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Chapter 598 bloody battle mutually state(two)
Distance a long distance face all white, the other party only has five nest cars depend city, he didn't put in the mind, but he ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of, these five soldiers in nest cars unexpectedly is thus ferocious, kill his under charge repeatedly withdraw in defeat, he just suddenly realizes, and oneself underestimated enemy.
"Press up!Whole Jians they...."
The distance a long distance brandishes to fight sword, loudly yell, thousands of soldier Feng hugs and up, partition surround, press 500 ferocious Yan soldier dead dead respectively ascends the place of city and keeps them from remitting synthesizing one at them, Tang Jun on the city head also knows, once the Anne Anne Lu mountain breaks city, their owner is a to all live not to become, therefore Tang Jun also puts together to die anti- rush toward, Yan soldier 500 crack although is ferocious, after all the numbers are few, face Tang Jun to intensively surround, unexpectedly and temporarily also hurtle don't go out.
The city of city rains still to fight in the Ao, the scaling ladder is lifted to turn over, offend city the soldier be shot in fall to city, bellow a voice and roar a voice this that Fu, city next the Yan soldier is also an arrows,such as rain, to go to and continuously have the arrows in Tang Jun to fall on the ground, offending of both parties defend of the war got into white-knuckle status.
But threaten biggest of be still five nest cars, they are like ascending of five convenienceses city passage, the constantly continuous Yan soldier ascends a city head from here, the distance a long distance urgently gets eyes all red, he sees ammunition Tang's arrows shot into a nest car,have no effect, the key is to lack to ignite of thing.
He turns head neigh to yell a way:"Use kerosene!Kerosene!"
Several hundred well-known scholar the soldier embrace the pottery bottle of packing the kerosene to hurtle up, spare no effort a pottery bottle to throw nest car, pottery bottle ground crack, the kerosene in black flows full cartful, at this time rocket volley, nest car'bomb!'The ground combustion gets up, the flame flies to flee, a short moment, the flaming wildfire then destroyed five nest cars successively, there is no reinforcements support, first hurtle 500 ferocious soldiers of city to also more beat more little, the end is all annihilated by Tang Jun.
Tang Jun throws in 3,000 soldiers again at this time and make defending of east segment the troops attain more than 10,000 persons, Tang Jun gradually occupies breeze, and the control lived situation.
Knock to ring along with the bell withdrawing troops, offend city Yan the soldier,such as tidewater, back bottom, throw down the nest car of a ground of corpse, fragmented and disorganized scaling ladder and flaming combustion, the for the first time sounding out(sex) of the Yan soldier took the offensive to end.
This war experienced about two half hours, the Yan soldier was destroyed a nest car nine, the scaling ladder is 23, the death and harm is more than 6,000 persons, and Tang Jun also death and harm more than 1,000 person, the city head starts to be busy and tidies up the dead's corpse on city of people man and lift an injured with a load of bottom, clean up the arrows Shi of city, some soldiers take cage car bottom city, kill to suffer from severely wounded but didn't escape the Yan soldier of time, recall arrows Shi.....
The bloody but nervous warfare finally stops, distance a long distance feels oneself tired quick collapse, sweat will he inside jacket A soak through, the helmet becomes particularly heavy and hangs on him like a piece of big stone, he feebly sits on a piece of big stone to outside look beyond to the city, city outside all over the place of connect the camp suddenly become not true, he feels that he is like while doing an evil-foreboding dream, waiting to wake up from dream, the whole again resume equanimity, too manily kill with death make his heart benumbed, unexpectedly have a kind of desire that dies in battle battlefield unclearly in his heart.
"Distance general see quickly!"A close soldier points at the sky to shout a way.
The distance a long distance turns head, sees two carrier pigeons hover around in the sky and fly toward south to, he smiles to shake, that one-armed woman acts well and livings quickly.
In fact the distance a long distance still kept guessing wrong, this the fourth pigeon letter that is rain flower to together send out,beats by dr dre pro, she is like future generations those war corresponders, every other hour then sends out the latest war situation, the carrier pigeon is flown with the quickest speed toward afar, and this last letter is her war summary.
The mutually cantonal pigeon letter is to send to river(Yin), here is medium turn a station, again transfer the intelligence report other everywhere from here, the two sides are separated about 300 remaining inside, the at most a many hour pigeons son then can fly to, but Li Guang Bi just arrived to river(Yin) early in the morning, he knew Anne last night Lu mountain battalion already to mutually state, then and all through the night arrive to river(Yin), and Li Qing An to mutually the state warfare is slightly some careless dissimilarities, Li Guang Bi to mutually the state battle extremely pay attention to, he knows if mutually the state can guard, that Anne rebeling of Lu mountain become not what weather, finally be inhibitted an in Hebei, but if mutually the state fall, mean Anne the Lu mountain will definitely capture whole territorieses in Hebei.
Original Li Guang Bi also believes mutually the state city can guard, about 50,000 guard the city wall, ample food of soldier, Gao Da Dun's fastness, if is him, firmly stand by half year to above have no problem, can from repeatedly spread of war bulletin to see, it clenched his heart, very short sound out(sex) to take the offensive at a time, then make to defend city signs of danger appearing everywhere, also be offended by enemy's soldier last city head, if Anne the Lu mountain Be really all-directions large-scale to take the offensive, mutually the state city still guards live
Although distance a long distance is join the army for several years of old will, he after all is at Anne western several years, didn't defend city experience of battle!
"The yellow river freezes a circumstance how?"
Only the Lee Bi sees a close soldier coming in and hurriedly asking a way.
"Report back general, the yellow river hasn't completely sealed a jelly and in the center still has seven the inside the or so river surface."
Li Guang Bi is helpless, even if completely seal freeze he cans not walk, either, have to wait congelation actually hereafter just can lead river, Li Qing An and has no objection to his support mutually state, come up consideration from the general situation, he also thinks and guards mutually the state is to quell Anne the key to Lu mountain insurrection, it is just affirmative, use to help mutually state what strategy, the other party has 300,000 battalions and rounds city, oneself hastily leads a soldier and goes to mutually state, beyond doubt won Anne the Lu mountain round the city dozen aids of plan, Lu mountain soldier Feng of Anne just and vigorously, can not dint enemy.
Li Guang Bi contemplated a short moment, after he decides to wait yellow river to seal a jelly, life Li Cheng Bu sends army into Hebei and walk Cang state the road close in the You state forces by rounding the strategy that the Wei saves Anne Lu mountain pullout of troops.
Thought of this, he immediately sits position once and gives mutually the state city return to a letter, he pointed out several shortage for defending city of distance a long distance, and taught the way of dealing with the nest car.
At the same time, he and then wrote a letter for Li Qing An, make collective report state to mutually offend the circumstance of defending the war and write a letter toward him, he hands over to close soldier's way:"Send out these two letters to immediately go, have to be quick!"
Li Qing An has already returned to Luo sun at this time, he lives Luo sun city outside of east all don't temple, this is extremely good the place that Wu Ze Tian's old age live while fixing a Buddha, be located in a scenery of the Luo sun city outside the place is in fact a mountain Ao, on all sides drive cluster the mountain surround, the top of hill grows full green loosen Cui of cypress, even if is winter, also the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion one, the mountain spring Chan Chan, strange stone strange Feng, a brook,such as jade, took a sort to once wear valley, is a best place that lives as recluse to fix(sex).
At this time mountain spring snow, river water ice seals, radiant world, a light snow just satisfied in succession fall in, infected by the Dai mountain green jade water to 1 F of white frost.
Li Qing An's brave warrior soldier already valley and periphery, surroundings of the patrol patrol in the mountain and be on guard an abnormality severe.
The river bank under the foot of a hill woulds be one to cover about 20 acres of don't hospital, about more than 100 houses, there is no fence, don't the hospital cornice Dou Cape, the vulture beam painting pillar, construct beautiful Huan incomparable, construct in the one forest, river water winds around to round a house but lead, is a building that completely integrated into great universe.
Here in addition to Li Qing An, also have from Chang-an bring of jade bracelet, another the maid-in-waiting of imperial palace and eunuch having more than ten Luo sun wait upon and hold the United States to live as recluse, the day pours to also lead to have leisure Yi.
However although there is jade bracelet so the woman of the woman of great beauty at nearby, Li Qing An accompanies her time in the daytime not much, he come here not and for enjoying beauty's lovely view, but for the sake of quiet mind consideration world general situation.
Li Qing An's den tightly depends river bank and is located in the second floors, the room is generous and bright, from the big window falling to the ground can clearly see outside of lovely view, here once was Wu Ze Tian's den as well, although have already lately been repaired a, many details of room still keep being full of a female(sex)(Yin) soft style, for example window space, for example vulture beam, for example door decoration, for example bed Ta etc., top elegant flowers and birds fish insect and beauty women, none not and deeply(dew) those early years were martial day a weak side that is a woman.
But at the moment it is can hardly for this kind of style to feel and hang in room full various map of each kind, in the Anne west, pass, Henan, Hebei, river east and Ba Shu, Jing Xiang and river HuaiThe etc. of the etc., Also have a grow four Zhang breadths three Zhangs of the sand dish place in room the center.
This is a put together sand dish that included Hebei way, river host and way in Henan, mountain and stream city defense and pass Ai road, the none isn't clear, Li Qing An stands on the sand before the dish and looks at mutually state city and sank in to contemplate in.
He has already received Anne Lu mountain the battalion surround the mutually cantonal latest intelligence report, Li Qing An has been thinking the strategy of the Lu mountain of Anne is that offend well Xing and actually take mutually state and control whole territorieses in Hebei first.
So far, Anne the activities of the Lu mountain were all anticipated by him, but somehow or other, Li Qing has peace of mind medium suddenly living one silk watch out for, this vigilance is that he advertises for to fight for several years a kind of slowly formative the strategic sensitive is a kind of empirical war thick accumulate thin hair, is an ordinary people not ability Qi and.
He feels the strategy of the Lu mountain of Anne not is take over mutually state is so simple, easy, as a greed that has ambition at to seize world, his vision in no case will stare at one city one area, if say Anne the purpose of Lu mountain just takes way in Hebei, his Li Qing An in no case will believe.
The Anne Lu mountain besieged Anne sun city at this time, does he really deal with a city defense with 300,000 battalions?Li Qing An has already gradually realized, Anne Lu mountain of actually medium still have falsely, he while besieging mutually state city, by all means still another have diagram, so is he where the diagram?A way is still a river host in Henan?
Li Qing An's vision falls at go mountain range too much up, go eight Xings too much, at mutually there are four Xings in the south of the state, Fu Xing, white Xing, go Xing and Zhi to close Xing too much, among them go Xing and Zhi to close Xings too much all is keeping in mind state, in the Wei state, white Xing's these three Xings are too apart from all farther at first, was located in the south of the east of river, and the mountain certainly separated, journey difficulties, the key was Anne's strategic intention of the Lu mountain is what, if for gaining considerable fame Qin Jin, that walked these three Xings were more convenient, can if is a soldier to point river east, that Anne Lu mountain the soldier by all means will walk Fu Xing, threaten too at first.
Li Qing An almost can affirm Anne the Lu mountain will go west, he is unique can not affirm of BE, the Anne Lu mountain is a surprising soldier to go into Qin Jin, still stay on the safe side into river east.
He pondered a short moment and then returned to seat and lifted pen to write a letter for Guo Zi Yi and make after death close soldier's way:"Soon send out this letter to Guo Zi Yi."
Close soldier just go out, but jade bracelet carried three tea walk come in, saw houseful map, is not said with smile by purse one's lips:"Hey!You at sell map?"
Li Qing An stretched one the lazy waist say with smile:"Even if BE!But have no a guest, do you want to buy to be a ?"
"I buy land diagram to do what, isn't a song table again, say that I have no money again."
Li Qing An ambiguously blinks to say with smile:"Have no money no harm, mutually arrive and then go by body."
The white of jade bracelet his one eye, "your this person, how all day exert into there think, ignore you, I went first."
Li Qing An sees she has a full figure the Jiao is beautiful, eyebrow eye is charmingly feminine and infinite, he isn't greatly moved by heart(desire), comes forward to hug her from the behind, say with smile at her ear low voice:"Beauty arrives next door to go, I let you see kind thing."
"I don't see, you are definitely with malicious intent."
On the mouth although say like this, jade bracelet already the seductive eyes is like silk, orotund Jiao Dia, Li Qing An's half hugs half to embrace, will she to the next door sleep the building push out.
"Seven Langs are still a daytime now, we in the evening again come!"
"Say the business in evening again in the evening."
Li Qing An closed the door, the heart came to hand and took off clothes to solve skirt for her, jade bracelet is made whole body limp by him, has a foothold unsteady, have to to hug his neck, blow breath in his ear like orchid:"You are really my natural rivals......."
Momentary, houseful beauties of spring, the Jiao breathes heavily repeatedly.
Guo Zi Yi's troops still keep really settling county and history to think clear soldier confrontation in the Heng state, both parties all have already increased a soldier at this time, Guo Zi Yi the east increase a soldier from the river 30,000, make troops come to a 80,000, and the history think clear troops also from Anne celebrate a clue rate soldier 20,000 come to increase to aid, 80,000 to 100,000, both parties' neck and neck.
But interesting BE, the both sides all presses the soldier immobility and imitate a Buddha mutually understand without saying similar, both parties all stare at south mutually the war of state, to the history think clear but speech, if Anne Lu mountain the battalion be dragged along at mutually state, that he will be resolute get into river east, seek site, if the Anne Lu mountain is resolute to take down mutually state, that is one-step Anne the Lu mountain is inevitable meeting military advance river east, that he stays in Hebei and begs a development in Hebei, in fine, the history thinks and has his/her own viewpoint clearly, for come to keep watch on his Anne to celebrate a clue, the history thinks clearly be not put very much in the mind, together order then can adjust him and walk.
Is also similar to Guo Zi Yi, he is mutually also paying attention to state, as long as Anne Lu mountain the battalion be dragged along at mutually state, he then can press by battalion up, the shot Kui history thinks a clear department and attack directly Anne Lu mountain old nest You state, for the sake of this opportunity, Guo Zi Yi adjusted again 50,000 reserveses remain on standby in the another head of of well Xing, once the condition is mature, he will attack a history to think a clear department on his own initiative.
Guo Zi Yi stands just really settle county city head look at officer's way to the east of situation, he just got a news, the history thought clearly sent a pay 5,000 people's troops went to to the east, but not knew what happened?
Is these days of, Guo Zi Yi has been being paying attention to the news that the quarter wins, all of that Zhi are brave double of young patrol will, be not going where now?But Guo Zi Yi has a kind of intuition, this quarter win have never returned in triumph to return to go to, he still just Hebei, probably he has already sneaked in You state, don't know that the history thinks clear 5,000 soldierses to leave, is relate to him?
At this time, the back spreads an urgent step voice, a close soldier comes forward a way:"Old general, Li Qing An has urgent intelligence report to send to."
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