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, In my eyes, they are an eminent contribution of, to exchange glory honor and riches, promote to become rich, raise body gradation of eminent contribution!
So, for the sake of the eminent contribution, kill off them, take off Bu their skulls!Killing our eminent contributionses is all enough captive!Devaluate them into our slave of the soldier of Kang Si!
So, !For the sake of the eminent contribution!For the sake of the body gradation!Kill!
The soldiers of first trip regiment all have a boiling passion, they are mostly all Li Jun however of old subordinate, the department is to looking at the soldier of Kang Si is how to strengthen, is also F Be been subjected to the liberal treatment that the caste system brings by Heng, original thousand times hope earnestly to acquire eminent contribution to could not wait for the opportunity of battle just at ordinary times.
Now eventually the Wu appeared this good opportunity and still on beating four ten eminent contributions of being a little bit diligent, even canning directly gets, good opportunity like this where seek ·do not seethe just strange ·but the military officers, then familiar lookingly use Zhao Li Jun however intentionally put the clausal chain outside the uniform, that is silvery bottle-like in shape to mourn to fall to but sway their eyes to all spend.
The military officers but lift to know in showing of Li Jun however peacetime, that west is legendary can much a treasure thing of life, but this thing isn't may come with luck, needs to take achievement the Lei can exchange.
Be like the military officers so not ascend not descend of position ·want to climb an important position, 12 combat establishments of achievement Li is have no possible.So go fetch to change this treasure thing is the most beautiful wonderful however of, and still basic need not oneself lifts a hand to, because oneself can the merit from the under charge is there acquire conductor merit,Beats Solo HD.
Arrive to wait to touch come to a that protect a life by himself/herself, change to rain to protect a life for family especially.Canning also have is many and then takes to sell money to hear an outside those well-informed of guy already arrive 10,000 gold coin a price, when the time comes isn't a life enough without sorrow money?Day Xiao Yao
Thought of these military officers to inflate for own under charge to these at the underneath to keep belonging to in succession once the military officer stir up, little soldiers are very anxious to immediately meet enemy's soldier to right on the spot set up achievement establish a career
At this time, is like the patrol that the celestial spirits knows that the similar decoration of food for powder will is in the littoral to rush through back to report a report, report!Enemy's soldier appeared and anticipated for three hours, Hou a group of enemies will land, ha ha!Good!The whole army prepares!
Li Jun however excitedly on waving hand, each the officer who connect captain takes not to win into battlefield right away.
Li Jun however and his under charge is basically lazy to wait for the arrival of reinforcement.
That helps although the guy personal status is similar to oneself is go and live with the soldier of Kang Si before the war · oneself is a Du soldier the ages go and live with of and they are Du ages to mostly go and live with of although two ages be separated to have no many long times to ask · this represents hanging of Zhao resume extremely and also and represents hanging of Zhao fighting strength extremely
So ·those reinforcements still guard in the Hou noodles and be responsible for Hou frequently and wait for receiving a captive to recognize wonderful, in case still need to divide their eminent contribution.
At Li Jun however what to defend a ground of debarkation is a Sen especially of confidant under charge, be free from Sen to spoil the words of letter especially, is not likely to serve as to divide a fleet to grow this important post and if be not with Sen especially of personality similar this cent of words the fleet is long also small will become Sen especially of confidant, so ·be everyone leave port the soldier enters hair for cent of time this fifth fleet cent the fleet grow to love the supplies that the distant journey wants to expend, so chose to leave a port's recent location to carry on debarkation.
He still fantasize debarkation empress from back assault port, have the port liked to sack some kind of is a rum go, as for raid mostly Du mansion.
Hey, so dangerous and the affair still losing more than gain hands over to an other fleet good.
See this very good debarkation to order, take aim the top empty region, the fleet grows this cent once the idea smile, is really that the sky help also, I think to enemy's soldier also surprisingly I will land in the so near distance?
Thousand times satisfied cent fleet once the long handle knob flick, 20 battleship one word row opens, right, 20.Sen especially of under charge and he about of personality, so at just of the port fight in, although have loss, but didn't sink a ship, also keep 20 amounts.
Is 20 battleship to quickly order toward the debarkation first of threw to shoot a batch of arrowses rain on all sides, saw have no action, transported a ship to let out the small boat that 2 Qian Yu Saos operate, then these small boat from transport troops a ship a there load 5 to bear arms soldier of go toward coast luck.
Hide Li Jun who take a distant look to hope the seaside at the strange place however, is seeing 20 battleship after sounding out the gunning cannot help but one of Pei to scold the other party craftiness, own luckily of under charge's hiding from a distance don't ambush in the near the bank, otherwise a while sound out for the other party.
Etc. sees arrive closely of several thousand small boats start return carrying soldier, Li Jun however cannot help but pouring to take a suck at an air conditioner, this consociation fleet of the conveyance ability is also too a little bit violent?
There are once 561000 people's two troopses that unite a brigade going ashore!Twice is a trip regiment, need not ten times can transport troops all of the ship to more than 200s and send and go ashore!
If sea surface top is up to thousand of transport troops a ship, Li Jun however may back down,cheap dr dre beats, be don't back that also get upward noodles claim reinforcement.
Because intelligence report but show that the other party fully starts out two land battle troopses of divisions, oneself that trip regiment has no first the division whole memberses own the treatment that protect the life bottle, can not match with two divisions at all.
However the other party is fantastic in the troops that here go ashore also 34 myriad people just, oneself a trip regiment can not also fix them, that really should buy a piece of bean curd a head of to bump dead to calculate.
Although when they come together half of time launch an attack is second most, don't forget the sea surface up still have 20 could not beat by himself/herself, the other party can arbitrarily attackstone his/her own battleship existence, still keep waiting they to gather to complete, thorough land one more distance behind just start to attackstone.
Li Jun however contemplate of time, the soldier of near the bank more gathers more many, the voice also starts quarreling, be Li Jun however see the small boat start delivering supplies of time, know about, here stay to continue for patrol to keep watch on, he then quickly keep on backing in command of troops.
8 day the disaster of the Qian
Sen especially of road war the troops just started landing of time have some very careful, was the first soldier who went ashore to come together at an after after,http://www.beatsbydrinus.com, discovered that oneself has already had two troopses that travel regiment and after death not only had 20 battleship escort, but also troops still just along with time of change the time of quick growth, the marine starts relaxing mind and body.
These soldier on a ship but discommode very long a period of time, although oneself is a sea man, who call land dependable, and now have no in danger, don't take a break how to go?
So all also start chatting to beat fart at the same time in the movable body, even start fantasizing can sack this time how much wealth return to, until especially the idea send to come up of after military officer arrive, these with five is list
The soldier of just starts resuming the soldier's vehemence, under the leading of military officer part starts constructing a temporary debarkation base, part the beginning outwardly send a patrol to probe.
When the small boat starts delivering supplies, the marine has already taken allied brigade as gathering of unit to complete, one makes next, leave an allied brigade to garrison to land a base, other the allied brigades present to fan-shapedly and outwardly spread to march.
These in fronts that unite a brigade all have several patrols to explore the way, they are all old hijackers to be from of, although from think to occupy advantage, also is not likely to commit a mistake like this.
Hear Li Jun whom the patrol report to report an enemy a soldier trace however, cold laughing reach an order to the subordinate bottom:Issue on order each allied captain, accept Long good troops for me, don't orderany, absolutely disallow a big brigade the troops as follows start an attack and orderany them, after getting in touch with with enemy's soldier, attackstone the enemy of front by the whole troops that unite a brigade, musting keep to draw up an integrity can not make track for shot.The one who defy order dismisses.
To Li Jun however the order like this, the close Wei is very curious:Superior, the order meeting like this can't limit an underneath exertion of the military officer?
Be want to limit them from make decision a piece, the opposite is at least 12 troopses that unite a brigade, don't live our control, probably a big brigade pounded at an allied brigade!Li Jun however say.
E, this doesn't express our military officer is the soldier brave and skillful in battle?Close Wei Related articles:

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