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Don't think idea, because …2310 people of each big Mao Pei …drive arrogant organization and influence to divide, if he the handle knob stretches in the somebody else's site, is that oneself to seek not and to heart's content and hear afterwards several general situation dint of of the dish inside don't have general situation dint existence, thought of to mix a life here, in case Be with other people contend for robbing a find.
Although the time of beginning also oddness why so fatty site, will have no big organization and general situation dint to participate, this not agreed with the behaviour style of matching the bad influence too much.On finding out to just know, that what don't the Yang temple basically can not go, this doesn't know not to say over there, now by the side of East China Sea up start to set up of don't Yang pass the woman without pubic hair palace basically disallow the player out of the influence into.
But the fragrant space lira of another fragrant space lira household city more need not thought, that is 《difference boundary 》 for sub- guy root inside of the biggest robber, is still that the system of his Ya admit of thief's regiment, do you ascend their site to steal things?The somebody else doesn't pick you cap-a-pie light just strange!
The east shopping area in the sky?That recreational player in the place is numerous, the company spreads to stand up like a forest, really is the most fatty place, but that about a street in the place have 8 to be like his regiment like this,google, oneself only robs sites to all beat dead tiredly every day and also rather seek an a little bit poor place to slowly mix.
Still have that what alliance the city close, is also a son Hun water, the influence interleave is complicated of he saw all dizzy, like many influences of ten thousand players, incredibly the Ge was divided into up to thousand small influences, every day light the internal war beat similar to United Nationsly and walk on the road all carelessly can be shot come of flow Shi to kill one by mistake, who dare to go?
It is said that the company alliance of the thickest illegitimate profit closes, that is whole from reality of the ten greatest businesses alliances constitute.Don't say to steal, if a carelessly capture a huckster extorts a , than steal to return to money for half month.But somebody else that place put clear golden light flickering.Will surprisingly this circumstance of emergence?So all of the city Wei of the alliance pass of somebody else company is the security company in the reality of back a service special kind soldier, walk on the road haven't stretched hand be captured, mixed fart?
Still have that what 13 Qiu countries is also all arrogant the lord of reasonable haven't of oneself is a some large bad influence to control of, in case of asked for them, a river's lake makes track for to kill to make can you are from 《difference boundary 》 in make track for to kill a realistic inside again make track for to kill back!Write to think that that cans not go, either for the sake of the small life.
End the troublesome elder brother who leaves this oddness under of sand city tribe and encampment in the gold coast.Sand city tribe there although can not help the player go to, but there person's discharge isn't high, all of great majorities are aborigines, the aborigine has what steal so much?
So only gold this target in coast, although is equally guarded by large force, can is where here?In addition to the east shopping area in the sky outside number advanced base the biggest business city, because aborigine tide player body the top is all bag of the drum drum bag bag, most BE, so fatty place, incredibly have no whichever influence to gain a place to come in, seem to be here as influence vacuum district.
Those general situation dint doesn't be dared, is having would like to, can be like him the small regiment like this didn't have scruples about so more, as long as not and directly asking for the player of sand city tribe and steal those purses of players that come to shopping basically nobody tube, say again even if be held tight is also so return to matter, at most drive flat.Hang is also 8 businesses of hours, basically the nobody is trueer.
His feeling this gold coast still at that time is really a criminal heaven, neglected to go together advising of elder generation Zu interest vulgar bluntly pulled a troops to come right away, discovered here of small regiment still true many, a still fattily flowed oil, immediately regret have no early,cnn.
But once they saw down the street one the strange troops was also the little animal of a hair Song Song to take a to go shopping for sub- monster, the small Dou Dou on the neck inside still packed a lot of matrix currencies.If he see the strange little animal of the Song of that hair Song incredibly will take out money to buy snack to eat by himself/herself and immediately have idea, knowing the so intelligent pet price is very high, but those two huge wolves and that big monster typical model are high class wars to spoil, grasp to arrive at a hand a to sell, estimate than win 5,000,000 return to money!
He at that time regretted and then regret at had no before the event ask clearly, just discover that brigade pet and war spoiling seem basically no one took, oneself is so in the city indiscriminately stroll, spent money pass like flowing water similar everywhere bought thing eat, incredibly comparing of the eating of fork fork he good, on impulse take younger brother up, who know their 2310 people was given by a group of monsters that Nue don't say, also be rushed through of the city Wei beats.The half dead closes inside in the private prison of sand city tribe, to the somebody else do quick half month of hard labor just let out, beat that later they just know, that helps the son little animal and the war spoil, feelings is what somebody else bothers an elder brother,Facebook, that hair Song the silvery small monster cleverness of the Song of excessively, will oneself spend money to buy thing to eat not to say, it***incredibly still know to return change!
This also even if, run into someone to want to beat its idea, side have three greatest bodyguards to round to beat not to say.That small monster Dou there is still a small whistle in the Dou.A see a circumstance not to, it is fierce to blow, the city armed escort ratio runs into an enemy to invade to come all quickly!
Can say, you asked for the player of the sand city tribe never mind, beat however can also run, can you have to ask for that small monster, the gold coast is foolish not bottom go to don't say, that small guy still records enemy and occupy have no matter set the regiment comes over to turn over to provoke you, if you dare to run an another city, incredibly his Niang of and someone goes toward risky association task placard up hang yours "hang to appreciate a fund"!
Know what BE"hang to appreciate a fund.Yao?Very comprehension, "hanging to appreciate" is someone's some money to look for person to revenge to kill a so-and-so enemy for he or she once.But"hang to appreciate a fund" then ignore is who, as long as can kill that.The person being hanged to appreciate can get money at a time, that hanging of small monster appreciates the total amount of funds to see of make people's eye dizzy, you once saw hanging of a small monster appreciate fund than don't Yang temple, the joss-stick space lira household these big guys hang out of gathering and appreciating is the fund quota still high?
He heel a help sub- brothers because asked for that small monster, ever since that time drive from the sand city"the farmland Hu let out in prison.On that day ran by transmission can be hanged, "hang to appreciate a whale spot nbsp;nbsp;After signing.Be shone on three meals, add midnight snack and take snack every day of wildly flat, almost nervous breakdown, under a certain eldest brother's reminding, have to the again returning to of the honesty encampment in the gold coast, be humiliated quick 1 by a small monster.Month, that small monster is tired of playing to just pass them.
Once this matter think of, a help the son the person a nasal discharge a tears of, this is very not easy at the tide of aborigine come of time, they a help the son the person to follow blind mix, do the real strenght to in wait above level.Wish as long as don't ask for that to help the son small monster.Shoulding be able to walk sideways violent in action is a ?
The but again asked for a person who seems to be with that small monster to have a little a relation, was all tossed about to have a little mental shadow of robber head head, looking at that small monster to hum Ji to hum Ji of leap down from the huge wolf back, trample his shoulder to rush toward into the bosom of that fatty sheep all of a sudden, again is lick and is an arch, don't lift much warm and affectionate, immediately facial expression pallor of similar to ghost, cringe a stammer way:"You, you, you can't be that what bother an elder brother?.
Numb Fan smiling way:"Yes!Have advice?.
Robber head head once two eyes turn over, time prepare to faint, shoulder drive die life of on clapping, the Leng is to don't faint, turned head a to see, but was a sand city the tribe halt the city Wei of tallest encampment in the gold coast to get generally, well-known fatty snail, fatty elder brother!
The fatty snail claps his shoulder very surprisingly:"How to is you again?You ask for again who?Your this unlucky kid, hasn't taking advantage o the hair ball thought of you and also not and quickly and hurriedly runs?A short while that small monster heel its host Be warm and affectionate to finish, thought of you, you waited to cry!I can tell you, recently that guy is from a helped the sub- husband's younger sister grandmother to learn again there many very evil flowers recruit, E?You was this to cause trouble again?Calculate, the fatty elder brother is in good humor today.Back money to the somebody else, don't grasp you"
Robber head once the head listen to, at a stretch didn't come up, the Ceng wears fatty snail downwards slip away, the fatty snail sees soft lie prone of robber head head and smiling of numb Fan.Suddenly Related articles:

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