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Go to move, orderanied flowing water to lie ground to keep on spreading, 10,000 ride a soldier very quick be gathered.He tidied up soldier's A, then turned over a horse of body, on kicking spur, incite to sit to ride toward troops to rush to go, just walked several step, the Tuo crossed mountains a Shi wing key suddenly stopped bridle and once turned round to permit to hang to loudly say to the Mu:"The saint lord protects, we will use red-blooded build up our honors with the dream that the courage carries out us!"Then on waving hand, the one more kicks to sit to ride, quickly left here and went straight to attack troops.
The Mu permits to hang to listen to that still just a shouting of ear response, the in the mind mumblingly reads a way:"Carry out our dreams, build up our ground honor?"
Just in this time, he sees the Tuo of distance epilogue Shi wing the key stop bridle and settle sit to ride, and Gao the highland raise a yataghan and toward 10,000 mansion the soldier ride a soldier to roar loud a way:"The son Langs, the saint lord protects us!Attack!"Along with the clop of a burst of tediousness, 10,000 rode a soldier to once round medium, to Persia the soldier right wing dash forward but go to.But this time, north before the mansion already start approaching Persia the medium wing and left wing of the soldier, at war whoop with shout to kill a voice in, the blood blade war of a vehemence will soon start.

The text chapter 223 China and necessarily wins(three)
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Guard is being covered with heavy armor, follow a troops to slowly go forward.Fly around on numerous arrowses, still have among them the stone of stone cannon plays and bed Nu of the long iron arrows roar and shout but lead.Because of speed and physical volume, the stone plays oneself can send out to deep and lowly shout to break information, but the long iron arrows of bed Nu because specially made of arrows body three breeze bores, so can send out a sharp breeze whistle, shout Shao laceration vast sky, is the will that can falter a person most .
Receive to guard to also know, these two trifles are to could not beat in his/her own body, they all go straight to Persia the medium of soldier, there is a Persia soldier count the most intensive place, is also the place that they can produce result most .So can directly provide thermodynamic power for them cover of is an absolute being arm the iron arrows of the Nu and grow the wood pole of bow arrows.After death of absolute being arm crossbowman and long bow hand is also headway but side that follows an ex- shoot a side to march forward, but overaly scope but is remain at Persia the ex- of soldier.This end effect appears very clearly at receive to guard positive at present, opposite Persia before the soldier although still and just and stubbornly insist,have a liking for to a bit fragmented and disorganized.
Certainly, receive to guard is waiting a person to also accept Persia the baptism of soldier arrows rain.Syria what bow and arrow hand uses although the anti- song bow has no north mansion long the bow is violent,get into their is also very dangerous in artillery range.Numerous arrows rain fall on the body of assaulting the hand in succession, and these from get empty high the arrows Shi of downfall still very emollient way, receive to guard just battle armor of waiting the person to beat tinklingly to ring, but the arrows in few someones falls flop.
Combine state university hall come out of receive to guard is knowing it in heart, this because the battle armor on the oneself body is Be with meticulous care designed and installed by country, soft hard give attention to both.Is outmost this lamination A, isn't only strong and tough, but also circle song shape of be beaten to whet very smoothly, general of the arrows Shi and point of a spear meet with very unpalatable top dint.Even if luck not was stabbed to break plank A, the inside still has the 1 F iron slice Liu Ye Zha's A, this AN in view of the fact iron slice Kobe beef skin together creation but become, can be said to be soft hard just right, isn't only tough and resilient, but also can resist certain impact.Most inside of serial AN is the end that protects a life a defense line.Serial AN is soft 1 F A, button up to°from the wire wreath a net,beats by dre uk, sewn in the cotton again, personal wear.The arrows Rui machine stings, such as Shi and point of a spear...etc. deeply front the 2 F protect A, was already a dint Jie, think to stab again deeply this soft A, receive to guard be only feeling in the short distance drive absolute being arm the Nu keep shooting to just have this possibility.
Though receive to guard is doing not worry, but belonging to of flank war ally but a little bit worry.They are worried that the ground is the helmet on the head can the crest live the arrows Shi that flies down from the sky, because they don't know that the bow and arrow hand of Persia soldier that have never once beaten to hand over a way before is enough not enough it's severe.However a few arrows Shi past, Persia although the arrows Shi of soldier keeps bumping shot helmet and bump all some some people sway.But have no person to therefore fall flop, hence also then trust.However receiving to guard is positive is to have peace of mind very much, he knows his own head up wear of although the helmet is difficult to see,fructify very much.In is a cast iron directly use hydraulic press blunt press out to ground circle Kui, the outside replied the 1 F iron slice Liu Ye Zha's AN again.And thick solid of Zha AN always pendency come, directly protected greater half head and have the neck that serial soft A protects, just fore eyes that carry face opened a son.And face the top still took one to open a small window and bared eyes subway A mask, really is a whole set armor, airtight Be getting noer air goes through.
Assault hand to slowly go forward in arrows rain.Like a group of iron men fore enter.Their heavy step, and in arrows rain of safe and sound, brought opposite Persia army commander rifleman tremendous pressure.Because they haven't seen still walk in thus intensive arrows rain the person of well organized.Compare the battle armor of assaulting the hand whole body, their hand inside of long-handled cut a yataghan and then almost be neglected.
Receive to guard positive often see oneself flank ground war ally, be used as a sergeant, he is the main heart bone of this Shao storm troops, he has to summon up courage for the war allies.Let they are in arrows rain in nowadays and keep on holding in the shortly after sea of blood main force.
Their steps are very heavy, after all body up cover with to take about 100 catties of of weight, start to walk road to have to must be careful.However their steps also have much of rhythm, basically heel phalanx troops flank situation soldier the drum shot tee off of the rhythm voice mutually fit together.The one step one-steply goes straight up.
Is very quick, the storm troops leaves Persia soldier however 50 meters, but flank of tiger gun camp already heel Persia the long rifleman of soldier hand over to start.Receive to guard to know, front of about 20 precinct chiefs, you aren't likely to promise that all troopses mount fire with opponent at the same time, and according to the dozen of the north mansion soldier method.Tiger gun camp these long rifleman to Persia soldier of military tactics of inhibit to push forward, with such as the wood's long gun Tu stab and plus to at every step approach, with push forward of the way oppose to carry on noodles ground stroke to inhibit by attaining and force the purpose of driving back enemy the person and finally break defense line or want to be assaulted a hand by us.
Stand at first the receiving of immobility guarded just simultaneously the in the mind thought, part the side was overdo to take aim an eye to start arousing the tiger gun of war of camp, his good friend attended to truly to be Shi over there long, this made him have to concern about.
Arrows rain that sees a tiger gun the camp emitting Persia a soldier, forward march Persia the ex- of soldier, there at the right moment is also long rifleman array, innumerable of long the pike stretched out from the Persia the soldier, wait don't open eyes of northern mansion non-commissioned officer blunt come up.North mansion army commander rifleman and Persia the army commander rifleman hold the posture of gun to have a liking for go to about, is all hands the cent hold and lean on bodily of left side.Just north mansion army commander the gun have a liking for to compare Persia the long gun of the soldier have to be a little shorter, and the long gun of two soldiers is also as different as chalk and cheese.Persia the long gun of soldier is slightly thick, arrive point of a spear to become thin, finally whole wood system gun body income made of ironly presents the point of a spear of big triangle inside.The long gun of the north mansion soldier has a liking for to a bit weird, opposite slightly thin gun body connect the point of a spear in green gray, at several slightly the Hun however the integral whole in the straight line of song.The point of a spear presents three Leng tapers, the awl point of the triangle the Shan wear cold light, three noodles awl body ascend each a
, This blood slot opens mouth a front greatly small behind, the close is finally in point of a spear and gun body knot
The long rifleman of the north mansion soldier and Persia the army commander rifleman leave very nearly for an instant over there and almost see the reflection on water of the eye Tong of opponent.The other party sharp point of a spear points at his/her own nose and almost and soon swayed to own face to come up.But this a moment was very quick and then passed by, the north mansion army commander rifleman slightly on letting up, haven't waited Persia soldier respond to come over, the military officer and the sergeants that hears a northern mansion tiger gun camp is a to suddenly and violently drink:"The Tu stabs!"The north mansion grows rifleman to face Persia soldier of such as Lin Chang Qiang exceed to a tee and forward three, immediately their hand inside of long gun suddenly become long, then hear the voice of the one"burst Chi", seem what sharp of the thing threw into muddy of lousy mire pond, these were deeply three Leng pointed of a spears stung Persia the chest of the army commander rifleman.Momentary the blood of the innumerable spends an inside to suddenly spout from the blood slot, up in the air noiselessly splash.
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