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Plan and prepare.
Have what to satirize a meaning rather BE, the most easy at this time of but is that victimize square of an of week royal house.Smell listen to Qin Jun this come not is put out his east week, faint the week Nan of Yong over there the king is almost happy to almost faint off in the past, in his eyes:Luo sun Wang Ji got close to an estuarine land to originally lie waste signs of human being and had no the people to live, how many fortresses also had no soldier can guard, the form is together nominal, then mow no harm to Qin Guo?
The eastern week consulted with Wang Ji royal house special envoy, immediately requite the Nan king in week, this old Emperor but just a time Zhao:"Want ~only immortalization Qin for week, special envoy but with full powers behaviour."Hence the week room special envoy immediately reaches treaty of alliance with Qin Jun, the ferry station outside the river that ceded Luo sun Wang Ji, no longer follow Korea to rush about to ask for help everywhere.

Chapter 237 strong or weak is clear
Chapter 237 strong or weak is clear
The week royal house gives up ground to protect a life and say that again Huan Hui king that, once he see four war countries have never sent troops to save, the eastern week royal house of that Si water opposite shore again happy must cede territory to get away, caught unprepared of he, immediately and then have no assertion.
In normal times inside from think clever strategy world a wait of Han Huan Hui's king, at this time any further can not figure out come what reply of account to strive for.Faced a to help to seem to become old nobilities of dummy, this king urgently must turned rounded and round.
Han Huan Hui, Wang Xin Di, is very self-contradict, open hostilities with Qin Guo?And Qin Liang Jun is clear to is real strenght to hang extremely, Korea's losing war is already idea to anticipate of matter;Cede Si water north segment and lost this contact wild king's main route and even lost further whole up party county, he again really is love if be mown by the knife.
Although Han Huan Hui's king isn't an enlightened monarch,the heart bottom still has so a little understand of, the close contact of the of this Si water, wild king, last party, his this king how could doesn't know again.But the pass Qiaos in it more is understand, discover more cede the center of earth of Si water painful,Facebook.
See Korea to don't definitely hesitate, Qin Guo that in response to Fan Sui of Hou unexpectedly nowise worried, receive Ao battalion to cast covetous eyes on ground to press in the big Henan shore and have never flicked a soldier to go down south.Fan Sui lightly on smiling, big pen a flick and then slightly write down the square of next move.
Wang Ji after receiving Fan Sui's secret return to book but is not hasty either to see that Huan Hui a king, he immediately attends to needs to have carouse in the most well-known wine shop of new in Korea, the great kindness invites the old nobilities alcohol in Korea to have a good time.
Drink for old nobilities over there in state of drunken ecstasy moment, Wang Ji Gu made to mysteriously reveal a news:This time Qin Guo only begs ferry station outside the river be not sealed by Korea to block up just, in no way put out the heart of ;But, if Korea refuses to cede, Qin Guo then wishes to form alliance with old nobilities in Korea and hugs to sign new Han Wang who would like to cede ferry station together.
On hearing this news, that helps old nobilities heart bottom to beat to have tabor in succession and have been already drunk more the smug old nobility have never hidden to block ground to shout to want to change this Huan Hui a king and seem future he is the hero who hugs to sign a new king general.
The common saying says that the in this world doesn't have no air goes through wall and add of Wang Ji 's this undertaking is to intentionally want to reveal this information to go out, fruit not it however, the news spread to Han Huan Hui, Wang Er, successfully in, this king is immediately surprised on the spot, stunned get the along while could not say a words.
The shen didn't cause political reform to do things by halves in those early years, these the in the last years was Korean the old expensive Zhouses staged a comeback in succession and respectively occupied a piece of fief, boring of still put speech to blame Han Huan Hui's inability king, that not the heart of minister is it may be said and abundantly clear.This Korea unless blood royal Zhang soldier, only afraid is Han Huan Hui's king have already been not in the scepter.
Good Qin Guo's help, old county family certanly will murder a gentleman another sign, or even Qin Jun as long as canning not station and just suggest, Korea then wants greatly disorderly ……read and the crisis is forthcoming, Han Huan Hui's king then no longer hesitates and immediately send one airtight make to rush through with beard Gu to leave for Qin Jun Da Dun's camp, then made the alliance of ceding the ferry station outside the river the second day.
Outside in the letter entrance to valley while arriving in autumn until white Ma Jin of 600 inside ferry station outside the river, then and all became national territory Qin's ground, all key position ferry stations all stationed Qin Jun Da Dun's camp.
Say to is a ferry station, actually but is a southern north breadth 20 insides, things grow 600 inside of the big Henan shore belonged to Han Liang Guo in week at first of all pass Ai key position.With offend Han Xing for from openly send army, end but soldier not the blood blade ground captured big river Central plains segment of the all want Ai ferry station, and don't be vigilant for six countries in Shandong, really is far hand over near offend of a great victory benefit.
Go to this, in response to Hou Fan Sui hope to greatly increase at national prestige Qin, in six country hearts in Shandong then became strong Qin Quan of the He He of Wei power mutually-
The temple secret room of king Qin, Qin Zhao Wang, rise 3 people to round a large project in response to Fan Sui of the Hou, the white of Wu An Jun, opposite seat on the floor.
Qin Zhao Wang looking at Fan Sui, white to rise this text one martial two Qin Guo's crests beam, his facial expression even easy, even let go of kingly shelf, happy ha ha the ground receive the minister of two gongs and personally rose to pour a full cup of the wine that a Jue cools by ice for Fan Sui, white.
Treat 3 people each after drinking one Jue, the Dong ground of Qin Zhao Wang is a , wine Jue very heavily is on the long case and put on to make the lips Cape growing the wine Zi of beard later on, , put a great way:"Thief his Niang, this wine that cool by ice, the taste is really a Huai not"
From Qin Zhao Wang from declare won Qin Guo Da Dun's right in the queen mother, Wei's Ran hand, going to this already the Li is a 3 years.Three in the last yearses, Qin Zhao Wang is big Qin Dong Chu's effort Dan Jing Jie Lyu, pay no attention, work excessively hard of he, top of head unclearly already now China hair, look old many.
However, Qin Zhao Wang's facial expression at this time is very stimulated, because he has never kissed Zhang big power before, the ground a long distance of Qin Guo Tuo of of the military merit of He He imitate the Buddha has no relation with him,google, he however is declaring that the guest of seeing of queen mother and Wei Ran under charge is just.
At present, because of this far hands over in response to Fan Sui of Hou near offend it strive for, Qin Guo Dong's slowly pushes forward, only half year remaining time, have to 陘 ground, south sun ground, Si water ground is three strategic important positions, this etc. actually beats solid military merit, in Qin Zhao Wang's eyes be truely belong to his own pride.
Still have more deeply 1 F, this time Qin Jun distinctly moves, its essential point lies in forming Mount Taishan to press the power of crest to Zhao Guo and decisive battle big as future Qin Guo the unification world clear out many obstacles.Qin Zhao Wang understands this**dint is more slightly weak than Qin Guo, the biggest obstacle of Qin Guo Dong's, so hurriedly taking the second-time Zhao Guo political reform hasn't truely launched, Qin Zhao Wang intends to exterminate Zhao Guo with one action he/she has already livinged strength.
"My king and see, here is wild Wang Cheng" points out to hit the ground diagram and explains to Qin Zhao Wang's clear voice in response to Fan Sui of Hou, that is intentionally pressed deep and low of voice inside, covering up is full don't live of pride and pleasing.These two maps of wooden board carvingses are exactly the map of Si water current area, is that Korea and darling ground in the week royal house dedicate to come up.
Having hundred percent reason in response to Fan Sui of Hou is proud, if the different countries held in high esteem his Fan Sui before, that because his Fan Sui was China the biggest country Qin Guo's prime minister.At present, he far hands over near offend of the plan yield unusually brilliant results and pull out 陘 ground and descend the south sun, water of Duo Si, short in less than a year, then is Qin Guo Tuo's number 100 inside.More decisive BE, take down a party for next move, decisive battle state-run built big benefit is at Qin Guo's power.
At this time, the various Hou of different countries and text minister force will hold in high esteem his Fan Sui, that is to greatly just hold in high esteem to him, be to his held in high esteem, but not only just again is that aureole of Qin Guo's prime minister that covers with on the body before.
The white of Wu An Jun since hope toward that wooden board map, the complexion is quiet like water.This is national Qin He He military merit, smell different countries in Shandong breeze extremely frightened of butcher war absolute being, greatly have Mount Taishan is collapsed to front but noodles constant color of flavor.
Ever white, is declare the queen mother and Wei Ran together supported of a noodles of Qin Jun flag, although it is said white just can Zhuo difference,cnn, although it is said Qin Guo's reward and punishment is strict clearly, but if have no guide and support of magnate he white rise feel the high that cans not does it the full general soldier, can not get Wu An Jun's tall Jue more.
Because it is in the influence in Qin Jun, because the real strenght of its oneself, Qin Zhao Wang and clean the influence remaining confederates of original queen mother in response to Fan Sui of Hou of, just have never dared to move him, even the hair ground thinks greatly of him more.
For Qin Jun Dong's, is going to decisive battle Zhao Jun, white since this real strenght parties force will at this time heart bottom even the Du settle.Proceed energetically to far hand over in response to Fan Sui of Hou near offend of plan, have already paved road surfaced for him, leave of will see his iron blood fighting.
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