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"Thank general."The Yan,such as snow and three women, toghter answers a way, and act to with one accord start, lower the head a side body, divide a both sides war to sign.
Zhao Yi become follow later on, sit Ling at Su side, however, Zhao Yi become discover, this shape in the yard, see here combine no man to sweep at ordinary times, but inside this house, obviously is to just once tidy up, might it not be is what Yan,such as snow, takes 3 people to sweep?Thought of here, Zhao Yi becomes and then sees to the Yan,such as snow, .
That Yan,such as snow, at this time pour is very poised and dignified, the slightest had no to the least bit arrive the facial expression of unfamiliar place, Su Ling hasn't opened mouth, listen to the Yan,such as snow, in a soft voice make reference to:"Small Qi, small fine, you 2 give two general Qi cup tea."
"BE."Two girl's sons that stand on the left side the tiny Fu body answer and immediately back the house of flank to go.
Su Ling is a burst of to feel suspicious, where does this yard inside make tea?Then say:"Need not, hold up an effort."
Zhao Yi becomes but the lo those two female kids probably would be Tang Ping say of twin sister, however don't see pure looks.Say to make tea, Zhao Yi becomes to just realize that there is a Tan in the house the flavor of the fire.
"Did you burn Tan?"Zhao Yi became to put out strength to smell smell and asked a way.
"General."Yan such as snow a smile.In a soft voice make reference to:"Just two proper generals didn't go to.Mean Qie......"
Haven't finished saying.Su Ling then put to put a hand.Say:"You then claim to be me to would be.Need not be mean not mean say that didn't finish.Follow me to work.The person doing not is humble."
"Thank general."The Yan,such as snow, goes one gift again.In a soft voice say:"The Nu house doesn't dare to wanton."
This my word.At woman but talk.Return really seldom seen.However.The Yan,such as snow, still kept changing a form of address.
Su Ling just wanted to said again what.But want to be again just.
That Yan,such as snow, immediately after says:"Is proper general just don't go to.The Nu house then wanted bucket water to ground a few eldest brothers in doorway.This inside in the house then has ready-madely copper pot.That is to have ground.There is also one tea-leaf of wrapping well.Water writes in the next door Wei at present.It isn't time-consuming ground of to pour."
Su Ling this just thinks of proper just those escort to walk quickly and obviously worries to be punished because of this matter.Su Ling's pouring is to don't blame and scold meaning.But be so ordered by the Yan,such as snow, , this in the mind how much a bit not relaxed.
"Say so.House in"Zhao Yi becomes in a side to say, ".Also just sweep?"
"Yes."The Yan,such as snow, says with a smile, " also has no a fee how much matter.It is those eldest brothers of doorway to be subjected to to pour tired, beat more a few well waters."
Zhao Yi becomes to see toward Su Ling.Eye inside but is taking to smile an idea, but Su Ling stared his one eye, temporarily don't open mouth.
At this time, those two female kids are from the next door building in come out, carry two cup teas, gingerly put at Su Ling and Zhao Yi and become in the center ground table up, this just the Fu body back bottom, stand in the part.However, these two female kids were from the jump eventually don't raise head, see not pure facial appearance.
"Which is the person whom I make you take?"Su Ling asks a way.
The Yan,such as snow, pushed to push the woman at the side of body and said:"This calls an autumn month."
That makes the woman in autumn month immediately kneel down and lowers the head to say:"The maidservant pays visit to will
"Get up."Su Ling says.
"Thank general."The autumn month starts according to speech station and still keeps lowering the head to wait for an order.
"They who is 2 ?"Su Ling asks a way.
"They one call small Qi, a call small fine......"Yan such as snow a captivating smile, tactfully say.
Words didn't finish saying, Su Ling then said:"You two Hous that arrive an outside first write."
"BE."Small Qi, small fine together the voice should arrive and together and together backed to go out.
Su Ling calm and steady face, the low voice says:"The Yan is like snow, I at the beginning say a ground of words, can you all remember?"
The Yan is one Zheng, doesn't understand Su Ling's meaning, but still keeps answering a way such as snow:"If snow remembers."
"How many persons do I make you take?"Su Ling drinks a way.
"This......"The Yan,such as snow, seems to be at this time to just understand Su Ling why turn angry face.
"Do you return when are you doing business?"Su Ling Don't mention it harsh voice say."You return be you there is a brothel don't hospital?"
"It Be getting wronger such as snow."The Yan,such as snow, right away kneels down and says:"Please stop anger, is such as snow from make the decision a piece, don't dare next time."
The autumn month of one side also frightens follow to kneel down, kowtow not only.
The Su Ling calm and steady face stares at Yan like snow, just immediately after say very in a short while:"Your these women is strangely fits also regarded as chance and opportunity, I just take in you.This is me from useful your place, second, , you are also regarded as from now on took off going of brothel be.Matter this time, though also seeing on the whole get not only of matter, can always want strong top a hundredfold than the brothel."
The Yan,such as snow, doesn't dare to lift up head, the Fu says on the ground:"If snow is understand."
Su Ling is slowly slow, say:"This chaotic behavior, who all have a not easy place.I promise your businesses, then and definitely will arrange for you appropriate.The matter finishes doing this time, I then settle another a farm for you, there is ground containing building, the silver can't lack, either, enough you turned over a new leaf."
"The boon of thanking the general grants."That autumn month the Fu body lower the head to say, but body is not live a ground of dither, also not know to is frightened, be still because the words said by Su Ling show it to turn over a new leaf a ground of hope.If the nature, Su Ling leaves that day, Yan,such as snow, all already with those women say clear.
Su Ling turned to see to see an autumn month and said:"All get up to talk."
"Thank general."Yan such as snow and autumn month together the voice say, then slowly start and stand on one side.
Su Ling lo the lo Yan is like snow, say:"The Yan is like snow.You have to remember, at present your all aring regarded as me is next and press the military law tube to take.You would are their ground captain, hereafter handle affairs.Can must be careful.If there is mistake, the military law is heartless."
"BE."The Yan,such as snow low voice, should arrive.
Su Ling changes direction an autumn month and asks a way:"Autumn month, can you know a word?"
"The maidservant recognizes.Will also write."Lower the head to answer a way autumn month.
"Good."The Su Ling point nods and says:"Is these days of, I send of the person teach you the ground, can you all remember?"
"The maidservants all remembered.Those sisters also all stuck down."Answer a way autumn month.
The Yan,such as snow, interrupts conversation to say at this time:"General, those password, hand over the way of connecting the news.It is almost identical with ground in the brothel some ways.Once negotiated such as snow and those eldest brothers, some ways pressed the sisters familiar of do then can."
The ground in the brothel line is and also takes to have some and hidden part naturally, is past that talks, signal.And some can draw to take more meanses of the Hao guest's gold and silvers, must use oneself the way contact that the person then can understand as well.Go with the clock Wei Ze ground scout to be to compare, at least on this son.Or mutually of.Is past Su Ling to send of several people, on the contrary learn to many more practical meanses from the Yan,such as snow place, .
"That good."Su Ling says."Autumn month, you do good this matter.I then the first is that you arrange lately abode and protect your remaining years not to worry food and clothing.When the time comes, looked for personal house to marry, or oneself seek an individual to marry into wife's family, you also have to pan out well on the whole this lifetime."
"BE.General."Shiver to answer a way autumn month.
Prostitute, have how many can get to die a natural death?The that autumn month age doesn't calculate as well greatly, 20 successful in career, but go to be in the brothel in, can calculate not small.The end of those brothel women didn't hear on the whole autumn month and once witnessed a lot as well.Ability such as the second half generation son said by Su Ling, certainly deeply grateful.
"You now then living to record, " Su Ling says, "we give you the explaination later on, the then wanting of the rest was acted according to circumstances by yourself by you."
"BE."The low voice answers a way autumn month.
Su Ling sees Zhao Yi to become and orders,Facebook.Zhao Yi becomes then the openings say:"You record.This person call beard Jia is an imperial government parties to come to ground Liao east Jian soldier, also be regarded as not small officer's son.However, you need not fear, this person we have already tidied up, no big deal.At present beard Jia just in the disease, you can borrow to look after those days of his and stay Related articles:

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