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 "That is the placard of ice temple, also their to extremely recruit, gathering a group of sorceries are the strength of the consociation son individuals, display a sorcery together."Expect a virtuous old man explanation way.
"Ask for help of method or rites, can also attain same effect."Elder brother Bu didn't feel that this has what special.
Expected virtuous old man to smile to smile, didn't explain more.
Although say very not concernedly on the mouth, elder brother Bu's eye is fine but has been staring at that thunder cloud.
This thunder cloud contains of energy, absolutely not more inferior to than big of breeze thunder in edge of knife Ling how much, however this trifle if can move, want to compare breeze thunder a big much better.More let what elder brother Bu cared BE, the way that this trick appears is really too uncanny.Have a little similar in long-distance transmission.
In elder brother Bu's impression, to transmission occult art most for excel of is those oriental, but even if at eastern, can attain the person of long-distance transmission, also calculate up top-class superior, and they at most can deliver 12 people as well.
Swept an eye to expect virtuous old man, saw old man the slightest have no surprised Cha or hesitant appearance, elder brother Bu sawed at once, person's horse of ice temple should have no so terrible.
If the ice temple really controled big scope long-distance transmission, the Vatican early canned not endured them.
Suddenly the distance is again a golden light disease to fly but go to, golden light's place in stone dish periphery ten meters, stopped down.
The old man stood a while and loudly said ∶ "open to knot boundary quickly."
Ever since that time discover to there are more and more people, stare at last this waters, for the sake of the safety, elder brother Bu uses together special knot boundary and chase the whole stone dish together with top of person, all hided into.
The concealment effect that knots boundary absolutely makes people satisfied, however effect beam extremely good at the same time, also mean a decoration and dissolve all very troublesome.
As elder brother Bu is being busy in opening a son of knot boundary, a dark shadow in the distance is flown.
The bright courier sees that dark shadow, seem to see born enemy opponent, a head of hurtled past,beats by dre.
"These things all sufficient idiocy."Once old saint knight's right hand flick, that spread all over the lance of indentation to in a twinkling appear in his hand.
Along with he a sword flick, the sword only turned to make together and only an act to shoot to go out and covered with in the knot boundary of outside, drive sword light direct laceration.
Break after knotting boundary, sword the light the slightest don't stop, the path keeps splitting toward that dark shadow.
Sword light flash across, the dark shadow is musted smash by the shot.
Naturally of the enemy opponent disappear, that golden light fiercely 90% discount, ate the in front of old man.
Old man milli- Don't mention it a held tight that golden light, don't wait it to change to return to bright courier as well, the big hand of old man coarseness fiercely on rubbing, numerous light dusts fly to spread everywhere, the sturdy Dou spirit sprays thin but, coagulate the light dust that don't go be thoroughly hurtled to spread a while, this makes the spirit of wrong light, is getting more nonexistent forever.
Although ruined a bright courier, however the news taken by bright courier all streamed into the brain of old man inside,Beats By Dre Justbeats.
Sees old man with once the hand lift, an immediately tee off from his center of palm of hand, shoot in the bank of clouds and rear a special sign from the light.
This sign 20 have a several square circle, is completely constituted by light, thick have a liking for to a little bit is like a rightness of of wing.
Tee off this special sign, old man sword to stone dish ascend on putting, the hands quickly connect a painting, his index finger point deeply bright ray of light, once draw of the place immediately return to leave simultaneously only a scar, light the scar quickly became a method with complicated abnormality.
Along with method completion, together bright light pillar sting deeply bank of clouds, projected light upon down.
Light pillar of there is a very bright light in positive center order, this only orders to gradually become more and more big, becomes only regiment and finally becomes a huge light cocoon.
The light cocoon cracks to open and turn to make cover with of only the dust is the position of light cocoon and float to float 25 persons who wear gold color full-length gown.
These 25 personal insides, there are 11 full-length gowns underneath, ambiguously can see decorous Kai A, another 14 people then offer sacrifices to foppery, is the person of head, is exactly the partner that expects virtuous old man.
Elder brother Bu looking at to float to float the relief troopses over the head, his heart has no the slightest of excitement, on the contrary colder and colder.
In addition to the past knew of hold Zhang the old, another 24 people, to elder brother Bu's felling very what a mess, because these people although is all ultimate end strong, on the body but don't the slightest live the person's breathing.
Elder brother Bu listens to the rabbit once bringing up these things.However when he is still Pope, the plan still is experimenting of stage, wear to come after he abdicated, the Vatican finally planned this to complete.
These 24 people are all kind of thing that lies between the Zhi corpse and the angel, they are the saints of the Vaticans successive holder, after these people died, the corpse is always kept by the Vatican, first this just for meaning to think of and respecting, afterwards gradually someone start to beat the idea of these corpses.
Business and dead of the Vatican stem work properly a master about, however their meanses are more.Being strange is clear, they don't become a corpse the dead work properly living creature, but invoke a bright living creature and refine bright living creature into the status that is similar to soul, then and these corpses blend, this the process condescending to come with ambassador have a little to is similar to,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com.
Elder brother Bu Da wears eyes and conjectures the combat weapon of these people's forms, their names call "Holy Ghost war soldier".
While seeing two old men, he can feel their real strenght heights, but the slightest see not and deeply these things, feels that they are very dangerous.These things give his pressure, seem and nether world wolf the Wei is just about.Compare hell chariot and depravity the angel have to differ some, however elder brother Bu wishes to face a hell chariot and depravity angel, the doing not think as well are enemies with them.
The hell chariot only has 1 and deprave an angel also see a , but Holy Ghost war soldier but have a lot.More than 1,000 in the last yearses, the Vatican once owned of the saint counts rat, far far above at present these people.
The worst BE, these Holy Ghost war the soldier can also constitute a war, that power can be not an add to equal two so simple.
Elder brother Bu's log because Ma Luo Ni's gram and farmer and admire the successive breakthrough of tower Bu, but output silk sense of superiority, all gone at the moment./

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Pawn everything pillar to wear deeply the bank of clouds projects light upon down of time, on all sides those of the heart keep in mind huge measure of guy.All having a little is eager to have a try, but waits until a light cocoon to crack, person's horse of the Vatican rears a true noodles day, no one's daring has been already acted any further.
Entitle to here to join in the fun of, is all person that has real strenght, these people's intelligence and tastes are all quite good, naturally rare all of person's horses of the Vatican are what kind of role.
The smell of gunpowder on all sides immediately becomes an abnormality strong.
The person of the northern islands and the person of the Vaticans are a born sworn enemies, as for the sorcery teacher of ice temple, although to the Vatican have no so the monk hate, also have no a good will.But both parties' real strenght is all too strong, anti- pour to let everyone doesn't dare to easily move.
Person's horse that the Vatican increases to aid slowly landed down, for holding of head the Zhang the old and elder brother Bu beat hello and turned a head to say ∶ to the old saint knight"I to must still not calculate a night."
"Still not and late?Drama all soon beginning the Xi old man brandish to begin medium lance, he F through suppress enough longly, "there of the rites should prepare about."
"Then etc., first and some people do a bargain."Hold Zhang the old title to hope vacillating district of distance thunder and lightning.
For hold the viewpoint of Zhang the old.The person here has no 1 to feel surprised.
Always, the Vatican is the most well-known also the most severe, isn't their real strenght, but their diplomacy ability.
The at the beginning bright church returns just a small religious section and sew in clipping of each big religious section in beg existence, have already expressed violent diplomacy ability.They are to depend draw together an influence, stroke another Related articles:

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