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Grow living creature, owlet good luck Pteranodon probably can't still just Luo reach Na galaxy depopulation.
Head in the school returns to split a people, sees more than ten exhibition wings round in the edge, head in the school is towering to walk up, the exhibition wing avoids in succession, but at the same time, also when to head in the school circumstance that make collective report and hit the ground a detection, the skull of guard dropped into on the deck, splashed to fall a few blue bloods, although soon be covered up by the dust of volcano, owlet good luck the Pteranodon cautiously ask to smell and still can discover for a while.
'Xiu~~', see the blood of oneself's subordinate, head in the school also cannot helps but giving a long whistle, the voice earsplittingly streams into a warship and lead ten pantheress owlet good luck Pteranodons in the warship body together harmony, the roar voice of high Kang vibrates the air in the warship the Weng Weng make ring.
The sixth gene variation chapter 305 space promotes
The sail just came out to keep thing cabin, this of roar voice then at body week continuously response, listenned to the sorrow exasperation in the roar voice, there is also unclear murderous look, the sail let go of the Xuan fire energy piece very helplessly, with the hand, died the hatch to seal up again, in addition to sail, who can not also open this door.
"Ghost calls what strength~" the sail heart unwillingly and suddenly and violently roared, the first-time Long Xiao, shake guard the Zhe live, sail to own of voice kill to harm dint, add self-confidence more, be just, Hun's forgetting now the place of place is an opposite half to close space, voice although along the hallway has been outwardly delivering, at the sail was full of the audio frequency of strength under, the warship body of loose frailty starts presenting breaks to collapse a ground circumstance.
Long Xiao of the sail indeed as expected move people's heart, the point roar in the warship suddenly live, the audio frequency vibrates the aftershock of air, besides which, , in a twinkling resumed dead silent.
The sail feel to get, in this blackness, a monster with huge is waiting oneself's to walk into death, good at, the sail contain realm, at darkly in also ability accurate threat of fixed position body week, need not eyes see, compare see with eyes of, on the reaction want to be quickly last 1:00, the superior came to grips, this had been all right already.
Lightly of the flotage wear, sail rapid Lue to outside, absolute being's reading realm has been launching, is clear before the body to the circumstance of 50 meters,monster beats.
The exhibition wing is just got into a warship by the head allotment in school, follow Long Xiao Sheng of the sail to inside explore, the more than 30 exhibition wings quick Lue gets to warship body in, in each branch road, hallway and gangway, all set out 2.In this huge warship body, even if is so, 32 owlet good luck Pteranodons also have no way completely decoration at each , at leave sail very far place, adopted defense backstroke.
Hunt possesses singly of the murderous look that conceals in the deep place, the sail is about to descend gangway, then feels dangerous breathing under, need not see, the sail also know foot two Pteranodons, is casting covetous eyes on of stare at upstairs, the deeply breath voice is like information, skillful of conceal, if be not sail elaboration, also distinguish not to come out.
Exploring of sail caution is successful in career, dark of down stairs, two rightnesses of eyes with red fires Mi becomes a straight line, at darkly in, be like scribe line, basically can not tell that those are eyes.
Is dark, eyes adapted to blackness, the sail suddenly think of the business of inside in the difference world burn wolf monster eyes and be like owlet good luck Pteranodon dark living creature like this, killing to harm dint will be stronger.
The sail heart read, left hand fingertip along with move, at can not use much magnificent myriad living things light ball under the environment like this, however is wink, the sail have already played the energy of ping-pong size and aroused and shot on the cabin wall, 'Mao~'of for a while, the whole gangway top and bottom, immediately cover stab the ray of light of the eye in the one in.
Suddenly Shan now white strong light, let the ache of eyes pinprick sort of owlet good luck Pteranodon, at present diagram suddenly an expanse of white one, sense of vision, lose for an instant, but this for an instant, two exhibition wings also lost life at the same time, sail at one white long grass in, very and soon draw out half month blade, face the neck of owlet good luck Pteranodon, easily horizontal put on but lead.
Don't know is the real strenght to build up of sail too many, is still owlet good luck Pteranodon really too weak, sail the owlet good luck in the blind eye Pteranodon body the side is easy and quickly pass, the slightest didn't be subjected to some obstruction.
The sail more go toward to outside rush, the breathing on the body is more heavy, no longer need to intentionally conceal, at present these so-called monsters, basically defenseless in the hand, regardless a speed is still a strength, also all can not compare with ion to come together to fly a wing.
Hunt wing and head in the school to gather is splitting place, sail at these seven Pteranodon in front more than ten rices stop under, head in the school vehemence for sending forth, unexpectedly be like a monster king of Tyrannosaurus very much, no wonder that can become the leader of these monsters, and after death of the 6 hunt a wing also bad not how much, these guy, is here the strongest individual, come together together, is also the strongest combination, can succeed in escaping this combination to kill of, should have no in this world, be just, the sail don't belong to this world.
Underground of aerospace only I only the vehemence Peng however explosion of , immediately a burst of flow out the current of air that the Wen moves inside the cabin, quick with sail for the center spread out, mightiness of the vehemence form a spirit wave, repeatedly inherit to go to the owlet good luck of the cabin Pteranodon and attack from both flanks with mountain the front and back of the breeze out of the cabin.
Head in the school and hunt a wing also still meet with a so strong person for the first time, the person of this world, can arrive at here of already didn't, in addition to long time ago of the brigade the brave, the adventure comes and takes away a piece of Xuan ice in addition to stone, no one once steps enough here any further, however, that, can return to of also only leave one person just.
The owlet good luck Pteranodon contains many years, a lot of generation, have never seen mankind, the owlet good luck of this generation the Pteranodon is no exception, the sail send out of the pressing vehemence, let head in the school also don't already and in fearly feel surprised Shu to avoid to back backward and continuously.
The owlet good luck Pteranodon retreats an one step, the sail come forward an one step and certainly want owlet good luck the Pteranodon force to walk and have already didn't living creature here, the sail also not want to spare no one, somehow, this is also the life.
Head first hit in school's bearing the impact of the big part spirit wave , finally, is forced to arrogant strength bottom, have to temporarily lower the head, fiercely rushed toward a star warship to split place, launch a pair of wings, the most unwilling of'Xiu Xiu~'the point whistle and round to split place fly several turn, just quickly fly Gao to leave.
The sail deeply vomited tone and quickly returned and kept thing cabin and took out a Xuan flint and very and soon flew snow mountain cave once, the O type robot surprisedly looking at the sail take back of Xuan flint, flurried designation the sail dismantle the Xuan ice that the hall takes over stone, two pieces of strange energies that come from the same place carry a body and lead long and pull in the mutual attraction under, blare of vibrate, don't wait the sail dismantle a Xuan ice stone, the Xuan flint has already slowly flown off a ground and hang at the half is empty.
"Is quick to let out me!I come to open to lead to another tunnel of space!"See the energy stone have reaction, O type the robot is unbearable urgently hasty call get up.
Sail with hand transformation the appearance of cliff, O type the robot is from the stone prison in put out, but still controled an O type robot, the grasping of prison prison is in the palm heart, just in case always okay.
The body of O type robot suddenly starts transforming, the shape of circle bucket unexpectedly becomes such as the star round seen by sail dreamland likeness, only, this wanted to be small a lot of, and, there is also no putting off of crystal egg slot.
The O type robot quickly explores two soft tubes, top and bottom two pieces of connective Xuan crystal stone, still don't forget an order at the same time:"Is quick to chop in two the fixed of Xuan ice stone, we make the crystal stone take these!"
The sail slightly and slightly hesitated for a while, but still kept shining on to do and waved hand to change to take over a fixed metal shelf, Xuan ice stone drive O type the robot quickly open the sucker cover of soft tube head to live, the Xuan flint is equally covered, two pieces of Xuan crystal stone creations mutually absorb of energy field, beginning in the crystal stone flow out now.
"Stand to my body to come up quickly!"O type robot suddenly two pieces of Xuan crystal stone level contraposition, the energy field then formed a globosity, a black of empty gradually appear at the energy of field of above, the sail don't dare to delay and act according to the order of O type robot and quickly leap onto and squat down at a cake of convex since of hemisphere part, hands, still keep tightly holding tight an edge of robot.
The energy of Chi Chi flows to continuously overflow from empty and seem and absorb a crystal stone of Xuan output of huge energy, greedy Related articles:

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