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 "Escape quickly."Orchid virtuous Si the first returns to absolute being and pull the hand of small You the facing perpendicularity rush at the snow line of the direction ran to open with all strength.The Ao Luo is thin to close on the heels of at after, part purse bow sword what of throw down, fly virtuous Si of generally close behind orchid to run about wildly.
By this time, which and someone attends to up to ambuscade what of, flee for life important.
The eye sees those from cut off the peak of Gao up rolled down all the way, the along the road carries secretly a great deal of accumulated snow more and more roll more thick, more have many piece of stones all drive snow regiment the huge impact dint bump ground, in succession and wear snow piece together roll to fall.
Need snow regiment and crushed stones breeze book the cripple cloud sort fell halfway up a hill, the threatening force avalanching is already to more deliver greatly more, as if cluster the landslide crack, nasty sea violent radicalism is general, spreads book that a sky covers a day come down, make the world all change countenance for it, being really unspeakable to terrible can fear.
The pound of the great universe the dint of the Bo, at this snow-white billow Long Long of in the push, overalied the whole slice of land of the whole slice.Didn't once know how long as well, everything just quelled down.
Mao ……
One Peng snowflake the vehemence start to splash half empty, two personal shadows drilled out from very thick snow layer bottom.Not much, among them slightly a little bit high shadow of human figures and then dug in snow ground very a burst of, pulled out another person again.
These three people are exactly a virtuous orchid Si, the small You is as thin as Ao Luo.
"Ao Luo thin elder sister how?"The small You worries of made an effort to lightly clap to clap the face of the warrior of female, the one was ice-cold there, all have no blood-red color.
"Be pressed by snow ……suffocate, in addition low temperature."The orchid virtuous Si is made an effort to pull quilt snow water wet of jacket, in the ground that the Ao Luo is thin to drag along snow.
"Defrost a medicine to have?"
"I come."The small You volunteers, suddenly the bitterness wears face way, " not like, none of bags at, only a purse."
Also the orchid virtuous Si bitterness wears a face and just runs urgently, shoulder bag what of all threw, put in the purse burning the evil sword wait an important product, the momentary also cans not finds things like in common use medicine water,etc.
Luckily 3 people all have already drunk cold medicine water of permanent anti- and have a certain resistibility to the chill and changed the common run of people, only afraid didn't suffocate to also want to starve with cold.
Flow to flow out in previous snow come, orchid virtuous Si 3 people have already run an equal distance and approach the edge of avalanche there, the degree for victimizing wants to be small many.Urgent time, the orchid virtuous Si was used to roll a stone to hold up front side, small You and Ao Luo thin also respectively call evil spoil, block next front side of a great deal of accumulated snow.
Just, the accumulated snow is still too many, once flowed out three high big"shield"s, still kept covering up 3 people.But positive because roll a stone, crystal knight and stone shield knight hold up the impact dint of the front side, just have never let 3 people drive the strength Nian that ruins a sky to put out ground become meat patty.
"Bad news, rolls a stone Be getting worse."The orchid virtuous Si knits the brows a way.
"Ah, crystal baby also damaged severity, seeing to these several dayses can not use."The small You smells speech and then also trieds to invoke own evil spoil all of a sudden, but discover, crystal the knight is the slightest unlike to roll a stone like.
"How to do?The "the small You looking at orchid virtuous Si, seem there is flower on his face general, " Ao Luo thin elder sister will be free of to?"
This work 16 k novel net exclusive writing version head hair, haven't yet to agree to can not redistribute, take off a plait, more lately the quickest chapters, please visit w ww,Facebook.16 k .Cn!Orchid virtuous Si face ascend a red, he patronized small You at that time, didn't have regard for Ao Luo thin, and the Ao Luo was thin also instinctive of protect small You the middle is at 2 people, but oneself fell in the outside side, therefore being subjected to the influence for avalanching is the biggest, haven't waked up at this time.
"What a mess."The orchid virtuous Si is made an effort a Nao head, " gets first to find back the bag for throwing away to come to just have way to fill a prescription.H'm, small You you look after Ao Luo first thin, I seek in neighborhood."
"Want to quickly come back."Small You wretchedness Xi Xi's saying.
"Know."The orchid virtuous Si wry smile wears and exceed the heavy step is in snow ground flounder before go, at present, is an expanse of white one.
Insect mother although at, had no the materials in shoulder bag, the insect mother could not make at all how many insects son, but common of the insect son has in this what use?
This perhaps is a virtuous orchid Si bother biggest of once.
Struggled half day in snow ground, orchid the virtuous Si is painful of discover, oneself still don't seek to the place, that avalanche destroyed a circumferential beautiful scenery, an expanse of white snow ground inside, the place that he basically cans not finds to be attacked.
There is no accurate position, the orchid virtuous Si doesn't dare as well to easily use the hole works properly of the extreme limit sense of vision of eye.Under the common circumstance, the hole works properly of the eye can not see through very thick accumulated snow to find out snow bottom, that not that obvious sorcery breathing again.
Thus, the orchid virtuous Si perplexs very much.
Spread a burst of sorcery motion in snow ground suddenly.Orchid virtuous Si first is a pleased, then pipe down again, that kind of sorcery motion, it is that unattractive motion to obviously isn't a sorcery pocket.
"The hand that is evil to work properly Hai explodes for me to open!"One is being stuffy to ring, pale such as a big hand of bones fiercely bomb from snow and start to splash foot to have ten meters to highly cover with snow dust.Orchid the virtuous Si be lightly tiny to squint, back to open one side, quickly lie prone on snow ground top on rolling, at the same time, the proud quickly appears, cage at orchid the shoulder of the virtuous Si up.
That hand's obviously wanting greatly must is several than the common run of people, but orchid the hole of the virtuous Si work properly of the eye sharply discover, the root of that hand is also the square whom the arm closes to a shoulder, with common hand of thick thin equal.
Is also say, that is the hand of serious a forearm and palm abnormal, and its top still replies to is similar to the material of bones.
Wait for a second, evil work properly a Hai hand of Yao ……orchid the virtuous Si suddenly thoughted of what, he immediately checked the data of the Ao method research meeting.
"The boxing of detestation works properly sorcery and the boxing warrior of method fusion but become by dead, they master in the boxing method private's attack technique, at the same time, for making up a boxing method the private attackstones the shortage of dint, the boxing of detestation doesn't hesitate and uses the strength of deathless living creature and is solid the particular dark sorcery to turn internal at the body.Usually, the boxings of detestation will choose a ghostly hand and rot it touches of the low rank sorcery of type.The hand that is evil to work properly Hai, is four rank sorcery the steel form after turning the bone Kai integrate into arm of the boxing of strange dint."
But the boxing of at present detestation, obviously what to choose is a high-level sorcery steel to turn bone Kai.The steel turns bone Kai:Four ranks, the dark attribute enhances to fasten magic trick, body internal or all skeletons long in addition to body, change into battle armor to get up the body protection.
Generally speaking, the boxing of detestation values oneself Wu Ji more, while the rare person put most energies in studying sorcery, therefore the boxing of detestation that can blend four rank sorceries is very seldom seen.
That hand finally presses on snow ground and support oneself a ground.By this time, the orchid virtuous Si finally sees pure, it is a Ma thunder to stand on oneself's in front unexpectedly particularly.
That age not old guy, unexpectedly have so strong ability?
Orchid virtuous Si Ceng of a Cuan rise from snow ground, don't wait Ma thunder particularly tremble to fall the snowflake of body of face then draw out Japanese dagger horizontal cut but go to, and the opportunity that he just doesn't intend to respond for the other party to come over.
Dang ……
The sharp Japanese dagger chops down medium Ma thunder particularly abnormal shape arm, start to splash repeatedly Mars and bone scraps, this sharp curve weapon is an indeed as expected extreme attack weapon, although the bone Kai of the other party is hard like steel, be still cut crack by a knife.
Just, that crack with can see without the aid of instruments of speed slowly make up last.
"Is you!I want to kill you."Ma thunder bellows particularly, the right hand being overalied by the very thick bone substance bombs however hits virtuous Si toward the orchid.The Wei of one punch lets the virtuous Si of orchid thought of previous that huge snow piece that collapses to fall, he hurriedly retreats to open several steps.
The huge boxing is malicious to hit to fall, snow dust start to splash to cover with, the orchid virtuous Si corner of mouth is one Yang, the Japanese dagger in the hand cunningly sticks to hit the ground noodles Lue to go and suddenly and up picks, inclined pare toward the Ma of thunder particularly of right elbow.
Ding ……
Indeed as expected, the bone substance of joint has to be weak and fine, so as not to influence vivid.However don't wait orchid virtuous Si to connect again again fierce, Ma thunder of boxing have already swept again beat off since then he.
"Is strange, with your age, how may attain while mastering in Wu Ji Related articles:

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