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Led a card."
The Xiao is lightly hard on smiling, way:"That is the eldest brother you the day manage ten thousand machines, work too favour, I have annually come back of, however you have no time see my this younger brother just."These 2 people face a life graveness right away change, may have been the situation that becomes Wang Bai Kou since today very much.Not from talk to all start to stab each other.
Once these 3 people fall and originally shout of a few young men all interest voice, slowly stand up, don't dare three wagers is again.The Xiao enters everywhere on hoping, scold a way:"How to all get out and all sat down for me."
Is public mutual to hope, have some embarrassed, feel participation to these three one generations with young Xiaos house that have real strenght most in, not always piece what good matter.
The Xiao a life time hero lightly shakes head a to smile, dynasty I flick and signal hint me to sit down, way:" Dragon, you also come to play several pair ofs together."I saw the Xiao enter and Xiao hard one eye, Xiao into cloudily stare at me, start to be suffused with a kind of very cruelty air in the taste.Know at a glance, his still breaking his overall plan to me one matter is deeply concerned at heart.Although west city the old knife isn't his under charge,after all is what he arrange come to chop down us, drive I connect harm several people, not extremely great in the natural heart.
The Xiao is hard to pour friendly on smiling, ask a way to me:"Is young green O.K.?I am a few days ago old to make her telephone call, she closes machine."I order, way:"The cousin a few days ago went out to clap a drama and probably changed card, I also contacted not and up her, however should come back."Xiao hard face ascend a pleased, way:"That good, I tomorrow invite her again."
The Xiao enters despise ground on smiling, cold way:" Hard, hear you recently very the Chi is fond of a drama son, careful this matter was known that the meeting isn't very great by the old headman."Is public is all ir on changing, this words' putting is clearly a warning Xiao hard, Anne young green is a completely Xiao woman, he is a son, had better not be stained with to ask for.Xiao hard nature compare who all understand however.On the cultured and quiet face also not from tiny tiny on changing, malicious stared Xiao to enter one eye.
The Xiao enters a dynasty after death of the under charge signaled hint for a while, way:"Protect too much, since hero all person, you also come to have fun together."The person whom this nickname protects too much is his dint stem will, see he deliver words, the dynasty is a little bit public to nod, slowly fall.The Xiao enters vision such as give or get an electric shock, every where on sweeping, way:"Still have a person to play, the nobody delivers a card."The others see this kind of power, which dare to also participate in.
Xiao into dismantle one vice- new card, push the card to the Xiao hard, way:"You come to deliver a card and throw away all of the kings, three pieces a person, I speak that the rule lets you listens to."Said to in brief introduce rule to the hard Xiao.The Xiao is hard to is an intelligent person, nature a listen to clear.
The Xiao a life time hero suddenly smiled to smile, way:"We several brotherses seldom and together play once, 10 dollars isn't a little bit little."The Xiao enters tiny sneer at, way:"It is having this idea.That up didn't seal best for the bottom of 100 dollars."The Xiao a life time hero's way:"Is all right, anyway is also wish a life for the master son, win a colourful head to be wine water money good."Say to hope hard toward the Xiao, say with smile:"Have an opinion?"The Xiao is hard to smile, way:"Doesn't matter, anyway I also still not too understand and accompany everyone to play.However I don't have so many cashes."
The Xiao enters a way:"This is all right, everyone's brothers, who can't owe whose, either.The down stairs contains bank."The Xiao is a little bit hard to nod, once called own under charge, withdraw money to the underneath.
Lightly sigh in my heart, 100 bottoms, ascend not the crest wasn't a small wager to relax so in brief.The cash of more than 2,000 pieces of oneself body, only afraid see a card have to throw, only afraid otherwise even heel all heel not several pair of.
Xiao's entering nature is to don't see a card, with tooked out a to fold money to throw a table, way:"500!"The Xiao a life time hero tooked a look a card, was also tiny tiny on smiling, followed to throw card.Xiao hard way:" Hero, the first throw a card, this isn't your style."The Xiao a life time hero sneers at a way:"Card not good, don't strut about!"Know on listenning to there is sting in the words.
I lightly picked up once the card see, not from lightly wrinkly next eyebrows, miscellaneous spend 6, 7, 9.Shook to shake head, I card a throw.Protect to took a look a card too much, the noodles has no facial expression ground to smile and threw 1,000 last.The Xiao is hard to took a look a card, way:"I can heart heel?"Xiao into say with smile:"With you, however the heel also wants with 1,000."The Xiao is hard a , way:"Want with so many!That calculated, not heel."
The Xiao enters sneer, way:"Have not I seen a card, how back so many houses, hard you have to have confidence completely can with of."Xiao hard way:"But my card isn't big."Hesitated for a while, still way:"That calculated, with you heel you, gather together.Up say to take out money to clip, counted 10 to throw a table.
Protect to see a Xiao hard heel too much, want to think, and then threw 1,000 last.The Xiao enters tiny tiny on smiling, picked up card to took a look, shook to shake head, toward protecting a way too much:"Your boy, the first make me see a card is not?"Then hate a way:"Seldom take so on paying a good card, incredibly the first see a card."Say a dynasty table, the top flings out one money of folding again, way:"Heel, greatly you 1,000!"
This guy obviously is early save heart to come, incredibly took so many cashes.
Protected to shake to shake head too much, said with smile:"Enter little you this is difficult for me ah, calculate calculate, I a rightness of K also let."Xiao into smile language not, protect too much and he is a , this small money is originally equal to he of, he didn't also see in the eye.The Xiao is hard a , way:" Only we two ah, that I is not is open you."Xiao into order, way:"With you."The Xiao is hard to turn round to hope to watch from a distance after death, way:"My under charge hasn't taken money and calculated, that opens."
The Xiao enters a way:"Doesn't matter ah, owe first and then go, you would like to be able to rise to note of, don't open a card to directly throw can also."The Xiao is hard a , way:"This can also ah!"The Xiao enters a cold way:"Oneself brothers can also can not believe."Listens to tone and seem is that he Be steady to win.
The Xiao is hard to bite to grind teeth, way:"That good, I again under the persistence, anyway I also not too understand of, that heel.Arrive a my hand to take money, I see to output how much."Then suddenly sneer at, way:"I can add to note?"The Xiao is a little bit hard to nod, way:"It is all right."Xiao hard way:"That good, I much heel you 10,000!"
The Xiao changes into the tiny facial expression, this, he dares to can not tell the Xiao is hard is really don't understand to still pack.Not from cautiously took a look the card in the hand again.Pondered for a while, square way:"Like, the first, don't play so greatly, I come to open you!"Say to begin a to throw, bright the card in the hand, way:"A rightness of Q!"The Xiao is hard a ,cheap beats by dr dre, bright card way:"I am also a rightness of Q!Is a draw?"
I and Xiao a life time hero are all a burst of and funny, originally 2 people in addition to a rightness of Q, all incredibly is list piece 4, but same card the bottom open a card to lose, Xiao enter incredibly the first ate so dummy Kui.
The first be over, play the Xiao of gold flower for the first time hard light loose win.
Several pair ofs of the rest, I am to see the card throw, biggest is a rightness of at a time small 3, basically have never entitled to talk.The Rao is such, not much my purse also empty.Their 4 people then presents the trend that the part pours.The Xiao that plays a card for the first time is hard to absolutely is absolute being, chase an all big the other party is such a.The Xiao a life time hero pours a nothing important, the Xiao enters and protects too much all is one face Yin color, the beard knows just so a short while effort, they lost about 200,000.The Xiao enters or doesn't matter, protect too much have already canned not hold up.
"Execuse me, elder brother Jie, my money is getting notter enough."Protect a way too much.
Xiao into is losing blush with shame, 20th, ten thousand to him combine not much, but each time is order so a margin.He is that the other party Xiao is hard to is big rightness of, he is that the agreeable Xiao is hard to is greatly agreeable, he is that a gold flower Xiao is hard to is the A word gold flower.Let him to lose matchless and depressedly.Particularly is the day that contends for power with hard generally accepted his Xiao today, haven't opened hostilities first and then lost so, where will be comfortable.BE not scolded a way by Nu:"You***, have no money roll a part to go, don't block my geomancy.If not that the first makes you throwing the K an also, will Lao Tze be not so agreeable?"
Is public all is to secretly shake to shake head, it is his person, and is also him to protect too much Related articles:

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