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The limit ground hangs to carry full bomb, connect majority of fighter jets also at two side plane wing the bottom hanged 250 catties of to ground bomb.(American solider's warship's carrying majority of machine use is 1000 kilograms, 50 kilograms and 250 catties of heavy bombs.So take number to combine not much.But 100 kilograms and 50 catties of bombs generally use in have six radicle bombers to play cabin.Can see from here, the warship carries bomber have to a shot is namely medium, but six radicle bombers can throw to play for many times.)
"I am a happy small bird, each medium brigade becomes five road column of troopses, carries out overlay bombing to the target group of islands and attackstones the whole ground targets."For carrying through the superior's battle intention, after judging antiair thermodynamic power of Japan's Imperial Army and completely paralyzing, minister major in the Chuang reached to three wars of an American solider toward the second attack machines bottom for the first time the military tactics attack of use order.More than 300 airplanes in the sky the height of 1000-800 meters, with the brigade form of five road column of troopses, one and otherly once flew a Lu gram the island let people have a liking for to have a kind of illusion of military parade especially, but the raindrop is similar to throw down of heavy bomb, fall to the ground to explode output spirit wave and wildfire but again call person to return to reality in, the warship carried the bomb that the machine throws down to destroy the facilities that everything can destroy of ground.This kind of doesn't compute ammunition cost, and then be called the stroke mode of carpet bomb, only is taking the offensive a square to completely occupy battlefield advantage and defend a square to have no to strike back of a side of the dint pour circumstance under would be used.(This kind of carpet type overlay bomb, in 2 be receive to serve as strategic air force's commanding officer especially, drive extensive the application be to the big bombing of Japanese mainland becoming the strategic bombardier standard combat mode,cnn.)
Fight in the American solider's strong thermodynamic power under, especially Lu gram this Japanese consociation fleet, headquarter in island, became living hell on earth.The American not only begs for back toward the Japanese to be Pearl Harbor bombed but pay the enemy of a ground sea of blood in those early years.Even once had it but all and.(The individual thinks that Chinese at two win benefit, don't beg for toward the Japanese once blood debt, on the contrary send back Japan to peaceful more than 2,000,000 Japanese
The biggest mistake, at mankind innate badness in front, the kind and justice morals is to speak not get the American expect to pass to greatly bomb Japanese civilian of a great deal of massacre reaches to 2,000,000 after war of many, and the Soviets also expect German civilian of a great deal of massacre reaches to 3,000,000 after war of many almost be exterminated entire, so would have now Japanese admit mistake to the American, the German is willing to admit mistake toward the world of situation.)
"Report a superior.The second attack machineses are returning a sail, bombard to divide a brigade to also end opposite shore gunfire stroke at the time, be after completing the bombing surrounding a Lu gram island to carry on blockade to intercept especially.""Invite a gram city" number aircraft carrier warship bridge is directing room, wear Si colonel take portable date book to loudly report especially,google, every 15 minutes he then reports toward the commander once the latest war situation and make the superior is a sound judgment so much in command of.
"Aviation how is the circumstance of the ground crew and three personnelses?"Receive hands and carry on the back before standing on the in command of room and hanging the berth wall of the work war maritime map after death and carefully looking at this to at least saw up to 100 maritime maps especially, a little bit title to flank is also seeing the colonel inquiry of William of map.
"Engineer, technical personnel and airplane pilot and soldier ground the morale all pretty much upsurge, although the work is very busy and heavy.But everyone has no complaint.I believe that the government troopses have ability to again carry out the third attack according to the plan and please general bottom to reach the order he/she prepares to battle."Smell knowing its idea.William's colonel that comes back from the machine database and the flight deck tour made an answer right away.For letting 100 several airplanes take turns a take-off, the aviation ground crew's workload is super burden of, the parts of machine set personnel is also continuous three warses, the fleet government troops takes a rest very few."
"Like, that orderanies the third attack machineses to immediately make good take-off preparation, half an hour sets out behind."If is in normal times, receiving will not grant pleasing of William's colonel to fight especially of, however today is minority of days of exceptions.Train and maintain army the thousandth to use at momentary, now is exactly test a warship to carry aviation soldier battle hold out for long time the time of ability .
"Yes, superior.The half hour takes off the third attack machineses behind."Hear receive especially and descend up to a ground of order.William's colonel on the contrary hesitated for a while, but right away sign is saluting a repeated order behind turn round to leave.
William's colonel of so hesitated for a while, is because receive especially of the order, together and originally the establishment ground attack plans a little bit different.The third departure time of attack machines drive significantly about a hours in advance.Should recall the second airplane first, then take off the third airplane according to the original plan.But receive especially of the order carry out of the result is just right to drop sequence to turn.
"Please notify Si Pu Lu boon Si lieutenant general, let to bombard to divide a brigade to return a sail at the time to mix to organize into teams rendezvous especially with me."William's colonel is after leaving receive especially again to wear Si the colonel say especially, let him contact Si Pu Lu boon Si lieutenant general.
"Does the general want to stand into second Na islands of Mali in advance?"The Fu Lang west Si brigadier general beside hears receive especially of order after, how much guess to receive especially of battle intention, smiled to smile to receive to beg a certificate especially.
"BE exactly, we can not miss one more Zong namely die of battleplane, have to run on the horary front,Facebook, rush through before the Japanese strengthens to defendoof dint, give them again surprised surprise."Receive to also spilt open a mouth especially, to Fu Lang west the Si report with on smiling, 2 people can say in the thinking of strategic military tactics up is a rightness of the best partners, with each other repair length very is a tacit understanding.
"Fight second Na islands of Mali originally in the C battle plan, .|Also agree ground."Wear Si colonel especially also ha ha on smiling, turn round to contact Si Pu Lu boon Si lieutenant general.
Come up to say from the strategic level, the United States the 58th mixs to organize into teams especially this a series of long distance rushes to inherit a battle, all for the sake of American solider another front"judicial police" battle, make to lead long to make to the Japan's Imperial Army.Let Lu gram especially the Japan's Imperial Army of the island direction and Mali second Na islands direction aviation soldier not the ability give the debarkation troops composing threat of the American solider of a gram of atoll towards attacking and occupying Ai Ni Wei.Then make stronger the safety that the American solider gains ground atoll group of islands in"Sui hair gun" battle in view of military tactics level, and clear out many obstacles for the strategy of the American solider next move greatly taking the offensive.
Si Pu Lu boon Si lieutenant general after receiving and coming from the radio communication of"invite gram city" number aircraft carrier ground, also approved to receive to a little bit modify battle plan especially, stand into the project of Mali second Na islands in advance.Hence lead to bombard to divide at the time brigade be over to especially Lu gram island as long as 36 hours of surround blockader|||of the 58th mix to organize into teams to take side especially.
Because time is rush, the third amount of attack machines from original of 300 reduce or so, although reduced on the amount, this already to the results in battle obtained not composing too great influence, because of especially Lu gram the facilities in the island early have no 1 Be getting more complete.American solider the third attack machineses only spend for five minutes, reckless advance unopposed of threw down to load down of bomb after, sail out of the room to disappear in the horizon, what to stay to the Japanese is became ruins of especially Lu gram island.This Japan's Imperial Army unite the headquarter base of fleet, is already exist in name only at this time, from now on until the war ends and have never resumed any further he the feature and position function in the past.
In the middle of lasting combat for two day, the American solider obtains shot to sink Japan's Imperial Army the warship including 2 cruisers and 4 destroyers is 10, the shot harms warship 9 and return shot to sink to transport a ship 31, majority of boats and ships different degrees are damaged, exterminate the machine in day inside the port about 300, the Japan's Imperial Army die or injure about 2000 people, especially Lu gram base various facilities Be basic to be broken, while the American solider starts out 1300.;Machine, a heavy type aircraft carrier is withdrawn by serious wound combat.Came up to say from the number, the Japan's Imperial Army suffered of loss have no in those early years the United States Pearl Harbor of loss to get severity, but come up to say from the strategic meaning, the loss suffered by Japan's Imperial Army is more heavy.The truth is easy, the national strength decision is the whole, and the Japan's Imperial Army don't can repair loss back in the short run, but the American solider can attain.
"Please ready to transportation boat quickly for me, I need noodles to see Si Pu Lu boon Si lieutenant general in person."At around 3:00 p.m., received to receive Si Pu especially Lu boon the Si lieutenant general lead to bombard to divide a brigade to return at the time, smooth with after mixing the communication of organizing into teams the rendezvous especially, decide next move of the combat adjust a project and encores noodles with superior Related articles: