beats by dr dre pro he wants to create

The arrangement of idea, the obscure ray pluses to the persons here to all wear a mask and only has a very familiar person, just may recognize a personal status of the other party.
Elder brother Bu follows purple dress beauty to wear a line the of gloomy hallway is over there, ever and anon will meet with to accompany but go of men and women, this absolutely is one be full of a romantic and ambiguous place.
Purple dress beauty a room in the villas end Be ex- to stop down.
Open the door into, the Nuo reaches western second marchioness indeed as expected at in, this madam seems to be early to wait for over there, because put two cup teas and two stocktaking hearts on the table, among them of 1 dish is exactly that the walnut that elder brother Bu likes to eat is crisp.
Since know that the purple dress beauty is a black sorcery teacher, the elder brother Bu nature can't despises at present this marchioness, either, he has already wanted to understand now, black sorcery teacher affirmation contains the Mi method of a set of camouflage oneself, this Mi method not only can make them look completely is the common run of people, can still just sorcery of time not send forth a magic.
This recruits absolutely useful, elder brother Bu already in the consideration, how recruit this to steal to learn to come over.
"Marchioness,beats by dr dre pro, very happy that the fork sees you." elder brother Bu doesn't intend to kiss this madam's hand, to a black sorcery teacher, he has to be a little bit careful.
"I equally also very happy see you." marchioness is tiny to say with a smile:"I have already known your perplexity, I can clearly tell you, the commitment of snow benefit equals my commitment, she can completely represent me."
"I am as more interested in as snow Ms. Li's personal status and position to you." elder brother Bu simple and directly says.
"Do you want to detect our secrets?" marchioness byroad, her eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, entirely different romantic feeling.
"Have you ever equally once investigated me as well,could not satisfy my curiosity?" elder brother Bu asks a way.
The marchioness doesn't insist as well and a little bit reveal some inside stories, to them, there is no relation.
"You had to once hear Fu Luo is the Di virtuous?" Nuo reaches western second marchioness to ask a way.
"The Ao Lin Pi Si's absolute being fastens of Venus?" elder brother Bu freely says, he fastenned to all once have some kind of researches to each absolute being.
"We are Fu Luo Di virtuous fiesta department. at thousand years, empire ages earlier period, Fu Luo the Di is virtuous still be worshiped of spirit, but pawn everything after clear absolute being teach develop, she is defined for the pagan religion evil absolute being, but we these Fu Luo Di the virtuous fiesta take charge of, be been returned to the row of black sorcery teacher more."
The Nuo reaches western second marchioness Be saying and lightly spreading a left hand, the palm mind that see her rears an aureate rose pattern, that is exactly Fu Luo Di virtuous sign.
Elder brother Bu have no because at present this woman is Fu Luo Di virtuous fiesta department and relax a vigilance, Fu Luo the Di Be virtuous to isn't kind fairy, her doctrine and black sorcery to also have no conflict, Fu Luo Di the virtuous fiesta department master in black sorcery of several hands, this completely probably.
"Fu Luo Di the virtuous fiesta department have no leader, so I and the position of snow benefit is completely equal." Nuo reaches western second marchioness to say.
Elder brother Bu steals to see to go to, see purple dress beauty one face disagree, very obviously, marchioness although didn't tell a lie, also have no the truth actually say.
"If does the opinion of your two people include a rift?" elder brother Bu asks a way.
"This is easy, our tops still have elder, is when the time comes measured decision by their company." marchioness says.
Elder brother Bu saw with half an eye, the so-called position was equal, just to those small matters, meet real important event, still need to see a whose powerful supporter harder, who then and more own words power.
"I can know, how many persons do you have?" elder brother Bu asks a way.
The marchioness really has some to hesitate this time, this can not answer.
"I can tell you, the Lu Pu Nai Er has how much the person who belong to us."
She finally decides incumbency power scope inside, satisfy elder brother Bu's request:"Be like me and snow benefit fiesta department like this, altogether have 12, but we control of person but have 200 much, and these more than 200 persons still indirectly control others, so concrete number, even I ain't clear either.
"Whatever you want, we can give you, and this will never be one time bargain, you when need our helps, can seek us."
The "now, traded to establish?" purple dress beauty asks a way in a side.
Elder brother Bu deliberated a short moment and finally ordered to nod.
Is again a bargain to complete.
"Did you forgot, there is also another commitment?" Nuo reaches western second marchioness to lightly smile to remind.
"Another commitment?"
Elder brother Bu is interrogative to don't understand that the ground looking at this woman.
"You forgot how many days of front in the small living room in the mysterious valley, be queen's his majesty of the noodles promise of promise?" marchioness says, she purple dress beauty a pulled to come over:"She should meet your request? beautiful and moving, and own special qualities."
Elder brother Bu tiny tiny one Leng, he didn't thought of that what marchioness says is this matter.
If is others to make a request like this, probably elder brother Bu will doubt the purpose of the other party, but at present this woman seems to have no reason and uses this way to intentionally incense him.
"I believe that you equally can also meet my request." elder brother Bu the give tit for tat ground say:"As I see it, Fu Luo Di virtuous fiesta's taking charge of is all belle, your current appearance, should be original appearance? I whether is lucky a see your looks?"
The marchioness"Luo Luo" lightly smiled, she didn't oppose.
She stretches a pair of arms, list leg the ground beat to turn, the glory that sees a riot of colour rose from the foot and pawned everything China to spread to go, and the face of marchioness has already become another shape.
Hardhead but fork are sweet and charming, this is the felling that resumed original appearance marchioness to elder brother Bu.
Once that Pin smile, imitating Buddhases can hang up a public soul.
Elder brother Bu is on the whole understand now, why this woman don't dare to show a person by true character, such a face absolutely asks for a numerous troubles.
Compare with with marchioness, purple dress beauty although also the United States can not talk,she is much too cold, like an iceberg, people don't dare to close to, so beautiful beautiful Yi, far have no marchioness so of killing and harming dint.
Elder brother Bu of"I suddenly had inspiration." is past to make a calling of surprise.
He with the hand is from the bag in grasped a gold coin.
Elder brother Bu converts all strength to become sacred Dou spirit and made an effort Nian to turn several bottoms, see come to hand to sew "sand sand sand" ground to leak an a heap of gold powder.
Elder brother Bu the dynasty Be or so to see one eye, thing soon discovered that he wants to seek, that is a mirror of book size, original Shu before dressing table, he took to come over to place levelly on the table.
Is current of he wants to create what things and basically have no call to be like so troublesome before"
Sees he start to grasp a handful gold powder, slightly spread in the mirror on the stage, these gold powder gradually the Mi spread out and turn to make an one gold fog to cover with over there.
This skill is after he dismantle solved that point gold stick, research come out of achievement.
Sees elder brother Bu falsely point with the hand, that gold fog is immediately vacillating to get up, and the center in gold fog gradually coagulates into one regiment and turns an eye an aureate rose to coagulate to take shape.
This rose and Fu Luo Di the virtuous sign look exactly alike.
Elder brother Bu is still dissatisfied with, he with once the hand turn over, don't know where take out a many colors fine sand, spread up toward the aureate rose.
Originally only one aureate rose, wink to become gorgeous brilliant, red of the flower do, green of leaf, the thin sting of stem last lavender, all fine lifelike.
Elder brother Bu the rose that just created but became, at random put at the chest of marchioness, then"pay no attention" ground a hugged the waist of marchioness.
"This just meets a gift, if can understand you further, my inspiration affirmation will the like spring flow out." elder brother Bu in a soft voice says.
The marchioness played softly an one breath toward elder brother Bu's face and came into nostrils of fragrant make elder brother Bu infatuate with.
The "you how intend to be further?" marchioness small voice asks a way, she stretches out a little finger, and that nozzle nail slightly once rowed from elder brother Bu's lower abdomen:"Flows out perhaps like the spring isn't an inspiration, but moreover some dirty things!"
Room the inside Be full to is an ambiguous flavor, the purple dress beauty has already canned not away with, she silently draws back a door, will walk toward outside.
Don't thought of, marchioness waist once the limb put and flounced to open from elder brother Bu's arm, a pulled purple dress beauty back.
"You want to understand further, or seek snow benefit, I am already a Related articles:

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