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, Otherwise always little speech with few desires of you how can and exclusively wait over there and he says some completely unmeaningful useless talks."
"Sou" of a , a bitterness of iciness has never stuck my cheeks to shoot go into I after death of tree trunk up, a wisp of show hair immediately floats however falls and see an ear of bitterness have no still really have the felling to grow to think of, already no one goes toward for a long time my body up fly this kind of weapon!
His lookinging at a facial expression don't become to still smile idea Ying Ying of I voice iciness' saying:"Do you think that I will can not tell that you are also a ninja?If you dare the business of doing the harm new Zhuan set, I can't pass you."
"See eavesdroped me to yesterday and the Zhai rattan talk of the person is indeed as expected you, fierce, unexpectedly can hide breathing so good, my still thinking is too I sensitive?You have never directly told near my affair of bureau chief Teng because do you also believe this existence soul in the world?"
I take no cognizance words lazy ocean ocean's saying that he threatens, the mountain Qi still uses even slowly and almost have no the voice of emotion motion to say:"Soul what of didn't relate to with me, there is no evidence proof currently, you aren't a Zuo rattan love, so I can't expose you, but I will stare at you, can't make you do the business of harm new Zhuan set."
"That very regret, I will do the business of harm new Zhuan set right away, don't try to obstruct me?"
While speaking I already a body Shu arrive at mountain Qi in a sudden 烝 of after death, the double arm takes his shoulder ambiguity to blow spirit in his ear, clear feeling his body is one Jiang, then his bitterness have no don't hestitate of go toward I body top sting, easily impede his attack, I a Zhang clap on him, mountain Qi 烝 right away beyond controlly pour on the ground.
Although he falls on the ground but doesn't lose consciousness, want from the ground on jumping but rising, the body completely don't listen to make, looking at him shocked vision, I still smile happily of say:"You definitely and very oddness?Why to want to stand up shoulder but be moving?Although you don't understand still a little bit to you explain in detail for a while like.I is check carat transformation to become an electronics, then do an electricity boundary, again put it into all of the your nervous system, brain and body communication to be delivered by electronics signal, disrupt speed per hour all of 360 kilometers of electronics signals, you become now this appearance?You slowly have fun by yourself and see when can the free movable body run to obstruct my terrible activity?Ha ha ha ha!I will go to a disaster new Zhuan set now, you wait to listen to their to bellow a voice!"
I send out queen three laughters of types very exaggeratedly, then will at this time can not from even could not say it words such as the control body of the mountain Qi 烝 dragged along a flank of grass cluster inside, smile happily after peeping out an absolutely gloomy smiling face to him of run will soon start a long-distance run game to there of new Zhuan set member of team there prepare to organize them to carry on a game.
As for mountain Qi 烝 , who make him pare to fall one of my show to deliver?Don't you know that the female kid's hair is very precious?The person, who don't so not know to tenderness toward woman, can't sympathize with him and want to crack my Shu and hum and slowly experiment!This recruit but at the beginning key link teacher Shou deal with Dou of recruit Shu, although the Dou only and in a short while controled the regulation of control body, that because the somebody else is a genius, and that still under the sistuation that teacher Shou of key link gets hurt rush the not complete move for using, truely complete version of which can so easily crack, or make him continue in the grass cluster foolish wait to in a short while listen to the voice of bellowing of new Zhuan set member of team!
Everyone has already welled take a rest to prepare to take part in to round I to living temple a turn of game while arriving at the general assembly chairman's set, don't know is be not the temptation of step luxurious lunch box to elder sister, almost all new Zhuans constitutes members to all take part in this game, even in normal times inside the absolute being absolute being Dao Dao have no the Zhai rattan of gusto very much an all be like a mold to properly stand together with everyone at rise run on-line, really tumble my glasses, the view sweeps a turn of, indeed as expected didn't see the figure of total department in the troops, he didn't come had better, in case of in a short while because I induct tuberculosis to throw up blood to fall on the ground that my fault in advance big!
"Everyone encourages stem!"
I am observing public, stand I nearby of step the elder sister start smiling to sing of is everyone drum strength, if she knows that her own younger brother is lying prone at this time in most distressed stand in the grass cluster can not stand up, doing not know can't also smile so sweetly, want step elder sister in normal times inside to my care I can not help some penitence so treating mountain Qi 烝 and compete be over the empress still kept untieding that Shu in the past.
BE thinking like this in the heart, big statures the original farmland is left of help have been very confident rightness of step the elder sister call a way:"Specially made lunch box I wanted!"
He nearby ventriloquist 3 people the rattan hall of the team inside Be even to help to immediately say:"'I wanted'this sentence after waiting your victory again say!"
"Do I run you to make track for up,cheap beats by dre?"
Hear an original farmland say interrogative sentence with the certain tone, the rattan hall is even to help to imitate a Buddha is stimulated similar yell a way:"Did not be kidding, left of help-" makes reference to this, he slows down tone self-confidence full fullly say:"Make reference to the step elder sister's specially made lunch box, I the status today necessarily throw you to all leave!"
See a rattan hall the hands clench fist to imitate a Buddha to take the shape of Olympic Games gold medal, my lips Cape not from must be some to have muscular spasms, just a lunch box just, as for so exaggerated?
Cang new eight Hey Heyses always sneer at at this time two, immediately disdain to very much of say:"Be really of, only want to eat the step elder sister's lunch box so try very hard to, I can intend to leisurely and carefreely run for a while.Everyone also thinks so of?
He says to have the person that instigate sex inquiry surroundings very much and lets my lips Cape again cannot help but having muscular spasms, in a short while run for him make great effort most , also not bashful ask.
Have to say, new eight demagogy has effect very much, he the nearby a certain new Zhuan set the member of team touch back of the head indetermination of say:"Always Mr. Cang if the words so said ……H'm!"
Equally take part in a game at this time of vice- long mountain south the Sir also say with smile:"Is also!Today how say to also just let everyone Xie Xie remaining of the spirit interest program, have no the necessity so force himself/herself!"
"Say really good to listenly, there being an ability in a short while doesn't cheat!Here you most force!"I am in mind unbearable stomach Fei.
"Although really so ……"
"All of the unconscious gusto had no ……"
Listen to the nearby member of team discuss in succession of voice, I know the stratagem of the south of mountain succeeds, however calculate, don't expose him, somehow he also uses the ages that the abacus founded a drought skates and speak of next year young once chased abacus as well when I haven't seen the new Zhuan set strange news recording when the ice skates bound in the foot, result ……the things of the past coulded not bear to recall!
I feel deeply about and see near bureau chief Teng to come forward an one step to want to declare a game beginning, I right away smile very cunningly to say in advance:"See the aggressive that everyone seem to be all to have no game, don't like like this, compete for the sake of this I meant everyone to prepare a kind of unprecedented new sport beverage especially, in addition to the firsts all have drink, everyone wants to encourage to run!"
"That ……do your glasses when put on?"
The original farmland that has a lingering fear to my smiling face is left of helping and cannot helping but asking way, I smile but don't answer and give on the spectacle frame of reflection of bridge immediately be engaged in to ready to first of take out the liquid of one big bottle of green to say in box:"This calls Gan juice, full name 51 send out luxurious special version Gan juice, H'm, the name has no meaning and take no cognizance it like, this is most important is I exclusively is this sport beverage that game but preparation, everyone wants to encourage to fight for running the first, you can't hope to taste its flavor!"
The last I say the threat flavor is hundred percent, see I peep out of than Zhai rattan a still want gloomy quite a few doubly of smiling face, the owners all involuntarily beat one cold Zhan, the going toward of subconscious side moves, fighting for can more keep to be apart from for a while with me.
The shape that sees public to frighten, I right away smile the spring scenes is brilliant, the sunlight matchlessly say:"See to everyone understand my meaning, I not useless talk, so now-all-prepare-beginning!"
The words sound just fell, all participants right away strove to run forward to, momentary"do not Related articles:

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