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Do two hands also quite good.I pour to and see, you 11 teachers fight level how."
"Feed, feed, two what is this a stem?"The summer is prosperous an open atmosphere not to, quickly station at person of a pair in the center do is as old as matter:"I say always Jin elder brother, you now son is how?How with take a gun medicine general, is the quick temper so blunt?Everyone is a classmate to learn friend, what is up want not to open don't want a fist can not?……Ah! positive sun elder brother, you don't also excite, the somebody else arouses you two you can not stand?How does this go!Calm down, dispassion ……we are to fill the vacancy military officer, not a street rascal, have to have poise, keep poise!"
Slowly the Jin is always just an of oneself and Chen Chun Li, exactly should develops what relate to vex, say a little bit more beautiful felling is to Chen Chun have no, that is basically to tell a tall tale, young girl Chu Chu's moving eyes are still very attractive, and as long as have no stupid like pig, can see Chen Chun Li to Xu the Jin always has different feelings, love this thing very blindly, everyone thinks impossibly, can it but it happened that occurrence.
Is slowly rational to tell always Jin, he is a soldier, now is a war age, as a soldier, may tread the footsteps of elder brother Chen Chun Li at any time, military officer and warrior are equal in front of bullet, besides for encouraging troops morale, Chinese troops assault the military officer have to hurtle while withdrawing most before again want to walk at end noodles, by so doing, the dead and injured ratio of regiment class following military officer is always high.Join the army schools to graduate, he still wants troops of, at no matter the troops is to be a second lieutenant or be first lieutenant, the risks all compare him to be non-commissioned officer long want Gao Duo, unless Xu always the Jin make use of authority be shrink a tortoise, can this again not agree with to match Xu always life philosophy of Jin.For being responsible for Chen Chun Li, he should keep certain distance with Chen Chun Li, had better neglect, the Hui sword cuts longing of love and strangles the love probably taking place in the middle of sprouting.
Realistic is slowly the Jin is always a normal man, he equally hopes earnestly to own he's natural affection, friendship and love.In front of Venus, it is so-called and rational to build of the defense line is as thin as paper, needless how Tong, top will appear a hole.
E green China body, small peach blossom, Anne pomegranate skirt.The son is wild to smell song, the week Lang attends to a song and once angered a husband.Is long to live abroad to worry a person, scattered, the blue sky break cloud.Where did you eliminate a soul?Beginning three night month, fourth bridge spring.
Although slowly Jin and Chen Chun always beautifully meets with Luo in the middle of 《Liu Shao Qing 》 that chair is a description of totally different, can since departure make track for the mood of keeping in mind the old matter but generally have no two after Huang Bu military school again see Chen Chun Li.At emotion with rational, how the taking or rejecting let slowly always Jin dilemma, positive as it does, he just vexs.By this time Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang comes over, not the knowing somehow lights a fire for explosive bucket, this truth that how could it be doesn't deep-fry?Slowly always Jin originally the temperament return calculate moderate, belong to a person not to make me, I not prisoner, if the person makes me, the lord that I examine oneself first, serve as soldier, ascend battlefield, this courage greatly gets up, the quick temper was good at.Have ever put together the person of bayonet, also feared fist hand to hand fight?One belly depressed Xu always Jin not want subordinate see red, that just Be getting ater ease.
This person belly bowel in Shandong of Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang than the other people turn more so severals curved, can he also has a Shandong's the person the special quick temper, five big three thick Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang originally despise slowly always Jin so"scrawny south pretty son", always want to learn by exchanging views with"south pretty son" a Chinese boxing of profound meaning, let these trick in many ways deceitful mean person knowledge knowledge what call Cang state martial arts, can slowly always Jin before always face up hang smiling face, again how toss about, he even the fart doesn't put 1 as well, let Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang of irony and mockery feel have no from start.Today slowly the Jin always jumped out on one's own initiative, although frightenned Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang on jumping, positive with his appetite.
The summer clipping betwixt is prosperous misery, a pair"two Leng sons"s all got angry, a drum wear the Sai help son and glower bead son and across him to have fun to have to push a hand, he clips betwixt a body not from F, although wanting to persuade 2 don't so the wildfire annoy, can somebody else's hands all moved, he has no ability again a to a pairs, again how may a pair does the person advise to open?Look for person to come over a help to persuade?The troops strictly forbid to fight Dou to beat and knew for military instructor, a pair person who don't also get to run, whether expel from school to pour not necessarily, black house of that is to can not avoid.Really want so, these are two still don't record to hate himself/herself?Said again, keep off the student movable area here, waited him to call in the past people again come back, perhaps here have already seen red.
Have no two times son, and matter the old summer is prosperous drive a pair the person rushed through to go out.The summer is prosperous to stand outside to pull throat to keep advising, can he can rub to begin, harding put will be hasing a competition of a pair person separate.The person of a pair inside the field beats now of just come strength, sees a pair the person act quick like lightning flash, the boxing,such as Mount Taishan, presses a crest, leg absolute being Long Bai Wei, one is the gold Peng exhibition wings, the another returns one right away shot the hungry Mang look for food, 1 are to lock throat,cheap beats by dre, that claw son looks to want to grasp a blood hole to come out on the neck, another one comes right away a pair Long Duo Zhus, two fingers like fork rush the other party eyes in the past, urgently and malicious saw certainly hide slowly at 1:00, later need not again see outside of world of sensual pleasures.Certainly, a pair person makes more of be still black tiger Tao heart this kind of directly and simply of action, everyone is the person who has abundant true war experience, understand what is a big Qiao if Zhuo, easy, carried enough a strength, a shot keeps a boxing to rush the other party bottom of the heart but goes, as long as beat solid, affirm along while return however annoy, by this time is the opportune moment that beats mercilessly to fall into water a dog.Just this recruiting to really too and in brief, to their these people hide is also very easy, a falsely sway and then can turn passive is active, immediately after send present in return opponent with the same action.Can the opponent can also hide, and return to counter-attack, each other has scruples about under, the strength using always needs to stay up three centses, in case recruit type over old, when the time comes the stem suffers beating have no strike back of dint.The heart herewith thinks that a pair person the chest face all got many boxings, but didn't see which lose fighting strength, the darling raises hand to surrender.
The summer is prosperous to see nerve-rackingly,beats by dre cheap, he cans not figure out, be just one speech at enmity with, how these 2 make not and play a human life can not?If this continues, also have no call to other people to advise, a pair person directly gets fired to go home.
Make people unable to cay or laugh BE, from Xu always the fighting of Jin and Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang, the summer prosperous deep feeling Wu arrives a Prussia military theoretician Carl--gram Lao fill Wei Ci in 《war theory 》 and opened "what is a war" that the article writes.The gram Lao fills Wei Ci to say at 1:00 all right, a pair is personal physical fight,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, the each square dint diagram is used the will that the physical strength forces the other party obedience he or she, his direct purpose is to rout the other party, make the other party can not do any holdout again.Now slowly always Jin and Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang not force the other party obedience oneself's will in effort?They all want to rout the other party, the other party can not do any holdout again, only violent behavior science and technology content of of two countries is a little bit high, there is airplane hasing warship to have chariot to contain big gun, the most basic infantry, everybody still has one pole rifle.But the physical fight of in front seem to be too originality, there is absolutely no science and technology content.
"The president came!"Urgently win to living Zhi, summer prosperous drum foot strength, hurtle a pair person to shout at top of voice.The summer is prosperous understand, if preachment the officer came, this estimate would be an ear side breeze, general of the military instructor can don't well take care of them these from fight hero to constitute of continuing education class student.Only the president can shake to take two, as for which president this is of no account, importance of is voice have to be big, the language sentence has to be brief and urgent.
Indeed as expected, on hearing "the president came" just still beat you died a pair that I lived"Wu Lin's superior", each jumped an one step backward right away, together brush to turn a head to hope a summer prosperous, want to see a president's where from the summer the prosperous look in the eyes.
"I say the elder brothers, everyone isn't to kill father enemy again, use wear so life and death to mutually put together?However is some conflict of speech, have no necessity, 2 sees, you what kind is this like now?See still haven't to punish truth to the military instructor?"The summer is prosperous to quickly and again stand on a pair person in the center, in case they beat again, seeing Zhang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang has to talk and quickly say again:"Positive sun elder brother, everyone is his/her own person, the somebody else isn't to once say, together and up lead to learn, together once served as soldier, together the Piao leads a prostitute, this just call elder brother ties?We now three together had two together, also calculate very iron, your boy that opens mouth Sun to order Related articles:

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