"Lord male!"See male Sun Zan seem some forget so, in male Sun Zan's under charge of one side a bag of wisdom department Ma Yi sign a horse to would be to smile to Mr. Sun Zan say:"Although now Liao east the situation is advantageous to a lord Mr., lord Mr. can not drop with the light heart!The Liao east has been already settled, but thinks to the Cao holds to wait a person to definitely sit on the sideline the real strenght of lord Mr. more and more big!Think come, after getting this news, Cao's holding will definitely send soldier with Liu Bei to harass, lord Mr. should work well to reply in time of plan be!"
"E!"Male Sun Zan just on the interest head, take charge of Ma Yi's words are like cold water, immediately Mr. Sun Zan to sprinkled very cool.However although male Sun Zan is some to crave for greatness and success, but also know, oneself can have today, luckily have the department helping each other of Ma Yi!For department Ma Yi's suggestion, male Sun Zan still listens to go in of, right away Mr. Sun Zan would was to wrinkle up eyebrows and sank a voice to say:"H'm!The Zhong reaches the pole talked BE!Ze!Cao deceive and Liu Da Dun Er can't certainly pass up this opportunity!The Zhong reaches, we should how reply be?"
Took charge of Ma Yi to lower the head to deliberate a short moment, woulded be to say to male Sun Zan:"The lord is male, this matter's pouring isn't difficult either solution!The situation of Liao east is thus confusion, the in a short time can not result in to the You state what harm.Lord Mr. not if send battalion Be stationed to hope state and green state,www.beatsbydrdreaustralian.com, see the battalion of lord Mr., Cao's holding by all means doesn't dare to act rashly with Liu Bei!Want ~only earthquake Zhe they a period of time, they naturally will cancel the mind for invading, when the time comes, lord male again can adjust the time to the battalion, at a stretch take down Liao east!Solve future trouble!"
"H'm!"The words that take charge of Ma Yi let male Sun Zan is to feel quite right and right away would was to clap plank to agree the suggestion that takes charge of Ma Yi.However very quick male Sun Zan was again to wrinkle up eyebrows, looking at under charge of many will repeatedly shake head, Mr. Sun Zan although the under charge contains ample troops and horses, can problem is didn't command troops great commander!Three year agos, male Sun Zan sends his/her own younger brother male Sun Fan and takes so many troops and horseses, the vehemence roaringly strikes against Xu Zhou, but is flown by the piece to exclude, this under charge has no great commander, resist the Cao hold with Liu and fully can have no so easily!Think to want to go, male Sun Zan Zhi can be turn head to department Ma Yi say:"Ze!The Zhong reaches, this matter is seen or is depending you!Being not equaling to and then being led troops by you to go down south is regardless to go to green state to still keep going to to hope state, two road troops and horseses all listen to your conductor, how?"
Sending a scholar is a commander-in-chief, this is to throw the person's affair very much, but male Sun Zan don't also have no other ways and put together valiant general, Mr. Sun Zan affirmative isn't a Cao to hold with Liu have of opponent, can be rely on the clever strategy of taking charge of Ma Yi.And sit down of department Ma Yi was also a wry smile for a while, immediately again is nod to say:"The words of since it is so, that, belong to next receive orders to would be!"
See a department Ma Yi agree, male Sun Zan is also very happy, but male Sun Ji in the one side again is don't lose opportune moment ground to Mr. Sun Zan flatter, that horse fart, clap is a Pa Pa to make ring, but Mr. Sun Zan is still it happened that and then eat this set of, the smiling face on the face has never stopped.
And department Ma Yi also just sat a small meeting, would be wrinkly eyebrows, to once male Sun Zan Gong's hand do obeisance and say:"Lord male!Since Be about to go on an expedition right away, belong to next want to go first army camp to restructure for a while!Plead leave-taking!"
Take charge of Ma Yi's claim to match feeling reasonable, male Sun Zan didn't also make sense brush-off and right away would was to department Ma Yi put to put a hand and said:"The Zhong reaches to since want to go, that go to!Never become nervous too much, want to come to that Cao to hold probably also don't know Liao with Liu Bei, east take place of affair!Time still in time!In time!"
Taking charge of Ma Yi is just light on smiling, would be to salute leave-taking to male Sun Zan, turn but left argument matter hall.However, even if is left an argument matter hall, department Ma Yi's ear still can imitate a Buddha to hear the voice that that male Sun Ji flatters.Listen to male Sun Zan that ha ha of cachinnation voice, moderate smiling face before take charge of Ma Yi Lian to up still present, but is to turn to disappear in a sudden, replace of, but is that one face is overcast cloudy to cruelly smile an idea.The hall door that took charge of Ma Yi to become overdo to see the argument matter of one eye distance coldly hums a way:"And let you satisfied several days, only afraid after waiting until the whole truth is revealeds, your facial expression will become what appearance!"
From the mansion of Yan Hou after coming out, take charge of Ma Yi but have no according to he heel what male Sun Zan says, go to watch inside the army camp in the city, but direct rush through toward own home.On entering a family, take charge of Ma Yi to would be to turn head to ask way to the old servant that guards a door:"How?Big Ye whether at home?"
Take charge of the big Ye that Ma Yi asks, but is the close elder brother who takes charge of Ma Yi, take charge of Ma Lang.Took charge of Ma Jia to arrive this generation, can be treated as that the talented person is the most boiling, the department of the second son that Ma Yi went without saying, the eldest son took charge of Ma Lang to also call up to is a talented person, and took charge of Ma Yi's this generation totally 8 people, drive contemporary the private person call that it was a celebrity for eight reaching, also calculating getting ascending!Although department Ma Yi now at north Yan is high-position, enjoy male Sun Zan of heavy use,BE taking charge of Ma Jia, the words power is the biggest, still department Ma Yi's elder brother department Ma Lang!So this department Ma Yi wants to negotiate important event and would is and seeks to take charge of Ma Lang first, it is thus clear that takes charge of Ma Lang is horizontal to overflow in the artistic talent of department Ma Yi still has certain weight nearby.
That is taken charge of the old servant that Ma Yi inquires about hurriedly is an answer way:"Return to two Yes, the big Ye didn't go out today, though two Yes backyard seek big Ye!"
Just took charge of Ma Jia Dai so for several years to this, even returned to once change the old of diaper for department Ma Yi in those early years, department Ma Yi that respected very much.Though have already got the answer that oneself wants,take charge of Ma Yi to still keep respectfully going a gift to that old servant, immediately would be big step meteor ground to go toward to walk inside the mansion.
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