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Come over, the court in cloud deeply saw an eye cloud English receive a wasn't eastern cloud that wishes to leave very much to quickly walk in to face river's wine shop.Cloud dream has been leaped to jump to run into cloud English bosom, imitating the Buddha is a kid who hasn't grown up general sweet girlish voice frail way:"Elder brother's elder brother's wife, you how come so slowly, the small dream was last night."
"What about father and the elder brotherses?"Yun Ying discovers that the atmosphere here isn't very good, the smiling face on the face of everybody seems all some dissimilarities, but eastern cloud unexpectedly denied ever and jointly inviting himself/herself, is this exactly what happened?The best way is to turn round and then walk, but by so doing will let seven and way the boundary produce larger crack, after oneself abdicate Li Xin's development more difficulty.
Depend on cloud English, cautiously conjecture Xu Ying Di to her bracelet, cloud dream is some absent-minded of shake head a way:"Do not know, I originally intended to assemble with father's the elder brotherses then came together of, but just walked to half the big grandpa made a phone call to let I came over by myself, they had already arrived."
"Did you come to see them after?"The worry in uncertainty of cloud English is more and more heavy, the invitation clearly writes the name of cloud martial gentleman, and he is this managing of celebration dinner, but why hasn't been seeing him?The affair here really has some oddness.
"Have no."Cloud dream shakes head a way:"The big grandpa says that they walked to meet an opinion very odd affair till half of time, it was a demons and ghosts to doubt is doing mischief and then making a phone call to tell big grandpa to say that they may are late some to come over, it makes the big grandpa on behalf manage.But I made all of the telephones of father and a few elder brothers call to are to can not connect, probably is what deep mountain in.Hum, the so divertive affair doesn't call as well I, turn head to do accounts with them again."
"Really is so?"Cloud English is mumbling to oneself, turned head to see a many pupils, Li Xin, dollar way the strange etc. person also all peeped out strange air, and nearby of two madam's faces ascending is not an one either equanimity.
"Cloud lord in the door comes here and celebrate achievement carouse affirmation will cause a sensation more, come, let someone dragon lead the way for cloud lord in the door."Dragon mutually the wood come out accolade in person and after death still follow a few pupils of other groups and all hang a small card of a before the chest and see appearance, they prepare very ample.
"Li Xin, you take out for a time to charmingly feminine make a telephone call, ask the circumstance of home feedback quickly to me."In a soft voice give repeated advice to Li Xin, cloud English cachinnation wore to face up loudly way:"How can put~to the troubl Dragon gate lord the your good self is really the fault of cloud English."Li Xin et al then is quick of drive dragon mutually back wood's desk clerk surrounded, very passionate of go toward in take.
Dragon mutually Lin Wei Wei a say with smile:"Can lead the way for cloud lord in the door is someone dragon's honor, in fact and in fact someone dragon is to have a matter to mutually beg, don't know, don't know whether cloud lord in the door can" says some isn't very good intensions to think of looking at cloud English.
The latter is a bit tiny strange, but still keep soon smiling a match way:"Dragon gate lord what is up is cloud English can help of may well with speak, if isn't a very difficult affair, cloud English Anne dares to have to decline."
Dragon mutually exultation wood, quickly and repeatedly nod a way:"This affair to cloud lord in the door however is little effort just, someone dragon wants to ask main relief Long Han's prop in the door of cloud orders the restriction order to our service ghost door, can make us possess purchasing of all propses power.Someone dragon knows oneself before a place of having much I am sorry cloud lord in the door, didn't dare to wildly beg the many special policy of cloud lord in the door, the method machine that made cloud lord in the door can let a next pupil at will purchase a Long Han prop store was all right.Cloud lord in the door doesn't know that be because the lord is this words, the service ghost door lost more than 100 first floor pupils."Say to can not help repeatedly the wry smile shakes head.
Cloud English is tiny tiny a surprised, have never thought own words to unexpectedly have so to kill to harm dint, with the friendly intercourse of way pupil idea, particularly being this kind of can not fight of bargain cloud English still compare to like better of, nod a way:"Dragon gate lord may well with trust, this affair wraps on cloud someone, there is absolutely no problem."
The corner being dark inside, Chen Song quick of the handle knob organization drop, concentrated the energy felt for a while make sure surroundings really have no talented person square consumedly square of walked out, saw cloud English and dragon mutually a wood, cachinnation write quickly walk pass by.

Chapter 5 celebrates achievement carouse(2)

Vanquish many foot wise powerful rulers on nine Hua Mountains, fight a silver stick devil king, and then put~to death to kill poison tail wise powerful ruler, start out for so many more than 5,000 years, the power real strenght arrogantly works properly a monster and pleases to a magic fairyland superior to help, the prestige of cloud English already is greatly dissimilarity, there is a "dishonest trader" of success becoming a very few door way superior, world the first position more firmness.And then spread aquatic animals water Man in East China Sea to work properly cloud mountain again, cloud English heated dispute princess Long Zu, and then force it to draw back troops, more someone predicts that woman of great beauty of princess Long Zu soon will become the daughter-in-law of cloud house, various gossips make cloud English helpless.
Celebrate a way of achievement carouse the door middleman form a continuous stream, two believe in five 18 superiors to mostly remit to gather here, Xu Jun Yi wears a woebegone expression of sit to slowly flap Yu at the son whom the part is nearby a full face to don't understand."Amitabha, lord in the door arrived, the dollar accolade arrived late to still hope a lord to forgive offense."Dollar big monk slowly from in walked out, on the face the appearance of cloudy or sunny not certain.
"The dollar seems to be a bit not satisfactory."The wood You orchid light tone is light to say 1 in cloud English ear.
Cloud English inwardly wry smile,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, although stay calm and collected but in the mind dark way:What dollar is a bit not satisfactory, the big part of the person here are all a bit different, eastern cloud flatly denies to ask oneself to come here, a person of Xu Jun Yi sits smelly over there a face who all ignore.Dollar the big monk seem full face of helpless and painful, but own father and elder brothers but still a didn't arrive.
The world first is seven of the position seem at very short have already outstripped world the first trend already in half year, several ten each parties of pupils round to come up in succession and fight to be the first of"look forward Yang" world the first elegant appearance of door lord.More people but be dumped by the beautiful of the wood You orchid and Xu Ying, time quickly passage, dollar the big monk haven't come yet and speak a few words to be pleased by Chen Fei of"a heart dream Buddhist doctrine" to walk with cloud English.
"Long time no see, cloud lord in the door."One's making people listenning to some isn't a very comfortable voice to ring out in the ear, cloud English feels 1 if have if the evil spirit had no very slightly and almost can not realize, if isn't a Xuan to point oneself in mountain to fix to only afraid can hardly realize for promoting further.
", Is a sky, Long Zong Yun's breadth protects a method, really was a long time no see, bent fingers in counting to have several years."Cloud English turns round to cautiously conjecture cloud breadth, the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, really take to have light evil spirit on cloud breadth body, appear to order light erythema on the face, not and cautiously observe a root not easy discover, but these erythemas let cloud English some not satisfactory fellings.
"See these door pupils, cloud breadth really doesn't already envy, ha ha, in former days of skies Long Zong Xuan's swords protect a method to solemnly become world the first door lord today, the first day, a long distance even has already outstripped world the first trend."The smiling face of cloud breadth is a bit gloomy, if the list talks about real strenght seven don't believe in in the dragon in sky really already under, and the fame of cloud English individual also absolute at father cloud Wu Jun on, being a sky of unique want for, dragon believes in the end of thousand years Yun, that kind of let the habit that people swear allegiance.
"Cloud protects a method to play trick, seven don't belong to a door, this time come however is some affairs to need the help of this opportunity to declare for a while just, have no what celebrate the meaning of achievement.Vanquishing 12 very small devil kings to have no is worth happy."Cloud English of very mild in speaking, but arrived inside in the other people's ear but completely isn't one thing so.Court, Chen Song and dragon in cloud mutually Lin Deng Ren fight in nine Hua Mountain in however is a setoff, main force's seeming is that the somebody else is seven, but proper oneself see this affair the time of being person's honors like he or she,etc, leading role it see make is unworthy a lift of small matter.
A burst of green a burst of white of cloud breadth face, turned round to leave, the path went straight toward the wine shop inside Related articles:

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