beats by dre cheap Mongolia the Er Tai

Hello of playing descended a pure soldier to immediately fall into disorder.But those so-called Chinese soldiers then again enlarged this disorder.Their elephant has no head fly sort to flee indiscriminately everywhere.For the sake of stable morale of troops over Yan leaf's minister lead a close soldier to accept Long troops in person.After chopping down and killing a few Chinese non-commissioned officer soldiers, the Sao is indiscriminately finally repressed.Emitting is violent of gunfire man the soldier re- gathered to withdraw backward again.But let they have never thought of after death burst out large numbers of fire riflemans at them at the moment.The other party and those ride a soldier similar beat red flag, be dressed in green uniform.
Don't wait pure soldier to do then opening fire of a reaction the other party.The intensive bullet wears deeply a man the body of the soldier infantry.Moment large numbers of soldiers fell flop.Looking at elephant wheat sort be shot dead companion.The man non-commissioned officer soldier's nerve again collapsed.Compare with the saber of pure soldier that fire gun is a real death-warrant.They abandonned weapon to escape backward in succession.But wait for in the another head of of valley they are also large numbers of fire guns soldier.Hence the massacre that has no new meaning presented to public once again.
Realize at the moment that oneself has already been wrapped the Lei gram of dumpling by the other party, the virtuous Hun doesn't know because getting angry to still fear his face and lips is all scary white.Sees his hysteria of shout a way:"Ride a soldier blunt to me.Give me the fire rifleman that am blunt to spread the other party!"
"Do not go shell Lei Ye, do so of words we who also escape not to go out.The other party since has already worked well a bag set we.So this definitely ties tightly, this bag bottom definitely does thickly."But over Yan leaf's minister again obstructed a Lei gram the stupid action of the virtuous Hun.
"Over Yan general."Finish lookinging at sincere look in the eyes Lei of the Yan leaf's minister gram the virtuous Hun regretted to don't listen to this old in times before will of advice.Finally he moved to move a lips way:"It is sorry."
Over Yan leaf's minister the slightest didn't mind these.He immediately turns head the confidant order of towarding he way:"Mongolia Er Tai, you take a group of personses' horse to protect shell Lei's Ye Lin Zi from the east break through siege to go out.The other party just whence attacks of, should can't thought of that we also whence break through siege."
"Lord son!"Mongolia the Er Tai stares blankly of finish lookinging at the Yan leaf's minister slowly Be not willing to leave.
Over Yan leaf's minister sees the form can not help loudly Chi ha way:"Still stare blankly dry here what!Again late who also Be getting more unable to leave!I and the remaining of person's horse will fight for time for you.Leave quickly!"
"Zha!"Mongolia the Er Tai finally receives orders but goes to.But Lei gram the virtuous Hun but dead Be not willing to walk, either.This failure is completely own responsibility.Hence the Lei gram virtuous Hun roars loud a way:"I don't walk, I want to fight till the last a moment!"
"Do not go, shell Lei you must on the hoof time Peking go!At least someone returns to tell the emperor the matter for taking place here.You must return to.Know!Must be on the hoof to return to!"Finish saying the Yan leaf's minister Lei gram the virtuous Hun pushes ascend horse and towarded a horse to mercilessly take out one whip son.The eye sees Mongolia the Er Tai protect the Lei gram's virtuous Hun hurtles over Yan leaf's minister toward Lin Zi of the east delighted a smile.Is continuous but he pulled out to go together with a knife order way:"Spread me to order!The owner will kill horse and dead person Lei to become fort.Bow and arrow hand the preparation return shot.I etc. settle the dead fight exactly.For big pure serve faithfully!"
The Bo hopes of the war haded been keeping on till an evening from the noon."Fort" originally had to the utmost the volunteer army of advantage but become in the pure soldier temporary Lei before met not small trouble.Pure soldier corpse and decrepit big car round a size don't wait of fort.Combine to rely on these"fort"s to spread bow and arrow and volunteer army to carry on stubborn seesaw battle.Let the volunteer army feel a headache is the pure soldier that the bullet can hardly once wear those corpses to beat noodles in Chung-li.But the volunteer army assault each time but always drive the bow and arrow hand of pure soldier to beat off.The bow and arrow hand that does to have soon in the pure military training lets the volunteer army pay a certain price after.The volunteer army also learns the ways of world.A very quick door artillery is then carried to come over.These corpse forts were very quick and then was one by one broken up under the attack of the artillery and the hand grenade.But is a thus pure soldier still keep being stubbornly resisting,beats by dre cheap.Corpse fort drive blast open the person of luckily survive behind then the corpse of he or she's war ally again the Lei return to.The one by one in order continuous back and forth writes until fort inside's last soldier breaks spirit.
Hence when Zhang Jia Yu arrives at Bo to hope an ascent, the whole valley has already become hell on earth.Is all cripple limb to break a leg everywhere, internal organs mud congestion at together.Scan widely to hope to almost can not find a few corpses of integrities.Spread all over a fresh and red and small pond on the ground.It floods very thick guts flavor in the air.Li Lao Ba etc. will get each ones all wrinkly eyebrows.Chen Yun Ying is even stimulated by this kind of bloody flavor keep wanting to vomit.Zhang Jia Yu is metal gray the face stepped over at present of this small blood pit.Pure soldier of stubborn make him feel admiration.The Lei corpse especially and finally fights of the people.Hear to is a pure soldier eight ensigns in of inset Huang Qi.Not the Kui is the Royal armed escort in Qing Dynasty.Zhang Jia Yu's in mind exclamation way.
But volunteer army this performance but make Zhang Jia Yu very angry.Because when the behind stage faces the sturdy resistance of pure soldier, volunteer army not only the military tactics is inflexible and the weapon that knows to depend on a forerunner is forward blunt.Once defeating and then starting frightenning into inaction.However Zhang Jia Yu knows this also not all of ability strange those warriors.They have never once met an enemy like this.Certainly also include Zhang Jia Yu him/herself.
"Report, army commander.Three regiments offended to break the last fort.At in discovered a pure soldier willing get."A soldier runs toward the report way of Zhang Jia Yu.
", BE.Where?Take us to go to quickly."Zhang Jia Yu and public to saw one eye.Unexpectedly and unexpectedly can also have already lived.A group of people led down in that warrior one is slightly a little bit bigger of corpse fort.The pure soldier that sees a hair flower white will get to lean against a corpse to lie over there.His abdomen has already spilted open an a son bowel the son all flow out.Glue the beard of full blood to continuously tremble along with his moan.While seeing the arrival of Zhang Jia Yu et al the flash across in his eyes one silk is cold light.Listens to he use weak of the voice ask a way:"I am leaf's minister that is big pure to inset Huang Qi to finish getting Yan generally.You who is command?"
Zhang Jia Yu comes forward an one-step way:"I am a volunteer army two soldier army commander Zhang Jia Yu.Big Ming Dynasty Xiang Fan total soldier."
Over Yan leaf's minister was used sharp-edged vision to up and down conjecture some kind of jade way in the houses:"Like, good, Zhang Jia Yu.This name I remembered."Say he is unbearable to violently cough.
Zhang Jia Yu sees a form hurriedly an order way:"Bearer call military surgeon to come over quickly."
Didn't wait a military surgeon arrival and come to a signal corps toward the report way of Zhang Jia Yu:"Report army commander, just rode one trip discovers one at Anne's outer circle wood squad pure soldier.But have no Zu to cut to successfully make them run."
"What!"Zhang Jia Yu is wrinkly eyebrows way.Oneself so tightly surrounds unexpectedly or lets a pay a pure soldier to break through siege.
"Ha ha, " listens to over Yan leaf's minister of signal corps' reporting one side suddenly looked up at sky to give a long whistle 1.Immediately after he fiercely pulled to break his own bowel son.Looking at eyes of finishing the Yan leaf's ministered that original keenness to gradually lose ray of light Zhang Jia Yu finally understood is what let these pure soldiers fight till now.Hence he towarded the corpse of finishing the Yan leaf's minister to slowly respect a military salute, order way:"Like well, bury."
On February 27, 1645 when Huai Xu Zhou's war of the north just just prologized, volunteer army two soldiers of west line hoped to give to settle a soldier main force with the destructive stroke in the Bo.The Bo hopes of war volunteer army totally annihilation include the pure soldier trump card troops inset Huang Qi Bu at inside of the pure soldier is more than 30,000 persons.Another more than 5,000 persons of captive.
But two soldiers didn't now stop a step.Settle soldier Lei in the annihilation gram virtuous Hun department and leaf minister department after.Zhang Jia Yu Anne schedules to plan to take advantage o power to return to offend China and flicks teacher to go up north.With break a bamboo of the power connect the Ru south, Yan city and etc. key figure in Henan.The Bo hopes of war the elephant is a breakthrough to order.The volunteer army takes this as the axis completed to revolve three roads to combine 90 times into outflank and attack a pure soldier.Meanwhile volunteer army this time the biggest find many duos at Yang state of the combat also sank in to become too intense.

Section 37

When while dew and Zhang Jia Yu are inflicting a heavy losses on pure soldier three road battalions, Yang state's protecting a war has already sunk into white-knuckle status as well.The pure soldier that many duos lead has already surrounds Yang stated for five days.Come to pure soldier for five days in addition to head Related articles:

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