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The speed is 910 kilometers/ per hour, the cruising speed is 760 kilometers/ per hour, practical rise to limit 15000 meters, the distance is 12000-14000 kilometers.Canned once wear the sky of North Pole to carry on an air attack to the strategic facilities of American mainland.
The cylinder form fuselage been pretty much growing up up, the machine head is a bridge house and transparent bombing member cabin, can also the half cover up to mourn to hang a "kangaroo" large air-to-ground missile.The machine tail contains one radar control cannon tower inside packing 223 millimeters of machine cannon and remodel separately after fuselage above and the machine stomach is another to establish cannon of some towers.The type IJC-6 bombing of material takes aim at radar, the effective function scope is 150~200,000 meters.
For the diagram-95 develop of empty shoot cruise missile is a Kh-65.Its shape is similar to the B AGM-86 of the United States, the weight is 1,250,000 grams, can pack 250,000 grams of nuclear warheads or normal regulations warhead, the cruising speed M0.7 empty shoot cruise missile,beats by dre, its artillery range probably more than 3000 kilometers.
After the meeting, king just, connected the Qi star commander member, total material minister square he/she exact center will together close Pei with the total designer of the Jian-8 Ms clearly, FM AL-31 the total designer of the motor Yin gold the voice opened a small meeting.
King just meant a with gratitude to two experts, thanked them for the air force's development sign next great achievement.
Pass and Yin two experts also the trust of thankful center, can greatly develop in the nation and the troops of contribute his/her own strength in the good environment, is also own wish.
The king just inquired a their work environments and family circumstance.Close Pei to say with a smile clearly:"The policy in nowadays is very good, our income probably than commander member still Gao.The home arranges very good.Because the budget is ample, each of us has a few employable assistants, studying the equipmentses is all top-grade."
Yin gold voice the regrets ground say:"Chairman Wang, I want to say an in the mind words, the government of our graduate school worker's member, the number ratio was much less, but developed your work to use before, that the united graduate school got elephant close combat team.They should also give credit."
The king just happily said:"They do rightly.This is the good tradition of my party, must inherit."
Being immediately after small will turn to go into a positive.
"We last year and the negotiation result of wave promise president Ma Liao Fu in, there is a secret item, Russia sold 2 rice space-25 R reconnaissance planes to us, to its history and the outstanding function, two experts musted be very clear.Though this is very old kind of model number,its combat model is still to break hot the only fighter jet of the Zhang.What we favored is this, go fetch to make a ladder.
"Lately this 2 airplanes and qualified 4 airplane pilots after training have already arrived a base of northwest.Original this rice space-25 for dealing with an American of'black bird SR-71'of, the result didn't also deal with.We at'black bird''God after 45 years, still can not make to deal with its battleplane to come.Now'black bird''backed service for the second time, more severe of''fairy''have already mounted, with the height of 38,000 meters, 5-600% supersonic speeds are on our heads free friendly intercourse, this is to our openly challenge.Turned very big price to buy 4 airplane pilots of this 2 airplanes and training, is also can not deal with those''fairy''.We are to buy a ''ladder'', invite with the biggest effort, the quickest speed manufacturing appears lost in thought soldier sharp weapon to overcome these Americans of'fairy''.You see how."
King just deep feeling ground solid stem house, the tallest authority that looked at these two our country battleplanes design fields.
The pass always suppressed the impulse of at heart fanaticism, after contemplating a short moment, faced to see a king the vision just, spoke slowly a way:"The chairman's words spoke the in the mind words of our country aviation field science and technology personnel.The feeling of my concussion hard speech form, our elder generation in order to deal with airplanes U-2s, took out Jian-8, suppressed it.We this generation definitely also want to take out some thing of elephant kind.I and the Yin always is all engineering to design a personnel, design a product according to the need of military authority.So current need is what, is it the target that is what?"
Connect the Qi star commander member to say:"Our attack target BE, high empty in 38000 meters, fly by 600% supersonic speeds of American spy's airplane.Hope to take out prototype machine within 2 years."
The pass always contemplated a short moment again and always said towards seeing for a while, with Yin:"Rice space-25 was the former Soviet Union to turn 2 years to take out prototype machine, the United States of''black bird''also turned time to take out prototype machine for more than 3 years.With we at present of the technique condition had been already differed so much compared with them.Good aspect BE, have break'hot Zhang'' of rice space-25 make to draw lessons from;The motor technique include breakthrough;Ushered in titanium metal alloy to process equipments and technique from Russia, also had the aerospace support of the industrial section;Controled to air refueling a technique.The bad aspect is primary industry and technique, be like a cabin glass and rise and fall special materials, such as a tire and heat hydraulic oil...etc.;Under the great difference in temperature condition the conjunction of structure piece of handle in response to the dint etc..We have the confidence completion the task."
Total material minister Lyu Shui Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's full general says:"We will establish'red arrows''engineering office, guarantee the progress of engineering with all strength.Chairman Wang has already entitled Jian for new model-21, mean the confidence and strength of 21th century Chinese."
Note 1:Jian-8 Ⅱ airplanes are a kind of much all-weather use fighter jet, and and attackstone ability to the ground, the machine in October, 1988 already set.Provide with 23 millimeters of pairs tube machine cannon, infrared air-to-air missile and half the automatic radar lead to lead lightning flash-7 empty rightness of empty intermediate-range ballistic missile, still have 57 millimeters of 12 hairs of calibers empty rightness empty rocket, and 90 millimeters of caliber empty to ground bazooka.The airplane adopts two sides to enter a spirit method from the fuselage, for changed the radar of packing the big caliber antenna to provide space;Changed to pack two set Wos to spray-13 motors of A II, enlarged to push dint, always push dint to reach to 13200 kilograms.There are 7 point of outside hangings, can hang various weapons or pair fuel tank.The machine long, breadth, Gao is 21.95, 9.34 and 5.41 meters, the biggest speed is 2.2 Maches, the biggest distance is 2,200 kilometers, and the biggest battle radius is 800 kilometers.Minority of Jians-8 Ⅱs battleplanes change to pack the United States system radar, make battleplane have to block to shoot an attack and look down ability and search distance to reach to 60 kilometers.
Tried to fly an improvement type again afterwards Jian-8 ⅡM type.Cooperate with Russia again in 1995, use a rice space-29 multi-function fire control radars, search distance to increase to 70 kilometers, can search ten targets at the same time, and can attackstone four among the airs at the same time or sea target, this kind rice space 29 many Pu Lei pulse radars and comprehensive the electronics resist system and fire to control system to have to completely descend the ability of seeing, also get down attack of ability, overlay scope is 92 kilometers.Compare F the United States 16 of nowise inferior to.The machine body life span also promotes to 3,000 to fly a hour, and significant exaltation credibility
Note 2:Rice space-25:It is the former Soviet Union to aim at the SR that the United States releases in the 50's one 71 outcomes of "black bird" reconnaissance plane plans.The rice space-25 PDSs that stops production in 1982 cuts a shot type all and fully to take off weight.In addition, front there is a set of infrared sensor under the fuselage and have to all-weatherly intercept ability.
The rice space-25 Rs that probes a type, with cut a shot type the type machine compare, both of the machine body only slightly has difference in the features of nose awl cover.Cover in the large nose awl of the rice space-25 Rs in, accept a set side to see radar and 5 cameras;Most special of BE, it two machine stomach stability wings are the fuel tanks of 350 liters respectively.The tallest speed is 3.2 Maches.
Gansu settles west red arrows base in the region December 23
Here originally a field battle airport, leave Long sea line just 150 kilometers, at the railroad and the of airport the not high knoll with three mountains that conjointly are named stack for holding pens.Be apart from Xian to straightly be apart from more than 500 kilometers is just.Have already greatly changed in pattern here for only a many months.Airport runway in sever winter in take extreme measure in the extension.Transport machine and conveyance car to still and just and constantly carry bearer member, equipments and supplies.Support a war Related articles:

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