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Guarding a soldier to be good enough to resist is a burst of.Is contrary, but the allied troops can not develop the absolute advantage on its amount.Besides, the German Army made use of the dilatoriness on the allied troops activity to strengthen defense and enlarged the difficulty of allied troops aggression more.Cause the allied troops be struggling in 7 the end of the months of offensive, have the felling for being at a standstill, by this time need look for a breakthrough urgently and.Take the offensive an all the difficulties circumstance in the front side under, well make use of the convenience of being close to the sea wing side, organize many small scales amphibious progress by leaps, don't lose to 1 kind to avoid a falsely strange soldier of solid shot of war method.While receiving to again turn war Pacific Ocean especially, this kind of battle the mode got an extensive use and became a kind of flood and field soldier to be in conjunction with battle of have military tactics especially-"leapfrog military tactics".
On the night of the 25th, receive especially to moor at to expect the Lei Mo Shi's port of mix a fleet especially the bottom reach to conclude a bunch to rest the whole order, all go ashore a personnel to immediately return to battleship to check in.Oneself also takes with go of staff officer personnel, again ascend flagship'invite a gram city'number.
Mixing the battleship of fleet especially on the morning of the 26th, in a steam-whistle of voice is like Guan but, one by one used Ba Lei Mo's port, again stepped on long journey.Originally drive battleship close-packed port, suddenly gave people 1 kind to get empty an empty felling, left those drive captive of Italian boats and ships, the American solider was carrying on a reformation to them.Together with mix a fleet especially what to leave is together the United States two troopses of camps of 9 teachers, this more than 2000 persons drive asunder be especially mixing a fleet more than 20 destroyers among them up.Because most of amphibious debarkation warships still stay around a hero to pull a town, didn't in time go up north, the captive's Italian boats and ships hadn't reformed completion and had to carry soldier on the destroyer at the time.(This and battle date in the melon island originally of situation have a little elephant.)
"General, with the voyage speed like this, we can rush through before the German Army withdraw Sicily and arrive Mo west to take straits?"Probably together receive to get along with especially Be getting longer,Facebook, William's lieutenant colonel obviously also infected by bellicose trouble, in a row on the twoth especially mix fleets all with 8 section or so sail soon,google, along the coast stopped while being current, just sent an a few reconnaissance planes every day 4 to probe.
"Be in conjunction with a battle and then need each armed services is mutually match and compromise allied troops."Receive is also a bit stuffy especially, just take this 《Art of War 》 is seeing, this is that he is very not easy to give at Pearl Harbor of the teacher of Zhang Ling Yuan to he send come of, free the time at ordinary times usually go fetch to see.
"Yes, the army's combat is very vigorous, Ba Dun's general already orderany 45 teachers follow 113 number circumlittoral highway headway, 'deep red one teacher'the No.120 in the south highway with 45 teachers go forward together.Believe 45 teachers to still need two just can arrive saint Si method promise especially region."Wear Si lieutenant colonel especially simultaneously conductor mark the diagram staff officer mark out the latest war situation on the military tactics map, simultaneously make reference to.
"Even if we arrive in advance and send the army's two troopses of camps to go ashore to, will make them become a Gu soldier and rise not to arrive the effect that attacks from both flanks before or after."Is the battle staff officer officer's Fu Lang west the Si explain to William's lieutenant colonel.
"As for blockade Mo the west take straits and also want to hold inning, can not suddenly go to.Be getting tooer early, will make the German Army become the monster in the cage, trapping the monster Dou be not easily deal with of, the aggression of allied troops will suffer more stubborn holdout.Is too late, will let German Army conservancy real strenght, withdraw Italian south, to the strategic layout of the allied troops next move disadvantage.There is a kind of war method in the soldier book of "receive Yang especially 《Art of War 》 in the Yang hand make reference to" China and call'half Du but shot', and then have a kind of war method, call'round three to lack a', we at the right moment can try and see well this time."
"Is the strategy of eastern China really so severe?But why Chinese now again so weak?"Fu Lang west Si especially for receive to push so Song oriental culture have already become inured to the unusual, time after all getting along with has been not short.
"Don't despise China, it is an Ultrasaurus, now just asleep."Receiving noodles to permit an especially is whole, to present public in earnest make reference to,cnn.Receive especially of the words listen to in their ears and respond different, have a little a head attach of, also disagree.Oneself probably became at the earliest stage in the American solider expanded the person of Chinese culture also perhaps, received to sigh tone especially, no longer talk.
At morning on August 1, finally received the United States 45 teachers arrive saint Si the radio communication report of method promise region is especially.Because according to guard here of German Army 29 teachers with borrow hard of artificially fortress and natural edge, deployed in the mountain area after plusing military works a military tactics artillery battlefield, powerfully Jie system the beautiful army's offensive, the United States'45 teachers already turn go into firmly stand by.
"Finally arrive while making moves, we spread my order:The second cruiser organizes into teams and the first, the second destroyer organizes into teams to constitute debarkation to organize into teams, sail soon 30 sections, go forward most Sage Master Si method promise implementation in coast in the region to make a forced landing debarkation especially.The rest battleship constitutes to cover to organize into teams, sail soon 20 sections, approach saint Si the method promise folio sea surface in the region is 5 nautical miles especially."The combat that knows battle's end a series in the cc has already arrived and receive to also seem to be particularly especially an excitement vigorous, repeatedly to reach to an one and other order under the fleet.
"Steal to hunt" planned first time'leapfrog'formally present to public.For raising debarkation troops hurl to send the accuracy of location, the small scale amphibious debarkation chooses this time at the tide rise in the morning of time carry out.Escort in the four light aircraft carrier"Cleveland"s, "Columbia", "receive that benefit Ai" number and"Denver" under, 20 Fus Lai Che destroyers that carried 2 camp army, follow the cc inside shore in the North Sea, directly sail saint Si method promise especially region, the rear of the coast in the German Army's artillery battlefield, in broad daylight under strong drive into sea beach.Light cruiser and destroyer approached sea beach and practiced oppressive bombardment to the mountain area of German Army gunfire battlefield place.Certainly this in the clout rate nature to the enemy cannon battlefield in the mountain area not high, but had certain Zu to frighten a function.More than 20 destroyers successively drive into the diving district of sea beach, the army's soldier transfers to take mobile speed boat to ascend sea beach.
The soldier immediately gets into a mountain area and avoids being returned by enemy's gunfire shot after going ashore.2 troopses of camps after gathering, quick start an attack to the German Army's gunfire battlefield.Here at the same time, from mix the warship of take-off of each aircraft carrier of fleet to carry machine also and fly to face saint Si especially especially method promise region, carried on bombing to the German Army's defense battlefield, successfully postponed time that the German Army send a relief troops toward the gunfire battlefield.
The beautiful army's 2 camps sped a soldier after two hours and successfully established to the German Army in the military tactics cannon battlefield in the mountain area to carry on a raid, the front and back half hour then took down the cannon's battlefield, counteract the infantry cannon of the German Army who didn't be destroyed, turn over to bombard German Army saint Si the defense battlefield of method promise region is especially.(The military tactics cannon battlefield majority constitute to°from the small caliber infantry artillery, it is very difficult for large artillery battlefield to launch in the mountain area, unless is the cannon hole or cannon fortress that has been regularly constructed.)The United States that engages in the front side's 45 teachers and immediately from defend to turn into aggression, German Army 29 teachers sank in to attack by enemy in front and behind of territory ground, German Army's commanding officer has to leave to guard battlefield, backward square saint add a tower direction to withdraw.
"Report general, for the first time landing operation smoothly completion, this is the hero Fu inside ·the general of Kai Si deliver of war feeling public notice."Wear Si the lieutenant colonel imitate a Buddha to have become a habit to the victory especially, can follow behind a capable superior's combat, is very lucky.
"So good, the ability is at last on-line to tear off an indentation in the German Army's defense, also come to a battle plan in of preparing and thinking effect."Although the role that mix a fleet to just lend support to in this activity especially, can let the similar hard defense line of German Army's sheet iron appear indentation, the army later combat will be easily some opposite.
"General, now is to carry out I mix a fleet especially'round city'planned of time, delay any more to keep on postponing, probably not enough time carries out."Fu Lang west Si from received a hand especially up after once connecting the army's war feeling and notifying, peeped out worried air in the eye, to receive to say especially.
"Estimate yes the German Army in nowadays already at in order to withdraw the troops to Italian south, but adjust to gather to transport a boats and ships.Is to should make some dismays for German Army, disrupt their feet, accelerate an enemy to defeat and destroyed."Received special exhibition Yan to smile to smile, " lets everyone this time battle empress Related articles: