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Silently returned to Buddha mountain again, those Portugueses all carefully settled, and because have the Yu big You under charge those helps escorts that will get, top in island in the mirror lake has already taken to have simple defences as well now.
Returned to county Ya to have no much for a long time, I made people have Ji boon still Brown and benefit Ma Dou all please arrive me of den in.
The Ji boon was seen to get there in that imperial envoy in the daytime what promise.Now face up have some happy expression, I took a look facial expression of face different three people, then just lightly say
"I went to trip island in the mirror lake today, the top was still fairly good, the building style of your Portuguese, I still like on the whole."
Suddenly hear I say this, there is some reactions in the Ji boon don't come over, on the face stiffly smiled for a while, ask a way:
"What do you say?Island in the mirror lake?"
I spread a hand and did innocent appearance.Say:
"The troops whom the imperial government parties comes over already take back island in the mirror lake come, however you stay at the persons on the island all a safety to have no a matter."
"What do you say?This how may!"The Ji boon is a bit hard to believe ground to say.
My light on smiling, just say later on:
"You probably don't know, we have a kind of medicine here.Be called sleeping drug, the person ate later meeting deep slumber past, I only let my own under charge mix an island top, wait those under charges of yours all go to bed, our troops just past of, speak of to me to still need to thank you, if isn't that you come to buy a food here, my under charge still really not sneak in."
On the Ji boon pure white face, spirit some deliver green, however he still strong make smiling face to say:
"That I should congratulate Hou Ye you!"
I not and urgently and not and slowly say:
"Deng Mu Pu, Mr. Si, appreciates your good intentions, island in the mirror lake is to belong to mine now, and I also control the business power of overseas, as long as you cooperated with me, Qian Zhi would compare to earn before more!"
The Ji boon is very quick of calmed down down, he sat on my facial expression continuously change the Huan write and seem is considering a problem.
I looking at Ji boon and Brown to say:
"I think that Mr. En of Ji should know that I have a kind of weapon with huge power, only I didn't want to hurt you because of these affairs my relation, I am still that sentence, do business, money is the most important."
The Ji boon tooks a look me, end but still kept angrily sitting down, then looking at me to said:
"You have what condition though say!"
I shake, then just say:
"You said so to is to also look down upon me too much, did business to speak of is your feeling my wish, if the unwilling words of Deng Mu Pu, Mr. Si, , I can seek those Hollanders to go in Hong Kong."
The Ji boon hears I say so and also peeped out meaning interested in air, he looking at me to say:
"Do not know the business that you say, exactly and what is the row."
I with assurance looking at Ji boon and say:
"My meaning is my to procure raw silk in the hinterland, then you pass by you again to turn to sell to the Wo the people, can soon earn many money like this and wait raw silk past after, purchase silk and china and tea-leaf again, but you then are responsible for purchase for me I need of thing, you see how."
The Ji boon looking at me, a bit cold say with a smile:
"Now all of my silks is the friend from you purchased there, you come to seek me again now,do not you feel very much obliged?"
I the slightest don't put in the mind to the words of Ji boon taunt, Hao mark although some boldness of vision.But start to do an affair come because his old dad is in the behind, and still have so big family possessions, some time unavoidably have too many fears of, there are a lot of time good opportunities turning namely dying in a sudden, pass by and then seek not to come back any further.
The affair of winter dress is a very typical example, originally how good business, the Hao house has already procured many cottons as well.But because the Hao marks an old dad of a words, the Hao mark gives up and makes me am helpless without friendly support, have some and lack the ability to do, oneself O.K. going of the Buddha mountain not only only solve the affair of island in the mirror lake, but also discover several talented persons with very quite good here now.
Ji boon deliberate for a while, finally just looking at me to say:
"I believe you once, but you attacked and occupied island in the mirror lake.My merchantman hereafter stop to depend to there, does my inferiority stop for rest to there?"
I am tiny tiny on smiling, looking at Ji boon to say:
"Island in the mirror lake is mine, let now who stop to depend is I said to calculate, up although will some government troopses leave, and hereafter unavoidably will also have officials often over there.However as long as you is my cooperation colleague, the front door of island in the mirror lake opens for you forever."
The complexion of Ji boon is a little bit a little bit good-looking, most at least and superficially BE, although drive I give° island in the mirror lake Duo, but top in island in the mirror lake originally had no worth money thing.Had there, they also just for the sake of they hereafter of invading and seeking one battlefield of following before, I the nature can not make them fulfill a wish.
The Brown openings asks a way this time:
"How to do that our two people?Say Hou Ye, you want to jail us always this county Ya at you in?"
The Ji boon also looking at me, some dissatisfiedly say:
"Hou Ye, this time imperial envoy but say.This legal case from you cheapness be engaged in, say that you really want to jail Brown still beneficial Ma Dou always descend go to?"
I stood and looking at three people to said:
"Certainly can't, the then it piece affair is that I said to calculate.My nature can not looking at my own friend to suffer hardship like this."
Benefit Ma the Dou and Brown be released so, but several individuals had some opinions to me, however this I ain't concerned, as long as I and of Ji boon is gainful to relate to, he even if is to hate to the bone to me, can't turn over a face with me, either.
Collected some craftsmans, then prepared many materials with the argosy again, we vastly and mightily drove but went to toward island in the mirror lake.There is still on board wine, this is absolutely a fatal temptation to those Portugueses.And Wu Tang's sleeping drug is to put at send to the red wine that the island goes up in, the result affair by surprise completed satisfactorily and originally still thought to also want to solve severals sets up patrol at least.
Island in the mirror lake up has already had some buildings of Portuguese styles now, all of these are those seamans and businessman to live place in normal times, worth and delighted BE, these Portuguese's buildings still calculate orderliness, I am watching and programing here in own heart the building in future.
Those instruments absolutely can not make the other people knowing in the cave of country villa, it was a probably best choice to put in top in island in the mirror lake.
There are still here many residents who come over from the ground flits such as Fukien Pu farmland, spring state and Guangdong tide Shan etc., these people all live in mama Niang Ge, they raised capital to build a temples here and was called sea to feel a temple.But those Portuguese be live in sea to feel a temple of not distance.
I stand aloft and looking at those residents' houses in the distance to scatteredly inset on the ground and occasionally still have 12 have chimney smoke of rise.
It is said that the Pu person's merchantman came to Ao at the earliest stage, waded a head to ascend shore in the mama Ge temple and inquired residents' place name.It is said that"Ma Jiao"'s is from here and since then, in really a sound of the language mama Niang of Fujian province turns but goes to.
Looking at an European building with tidy, I feel some warm feeling, but the at heart always have a kind of difficult to express unwell.The building of future generations has already almost abandonned several devolution of China thou construct civilization, turn but receive some building principles of west for the sake of classic, is all some on the street noodles European building, on the contrary is China of ancient building gradual decrease, there in no say to isn't a kind of woe of ages.
Top in island in the mirror lake early already someone live,beats by dre uk, the person who listen to nearby says the within sight summer also has many residents there.Looking at jade-green in a hurry of bush, I profoundly absorbed an one breath, is absolutely a heaven of accomplishment here, as long as build here thoroughly for a while, is extremely good absolutely a Related articles:

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