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But can't heal,Facebook, also turn over the good meat of gobbling up the flank, the reborn ability is more strong, bite effect of cumin to 牠 more obvious."
Elder brother Bu of"is this tube used?" is some don't dare to affirm, legend in kill off nine heros of snakes be not do like this.
"While grasping to catch heathen and sorcery teacher in those early years, the church once met many ferocious evil monsters, the church spent for a few centuries and killed all of these evil monsters only, don't say nine snakes, even the dragons are all butchered quite a few, so now mankind the landscape of all countries, compare for thousand years, the empire ages expanded many times."
Bite a cumin?Elder brother Bu's prison kept firmly in mind this name, he was to really want to make this kind of evil sex plant, the double head dragon isn't nine real snakes, only his that is just evil to spoil a rabbit say of the words, it make him produce some inspiration.
Let that rabbit hide between each miscellaneous articles or objects in, elder brother Bu Ai the virtuous old man called to come over.
"I want to listen to my own current financial standing." elder brother Bu says, he now more and more clear, want to work to have no money nobody vein not to go.
The Ai virtuous old man has a liking for some spirit Weis Mi, although he is the first to take antidote,his age is a the oldest in after all all poisoned persons, far resume slowly than other persons.
"Your financial standing isn't bad, although is total to come to say to still keep being liabilities, falls into debt a total amount to be up to 17,552 gold coins …… 10,000 among those gold coins are to make a contribution to the church, use to construct monastery …… 8,000 gold coins are borrow° from count together with other persons of town, you have already returned …… however the interest produced among them is …… your income is …… among them …… is a job subsidy …… feudal title subsidy ……"
The brain of old man didn't become to differ because of the reason of the healthy condition, elder brother Bu's financial standing say of clear, certainly he also has a not knowing affair, for example the business of elder brother Bu and Mu baron those people of Ma Er Hai, and jewelry seller's income, don't calculate into.
Even if is so, elder brother Bu's financial standing is still regarded as quite good, this seashore spends a holiday the condition of villa management to come from anticipating of owner, even the Ba tile virtuous Wei count didn't also thought of, this gathers treasure basin like this is huge, not on the whole that money of villa seller, an income that month also has nearly 70,000 gold coins, but these 70,000 gold coins in have 5/1000 is belong to elder brother Bu.
The old man says now of these return just clear noodles up of income, didn't°yet calculate top the smuggle buy to resell a hand from those up get hold of of be divided into, that wants to would settle till the end of the year, however can affirm, absolutely more more than the clear noodles'.
"If I want to lend money, according to your guess, the count is willing to lend the upper limit of is how much?" elder brother Bu asks a way and anyway has already carried on the back one bottom debt, also the don't care owes more, he before really don't know, lending money would also become addicted.
The old man pondered a long time and not too affirmed ground to give one piece word:"20,000."
Elder brother Bu is tiny wrinkly to knit the brows, this number is much smaller than the wanting of original guess, and this money isn't enough.
He urgently needs money, because he intends to go again a that belongs to gathering of sorcery teacher city.
Expect rice Er just to relatively excel in the magic and the creation puppet, create the level of weapon how not.Bu Ge intends to order to do some materials, of so will have a mind like this, is because expect rice Er and some kind of quarrels of of rabbit a few months ago.
That rabbit is an evil monster, need not evil lead a machine can also display sorcery, but it happened that is one is firmly only evil to lead a machine theory, say with the words of牠 ,google, if tailor a set of absolute being machine for the 牠 , the 牠 even dares to butcher a dragon.
Expecting the rice Er will never approve this kind of standpoint, his answer criticism to have much of to aim at sex-dragon even if what equip all and have no also still keep being a dragon, rabbit even if all over wear a full absolute being machine, also will become a heap of Long Fen.
For the sake of this issue, a person and a rabbit almost beat.
Elder brother Bu didn't draw in this issue, however his standpoint relatively inclines toward he of that evil spoil.
At the beginning just listen to, but now elder brother Bu but put idea really in the weapon to equip a top, although don't dare extravagant beg what absolute being machine, make a few violent materials but is necessary, only violent material can in short time in, let his real strenght fly to raise soon.
The violent material equals a lot of gold coins!
Make money in the moment the most important matter!
Make money most of certainly is to sell jewelry, a ring removes cost and the handicraft fee of jewelry Jiang to earn several daughter's currencies, the necklace earns more, although every time will the chain discard a few precious stones, the profits is still very big, and the only annoyance is that the yield is too low.
Although didn't raise enough money, gathered city, that elder brother Bu to still and early and early go to Lu Pu Nai Er in capital city.
There is experience of the last time, elder brother Bu didn't forget to wear sword to put in the home, he just takes up that rabbit and Ba Mi Er together silently from the villa in slipped away out.
The time slipped away out, what they walked is a concealed tunnel, the tunnel directly connects underneath in a manger of several hundred meters outside from that secret room.
This tunnel is that rabbit breaks through, spend for a month time before or after, the rabbit that emits bad water intentionally makes the tunnel very small and be like to expect rice Er big piece head like this can lie on a piece of skateboard to slip to enter to slip.However is small to also have a small advantage, even if another head of's being discovered, wanting to climb to come in is in no way possible,cnn.
As the stable of exit, original put two horses, elder brother Bu and Ba Mi Er at the right moment one person a ride.
Is two at the time that person went into the city, fan's fog in morning still had never spread to go, of so so early come, be to not want to draw the other people's attention, once experienced to put poison in and after ambushing, elder brother Bu changed to must be careful a lot.
The light car familiar road finds out the bar that is named "July 15", bar this kind of place open the door for 24 hours, however there is so early and basically no guest, only several alcoholic that one night didn't go home are horizontal seven Shus 8 grounds lie and see the bartender of store depend on the counter not stop to beat a gape, see two people come in also not say "hello".
And compared with last time, elder brother Bu released a lot, wasn't a bashful past lane Xuan either falsely, the path keeps toward that lead the way walked.
Once wore the wall of leading the way end, he again got into that magic of gather city.
He saw one sky out of the eye before coming in, now and once the sky of overhead check against, it is the same place to can affirm.
Expect rice Er close behind he wore to come over.
"How? don't today intend to drink one cup?" elder brother Bu feels a bit rare, this stupid sorcery teacher woulded not° until drank two cups be willing to come in before.
"Do the affair that should do first to finish." Ba Mi Er to swept one eye on all sides, sawed that inferior evil and then stood in the not far place, immediately a grasp past.
Regrettable this elder brother Bu's hand than he sooner, that is inferior evil to still too late run away, was poured to carry to come over.
Along with a burst of make an effort fierce tremble, poured out to 56 things from that inferior evil body, elder brother Bu one feet that inferior evil kick to fly to ten several places out of the rice, bent the body those things that will drop out to all pick up.Here noodles' incredibly hasing two things are his, and one seems is expect rice Er, just so very short time, that was inferior evil to incredibly steal in a row three, is really enough severe.
If not that this guy bad reputation far Yang, elder brother Bu really had some to move, a rabbit was evil to spoil and then brought him so TOEIC, and evil thing affirmation of that abyss can give him more.
Night Ba Mi Er of the one step have no retract, after sweeping one eye elder brother Bu's war booty, his eyes a bright:"Controling breath is quite good, incredibly have good thing." is saying and taking the product that oneself be stolen back and without extra trouble still took an another a pitch dark, like coal piece general trick.
"Return that thing to me, that is to belong to my own thing." is far and far kicked to fly to go out of inferior evil seem to crazy general, go toward hurtled to come over here.
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