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Chapter 070 four great achievement method
Withered wood achievement the self-discipline complete, He a blare consumedly a square square of go out to ring it up.This just knows that it has been livelong days and one nights since his self-discipline, this achievement method passesed by.
This is his self-discipline, a certain achievement method costs most for a long time, is not sighed 1 by dark ground in the heart.
However he this kind of viewpoint if be known by other self - disciplines, so promise the mind that the owners will start to be suffused with to commit suicide.
A days and one nights, only of a days and one nights.Don't say to is self-discipline achievement a method to common self-discipline, even if is taking an achievement method Mi the book carry on three detailed can don't necessarily attain.
But, He a blare unexpectedly in so short time inside, completed to arrive the self-discipline of the peak 10 F from the first floor ……
This has already absolutely been not likely to be the extreme limit that the mankind can attain.
Luckily this matter no man understands, if really make the other people know.So affirmation will arouse numerous people of curious and jealous, even if is his skill again greatly, it is also difficult to escape to fear be dissected of destiny.
Certainly, first here in the world, have to there is the academics of anatomy.
After ringing it uping, once the He blare to have no to the slightest stop over, but the deep mountain of the facing county city outside walks.
Don't say with his real strenght is on day and night doing not eat not to drink, even if is few days the food there are also no too many relations not.
At too in the Cang county, mostly mountain range Jun Ling, although the high mountain of real meaning combines not much, from faraway east to endless west, a mountain range's in the interval pierced through the whole county city.Make the geography in the county city complicated,cheap dr dre beats, the road is rugged, best officer number to count to go, also only have so pitifully only severals, but this be too the Cang county far fall behind than other county cities of most reason,Artist Series.
However for He a blare to say.Step a small way between the mountain in, in fact have no with spacious mainland much difference.
An hour after, he has already stopped down in a deserted place.
Forest in, is the best self-discipline place.No matter result in here much breakage, the forests will slowly give° this trace to put on even.
Although He a blared to once listen to as well the grandpa once say, in the faraway place, also have the environment of being called the desert and marsh, is also the best location that killed people to kill, but he has never personally once seen, can not also imagine naturally.
In the forest, He a blare certain unmanned surveillance, immediately and lightly drink a , inside strength revolving of crary sort, the withered wood of the 10 F achievement inside strength at moment have been already broken out.
In his heart, the Tu ground was full of a kind of creation to accompany Lai, seemed none of everythings to put an in mind felling.
Imitate his incarnation of Buddha as a three days again huge tree, tower aloft like this at here already must year.
Almost meanwhile, also extremely delicate variety happened on his body, the muscle again started atrophying by the speed canning see without the aid of instruments.
But this is to really atrophy, but form a kind of strong defence capabilities on his body form in this way.He even in have a kind of felling like this, which afraid is a weapon to add a body and also don't think that to make him have the least bit the harm of son at the moment.However, if changed to be a grandpa to take toll-gate knife to chop down him, so his affirmation is to have how far escape how far.
However once learns at him of these achievement method in, withered wood the achievement really defendoof the first.
The Tu ground is suffused with to have a mind in his heart, if can seek a mainland to fasten the strength in a rank achievement method to practice moral teachings, don't know to defendoof dint and attain how situation.
Nature, general of the soil fasten inside the strength achievement method, hide through the garbage kinds of goodses in the Ge on the elephant household, afraid is absolutely can not with withered wood achievement place on equal footing.
The mind quickly turns in his heart, action of hand but isn't the slightest slow, a stride comes forward and flicks arm to beat toward a thick tree to half person.
"Pa."The jangle suddenly rang, that big tree wasn't knocked down, but drive He one the whole arm blaring wore to pass by from it.
Eyes are tiny tiny a bright, the attack strength of withered wood achievement is also a no trivial matter, seems to be not the dollar is at the mixing of 10 F strength under.And one of his arm because the muscle atrophies, the physique Ning does if iron, after penetrating big tree.There is unexpectedly no some felling.
Seem he just once wear of isn't a tree pole, but a piece of paper head is just.
Retracted arm, he suddenly discovered, in this case, the joint seems to be a bit stiff, especially at turn Yuan of some hard control, however Be compared to withered wood achievement of power, the this son very small Pi Xia seems to be not calculate what hard accept of great problem.
Double the feet Be tiny to make an effort, knee the slightest and motionless, the body tightly stretches tight, the list has already made him spring up a long with the strength of the toe of Gao.
The body gets empty in the half, wind force feel right against the face, his arm opens, the whole individual similarly keeps on dropping into like the wodden post.
Fall to the ground of, have already arrived at to count a rice outside.This result lets he rather the feeling is surprised, withered wood achievement under of the speed is in fact not the slightest slow, only this kind of way that jump up seems to be a little bit ultra conservative, if be seen in the night, afraid is meeting drive will that kind of from long rectangle square of, is good enough to the some thing jumping in the long box of packing next person associate to arrive together.
Suddenly, kid's heart suddenly rises in his heart, in this way the beginning fled indiscriminately in the woods.
With he strength inside the 10 F is bottom, which afraid are that the legs are unyielding, hands motionless, foot also remain is as packing spring coil, if fly of leap toward the front.
Don't say to is those little animals all the way, which afraid is to meet a flock of bad wolf, is also frighten turn round and then run.
After all, in the big forest can have never appeared this kind of peculiar living creature.Although this kind of living creature didn't send forth what relentless of vehemence, even if is so an ascend for a while, every time have two meters at least are much Gao, count the far ability of rice, also let the living creatures of great majority are all of afraid.
Along while after, once the He blare finally and play enough, he this just stops down.Whole body of inside strength operation, ripples achievement Be flooded to each blood vessels in the body, don't lead a short moment, his body already completely resume normal.
The smiling face that takes an excitement on his face has hard and depressive joy in the heart, was like a kid to get a divertive toy sort and have the felling for doing not want to put it away.
Slowly, he finally calmed down down, in this a moment, seem in his heart is have a kind of difficult to express vacant.
Have how many times, he has already had no felling like this.
Seem to be from that day at the mid-night, he after getting some kind thing in the lake, had no felling like this any further.
From that day after, he becomes idea layer after layer, the merriment of childhood seems to be already to keep off him but goes to.
Two years, in these two years, he never a moment elephant just so of follow one's inclinations, have no have scruples about of joyful.
He looking at instauration such as often, strong and healthy and emollient arm, the Tu ground thought of a problem.The withered wood function enough makes people's mood dead silent down, but just he is dead silent down of, it is his this heart to seem to be not, but he always the bitterness bitterness suppress of a kind of camouflage.
After this silk camouflage fade to go to, make a show of of, is his real heart.
He quietly looking at his own hands, is like one don't have the slightest angry statue general, in the heart numerous mind Fen Ta but go to.
Very long, very long ……
His title hopes a sky and have already resumed one in the eye pure clear.
Responsibility is just as big as ability, this is the daddy have been hanging in the words in.He can acquire fortuitous in lake, so will have some things to destine to lose.
But if make him from the beginning choose, let him return to that night once again, he still doesn't hestitate of sneak in water.
Only, he can't daze, but proceed without hesitation this time, 100 deads are without the regrets.
In this a moment, the point of two in the last yearses intravenous drop drops all present in the at heart and seemed to be once to sublimate in his heart, once like turn a transmuting of chrysalis sort, didn't the slightest resemble Huang and daze any further in his eyes.
The gusset is tiny tiny on flicking, inside the body of inside the strength remain is flow to turn endlessly.
But what he makes use of can not only is only a certain inside the strength, but let in the body this time four kinds of is majoring in achievement method is alternative to make use of.
First is the gold fastens of mix a dollar the strength is water to fasten later on of ripples achievement, close behind is the withered wood achievement that wood fastens, end is the fire fastens of very hot fire achievement.
After all of four kinds of achievement methods flowed to turn 1 turn, inside the strength turn into to mix a dollar a strength once again.Go round and begin again thus, imitating the Buddha is endless endless.
After, a short moment's He a blare to clearly respond.
Along with inside the conversion of strength flow to turn, his body's seeming is to produce a kind of felling that lightly floats a sort and seemed his ability to acquire a tremendous exaltation in the moment and have strong self-confidence that can control a creation sort.
This self-confidence still embodiment at he for inside strength of control on, his seeming to be at any time can reappear that day gold hat Mang one knife split a dead felling.
He seems to control inside the body at any time of four kinds of different inside strength achievement method, let they make use of at the same time, and at moment the explosion come out.
But, this is only a kind of felling, and this felling keeps on being slowly thin.
Because when his inside strength help the method turn to°from the very hot fire achievement to mix a dollar strength of, unexpectedly be suffused with to have a kind of mightiness of obstruct feeling,cheap beats.
This kind of felling abnormality of suffered, drop that breakage that is indiscrete to feel complete.
And along with this kind of sad that the felling strengthens gradually, inside the body the major in achievement method of the conversion seem to also keep on maintaining.Is like the machine of one set nicety, once among them a certain link appeared a fatal problem, can not revolve any further general.
Is long long of sighed an one breath, He a blare is finally self-effacing to give up.
However there has been number in his heart, and also have a solution.As long as seek a soil again to fasten an achievement method self-discipline estimate and then can work out this problem once.
Just, his will isn't strong.Because for at the moment of he to say, common achievement the method have already been getting notter worth looking at.
After all, with his current real strenght, at open mountain 36 types under, which afraid is grandpa and Xu Yin Jie, only afraid all don't necessarily his opponent.And even if is that he worked out this problem, that Qing dint one shot after will be collapsed and fainted and not come to of result also the elephant make him would not like to go easily touch.
The rosy sunset that is tiny to shake head, see gradually depressed horizon, once the He blared to release a step, toward this but go.
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