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Originally have no energy to stretch into, Li Yuan and then understood the knight's meaning right away, under the sistuation that don't touch the condition of the injury of knight's chest as far as possible, go toward the Tao in the knight's bosom.
Li Yuan and of the finger was very quick and then ranned into a thing of square in the knight's bosom, should be the thing that the knight wants to take by himself[herself], hurriedly take out come on seeing, but is the iron card in a black.Iron card only has palm size, a side engraves "empress Qin" certain context, while another side then engrave an exhibition wings fly of eagle.But that knight have spirit to feebly toward Li Yuan and say:"I, I is city garrison forces in the south of city, garrison forces of patrol!Explore, explore intelligence report, city outside of, the black tiger out of the city, the black tiger Zhai is gathering troops, idea, intention takes the offensive a city south city!"
Li Yuan and on listenning to this talking of knight, immediately and greatly ate a surprised, but that knight is just saying with the last silk energy:"The black tiger Zhai about gathered two about, more than 20,000 person, the threatening force is huge!Report castellan quickly and quickly!"Finish saying this last words, knight's head a slanting, but is fainted to die to pass by.
This time, just once used becoming of lunch in the home the persons like tiger,etc also slowly and longly walked to city gate, but is the this time prospects that saw a city gate, not from must greatly eat a surprised, hurriedly ran Li Yuan nearby, but didn't know to take place what matter, whether oneself should ask.Li Yuan and made an effort to hold to shake hands a medium iron card, to become tiger etc. person order way:"Zhao Yong!Zhao Meng!Qian Lao Jiu!You immediately close the city gate!Forbid to pass in and out!Become a tiger, you notify three other, say to may have the enemy the soldier to come, let them also close city gate!Wu San, you hurriedly go to city and guard Wei official residence in the school, seek Wei adult in the school and explain the circumstance here and the school Wei adult!Xu Lian Sheng, you go to inside a city of cure building, call in a few doctors and come over to cure this wound on the brothers body!Ma Er's pock-markses, you stay to look after this brothers!I go to castellan mansion 1!"
Li Yuan and by leap and bound under the handle knob of the tasks all ordered a part, right away go toward city inside run, leaves six under charges but is a Qu in every aspect and mutually, Qian Lao Jiu gingerly hopes to become tiger, ask a way:"Elder brother in Chengkong University really needs to close city gate?But have no the order of Wei adult in school, close the words of city gate so without authorization, we are to all want to eat responsibility for of!"
Become tiger but drive Li Yuan and just said of"had the enemy the soldier to come" to frighten, city south the city is so many in the last yearses, when once rose a warfare, become tiger ever since was here bad, have never listenned to have the enemy the soldier already.But see at present this young soldier miserably elephant, is still the shape of Li Yuan and get excited, but is already to let into a tiger to have 90% to believe, right away and then bit to grind teeth, drink a way:"Need not said more!The adult ordered, we shone on to do be!The city gate closes, regardless passes in and out and all prohibits!You after 3 close city gate, picked up a gun for me to stay by the side!That money is old nine, need a meeting you to climb a city head to looking at and below have Zhao Yong to stay by the side with Zhao Meng to have no problem!"
Is public you took a look me, I took a look you, two tallest military officers of defending city of north city gate all delivered words now, they wanted to listen to orderany naturally and all immediately started to be busy, and became a tiger to also hold firmly time to nearer city east the door run.
And say Li Yuan and is trying very hard to now ground the castellan mansion that go toward inside the city runs to, stayed in city in the south of city for several years so, the nature was to know where castellan mansion is.Just now Li Yuan and simultaneously run, but in the mind is turn everything upside down.The fame of this black tiger Zhai, Li Yuan and once heard as well, is exactly in the city south city with north 50 many inside of lie a bandit of tiger top of hill.Hear is a group of deserters whom 15 year agos went down south from the north built up, but spoke of this bandit, in city surroundings in the south of city, but is to have a lot, but have never heard that they had a so big courage to dare to strike against a city south city.
But listen to that patrol say, the black tiger Zhai unexpectedly gathered more than 20,000 persons!But although city in the south of city is an empress is Qin's a big city defense, because be located in after Qin's interior region, be very all apart from frontiers far, so inside the city basically have no how much guard a soldier, about also only more than 1,000 persons.Although say these regular guard the material of soldier to want far far above the bandits of city outside,after all have no somebody else's number many, just so-called ants bite to die elephant more, were it not for other effective of the words of measure, light depend these more than 1,000 persons, is the attack that anyway also arrives to can not hold up against the other party 20,000 people.Wait until those poor fierce flagitious bandits outside the city to go into the city, only afraid city south common people in the city will be getting more unlucky!
The castellan mansion that arrives at to be located in the center in the city in quick time, Li Yuan and right away and then walk toward the front door of castellan mansion to, but drive doormat those two well-known scholar soldier to blocked down, one among those well-known scholars the soldier is wrinkly eyebrows to drink a way:"Brave!Are you who?Unexpectedly dare to be good at to rush a castellan mansion?"
Li Yuan and hurriedly toward two well-known scholar the soldier embrace a boxing to say:"At under is the city of the city north door to guard to take charge of Ma Li Yuan and,Beats by Dre BMW!Want to report castellan adult important military situation!Still invite two brotherses to notify 12!"
Those two well-known scholar the soldier listen to Li Yuan and of talk, immediately peep out one silk suspicious shape, seem to be to Li Yuan and of talk be not very trust.Even if Li Yuan and really is a city to guard to take charge of a horse, but that also just the military officer of lowest Class in the troops, and still keep guarding in the city gate every day, can have what military situation report a report?
Li Yuan and a see two well-known scholar none of soldier believe, this bottom then some worried, that patrol just says that black tiger Zhai's coming to offend city, but doing not say is when.In case of the battalion of black tiger Zhai at be apart from city defense the words of distance not, this delays, didn't delay important event?Li Yuan and made an effort to knead to knead a pair of boxings, suddenly thought of to still hold the iron card of that patrol in the hand, right away and then the hands offer up iron card and send to those two well-known scholar soldier's in fronts to say:"This is the patrol that brings military situation takes of make card, at under say of, is all true, also ask brothers to notify castellan at once, the military situation is urgent!"
Before drink to ask Li Yuan and of the well-known scholar soldier is wrinkly the eyebrows once connected the be stained with is full patrol blood of make card, cautiously took a look, but is facial expression to greatly change.Although this soldier basically has no military ranks, just common little soldier, guard in the castellan mansion doorway, in this soldier making of patrol appropriation the card Be natural to is to once see, one eye's seeing this to make card is true.Words like that, Li Yuan and say of, they also believed for several cents, right away and then to nearby of the companion say:"You looking at here,Beats by Dre Electroplating, I right away notify castellan!"Finish saying, then and urgently and in a hurry opened a mansion door, went toward to run inside the castellan mansion.
Li Yuan and is to loosen tone on the whole, toward leaving of once the guard soldier embrace a boxing and meant a gratitude.That well-known scholar soldier sees Li Yuan and is a military officer, unexpectedly have no the slightest overbearing pride, also not from get to Li Yuan with had some good wills, right away and then invite Li Yuan and enter mansion, take a rest in seamy side in the mansion door.

Completely inexperienced in society chapter 7 castellan
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However Li Yuan and is to don't take a rest how long, very quick, the soldier who lefts for a notification in times before then rushes through back and sees Li Yuan and sits upright to take a rest over there, hurriedly Be running and shouting a way:"Li Si Ma!Li Si Ma!Is quickly quick with me,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com!Come with me!"
Li Yuan and on hearing the soldier's hello, it is a castellan to then know is seeing him, hurriedly stand up, rush through toward the soldier.One ⑹k The novel wαр .⑴⑹kxs .The C OM sorting gets in soldier's district under, Li Yuan and turn west to turn in this east inside the castellan mansion, Li Yuan and since the childhood grew up inside the big spirit of mountain temple at that palm, live of the biggest house is also now live of small four match a hospital, how is once walking in so big house, but the momentary is to turn is dizzy and giddy.Walk in a short while, but is the well-known scholar soldier who crashes into a front, this just raise head and discover that well-known scholar soldier have already taken him to arrive at a hall outside.
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