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Be getting more miscellaneous, your current state isn't enough, can not learn, still fix Buddhist doctrine first."
Liu Jia shakes head a way:"Still have to learn that thing first not, I must think a way find out Ma Er first Si they, otherwise my heart is quiet don't come down, since my heart quiet don't come down, how learn Buddhist doctrine?The useless talk is little to say, teach me quickly."Break Chan Feng to say with smile:If the wave airtight over sensitive to Luo of"want to quiet down to be also easily, you can first and continuously suggest youself, those what friend of the feeling of the righteousness, husband and wife is all what you fantasize, whole is false …… that 《 sort is listenned to the most impatiently by Liu Jia of 》up isn't to say, color not difference empty, empty not difference color, the sensory world is an illusion, empty is a color, the husband and wife are heartless, friend few righteousness ……", smile to scold a way:"His mama of, say less these outright lies, Lao Tze has to be open-minded to arrive this kind of situation, can also owe so some life debts?Clearly know that I can not do it, you are still where blind bye, shut to ascend your that smelly mouth, talk nonsense again, carefully I dismiss your this teacher."
Break Chan Feng to ponder a short moment, selfishly say:"Yi, he how be don't understand?I say of whole databases that is me in jot down of contents, all of these are the thing that the in the past sage stays, is the sentence classic sentence and witty, should not be wrong.Say that my teaching method is wrong?"Small cloud also follows a way:"Break Chan Feng, you say of the truth seem to so return to matter, can the method greatly has a problem, which have already forced other people to be a matter?"Break Chan Feng to suddenly say with smile:"Ah, I understand, I this way call to break water piece to flow, stubborn to idea get the person is useless, must change a way, use because of snobbish lead just go.Was like flood to come, which can block up?Should seek for it to drain whereabouts.Let me want, how comply with the surrounding, how appease?"Say he unexpectedly neglects Liu Jia of anxious, calculate alone:"Generally say come, want to let one the individual understands one truth and has already given examples a method, say to manage a method and suggest a method or say ……."
Liu Jia sees him soliloquizing and canning not helping a wry smile way:"He how like this dogmatic?Seem an old-fashioned scholar that fills up one belly knowledge but doesn't know to improvise."He will break Chan Feng to hold on the hand and in earnest say:"Break Chan Feng, you how teach me, you slowly think by yourself and still have the Cha to the Ksitigarbha first and teaches me."Break Chan Feng to see to always avoid not to open this topic, have to follow a sword body to pass that heart method Liu Jia.
Liu Jia heart method the Mo know 1 time, don't feel ask a way:"Not to, break Chan Feng, this heart method in say, and one has the Cha Qi heart round, how didn't you give me?"Break the Chan Feng falter way:"That ……at the beginning you have never packed that wheel to come in, only this heart method, Qi heart round you build by yourself."Liu Jia listens to suspiciously, dark way:"Previous incarnation of I since have already registered this heart method, how probably anti- leave out for that tool?"His knowing to break Chan Feng doesn't wish him to seek Ma Er the Si wait a person and certainly have reservation in having Cha one matter, therefore sigh a way:"Is alas, see to me only building by myself."
Say his dollar absolute being suddenly before devoting major efforts Tu, keep going into to break the Chan Feng sword body.That break Chan Feng of work properly the spirit of dollar just absolute being is together allied, have never taken precautions against, shout loudly 1 with his dollar:"Oh, you is this why?!"Once the words sound fall, Liu Jia Yuan's absolute being already in a twinkling regression, say with smile towards breaking the Chan Feng Hey Hey:"I saw, Hey Hey, there is so a wheel in the your body, give me quickly!"Break Chan Feng to draw a deep sigh, having to will have the Cha Qi heart round to take out,cheap beats by dre, again way:"You ……you are really stubborn."
In hand, Liu Jia Tan sees is a silver wreath of palm size.Among them the set in the big wreath annulet, 1 F, 1 F bottom goes, closely, unexpectedly have many 51 F.Wreath's most central place there is also dinky mirror noodles.Liu Jia checks against by heart method, the square knows those silver wreaths to ascend the various territory is in response to 33 days, bottom should 18 heavy night territory.He reads formula for incantation, Qi heart the round throw toward the air.That Qi heart round enlarged while signing, a short moment exhibitted a 51 heavy silver wreaths mutually the big round of set in the sky, that huge round the diameter was several hundred meters, slowly revolved, the Can Can livings Hui.
Liu Jia flies a body but up, arrive at an among those turns silvers wreath front of, see wreath wall up have again ten million tracks that is thin such as the silver silk, he knows that fine line to represent this day of inshore boundary.A fine line is one boundary, whenever has new boundary at this day of inside born, that fine line will automatically increase 1.Whereas, if a boundary appear destruction,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com, beginning transmigration of soul rebirth, that fine line then will be concealed have no, until that boundary rebirth complete just and re- present.Slightly know absolute being to explore to go into that fine line, sign feeling the Xuan ground turn for sky, disgusted vomit, almost kept on falling off.
But listen to break Chan Feng to call a way:"That wreath is a big Fan the sky miniature, top a fine line represent big Fan a boundary in the sky.Your state isn't enough, don't explore to know, otherwise drive it disturbance mind, meeting have no life of."Liu Jia hurriedly accepts heart Lian to know and deeply takes a suck at spirit.Treat slow lead absolute being, he asks a way:"I want to fix to arrive great state of Fan sky when?"Break Chan Feng to say with smile:"Is slow, have to be around ten thousand years of, quick, a short moment then.In fact you greatly need not care a top to have what state, all state all are hearts to build.Your heart hollow clear one, ten thousand territories from eliminate, why on earth old want to stage by stage climb up?Even if you experience successively difficulties to difficult to crossly climb up, similar must put fair-minded this pass.You don't know that big one who create boundary of Fan sky, mostly all dies in the boundary that oneself sets, can across state to fly to rise of eventually is minority."
Liu Jia thinks of a Qi promise and nods a way:"I once saw a big Fan a life time in the creating of sky, , think of, also once collected an another to create the luck of a life time walk stick in the sky."Break Chan Feng to say with smile:"A person fixed to create the situation of a life time, then will feel conquer the world creation between the five fingers, it is heartless or has feeling to ignore, all from he but living.Feeling oneself is a God the Father, feel that oneself is all-powerful God, this reads to grow in mind, can hardly get away from, this then fell in.Be like you were originally a man of single, the freedom was comfortable, natural and unrestrained and matchless.The sudden had a kid, although it is said you continuously tell youself, you want to give that he a life of freedom, don't want to control him more, can you after all have a set of ego of philosophy of life, value, can hardly really release heart of the bosom make him have no to control a ground of growth and always hope that he lives better and more happily, can this better and more happy standard is what?It is your idea and standard.You buy various book of each kind for him and let him learn this to learn that and even get away from customs idea intentionally, let him get in touch with some you think it's of great value, have depth, have thought state of thing, let he can under the so-called free environment much some choices.Ha ha, reveal, you provided of everything, still according to your fancy and the taking or rejecting is standard, still have never got away from yourself this idea."
Liu Jia Xin has feeling and nods a way:"Wu, this truth I understand, O.K. I have no ……" he thoughted of Lin Si Qi while originally meaning to say "O.K. I didn't get married and also had no a kid", but signing, oneself's relationship with her early shoulded calculate fact marriage.Lin Si Qi's dead of time, Lin Si Yin is still an infant.He although it is said don't interfere, once said as well not to wish to interfere her life, but he thinks of now, Lin Si Yin's growth really has no other choices, everything all from small cloud with old waited in vain a person to arrange her life road.Read and this, suddenly feel that the heart contains too many ideas, oneself mostly and never the attention get of, usually while saying what state the other people fall into, while smiling to see the others committing a low class mistake, oneself is therein also sinking, oneself only doesn't necessarily know just.
The Yi suddenly thinks of a Chan story in the door, might as well speak here and also calculates the summary of this chapter.There is a mountain, the top of hill contains a temple, there is a monk in the temple ……be not, is four monks this time.A day evening, among them, a monk says:"We practise meditation to meditate to do to settle dint tonight,Artist Series, before that candle Ran exert, who can not talk, either, who talk who lose."Hence 4 people together and together sit in silence.Lead in a short while, that window outside blows to come to a burst of strong wind(most likely is an immoral trend, sound out these monks of) and blow that candlelight swing, looking at to be like and put out.One among the monks immediately calls a way:"Oh, breeze too strong, the candle is putting out."Another monk says with smile:"You lost, you talked before the candle Ran exerts."He nearby of the monk also follow to say with smile:"You also lost Related articles:

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