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Dress up as into my far cousin Fang, walk together with me.I can not predict Cao to hold to know her identity, will do what affair, so will never dare to expose her identity.Still joss-stick's pouring don't oppose, on the contrary to ability country villa but happy, these two months, suppress her miserably.Soon after, I know and conceal a still fragrant identity,Beats Detox, is the most stupid decision that I do.But, a blessing in disguise, how know disaster blessing?
The Cao held to see I am very happy, pull I run to inside in own tent, openings Kua farm land:"Very good person, military administration all very specialty, have him everything for dealing with a this place, I can also trust.Originally want to comply with the surrounding to take down the Liao east, it has become cold, the battalion battles too hard, male there will also be a person and send person to congratulate, I also withdrew troops."
I smile:"Congratulate a lord male again must greatly just, even want to congratulate a lord on publicly start to beg steady development."
The Cao held to smile:"You ah!This how many months good?The stable idea of river summer is quite good, as long as river's east and Jing state always so you contend for my Dou of, we can have an opportunity."
I nod a way BE:"I am to think like this.In fact, the body bone of this person of Liu Qi is weak, the personality is also weak, can't result in threat to us.Is contrary, once we successful Xiang sun, he doesn't fight but decline still simple.Because he absolutely can't decline river east."
The Cao holds to sigh:"Is alas, my using son cloud one person can get half Jing state, even is the whole Jing state.World various Hou, who have the luck to hold."
I am happy:"I really have so badly good.Lord Mr. doesn't also sigh, your people of rich reward country villa, be in the rich reward I, I should also appreciate a lord Mr. be."
The Cao holds ha ha smile:"Ma Pi's effort more and more Jing.Is quite good, I am to have this meaning.Hey, does the farm land also appreciate me for this!At his suggest and plan and prepare under, the Liao west basically quelled, surroundings of national minority and the people out of the pass also in the setting and the migration, I can trust to go down south."
I am light a smile:"Is main male the resort to arms be so frequently, otherwise to don't easily make the soldier produce mental weariness from overwork.Appropriately make them go home with close relatives have a reunion for a while, relax, even be advantageous to you to launch troops next time.Still have, you said to advertise for Liao the west reorganize after returning to troops, forget?"
The Cao holds Hey Hey a smile:"Have no.I come out this time and leave a dollar to keep, Liu Ye, Dong Zhao, also chase Zhong virtuous also the Zhao went to and had already made them begin to prepare."
I repeatedly nod:"I just remind a lord Mr. is just.I come back this time, return a good gift that brings lord Mr. and promise that you like."
"?BE what?"
I smile to open package:"Is this, country geography diagram.I let all of the mountain and stream, gutters, officer's way, and You path...etc. of county county that the waiter once walks these years describe down with writing or sketch, then seek to draw a superior to draw into volume, and drew Jing, Yang, hope, You, cool, Yu, Yong etc. is seven detailed geography diagrams.River east the water is too complicated, the diagram hasn't come out and hands over a state, man to win, the benefit state etc. grounds to still need to be understood further, didn't also come out.Here I took Juan volume, in detail big diagram, I make them send Ye city, lord Mr. return to and then can see."
The Cao holds no time for waiting ground to turn over to looking at small volume, happy must repeatedly call like:"Too like, son cloud, too good.These things are a lot too big to our resort to arms function."
I am tiny tiny a smile:"Not is launched troops.On the diagram volume of complete set, will note the special product of these places, the variety of weather, the number of state county, famous person, influence etc. in the place, to lord male hereafter manage world big useful."
The Cao holds to let go of small volume and looking at me to sigh:"Son cloud, old sky of treat me what it is lucky."
I very naughtily a smile:"That BE, I am old sky of to send to the person of your life in the sky."
Cao's holding is induced a smile by me and come over to very heavily embrace me for a while:"To, you are the person of life in the sky who holds.How is blunt son?"
"Cannot helped but!Ha ha, the lord is male trust, the childe is very good, studied much knowledge in the Xiang sun, I returned to seek a few good teachers for him.The childe is very intelligent, the teacher teaches of he can draw inference from one example and also became friends with a lot of friends.These children all really have the backing in the Jing states, will manage Jing state to bring many advantages for us.He will become your heart the middle hopes of good kid."
The Cao holds a mumbling way:"That good, very good!Son cloud, I am very happy, really happy."

Chapter 193 born natural rivals(up)

Unification north ground article-chapter 193 born natural rivals
I held to discuss along while and waited to return to battalion commander with Cao, is already a Zhang light pretty much.Out of the blue, huge all station at my tent doorway to in stretch neck, see I am funny:"Seven elder brothers, dry?Congratulate you, and then there is military merit."The Cao holds to send army this time, big way attraction, the idea of small way surprise attack is that he suggests, not farm land.
Is huge to see generally I come over, once the Hey Hey smile and pointed tent:"You where made to personal woman escort?A words don't say and then open a dozen."
I understand his to grasp sex and smile a way:"What a suck, always mouth up beg for again cheapness."
Is huge to cry out for justice generally:"I which have ah, Kua a she is beautiful, these are the good words!"
I shake head a to smile, will return into, but drive huge unified pull:"Is that you brought back to come from the south of little daughter-in-law?"
I beat him for a while:"What is blah.It is my a younger sister of far building, come to have fun here."
"Your younger sister?Call what name?"
I smile:"It is still fragrant.Her temper is a little bit hasty, the personality is irascible, you don't ask for her, and I dare not provoke to ange."
Enter to enter account inside, inside of the person still annoy of stand with arms akimbo, have so exaggeration?I with eyes inquire flank of Qin Yong.Qin Yong smiles to attach my ear way:"The color disease of seven Yes made and saw miss up and down don't stop to conjecture and also made fun of ground to say son cloud where seeks to beauty.Once the miss see him get angry so, grasped horsewhip son to take out in the past, have already beaten the outside to seven Yes to go."
I rushed toward Chi to smile, also silently track:"It is what a suck."However this person's eyes hairiness disease, does the still fragrant Zi permit to also calculate beauty?
Still joss-stick by this time way:" Such as, just who is that little fellow ?Incredibly dare to see me so.Hum, if at ……, see me don't dig his eyes."
I haven't talked, outside someone connected a mouth:"Hey, so severe."The side says huge govern and come in:"I bent on having see, how wear, you have skill to dig!"
Still aroma once grasped sword to want to come forward and frightenned I quickly pull:"Is still fragrant, do not, he is my seven elder brothers, he loves to open a fun, the Dou quarrels, don't get angry, not worthwhile."
Is huge all and then smile:"A husband's younger sister's natal home of, again so beautiful, on every occasion take knife to touch sword, have no the female kid's appearance, adult in your house doesn't teach you well as well."
I urgently must keep stamping foot, hurriedly drag out person and after death spread still fragrant Nu Chi:"He dares to come in again, I killed him."
These are 2 people the first time cross swords.Since that time, huge all have intention to not intentional the ground stir to the Liao still fragrant, still joss-stick also the not resigned to playing second fiddle is the least bit very good to scold, this kind of situation had been continuing till Ye city, the slightest didn't change.
Return to Ye city, my nature isn't carefree, arranged to like still fragrant, I am the whole businesses that are busy in dealing with a this place, whole day to outside run.Blare ……, not is that the affair is many, also not is that I am never unoccupied, but this absolutely doesn't dare back.Still the joss-stick make me take her to go out to seek Sun Yue all day long enough I had a headache, the dollar is also a whole day to seek me, what Cao the adult head be again getting more painful, what Cao that madam childe of the mansion the etc. got sick again.Put a joss-stick still here, I always can not hold to run there toward Cao every day?What to enrage people more BE, huge govern to go toward me to run here every day, his pouring is to have already lent and say what want to drink the good wine that I collect as treasure, drink this year's good tea, also say to listen to I speak Xiang sun there of person and matter.I also knows that he is here, is some to think of home, also manage Related articles:

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