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The fruit encounters an American solider under the defenseless circumstance in the milli- fleet raid, first fleet before of all victories will lose meaning.
Supply a work to carry on isn't very smooth.
Eight war row warships all need to add fuel and ammunition with three large cruisers, the five"provincial capital" classes light cruiser has to also add fuel.At that time, it was only four to quickly synthesize supply ship and two large oil tankers.A most can add fuel for ten battleship and add ammunition for four battleship.
Most darned of BE, have no profession to supply an equipments on two large oil tankers, supply an efficiency very lowly.
Still have, at that time can the fuel acquiring isn't enough the oil cabin that fills up all battleship, so stilling having to let four rapid combat support warships run is a , quickly that acquires enough fuel from other oil ships.
Compare with vigorous combat to say just, all of these are the small problems.
10:00 leads, the white blesses Bin to supply a work to hand over to after a few staff officers be responsible for very"irresponsible" of run to sleep to greatly feel.It has been three days and two nights since he insisted on the post, are just all deluxe staff officers similar to him, have never matched to take a glance from the morning of the 23th to now.

The text Volume 8 ten thousand inside Jian enemy chapter 34 cat and rat(the second is more)
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On the 26th in early morning(local time), the white blesses the Bin climbs from the bed of time, supply a work still is carrying on.
At this time, three large cruisers already according to at the arrangement of right term, take over light cruiser of five"provincial capital" classes to go out a performance to probe to patrol a task.Five light cruisers then just returned, was continuously depending two oil ships to accept a fuel replenishment.The four rapid combat supports warship has already left waters in the anchor man lake and looked for the next oil ship,cheap beats by dre.
According to the then circumstance, the first fleet is very likely to want adding to pull the Pa Ge Si islands a waters to wait last 5-8 dayses.
The four rapid combat supports warship still needs to run at least a just can repair full fuel for all battleship, when the fleet returns a sail, still have to go and assemble with oil ship once, fill up fuel to catch up the fleet of returning the sail, like this just can promise in the on the way of returning the sail, can provide the fuel of returning to the empire mainland for all battleship.
These arrangements have already written into battle plan.
At that time, the white blessed Bin not to be worried that American fleet would find out to add to pull the Pa Ge Si islands a this place.
After searching Panama gulf nearby waters, American fleet is Pearl Harbor very likely to return.Even if know the first fleet didn't return a sail to the north, but withdrew battlefield to the south, Ni rice also probably think the first fleet will once round to match boon Cape into southern Atlantic and go to Cape Town, then cross Indian Ocean and return to empire in Southern Asia, or the military base of north Indian Ocean, but can't take a risk to again once wear Pacific Ocean, returned to empire at west the naval base on the friend."Just, we can not drop, either with the light heart."While chatting with blue Ling Po, the white blessed Bin to speak true viewpoint,beats by dre uk."Now, Ni rice have already known that we appear at Panama gulf, and polish off consociation fleet in Europe, he even can from the British navy's government troops mouth of luckily survive in know, we have a few battleship to get shell.A month inside, Ni rice need not be worried about the empire's navy the Pacific Ocean is at the west up launch aggression, more need not be worried about the peace or chaos of Guam.Moreover, Europe unites after fleet be annihilated, England and Spain affirms meeting government and people vibration.For the sake of the stable situation.In addition to being deceitful to publicizee, two country governments will ask American navy to look for, and annihilate us.Thus, ignore for the sake of the face, be still for the sake of the incorporation of maintenance entente group, American presidents will orderany a Ni rice start out all battleship of Pacific Fleet.Even include to assault warship and rapid merchantman at east Pacific Ocean up search our traces.Unless prepare to polish off American navy of those five rapid war row warship, otherwise we can at here foolish last 5-8 days.If is disheveled hair in advance now, we afraid of can make a detour to match boon Cape into southern Atlantic and walked Indian Ocean flight path to return to empire."
The time that says this time words, the white blesses Bin to see and all walk at right term, Yang Ding Fang to station by the side of the long wave radio station the ground finish long win nearby.
"Why not now match boon Cape?"Blue Ling Po peep out a silk only the white bless Bin just understand of smiling face.
"The American is seeking us,dr dre beats,should we escape?"The white blessed Bin to also peep out same smiling face, " Ni rice affirmation want that taking advantage o us is exhausted, and has the battleship damaged opportunity to polish off us.If he really comes over five rapid war row warship partieses.I prepare to give him a surprise and let him know, empire navy the first fleet have to encounter serious wound.The fleet government troops has to continue to fight of energy and will to fight!"
Is beyond all doubt, white's blessing Bin has already beaten to have at this time American navy Pacific Fleet landlord idea.
After adding fuel and ammunition.The first fighting strength again resumed height of prosperity status.Government troops ground energy and morale root need not worry.If make them know.Fleet commanding officer preparation again connect again fierce.Polish off five rapid war rows of American navy's grounds warship.Perhaps they will be aller excited than anyones.
By this time.Finish long the electricity text winning to take an as thick as five page ground walked out.
Receive this telegram fully and made two correspondence military officers busy for six hours!
"See.General staff also at remind us!"
Connect to conduct electricity a text empress.Blue Ling Po Zhi saw a home page last contents hint.See white's blessing Bin have already walked into a commander warship bridge.Blue Ling Po immediately heel go in.
It is translating telegram ground for time.Have already seen an electricity text contents at the right term etc. person.
The main contents contains 5:00.
One is England and Spain have already communicated to the United States and hope that American navy can make an effort to intercept a first fleet.
Two is that American navy's Pacific Fleet is almost all to moor at inside the port, continuous sail dint more than 3,000 nautical mile battleship all already fore sky and left port yesterday.Analyze according to the navy intelligence bureau, American navy's Pacific Fleet in addition to let four old style war the row warship go to east Pacific Ocean, also affirmation transfered five warships that quickly fight row to left for search first fleet.Just, navy's intelligence bureau doesn't know those five movementses of rapid war row warships as well now.
Three is American navy ground raid warship with break to hand over a warship to start facing the sun origin the mainland gather with islands neighborhood in Liuqiu.Obviously, these assault warship with break to hand over a warship tight surveillance empire navy at west Pacific Ocean up of military base.And Pacific Ocean lead to the sea flight path of empire mainland from the west.
Four is German navy's ground three battleships already on the time in July 20 leave port, kill into the North Sea.
Finally, navy's general staff suggests the first fleet considers going to Cape Town under the sistuation that adopting the original plan can not return a sail smoothly.
Is beyond all doubt, navy's commander's headquarters and general staff have already known the first fleet acquires in Panama gulf of overwhelming victory.
Even if telegram in don't mention that Europe united the loss circumstance of fleet, white's blessing Bin don't also send back report of success, the enemy adopts of the large-scale activities be good enough to let navy's general staff breaks settle, first fleet affirmation acquired a decisive victory, otherwise entente can't the dog urgently jump a wanting of wall sort to find out first fleet.And concentrated almost all strengths that can throw in.Prepare to polish off a first fleet.
This, also see from the last suggestion come out.
From the strategic point of view.At this time the first fleet adopt conservative strategy and secretly slip away Pacific Ocean, go to Cape Town, is ensure victory fruit the ground is the best to choose.
If changed an another person, affirmation would "adopt" the last suggestion of navy's general staff.
Is blue while coming in, Ling Po Gen is public have already followed behind white to bless Bin to round at maritime map table side.
Although the white blesses Bin haven't declared, numerous staff officer military officers all pass the affair that these several days take place and more or less guessed intention of commanding officer.
If the white blesses Bin decision to Cape Town, basically not Related articles:

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