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Measure to prepare to put a fan joss-stick."
Sting in the sky sneer at of tread guest room doorway, sees a moonlight bottom, a very small fan's cigarette takes care of to break to come in to spew out a smoke a fan joss-stick from the papered window.
Sting in the sky feels the bad person here still really work insurance, not only dosage in the wine, the putting of also dual insurance is fond of cigarette fog,Beats By Dre Justbeats, he treads to the front of the door.1 comes to go, in a twinkling would being to across a plank Chuai must pick severals at the door to hold knife big fellow be bumped to fly to go out.
"You!You!Haven't slept?"That doorway is small two, shopkeeper, there are also a few day labors, however is all holding of a bandit knife shape now.
Sting in the sky sneer treads to go out to a way:"Black store I saw many.However don't recognize Human body, all once warned to return to harm a person, you were really not afraid to die."
Not baloney, after certainly is open sword to fight.
And rain smell bellow outdoors and the voice of knife sword, afraid of tomorrow in the morning then see not get person Luo here.
Glint and flash of cold steel, demand the sky stab and make moves with snow silver Qin and would be in the upstairs and then drop into the next floor to three bad person dozens and go.A few day labors that that building renders assistance are to hold long-handled sword to hurtle again, the momentary table chair turns over to pour and roars sword to ring.Obviously the this kind of people has never experienced a real superior, the action that stab a sword in the sky they haven't seen the clear would being a s to all fall to there is no breathing on ground.
After treating to trail corpse of ground to go toward a house but go to of time, those second floors live the red Shan of one house to open the door to stretch forward to ask a way alone:"Need me to help?"
The sky stabs thin smile:"All fire away.Need not you bothered."
Behind wear a few graves to wrap on heap of house mound, afraid is early front drive here of the black store harm a dead person, sting in the sky covered up five corpses of bad persons and together matched to burn joss stick to offer sacrifices to with snow silver Qin and at last did obeisance for those killing the dead person revenging of ends fiestas.
"Tonight I heel you a house sleep, if you are thirsty at the midnight, I can carry tea for you."The pure Yi way is long to finish saying to cross legs to sit to meditate on the chair.But and rain is covering a quilt to looking at her below the moon facial expression once in a very long while can not be calm.
Moonlight fore the noodles a burst of noise for stabbing empress in sky again is calmness come down, the insect voice outside the window blares a night, if the moonlight in house washes, and rain basically could not sleep, but seem a pure Yi way long cross legs to meditate already asleep, across so short distance, and rain looking at her facial appearance and seem to recall arrive for a long time for a long time ex- childhood it recall~to the mind.
Everyone gets up soon, 5 people all changed to seek in that store of half clean river lake clothes, sting in the sky burned the black store in this wood, then everyone prepares to walk faster a time to curse mountain.
Hill path the small way is rugged, and rain this leg harm of severity, still keep walking trouble this morning.
Snow silver Qin is early love to sleep, sting in the sky is behind her back set out, snow silver Qin stabs on sky back the Ceng wear head and send out a little bit some dream language in, it is pretty much an amiability to look, this sees red Shans all exclamation way:"Originally you are 1 rightness, I at the beginning return be brother and sister."
That is long be stabbed by the sky to inspire with snow silver Qin, would be to also want to carry feet wound of and rain set out.
And rain today is kill all would not like to way:"Don't you carry on the back!I seek a sky to stab!"
Sting in the sky bites the dog tail grass Pei way:"Roll, I wife Bei , don't carry on the back a man,dr dre cheap.My wife returns asleep, Lao Tze just doesn't carry on the back you."
"You mind what!You saved teacher, teacher carry you on teacher's back are as it should be."The pure Yi way is long to say with smile.
And rain chase a double-edged sword when the walking stick supports a headway way:"I can walk by myself!Don't your the female's back I, have no more face."
"You only still youth, where is a man.Teacher carry you on teacher's back and forbid to resist!"Pure Yi way long persistence, and rain be compelled helpless, again afraid pure Yi way long have the strong, can discommode of drive pure Yi way long carry to set out.
The contact of the body, although the pure Yi way is long is he be the kid is general, the Xi martial manpower once annoys greatly, she carries and rain don't dare tired.Pour is and rain is all the way stiff, none of bodies dares to move, the spine that feels that chest sticking, once floated on the face of thin joss-stick show hair, all stimulate his feeling view.Can hear a pure Yi steady heart palpitates, also listen to own heart palpitates, and rain is to lower the head to feel pure a Yi way the long neck don't dare to lift red all of head.
Clearing up the weather today is quite good.Sting in the sky sees you later that and rain one face build a fire water to cook shrimp general facial expression, calls this boy again the true feelings wildly moved.
Sting in the sky turns head to decide in the heart and ignore how tonight is, have to get Long Yan Zhu to return go to!
And rain be been long to carry by the pure Yi way, public slowly walk this time hill path, unexpectedly also leave to don't far curse mountain.
Need to be canned see the Ding of cursing the mountain, and rain drive pure Yi way long back is the heart that can not endure again to wildly jump all the way and eventually, prevent°from being realized different, he eventually is openings beg for mercy a way:"Teacher, my leg was all right.You put me down.I walk by myself."Smell a pure Yi way the hair joss-stick that is long to spread out before the nose, lean against her neck pant, he never thus hard-pressed lead.
The pure Yi way is long to say with smile:"Be free, I carry you on my back to scaling ladder previous.However your boy still grew up.The weight anticipates at me outside, hereafter grow up a point again, I am really all too heavy to carry you."
"Put me down!"
"Ah ah ah!You don't want to pull my hair, otherwise I order you!"The pure Yi way is long to send down threat.
And rain is helpless, but is wave a body the Yi way with pure felling arm that is long to hold his leg more grasp of tight.He presses a heart palpitates and have to to lower the head to embrace her shoulder to lie prone none of atmospheres dare.Always having never thought will lean against to walk thus, and be still carried by her!
Now his the head grow with pure Yi way about high.Still remember at the age of 43 , the pure Yi way was long to also often carry him to play everywhere, but is that he is eventually to grow up at this time, but still she also like this carries him.
Embrace her shoulder, that kind of breathing that acquaint with spreads deeply wear feeling view, he has been liking very much thus of lean against her, say on the mouth don't , in fact heart in is hard-like in shape and think of with move.

Volume 15 bewitching pass anecdote chapter 408 breaks off to doom
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Chapter 408 breaks off to doom
The pure Yi way is long to sigh a way at this time:"If could come back yesterday, found out the amount of treasure bead according to you, absolutely can with in power fairy."
And rain embrace her shoulder way:"I don't want in power fairy."
"I only begged you to do an evil shadow for me, why you have been thinking is evil achievement?Would this favour not like to help?"
The sky of the front stabs they walk a little bit far and only have pure Yi with and rain of time, she the language center of gravity grow way:"Before still once did for me twice, according to your natural intelligence, which afraid was our 2 people only also ability break very high state, why you not would not like to.Yesterday meet while killing a snake demon danger's pouring is domineering, you great void's most severe sword Jues all the explosion came out.How now again is weak to get heel physically disabled."
"I can't do an evil shadow, will never!"And rain determinedly boycott.
"Why?You know for doing an evil shadow, how many strenuous efforts do I spend?It is alas."The pure Yi way gives a deep sigh spirit repeatedly, she carries and rain slowly go toward to curse mountain but go.
Leading again not and far will to cursed the scaling ladder of mountain to climb mountain passage after the mountain, and rain smell the fragrance on the pure Yi body,Beats By Dre Diamond, he moves also very self-contradict, the pure Yi way grows always quite good to him.But he has selfishness, he where dare to tell her afraid do evil shadow all because of she!
Would be at this time persecution in heart to suppress secret anyway is also can not open.And rain hold close a pure Yi way long neck, the head depends on her shoulder, this dependent time, although seem to be very immature, very weird, he leans against her shoulder and feels to think of very much, can not forget very much and would be to be slacken at this time, the body not perceptive desire touch slowly recovers, the idea reads of moment mistake, that not the characteristic that expresses but is suddenly have reaction.
The pure Yi way is long of feel back drive suddenly stare at hard object, 1 she stopped a step, but is still carry and asking of rain oddness"you take what treasure thing?Is a night bright pearl to put my waist?"
And rain frightened!Calls not good, oneself unexpectedly mind turbulent, that doesn't aware of self the body organ of emotional stirrings at carry of walk a crest to settle Yi way long hip.
The originally pure Yi way is long to is pure stunned speechless, but and rain in vain change countenance to frighten not to dare to move.
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