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 The Kang is luxuriant to just order a way:"The wife son doesn't protect and encounters a person's poison hand, have already been an ethical relations miserably matter.But those along with end break out of come of the person of confident, how much in the last years and the end die into living, the different clan surname brothers of like brothers, also all for the sake of resist Chen You forgive of the war of pursuing troops in dint Jie but dead, the end will stand foot of love hoof the distance is quick, put together to die blunt pass, again their several people gives up to living Wei to protect, extreme danger, just returned to the debt of commander-in-chief bottom."
Zhu Yuan Zhang's point nods to say:"Is luxuriant several good brotherses that die in battle battlefield of general just, originally handsome immediately send a person the form praise prize, boon and family, luxuriant just the general need not give a lot of care for this and temporarily relax to convalesce in the soldier and treat to become sick more, forgive at this handsome hand blade Chen You and report such kind of blood feud."
Being other will get to smell Zhu Yuan Zhang and Kang is just luxuriant of the speech is also to fill with righteous indignation, very anxious to cruel hand hot Chen You forgive ground corpse 10000.
Zhu Yuan Zhang wants to make atmosphere for sharing a bitter hatred of the enemy in the soldier and privately suggest the person of confident to is luxuriant the Kang just of the matter is in soldier and widely a dispersal, hence didn't lead for two days, in the soldier have already been that the Fei Fei for spreading is satisfied.
Come to explore to see a Chu military adviser in normal times of will get to also tell Chu this affair to flow smoke, Chu flows after smoke listen to, Yu Yu in heart.Think of soup again with of village person's country's bordering on be miserably almost exhausted forgiven by Chen You massacre matter, feel keenly Chen You to forgive brutal love to kill, have already become sex.
More and it hears Zhu Yuan Zhang to find job for Kang luxuriant just in man Yao in soldier for support of plan have already failed, realize to want to greatly hurt huge Chen You of influence to forgive, only lead it into Long Wan, with ambush shot it, then can gram the enemy overcome.Thought of here, Chu flows smoke unavoidably again think of the mother leave of the matter told by personal letter, the Kang is luxuriant just have already been forgiven by Chen You to find an identity, so not is said to at present have turmoil.Chen You forgives this autocrat enemy of the people to all probably clean up world, this can how is good.
Like this want to come, Chu flowed to suddenly move in the heart of smoke on his/her own initiative volunteer to army, lead Chen You to forgive the mind of getting into Long Wan.
Hence Chu flowed smoke to come right away the handsome debt is in the soldier, Zhu Yuan Zhang then at and Liu Bo Wen, Li Shan,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, long and the matter of Xu Da Yi, listen to a person the fabulous Chu military adviser come to and see and hurriedly take Liu Bo Wen, Li Shan long awaited arrival with Xu Da.
"Commander-in-chief, Chen You forgives brutal love to kill, if make him get world, the common people settle however will suffer hardship in the future.Flow smoke one cant not bear to the eye see people live in wretched conditions, twos want to the world ten thousand people to beg Anne to living, this time king who wish to go to a man, say that Chen You forgives via Long Wan, the commander-in-chief can need Lao by Yi at that time and with one action ambuscade Chinese soldier."After once seeing a gift, Chu flows smoke then and slowly of openings from way purpose.
Once Zhu Yuan Zhang listen to, not from concussion thousand times, leaving no chance to explain of flow Chu the smoke let into handsome debt, respectfullly polite respectfully invite Chu to flow smoke of seat of honor.Treat Chu flow after smoke sit quietly, toward Chu to flow smoke to deeply embrace a boxing to say:"Flow younger sister Yan's son, you are on your own initiative volunteer to army today, would like to the Qing make an effort and help my battalion one military merit become, Zhu Yuan Zhang does obeisance for flowing younger sister Yan's son a for the armed forces."
Say, Zhu Yuan Zhang stretches hand of toward Chu to flow smoke a do obeisance throughout.
Chu flows smoke to hurriedly stand up a way:"Commander-in-chief, Chen You's forgiving is original mean merciless, at present is also brutal abnormality, if let he a dynasty achievement become, certanly will persecute world.Chu flows smoke Shi don't wish to see such kind of condition, non- is one person for the sake of the commander-in-chief, also not for the sake of the armed forces."
Zhu Yuan Zhang hurriedly endorses a way:"Younger sister son novella BE, flow younger sister Yan's sub- this undertaking, really is for world of ten thousand people the mankind bring benefit to, dawn common people if know this matter, feel thankful in the heart the special kindness of flowing younger sister Yan's son, settle however will construct to living an ancestral temple for miss, the generation receives to sacrifice."
Chu flows smoke hurriedly way:"This doesn't flow as well smoke hope, gossip however is a heart to save kind thoughts, never thought that Chen You forgives with a year of Ke but persecutes ten thousand people just."
Xu Da aside Zheng just return to absolute being to think for a long time, toward Chu to flow smoke low voice to ask a way:"Flow younger sister Yan's son, you really want Yao, man sun city has already been a cage, you really want a Gu body to make insurance, get into cage and forgive with Chen You of that wolf sub- greed to go back and forth."
Chu flows smoke to become overdo and towards Xu Da to say:"Many thanks Xu eldest brother bear in mind, this go to although is dangerous thousand times, but the gossip think to oneself to still have way to cope with and please Xu the eldest brother be not worried for me, sit idly a debt in, wait for the good tidings of flowing the smoke."

Compete for hegemony the world chapter 77:This goes to man sun, should be that the beautiful day lovely view is nominal
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Once Xu Da's facial expression change, sad say:"With the ability tactful that flows younger sister Yan's son, if in normal times inside, I believe to flow smoke miss to settle however can be safe and sound as well, but at present unlike common, the power of today, have already become water fire, besides Chen You forgives just find the Kang is luxuriant just of the Zha declines of plan, flow younger sister Yan's son to left for at this time, unavoidably don't is suspicious of for Chen You forgiving.Even if flow how smoke miss is of careful, but Chen You forgive to rather ignore the language of expression of flowing younger sister Yan's son, wants to sink to flow younger sister Yan's son in man's sun city and flow younger sister Yan's son not become just cage, and then leave for a Yuan pond."
"Slowly the eldest brother is pity I of the heart Be overflowed to talk form and flow smoke is also a Ming five inside.But this time Chu flow the reason that the smoke has had to go, Chu flows smoke intention already definitely, also please slowly eldest brother need not obstruct."Chu flows smoke to read and the mother matter told on personal letter, again not wait this frightened matter body and 11s of Xu Da Deng person are clear, have to thus saying of unclear its Ci.
Xu Da Ting's Chu flows smoke and insists on and goes, don't feel heart in on moving, read and Chen You forgive and flow the letter paper of the smoke for Chu.Don't feel a feeling of jealousy hurtle ascend top of head bone, the blunt says:"A period of 10 days before the month Yi man sun, must kiss Fang Ze, pleased and lifetime, the month didn't be an and not expected more old cent Jin.Since departure Ju light if drive, fish wild goose fresh, see a thing to think a person, want to hope a breeze instrument, copies lonely, it is to practice moral teachings ancient temple to keep, fight now forthcoming, the gain and loss Ying keep in mind and think Qing over very.It is troublesome to leave for Pu to celebrate one Wu to think by quenching thirst.Because the breeze sends an idea, don't exert keep in mind.Flow younger sister Yan's son to might it not be forgive to Chen You to indeed as expected have an improper mind."
Slowly reach of this talks a , Zhu Yuan Zhang and Chu in the debt flows smoke complexion immediately a change.
Chu flows smoke harsh voice drink to ask a way:"Slowly eldest brother, you just read of it language of expression, from where got."
Xu Da is acerb to say:"The sky is virtuous from where get, flowing younger sister Yan's son needs not is thin to ask, I want to know an affair and flow younger sister Yan son heart in whether forgive to have to improperly read to think to Chen You."
Chu flows smoke to smell speech, angry way:"Slowly eldest brother, flow smoke vegetable to be esteemed highly to you, didn't thought of you incredibly such will I such eyes it, I have already once said, Chen You forgives brutal love to kill, will never be a good person.Flow smoke even if again blind eye, also can't to the devil like this show interest of.This pleases Xu eldest brother trust, I just talked and have to go of reason, really is not ability male it in many, if have an opportunity in the days to come, met suitable chance and opportunity, definitely again explain this affair well with Chu's eldest brother."
Hear the this time speech that Chu flows smoke, Xu Da also truly realizes that oneself is too reckless, with as for rudely beauty.Oneselfs are usually all steady humble, blunt falsely mild of, why incredibly will do thus today.Say to flow smoke to alone leave for for the sake of Chu man the sun city see Chen You forgive and extremely worry in the oneself heart, with as for enter back to lose according to, talk all somes don't choose speech, the language of expression is inappropriate.
Slowly reaching to one noodles is in mind and self-reproach, a face Chu to flow smoke to embrace a boxing to say:"Flow younger sister Yan's son, I recognize one for you wrong, I just talk is really some absurd, may flowing smoke miss so forgive to become birds of a feather with Chen You of that rascal.Please flow smoke expiation, my speech comes amiss and also worries to flow younger sister Yan's son this to go to a dangerous abnormality in the heart, the disaster blessing is difficult to anticipate, hence would the speech be partial to arouse, with as for infuriated to flow younger sister Yan's son."
"Is dangerous abnormality's pouring is quite good, the disaster blessing is difficult to anticipate uncertain, ha ha, last night I night view natural phenomena, sees a guest stars light glitter and shine in glory at man sun city up, almost once covered Chen You forgives of dog star in the sky.The heart knows a difference and choked to calculate very long and just calculated this guest star should of the person is Ms. Chu.But the starlight greatly do and shine in glory sun city at the man Related articles:

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