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 Chapter 63 son
Broke to continuously and continuously rain in daytime quite a few field rain, fall, night after, connected very small waterholes on the streets and lanes of Kyoto don't accumulate, just the dripping wet ground allows people to feel a silk glue dense tedium.Inside new Huai lane this disorderly spring park, the plant is crazy generally in plant, like the person's greed and ambition, but will accumulate good Yun to many rain waters in those grass nests, flower eye inside, such as a bottle of bottle wonderful but temptation honey with sheer dint syrup.
The He believes in latitude silently the back toward den and looking at drive rain water spring park after flushing, the honey syrup in the heart gradually turns to open.He knows that his own viewpoint is very wonderful, but again extremely dangerous,Beats by Dr Dre Pro, have a little bit carelessly, would be the end of everlasting perdition.
Fan Jian isn't so kill of, but believes in latitude the He more terrible BE, in these six years and Fan Jian's contact, the his total ability sees the cold fierce flavor that a silk kill so much from the eyes of that young powerful ministers.
He is left at present the imperial censors in addition wear the private of the university of book in a bottom all and inspect a hospital to have no his majesty the close aim is in the hand, can not move him at all and resist with Fan Jian in the party in government, the momentary didn't know to draw on how much officials come down hurl toward door, see scene infinite.But only he he's in the mind know, oneself this in fact walks in going toward a dead end, the present circumstances is really worrying.
If the trend on the dynasty hall is like to stand down to go like this now, the He believes in latitude the center of gravity in the days to come still over-emphasize at all Cha authority noodles, use to check and balance to inspect a hospital, however if future of emperor his majesty once going to, can this situation also support?
In spite of is three emperor the son sit ascend Long Yi, still have another what surprised sky of of variety, believe in latitude to the He to say, don't distinguish at all, just see oneself come off stage sooner or later, and the difference of snuffing out the degree been subjected to is just.
Be partial to living He to believe in latitude to this kind of trend have no solution the slightest, so stage by stage the cook bottom go.Even if oneself cooked the book ground in bottom in the door leader bachelor's degree.Can face a Long Yi last person of future.What strength does oneself have again?
He once tried the opportunity to look for became intimate with ground in the deep temple three emperor son.The half a lifetime ground is biggest to depend on after looking for.But these threes Be any to try.All while soon approaching inside the temple.Be livinged by not well-known amount of land productivity to chop in two.Is exactly also this several failure, just make him some and frightenedly discover, the strength in Fan Jian Shou what it is huge, for the influence in the imperial palace.It is far more terrible than more wanting of the public imagination.
Because is frightened.Because know oneself in the future underground field how not wonderful, so the He believes in latitude then more the hair ground want to stand at Fan carefreely the opposition noodles is particularly a his majesty to point a marriage in person.Intent to mollify under charge two grand love will it relate to.But drive the strong tough brush-off of Fan Jian Yi after, in remaining of disappointment.The He believes in latitude to also know, oneself any further have no another road can walk.
The emperor his majesty probably just has some animation, the He believes in latitude but is a hair to fear from the heart ground.Although the emperor is carefreely Fan father, his understand to Fan Jian.The still not equal to He believes in latitude deep.There are an old words saying a ground of good.Understand your person most .Usually isn't your close relatives' friend, but your enemy.
The He believes in latitude to know that Fan Jian can't pass himself/herself.He can't be like emperor his majesty so.Really think that Fan Jian is just a pure minister to is a Gu minister, everything all everything with celebrate country land utilization benefit is first, in his eyes, Fan Jian is a forever with he pleased bad is first teratism.
Have to say, He's believing in judgment of latitude to Fan Jian is with accuracy.
He's believing in latitude ground has never resented in eyes poison of color.Just light self-ridicule and one are icy cold, he left a disorderly spring park in disorder, returned to den in.The cloth in the den establishes a little bit in brief.But the bookcase of both sides up.But is that the heap write maximum amount a book by and debt volume.
He walks to the side of the bookcase and contemplates a short moment, from an unattractive position, drew out to come to a brochure, then sat to desk beside, the beginning extremely and in earnest examined.
After this brochure is insurrection in Kyoto, gift department with inside the court cooperate statistical of big east the mountain die for country list catalogue.The He believes in latitude to govern tubes all Cha hospital.There is his majesty trust again.At long time ago, get this catalogue in come, and at this in quiet den in, didn't know to see how much time.
Page 3.The page 42 ground wrinkly old degree is at most the deep, seem is also what he turned over of place.Are 100 tiger titles in the Wei native place for dying for country and inspect the personnel whom the hospital dies for job in the east hill path respectively in these two front and back of the pages, up have two names very attractive.
1 are to be up to, one is Wang Qi Nian.
In spite of is this brochure, the gift department finally seals a list.Inspect achievement report in the inviting of hospital.And go to finally approve inside ground in the court, all have already judged these two personally death.
However the He believe in latitude not to believe.From long time ago.He doesn't believe that these two people are dead, which be afraid of getting into trouble behind he confirm big east the top of hill accept the dead body of Long.Really there are these two people, but he still doesn't believe, because this kind of means inspect a hospital to very easily and then can make.
Or that sentence, the He believes in latitude to understand Fan Jian more than the emperor his majesty.Let him produce this doubt, because some small details of this several in the last yearses.Be up to first and Wang Qi Nian is Fan Jian's absolute confident confidant, shoulded not so and silently don't smell a ground of dying, saw in the his majesty eyes.All of this are unattractively two small potato, but believe in latitude to see in the He, these two people have his own importance.
Secondly, he has been being secretly staring at Fan Jian for these several years, look at its person's each and every move and include a few days ago Fan Jian to take Fan if if and inspect the officials of hospital to left for fiesta Ling, after the event soon, he also knew information and even once checked to once explore 1 in person.
And this is several similar in the middle of the year, Fan Jian lefts for a fiesta park, still just that sort is light, most decisive of BE, those 2 write Wang Qi Nian and is up to name ground grave front, Fan Jian didn't stop to halt intentionally and burned some paper moneys.
Fan Jian is that one is very to cover up shortcomings, look after a ground of officials towards belonging to descending extremely, particularly the confident that is like this kind of dying, press the truth to speak, should not acquire thus ground treatment.
Finally believe in latitude the He to make a firm decision, judge these two people don't have hopeless situation reason, then another a small detail.After he moves Yi, start using all the strength in the Cha hospital, secretly watch from the sidelines to comfort the bereaved to put to deliver 1.Be up to have never had already taken a wife to living son from cradle to the grave, he clay-cold nature a 100, but open inspect a hospital to halt together total head of group of north of Wang Qi Nian, then have wife to have a female to have there is the person of room in the house, but inspect a hospital annually comfort the bereaved hair is to deliver, always no one knows actually is who get to walk.
But most decisive of BE, Wang Qi Nian is clay-cold, one of his the old and the young it is said that all
Move to return to old house, but at Wang Jia Di's home town.But no one discover the whereabouts of this old and the young.
If Wang Qi Nian really died, Fan Jian's affirmation would be responsible for Wang Jia's living living, with his temperament, don't positively and impossibly allow Wang Qi Nian's widow to loose a female in the world distressedly divagation.
Wang Qi Nian didn't die, be up to nature also didn't die.But 2 have no dead person, why dead body will at big east top of hill?Why inspect a hospital have to help them to conceal?Is big east top of hill.100 tiger Weis spread red-blooded.Block fierce sword.Be up to body place in the interval, why deathless?Might it not be does he flee before the battle starts?Wang Qi age front at wait on a body side is at the summit of hill his majesty, if he didn't die.Why does the after the event disappear its trace and shadow?While might it not being be his majesty to sink into a dangerous situation.Has he already run?
The He believes in latitude to slowly close the second volume volume, the lips Cape starts to be suffused with one silk smile.Wish little adult Fan to take out of severe inferiority, indeed as expected in the turning point, greatly have Fan Jian's breeze.Run ground and compare who see the ground to oneself almost compare who all important.
This is the deceit gentleman ground big offense.The offense is to traverse late sentence to death.The He believed in latitude to understand the personality of emperor his majesty too much, as long as someone dares to betray him, or says.As long as there being a minister son daring to put own life before emperor ground peace or chaos, he will definitely the thunderbolt is great anger.The deep heart Li engraves.
And deceit gentleman ground the person have a lot.If Wang Qi Nian and be up to be grasped back, naturally difficult escape dead end.Does that inspect a hospital?What about Fan Jian?
The He believed in latitude to profoundly absorb an one breath, young but exhausted face, immediately seem to be many several cent angry, several divide desolate spirit.
As for Fan Jian, he is to basically can not find any a ground of Buddhism of starting.So he only waits wretched in the future of that day of, unless in the emperor his majesty the dead is previous.He can provoke an emperor his majesty relationship with Fan Jian.
Want to provoke a rightness of father and sons ground relation, certainly want idea this kind of more unreal dim boundless means of working hard.But the offense of deceit gentleman, would be to put~to death noble-minded tric.
Make reference to bottom.This probably would is Fan Jian's this present life only life door.Being this person is too affectionate.If is at the beginning direct was up to kill with Wang Qi Nian, where also like now these affair.The He believes in latitude a read this this, not from smiled to shake to shake head, the morrow lowers the head to go and lightly knocked to knock the cup on the table and sent out Ding ground one to ring.
Don't is excessive long, two people walked to come in, an among those touch around 30 come year old.On the face take respectfullly and sincerely of facial expression.See this person ground facial features, believe in latitude with He to pour some resemble.But another person then the year will over half hundred.But still keep doing the dress of young scholar to dress up.
"Wang Qi Nian.Be up to."The He believes in latitude to have no Yun Niang what wording, directly says:"It has been more than a years since checking these two people checksesed.You exactly have what clues."
That believe in latitude with He to resemble a ground of person, in fact is one of his far cousin Fang, the voice is some tiny sands, in response to the way:"Ambiguously grasp some line heads, just inspect a hospital to work, even if make you smell some information, also basically make track for not to go up, all affairs then stopped in three year agos, even if these two people with inspect a hospital to secretly still have connection, only afraid is also the place that we could not touch."
The He believes in latitude wrinkly eyebrows, ordered to nod, he knew it in heart with lending the strength of inspecting the hospital, in spite of was director Chen Lao to make moves in person, is still that Fan Jian does an arrangement, only with dynasty on ground of hall these officialdom, basically can not lift that sheet iron, unless oneself secretly life Xing department and greatly manage a temple to die sea and catch, can problem BE, this matter has to do hiddenly, but Xing department and greatly manage a temple inside, basically hide to inspect hospital ground nail.
If let the other party block up this son once ownly raising Cuo to remind Fan Jian, even because of Yin Nu under, secretly Shi Chu what the malicious hand isn't all what He believes in latitude to want to see.
"Adult, this affair simply depending us basically could not check what things.Big east top of hill ground the dead body is a little bit pure over, although don't know to inspect a hospital is how do ground, number and record at the right moment to up.And at that time there is fire on the mountain path, the facial expression burns is not likely to speak what problem so."
That age some earth young scholars still a speech don't deliver and talk of is still far cousin Fang whom the He believes in latitude, just starting following He to believe in latitude to handle affairs in recent years is also this person, behaviour and manner in dealing with others is extremely careful, already the confident confidant that the He believes in latitude, so just be arranged to investigate this important event, speak of words come also more direct.
"While revolting, Kyoto advertises for north camp close soldier the big brigade at the right moment round mountain, that service several 1000 people died and inspected a hospital to secretly move a hand and foot and moved two dead bodies at least, how not difficult."The He believes in latitude to lower the head and knits the brows to calculate a way, " even if have fire on the mountain path, on that summit of hill?The war of respected master although power biggest, the thou dies before the temple of the person combine not much, don't allowing of those early years positive Qing and the gift department adults all not live well?Wang Qi Nian why but die?He is exactly dead in the summit of hill or under mountainous country road up?He ground corpse if wasn't burned, can always check a little bit a suspicious."
"But pass by for three years.The skeleton has already become ash, they say that what to cover up is Wang Qi Nian in grave.Also have to approve that is Wang Qi Nian."That well-known scholar livings finally openings, an openings then keep medium vital part, " so again check several affairs, one is too difficult, two also forever check not wrong, if the adult really wants to open a road from this aspect.I think.Should be seek on the hoofly Wang Qi Nian and be up to more important."
The He believed in latitude to sink into silent in.He certainly knows he, the the opinion that strives for a private is with accuracy, can the problem lie in, if be up to hide with Wang Qi Nian at present Yi city at the east or is together a north.Live incognito.Who can make these living the person are two to greatly dig out?
"You descend first to go to."The He believes in latitude to raise head and says to own cousin's harmony:"The matter wades an imperial government face.It is all carefully some."
He already the party in government hall axis sign feet for three years, the under charge also comes together some real strenght, particularly is a his majesty.Also secretly carried on some helps to him, just and Fan Jian compare with.Still differ too farly.But this cousin, then believe in latitude to carry on seeing for the He not get light affair ground initial candidate.
The He mansion is honest, not in fact false.But the He believes in latitude to want party in government hall up sign feet, he still keeps needing silver.Need to be fed a large numbers of sincerely follow behind oneself's underground to belong to, that cousin.Would be to handle this aspect affair ground person.
In the den leaves He to believe in latitude and that oldly strives for a private and seems to be some calmnesses.After, the silent long time's He believes in latitude openings to say:"If can really on the hoof Wang Qi Nian and be up to grasp Kyoto once, you see a behind will how develop?"
"Little adult Fan is affirmative
Want to protect two personally."Strive for a private tiny lower the head.Say:"With his majesty ground temperament, if this affair didn't make greatly, it perhaps would give little adult Fan this face and kept on covering up this affair."
"Your meaning is to say ……which fear that these two people made the offense of deceit gentleman, will the his majesty also pass them?"The He believes in latitude two cold long grass in the eyes finish now, the cold voice says, the in the mind livings a complicatedly taste.If his majesty true breadth Ren to be willing to pass those two people, that are these busy and still to have what meaning?
"Key's wanting to see little adult Fan will pay for these two inferiorities what kind ground price."Strive for a private wry smile way:"The persons of the world over all know.Little adult Fan to the inferiority is best.If he really tears open face and stubbornly protects these two people, how to do his majesty meeting?Give° him to kill?Adult, you don't want to forget, little adult Fan is finally a his majesty ground to give birth to a boy in person."
"Give birth to a boy in person?"The He believes in latitude to slowly shut eyes, " prince and two emperor the son is also a his majesty ground to give birth to a boy in person."
"This speech isn't false, however ……prince and two emperor son, have never substituted his majesty soldier not blood blade.Take down the east Yi city."Strive for private at speak two emperor son three words, orotund Zhan Zhan, close behind light tone the thin language say:"Change the life of two inferiorities with the one territory, his majesty this breadth kind-heartedness still has ground."
"Certainly."Strive for the He that the private saw the color of noodles dew disappointment to believe in latitude one eye, light say:"Even if can not force the his majesty and little adult Fan turn over a face, but can ast least also sow a sting in the his majesty center of earth."
The He believed in latitude to shake to shake head and opened an eye to looking at in front ground to strive for a private quietly.Say:"Fan necessarily Anne.You should be two emperor the son is eight will it a, because of two emperor sons of die a night hoary head.This just come to be thrown to me.The our 2 people's ground target is extremely consistent, so you are also clear.Fan Jian is deathless, would be my dead, you want for two emperor the son revenge, will think clear, a sting is far and far and not enoughly."
Originally this has a liking for last year over the half hundred, one face is old to mutually strive for a private, unexpectedly is those early years two emperor the sub- under charge get dint ground most eight will it a, Fan necessarily Anne!In those early years two emperor the son and Fan Jian was a to is disorderly to fight in Kyoto, eight death and harm almost exhausted, however Fan necessarily Anne then at for a long time before, then saw Fan Jian certainly can not Zu, the bitterness advises two emperor after son is useless, gloomy far go.
After doing not thought of for several years, two emperors the son commit by poison to commit suicide, this Fan necessarily Anne returned to Kyoto again, and the hurl believes in bottom in the latitude door toward He, of one heart and mind for two emperors the son revenge.
Fan necessarily Anne after being silent for a long time in a soft voice say:"If want to make this affair greatly, that can not secretly carry on, have to get to make the government and people all know, the his majesty is to think greatly of a face ground person most , till then, in spite of little adult Fan again how pre-eminent, only afraid also block not to stay in the middle of the his majesty hand that to kill people a ground of knife."
"His majesty if really killed Wang Qi Nian and be up to this time, I am very curious, how does Fan Jian Hui do."The He believed in a tiny smile of latitude to get up and said:"And in addition to his majesty, in addition to inside court outside, I could not imagine as well and also have who can at inspect hospital ground and cover up under, in this boundless huge, find out those two people."
"But have a most importantly problem."Fan necessarily Anne at quiet looking at the double that the He believes in latitude eye, " adult if want to secretly report his majesty, only afraid does oneself also want to emit biggest risk."
"Oh, how say?"He's believing in latitude doesn't have the slightest nervous air, just cool ask a way.
"Because you in hand have no really evidence, the just some guesses and analysis for having , certainly, only should be able to say that the his majesty begins to suspect with this guess and analysis."Fan Jian necessarily saw his one eye again and in a soft voice said:"The his majesty should begin to suspect to little adult Fan ……but, will also to adult you begin to suspect."
"I a heart be loyal to imperial government and be loyal to his majesty, his majesty Yi my He Shi?"The He believes in latitude to tightly close lightly a double lips, in a soft voice say.
"His majesty will Yi you are intentionally picking to pull out him a father and son ground to relate to with little adult Fan."
The He believes in latitude silent for a long time after, in a soft voice say:"If the his majesty really begins to suspect, no longer return Be protected to me, you say that I will be what kind of end."
"His majesty if don't like a person, there is the method of a lot of processings, I think that the adult may be found by the his majesty in three years a from head, leave dynasty hall in Kyoto, work to a certain secluded place, then the this present life keep on willing definitely be common."Necessarily Fan Anne is calm to say.
The He believes in latitude bitter and astringent on smiling, sighed tone, exert in eyes is quiet determination air:"If I make moves, is probably the end that is swept to fall dust in the future, can if I not make moves, in the future would be the end of powder body ground bone, which do you choose?"
His hoping Fan necessarily Anne is tiny tiny on smiling, says:"I choose the former, because I can also keep on living at least.But Fan Jian if really turn over a face with his majesty, he can hardly keep on living."
Necessarily Fan's Anne's eyes blinked to blink and spent white hair in the den of dark night and seemed to be particularly to stab an eye, the You You says:"The adult seems in the mind to have hatred Dui to the his majesty."
The He believes in latitude complexion constant, in the mind ground emotion but is don't stop vacillating, he has the heart of endless thanksgiving to the emperor, but also has the heart of endless grudge, if isn't an emperor to lift oneself to come up and Fan Jian dozen platform, oneself how may all sink in the precarious predicament moment by moment, oneself how can and thus frightened in the days to come dead have no burial ground?
"In those early years, two his highnesses in fact and adult your current circumstances was just about."Fan necessarily Anne once the tiny An smile and in a soft voice advise a way:"So adult you must absorb the precept of two his highnesses and keep the heart of red loyalty to the his majesty, if really search out Wang Qi Nian and be up to, perhaps his majesty can't Yi you, unlucky Be just Fan Jian."
"I to his majesty usually loyal not two."The He believes in latitude equanimity in response to the way and lightly swept Fan necessarily Anne's one eye, he know this person and is sounding out what.To revenge for two his highnesses of dying the Fan Jian nature is necessarily Fan Anne's one of the target, and that is cold-bloodedly heartless emperor his majesty, be also not likely to succeed in escaping Fan necessarily Anne ground double eye.
The He believes in tiny Feng of latitude to say:"A person wants to know where he or she's ability is deals with Fan Jian and have already soon outrun you I ground ability, as for those high in the clouds on ground person, had better want to also be not going to think, that is the meeting ……dead person of."
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