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Many person's campfires,google, he or she personally takes off fruit for for the first time ……too manily is these unusual fellings that have never felt at precinct chief big players in city for the first time.
And this style of what game the contentses all have no of game, brought them too many imagination spaces, spray in brain thin but the mind of , the talented individual letting them all feel a bit confused to having no preface, don't know from that beginning by themselves likes and be like they say of, what super civilization company does isn't a style of game, but a platform, provide to the free world of player infinite exertion, probably 《difference boundary 》 will become the first truely independent game is from the player?
Stand the lord controls room doorway of small*platform up, be dressed in whole body leaf to pack of the numb Fan conceal at from outside saw the light of one regiment dim moonlight looking at the players of acclaim after covering, tingle Fan to took a look time, also had the test in the first day of more than 1 hour to end, considered for a while and tingled Fan to again release system to announce:
"Is each and cross and please watch for, time spreads to be starting 13 minutes later for an hour for for the first time, asking everyone don't leave a base lord and control room too far and return and get abroad before starting, please look for a safe location quiet lie, otherwise will at return and spread process in bring otiose injury to body."
"!?Is so quickly time?Commanding officer!Prolong for a little times?I the peacetime play 16 for a day hour game all all right of!"This is the some game madman.
"Yes!I this just just wake up, how'returned to spread'?What did I miss??Who tell me the occurrence what matter?"This is the some elder brother who just waked up.
"Hurry hurry!Take advantage o to have no by that time we then touch map, somehow also want can take off sitting of fruit tree mark to mark down!"This is the too naughty some common player yesterday.
"I depend!I am very not easy to finish doing a check, will just coming in return to spread?I want to tell you!I must tell you!"This is to just finish doing physical examination, certain in addition to whole body of extravasated blood outside, there is no body problem, drive allowed a some elder brother of getting into the game once again.
But no matter how the players request, stipulate to after all is rules, stay in 《difference boundary 》 of time too long, unavoidably will result in in the permafrost essence to the player some influence, although the thinking body transfers, only just"soul" of the players get into difference boundary, essence long-term inaction, unavoidably 1* ⑹s$k $small%say 手&机!站w&a p&.⑴ *&⑹ & k .The C& N sorting will result in some problems that the muscle declines,Facebook, and essence although the control that lost "soul", the muscle body operation of instinct is still normal of, the food and drink pulls the need of Sa similar will have, so test a period, in order not to take place not adapting to of the players condition, the restriction in time still has to have.
"…… Return to spread a procedure beginning, ask everyone to cross quiet lie to relax, return to spread a reciprocal beginning, 5, 4, 3 ……"
Along with the secretary's reciprocal voice, the players at respectively the valley belonged to looked for a line of rows in the place to lie well, a little bit intelligent of run to fold to come to tree branch to bush and is like soft grass of clover grass to spread one one is comfortable of the ground spreads, time wait until a time to get abroad to start can the lying of comfortable comfortable is in the top.
But some the times that take to leave time and run the player that into bush plays to wait until back to spread silly eye, they didn't make a small bed for they, this bottom was directly lying on the crushed stones ground, that not and chest ground big stone, lie to nail plank about?But at present also have no time then prepare, had to literally seek flatter, have no the place nest of so many ground pebbles, be don't know the time that comes in next time will can't whole body aching.
"……2, 1!"The staff member who tests a place chokes form and almost reads form at the same time with the secretary in the game, while"enactment"ing a good game limit exactly full eight hours, read second one be over, almost all players once same times open eyes and turned over a body to sit vacant four attend to, obviously haven't returned to absolute being from cutting over of two worldses.
Waited until them to adapt to, brought about a clamoring of storm sort excitement voice in the whole test place a while, have is strange to call of, have leaped a bed all over touch indiscriminately of, have already touched clothes silly smile of, also lie prone on leaping do Fu to lie to support on the ground of, see the medical personnels in the test place all a silly eye.
Because the player wakes up, the staff member of super civilization company one by one in order walks to nearby, they accept and walk a game sum wreath, wait tomorrow carry on the time of the game would re- issue to them, because game sum wreath is with their DNA bind and settle, the others can not use someone once use of sum wreath, so still have to at top mark last players respectively of serial number.
The medical personnels also hustle along to do a simple physical examination for the players for waking up, however this pours is routine observation to check, is also ask to have there uncomfortable, and have what the type of different felling of, after all see the players wake up behind the vivacious status also know they absolute nothing important problem.
When the players corpse the horizontal time wildly lay 1 ground and stood on the lord to control room of small*the numb Fan of platform breath a sigh of relief, the test in the first day finally ending of nothing important accident, connected down perhaps be facing to largerly challenge.
Once the players return to an essence, and take they and hand over to "matrix" game picture and video frequency that is also a secretary to examine to upload in the net, controversy will bring about, although the absolute meeting builds power for super civilization company and 《difference boundary 》 , same of, the innumerable develops of problem will also closely upon heels and since then, national organization to the 《difference boundary 》 technical inquiry, also have this style of to the background survey of 21 Wei graduate schools absolute true of reviewing of virtual solid territory game nuclear problem ……
Sighed tone, squat down his shoulder up, embrace his neck to sleep of in a daze hair ball to embraced down to put on ground, once carried oneself the pack a beef grain of break a cowboy shoulder bag, grasped a the beef grain spread at squat down blunt he flutters fatty short tail on the ground of hair surface of sphere before, clap it of head:"Hair ball …E, old call you the hair ball is not good either, see your floss Rong and small sheep, hereafter call you'pleased sheep sheep'good!Your darling stays here, if thinks the homing words return to for oneself, wants to come to seek the words that I play to come to wait me here for I!Do you know?"
"Pleased sheep sheep" hair ball, understand don't understand slantingly the head lo wore numb Fan a short while, moving over here of the fart Dian fart Dian, silly ha ha of start into his leg climbing, numb Fan sweat 1, stretch hand to clench down to put on the ground from the leg it, by hand pointed Tong Tong its belly, very serious way:"You!Stay here!Hear have no!"
The wretchedness that the pleased sheep sheep doesn't understand humed Ji several voice, continuously flutter it that short tail that all fattily hid in the hair, be like at beg humbly to take it walks together, but tingles Fan this meeting have already had no the time whetted Ji with it and directly made the secretary open back to spread, otherwise once the players all wake up, the medical personnel discovers his nobody in that house can make big.
Anxiously looking at to tingle the Fan emitted a regiment silver to only disappear in the in front, "pleased sheep sheep" hair ball sadly uttered Ji several voice, one is lonesome and solitary of be abandonned of puppy shape, control to smell smell in room in the lord of turn several turns, sought a corner to shrink together to lie down, even it likes of the beef none of grain touched.
【Is troublesome:Many brotherses say that the cellular phone version of《platinum 》 is deleted, I think should can't drive river crab?This book such of simplicity and innocent...May be the problem of website,cnn, on Monday I ask editor good.
Moreover answer to brighten a master to be fond of and suddenly and violently the method is fond of of problem, the master still has several chapters over origin, these days of drafts that rush into saving 《platinum 》 , so the speed puts slowly, suddenly and violently the method will resume after 《platinum 》 stability.
Finally beg a ticket according to the international usual practice~Ya ball of, seem tonight strategic area placard again, since tomorrow a with in the week, on everyday 2000 foundationses, many each time 1,000 add more one chapter!Don't live...】

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