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Lead us, and then use money, and then use beauty, you don't recruit to admire."See come to this!~The elder brother is to deeply gain a lot of insight, the half plays trick of say.

Section 84
Segment truly a surprised, thought and be discovered by them what, facial expression immediately white get up, the calf delivers soft keep trembling, strong pack hard spirit ground to say:"Which ability, hold his Japanese devil, money beauty thinks round also the round doesn't arrive our this little soldier."
"Ha ha ha, national rise and fall, the ordinary person contains responsibility, money beauty how to make us sweet to be a Wu country of Nu."That person strongly taps a segment truly of shoulder.
Other several people see a segment truly facial expression some not normal, should only is again thought of devil to use there penal and cruel, who have never been subjected to these Xings, on several individuals face all already had muscular spasms with feeling ground for a while, impish son absolutely is not the Chinese be the person see.
The segment truly changed clothes together with them and covered up the uniform of camouflage and looked for to formally visit a shot brigade and also thought a way to conveniently send back a segment to truly and too go mountain.
BE looking for the on the way of visiting the shot brigade, they also not is very smooth, from break out of in the too original city come after, very not easy found out the place in the region to visit a shot brigade, didn't°yet be safe how long, the devil of big brigade starts cleaning up, the combat sometimes coming all of a sudden also lets and visits a shot brigade and copes with Xia not, the circumstance is always very bad, transfer and lead more combat, the segment truly tries very hard to in the heart bottom of curse old man son segment the expensive mountain is absolutely to want and persecute to death son on the battlefield, and fighting of Japanese devil he didn't also stay a hand, anyway isn't your dead is that I live.
The traitor of China brigade of Japanese devil and segment expensive mountain for canning let the segment truly return to eight road soldiers smoothly internal, but descend net cost, the spy that inserted eight road soldiers before's wanting Yao isn't communized, the Yao is to can not stand survey to expose, and segment truly this eight road soldier identity of the guard, Lien Chan, private can say is flawless, although it is said that day originally devil and false soldier Zu become of person horse at pursue a segment truly the visiting of place shot brigade, but have no with all strength attack, always continuously make a deceptive show of strength ground visit shot brigade to go mountain to drive out too much, even the segment all truly doesn't know ownly and nearby and take part in a person who rob the jail win be also inserted spy.
The comfortable day that ever since that time once enjoyed the wine good dinner and the beauty, the segment is truly even not understand, why oneself how can afraid of death so now, as long as fight hit by bullet a ring.He cannot helps but having a kind of throw down the gun takes to the heels and then runs of impulse, one fights down, didn't ring several guns to is like whole body debility for him, the cold sweat wasn't only, if not is see at oneself return the body have to hard in the middle of visiting a shot brigade support skin of head to pretty descend.
In the segment truly eye in, originally at eight road army corps department of the life compare with to visit a shot brigade ground life to say, be heaven absolutely like.Sometimes the open country walks walk next have heavy rain, sometimes just working well rice has to immediately transfer, river water in the forest even will imply wood corrupt empress of toxin, include segment truly at inside have many comrade's feet to all take place to fester, and at the midnight sleeping in also probably be suddenly called to come to transfer.
Under this kind of status with no regulation, the segment truly and finally still kept canning not holding up to fall sick, badly sick , suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, the energies of whole body are all taken out light, the Yang Yang of disease of he is sent to a surface is Shan-li to hunt a door.Secretly but is the somebody else whom the underground intelligence report stands.Was had to hand over to need false soldiers of grounds to pass by this family to still pack to play a few dramas while searching to visit a shot brigade, make a pretense of could not recognize a segment truly.
Lie a segment on the sickbed to truly feel be like understand why the old headman will only choose that he incubates to return to eight road soldiers and is acting from inside of Japanese.
Because other traitor of Chinas and spy not is don't enough cover of the identity is to can not edible this kind of bitterness, however fantasize the devils in future say of"total glory turn in big East Asia" of that kind of follow one's inclinations a day and want to be like the beauty spent, greatly chase of money, the segment truly returns to at last simply support down.
The murky segment is truly made a ground of person's voice by the outdoor subterranean heat to fight to come to on the first, the mire wall couch grass crest soundproof effect in the house that only has 45 houses isn't so good, kept at this family for several days, at hospitality of the host use dozen ground Shan-li game and herb medicine of nourishing under, the segment is truly still on the whole to resume some vitalities, he supports own body to walk to the hall house.Shan-li of the common Huang unmanned smoke says the true, really is a cold Ji of tight, there is so noisy day outdoors is not much, although it is said very careful at ordinary times fear be seen by the other people what flaw, but the day is getting longer, his heart next also calm, as long as he doesn't say to leak a mouth,cheap beats, which personal face up will write traitor of China two words.
Come to person up the No.100 outdoors, dispersion at outdoor of this up take a rest.Segment truly the station hoped one eye in the house doorway and seemed a group of students, the number is still many, although the noodles takes tired color but spirit very prosperous, 35 a heap of grounds scatter to sit on the ground, the house owner person isn't receiving these students, is busy in pouring water for them to quench thirst, really does understand ditch ditch in Tashan that these students run this nobody smoke to dry what.
The house owner person is leading at this time several individuals to this big house of walk, be like see a segment truly stand on the doorway, house owner the person's big voice immediately rang to get up:"Come, we introduce for a while, this is-"
"The segment is truly!~"
"Li Wei?!"
"You how here?"The segment truly almost opens mouth to say at the same time with Li Wei, 2 people all stare big eyes, having never thought can meet the other party in this kind of place.
"You?!"2 people open mouth at the same time again, Zhi for a while, swallowed words to return to at the same time again.
Once the person of the house owner see, these two comrades all know each other, but see their facial expressions are like that the mutuals what rubbish wanted to say, hurriedly way:"You understanding, come, sit in house, slowly chat, I received other classmates first to go to, you chatted, ha ha ha."See the house owner person Be also very happy to see have so many guests, his old woman Niang is busy at the pot the cooking stove is ex- to tidy up accumulate Zan down at ordinary times of pickle of salty meat and smoking the meat fall a pot.
Guide at the person of house owner under, Li Wei and segment truly 2 people sat down, Li Wei nearby of and blessing waited a person to tactfully help the house owner the person to do to live cloud.
The segment truly feels some embarrassed ways:"Wei son, do you first say that you were to go out a performance task?"Because Li Wei's task keeps secret, segment not truly clear Li Wei go where,cheap dr dre beats, carry out what task.
"The task completed and had already prepared to return to now!~What about you, how ran to come here, and three regiments, all the way how did I didn't see other comrades?Are you to come out to carry out a task?"Li Wei also in the oddness, segment truly not is should at three of guard connect, how ran to come here, three regiments also came over, but didn't also see the troops of three regiments all the way, and now compare from at the time that base came out, the blockader of devil was more getting tighter,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, segment truly the Zha rush out from a person of base, also is carrying out a task similar to him?!Li Wei guesses.
Li Wei speaks this sentence, segment some Huangs in sincerity however, Li Wei can also be regarded as this latent talent of one of the task targets, he doesn't know to say what good, and then fear Li Wei to see one some what, hesitate a good half-day, just slowly way:"In fact I am grasped by the devil go to after, again break out of come of."

Section 85
The segment truly chases in addition to he revolt of part excepted, a little bit synopsis' saying is 1 time, anyway and actually also bad not how much, as long as old man son segment expensive mountain and those Japanese women don't speak true facts, the others at most think that oneself was dragged along by the devil to another place start to use torture was whole for several days, already and afterwards from break out of in the prison come of affair, many persons who visit a shot brigade all know of, is just that Li Wei present to own form, old man son segment the names that the expensive mountain makes use of a preservation accept and return to again.
At from the old headman there return to a prison before the building, segment truly return a quilt call to a small room in, accept a Japanese devil that likes to take small whip son to take out a person to train what spy's technique, that impish sub- Chinese speaks stiller than oneself to slip away, as long as oneself walks the absolute being didn't cautiously listen to or play to show not goodly, signed a horse and then will get one whip son, this starting of dog day is malicious, absolutely be like at sell a monkey skill of is training a monkey, if not is to see in the old headman talk to persuade so much, he early put together with this impish son, at the moment segment truly with lend the devil novella spy's technique, chase oneself all bad Related articles:

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