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 The words of hellish thunder light, making the watermelon fierce must raise head and just had been being placed in a dead angle of visual field, she can not see the action of hellish thunder light, if just she knows that the land mine wants to go to for the penknife to be dead, believe that she can't definitely blame and scold suddenly making moves of leaf's maple.
The "land mine ………" watermelon Zheng Zheng asks, is still a first time, the persons like Mo,etc sees the watermelon expressing a shape of Qie Qie in other people's in front.
"Watermelon you also have no wrong, only breeze although the wild way of doing is suddenly some, end of result proof he is similarly right."The hellish thunder light is tiny tiny to watermelon on smiling, this smiles comfortable composition mostly, have to admit, the Ju is second to none under the majority of condition in the medium rules of watermelon, but the way of doing of leaf's maple than her more effective.

Is two 204 hanging of light
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51s are silent to start a matter slightly taking a rest behind,cheap beats.
The method instauration that can pass contemplation physical strength and magic, don't use drugs as far as possible, these was more such while aring consistent 《bright 》 player style and choice, especially carrying on a difficult task.
The leaf maple is just silently tallying up of experience, from own just of performance to see, those activities are very difficult rightness of to rise his/her own grade, a pastor of 52 classes, but repeatedly and almost go the teammate Ye into the dangerous situation,Artist Series, this circumstance is almost a novice BE.
Start to remember a be been called by the players in the arena before hour the first pastor's scene, leaf's maple light one breath, the first?First pastor but have never the troops to fix over any one, the assistance technical ability of study almost never once used for the others and even connected a treatment and had never added to hold as well on five above players and battled to the team of experience almost is zero!A truely strong pastor in no case should be so!
An all new mind appears in the heart of leaf's maple, right, oneself probably now what don't understand as well, for how lend support to the technique of teammate not well acquainted with but don't understand, always become accustomed to alone operation but the match of much more inattentive person, but, soon after, oneself must become one real of omnipotent of pastor!
The task is an opportunity this time, oneself can in no way make the whichever person in the troops face a watermelon circumstance like that again, can not even let the whichever person dead drop!
"My blue time is getting fuller."The just a burst of sorcery especially throws to consume evil mind storm, let leaf the maple MP threw away a lot, but compared others all quickly a time_.Benefit.Not and in a moment the time thoroughly resumed whole full, the station starts, leaf's maple cool-headedly opens a brigade to chat.
"Continue to set out."The physical strength of the penknife also resumes about, everyone stands up and respectively tidy up own very of prop and product, the troops start along snow ground continues to go forward.
Have never walked several step, and then fall among a few snow strange, however there is this time no covering up of huge rock, therefore have no again appear and suddenly discover that enemy's amount outruns the circumstance that the idea anticipates, several individuals soon put out to kill off snow under the match strange.Several distances of 100 meters, meet probably several ten snow all the way strange, after more than 10 minutes of effort, on penknife of road simultaneously kill strange, simultaneously push time to maple Chien of leaf to slightly introduce task ground a purpose and some need an advertent item, in fact, these thing should before the task carry on explain in detail clearly, but time urgent reason, can be inching now a lift.Finally and peacefully walking in a group of people so much is past.
Not and in a short while, the troops goes forward their destinations.
This is a scene of cave shape.On all sides one snow ground, and then big Zhang Zhu Kou in the cave of gloom keep a brigade the squad in the storm, breeze snow along with roar and shout a voice to keep into entrance to cave to infuse.The ground is one side by the side of the cave, a mark card firmly stands still on the ground.
The hole of night river.
See these four words, in the heart of leaf's maple immediately a jump.
Inching a turn over the ground in the travelling bag a bracelet, leaf's maple not behavior detection of light one breath.
Nightmare bracelet, need to be registered 1, system marking grade, S class.+1, +dint+1, HP upper limit+10 MP upper limit+10, the HP resumes speed+1%, the MP resumes speed+1%, the pass of night river.This bracelet attribute calls last garbage, but is the pass of new map, but the name of this new map.Is a night river!
Is familiar to know almostall leaf's maples of maps remember very clearly, atin take the night river sign ground map.Seem to be in the moment is the first that oneself once saw.
But according toof usual practice, the map of same words.In no case will very suddenly of have no connection.
For an instant, leaf's maple gives the guess of a brave, this cave, probably and new of map does the so-called night river have tremendous contact,Beats Solo HD?
"Once wore this cave, be want to carry on fighting a ground of valley, there is a devil leader in the valley, it explodes to get thing very good, last time challenge successfully after, it exploded on chasing 50 bayonets, be took ground in land mine hand that."The Mo adjusts a step and arrive at a leaf maple ground body say beside, although isn't an airtight language,obviously explain in detail to let leaf's maple that just joined listen to ground.
"But the devil gets a main attack very abnormal, a carelessly may drive it second kill, last time the land mine was to get hurt after here hanged once, therefore also caused the process of behind carry on very difficult."
"Is ah, the breeze is wild, I break after probing into finish an attribute this time concealed, you must give me the treatment in time, if again hang, I didn't do a task next time ………" hellish thunder light obviously still some lingering fears, a think of last time drive devil leader two next kill of scene, that the painful feeling of the all over whole body immediately again imitated a Buddha to come in person its territory sort must spread to come over.
There are two people to your treatment, and had experience in last time, should can't however get 2, 3 times again, pour is very probably."The penknife is a bit cantankerous bad to smile to make fun of land mine in one side.
"Crow mouth!"Hellish thunder light disaffection of whisper a , but facial expression have a little not natural, see to the devil leader really left in his heart very deep shadow.
A group of people is slowly ex- to go in the cave, although there is no monster in the cave, the dark and gloomy atmosphere still keeps making people feeling not great, and last pit pit Wa Wa in the ground, increase the tired degree of player very easily.
"Shimmer lighting Shu!"
Leaf maple with throw one regiment ray of light, in place ahead ten several positions of rices, front and back all of the distance of more than 30 rices illuminate.
Although the Mo etc. person to has already known that leaf's maple will use this technical ability in the arena, , several individuals still personally realize leaf's maple for the first time of the shimmer illuminate effect.
Compared with the common pastor's shimmer, the light of leaf's maple is getting softer and illuminate of the scope is naturally greatly wide of the mark, and the ray also seems to be brightness of many.
And the common pastor almost can't waste a precious technical ability blank to come to self-discipline this kind of'garbage'of magic trick, therefore livinging of leaf's maple Pi choice, in this case, seem to be to give timely assistance.
Original dark of the cave be loosely light to finish walking under the lighting of leaf's maple, etc. person's to datedly worried to alleviate to slowly compare with Mo last time, this time very easy, even still acquired rare adjustment through a this period of time.
"The technical ability with no garbage, only matching of garbage."The watermelon lightly sighs 1 in the heart and see choice leaf's maple that puts forward to the penknife as a troops 5 people's suggestion really have no wrong.
The end of cave arrives gradually, a put on uncanny You blue keep shooting to come over, and several dark shadows of rickets faintnesses, also appear in several people's view.
"It is snow ground devil."The Mo points at those dark shadows of ricketses, the low voice says:"This is strange are that 50 classes are strange, the attack is very general, however speed get a vexed person quickly, if be surrounded by their swarm, perhaps connecting the person of 70 classes will also feel to dislike."
"Keep a brigade type, iron soldier you walk most before, light row the second, I and two holy posts are in the behind."The penknife has Related articles:

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