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Change magically divine tree, homesick of time …………change magically and see.
Sweet Ling two silently once connected to change magically divine tree, twist head to say to Li Qiang:"Eldest brother sends me to return to."
Li Qiang nods a way:"Like, hereafter if there is opportunity, I also arrive a Huan tree star, came too hurriedly this time, had no time to linger more, definitely play more some dates next time."
Sweet Ling two understand Li Qiang's meaning, his in the mind doesn't already appreciate and says:"The Huan tree star contains a lot of marvellous places, I definitely accompany the eldest brother to see next time."
Sweet Ling ensign and sweet wood language come forward to thank together.Li Qiang Shou chokes to work properly Jue, sweet Ling two send back Huan evil bead.
The sweet Ling ensign leads the pupil of green wood door to accompany Li Qiang and Hou Pi clean come out room, arrive at the platform of outside up, sudden Li Qiang's complexion is tiny tiny on moving, say:"Is strange, the wood leaf came again."

The 21th gathers the shell Ye Dan Ding chapter 5 Jie Xiao palace
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Wood leaf again Gu body one person arrive at a green wood door, he falls before Lee strengthens figure and says:"Elder generation, the Luo the sky fairy Chinese foot adult spreads news, he says to also come again to seek you."
Li Qiang Nao head way:"Also come to seek me?His old man's house has satisfied rice to have no matter stem, have no a matter to seek a matter!What does he still say?"His in the mind is very impatient.
The Hou Pi is clean to say with smile:"Old younger brother, you can let Luo sky fairy not depend on not the Rao ground make track for to also be regarded as very fantastic, however, you still keep carefully ordering, his real strenght is really too strong."Li Qiang Song shrugs shoulders and says:"The leaf of the wood, if you see a Chinese foot language not, tell him, I keep company with at any time."
Wood leaf can wry smile, nod a way:"Like, I definitely think a way to turn to tell."
Li Qiang and Hou Pi is clean this just and public take leave, left a miraculous Huan tree of star.
It is very not that even to seal recently a good luck star, somehow, holy city declares that the doctrine magic trick greatly compares to postpone to hold, the reason why doesn't explain as well, postpone to arrive when hold don't also notify.Rushed through from each star come of fixed a true more and more, greatly compare after postponing, they all be detained is sealing a good luck star, fixing of the whole good luck star is true than early times many many, fight also unavoidably several, particularly came out to a bewitching fairy to work properly 100 Huis, also have her kid sister thou evil spirit son, these 2 people are sealing a good luck star to exert situation.
Work properly 100 Huis and the conflict of the temple of Hui Heng to vibrate the whole good luck stars all.In order to working properly the capability of 100 Huis super unique, the temple of Hui Heng of female fix true ate enough suffering, strange BE, work properly 100 Huis although the trouble that constantly seeks the temple of Hui Heng, she always also have no truely the one who hurt to is true over the fixing of a Hui Heng temple.
Working properly 100 Huis is demon fairy, original of the personality have been all gone and do all is with own momentary favour, don't say to is the temple of Hui Heng to have a headache to her, connect thou sword hospital with heavy the Xuan send these persons who know her inside situation to also don't already have a headache.She is what all not concerned, and thou evil spirit the son help Chen in a side, this girls a pair seal a good luck star to fix true boundary to stir one disorder.
The most strange is to seal kind Yong of big owner Gan of the backstage that the good luck star fixs true boundary, he incredibly doesn't come out arrestment as well, from wear girls a pair monkey business.The girls a pair after death still has the superior whom ancient sword hospital and heavy Xuan send the on the side and make seal a good luck star now each greatly fix a true group all scathing warn a bottom pupil, who also forbid to provoke their girls a pair, otherwise press the family rules treatment.
The Na is kind recent to be like a small footman, he takes a few pupils of ancient sword hospitals, always with is working properly 100 Huis and thou evil spirit sons nearby, this is Zhao Hao's order, he fears evil spirit son to be subjected to what hurt.Zhao Hao knows that the evil spirit son is the baby of teacher, be like to her general to the daughter, he at 1:00 all not dare the gist, the parties Na is kind to follow behind, besides which, , also silently sent some pupils to secretly protect.
Work properly 100 Huis to seek the temple of Hui Heng to after making a burst of also gradually calm down, she is to hate the temple of Hui Heng to don't look for himself/herself after she is penned and cannot helped but venting hatred just.This day, she and evil spirit son 2 people at not the night city loiter about and after death follow Na a few kind big fellows, at not night city, this was already the placard.Fix after true see them, the first reaction is to hurriedly step aside and fear one these two sisters of carelessly having got.
The evil spirit son smiles happily ground to say:"Elder sister, we go to the palace of Jie Xiao and play, I want to do some shopping for elder brother."
Work properly 100 Huis to hug evil spirit son, smile the ground of Ying Ying to say:"Last time not is bought a lot of things, how wanted to buy again?"Evil spirit son wrinkly small nose, act in pettish a way:"Anyway didn't also occupy, play, elder sister, accompany me to."Working properly 100 Huis has already spoiled evil spirit son Be getting more absolutely lawless, have to say with smile:"Like, the elder sister accompanies you to."
Heel at they after death of the Na is kind on listenning to, cannot help but giving a shudder, whisper a way to the pupil of the side small voice:"Darling, two husband's younger sister's grandmothers are again going to buy thing, alas, I the old Na be again bearing suffering."The evil spirit son Shan body arrives at Na kind nearby, sweet girlish voice way:"Baldheaded elder brother, don't you wish to accompany evil spirit son to,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com?"
Is together red and dizzy the kind forehead is from the Na up shine, always red arrive neck.In Na kind heart complain of hard lot Die not, evil spirit son the every act and moves all be full of to cast a glamour, let him to a little bit can not stand now.He puts out strength to sway bare-headed and smiles apologetically a way:"Hi hi, younger sister's son, old Na which meeting would not like to?Go!Certainly go!The old Na still wanted many money to the old Pa yesterday and enough spent to sell of and walked!"
The evil spirit son Xi laughs merrily a way:"The baldheaded elder brother is really good."Her Kua is great a , the Na is kind to can not help another cringe, he put out strength to choke an own thigh, the in the mind was dark to scold oneself to have no productive, as long as the evil spirit son talked, and oneself seems and then losted assertion.His wry smile wears to looking at evil spirit son to return to work properly 100 Huis nearby, a group of people walks to the palace of Jie Xiao.
The palace of Jie Xiao is a night the store of the biggest city locate at not at not the center in the night city, from fixing of holy city true management, in have each the special product product that fix a true group, from fly sword to keep thing belt, from the clothes arrive war A, and the small magic weapon of various each kind, blank of jade Tong etc. Chien, every with fix true relevant of the product almost have sell, also someone procures various true product of fixing here, someone sells the thing that he or she creates, here is a night one of the places of the most noisy city is not.
The place that the evil spirit son wants is the western big palace of the most noisy the palace of Jie Xiao, there is fix true oneself establish point to put a stand and sell or exchange the place of fixing the true product and usually have some strange things, by dint of evil spirit son and work properly the knowledge of 100 Huis, can really discover many good things.
The palace of Jie Xiao is divided into five big palaces in the southeast northwest and win a big palace regularly close, only four southeast northwest big palaces open at ordinary times, among them, the southern big palace is a holy city appropriative of, the eastern big palace is to seal a good luck star seven front door parties appropriation, the northern big palace is each small appropriation for fixing a true group, only have a western big palace, as long as is fix true all can at in establish point to put a stand, is most noisy disturbingly noisy place.
Not the night city has seven days the bead protection and whole year round disappears rain snow, therefore the four greatest palaces of the palace of Jie Xiao are all open-air, only win a heavy palace is the building of closing, that is being suffused with of a Jie yellow the graphemic heavy palace of the person of the golden light.Other skies of four greatest palaces all have the bead of magic trick formation light, giant platform the big palace shine on the one is bright.
Work properly 100 Huis and evil spirit son at not the night city was already a celebrity and no matter where it is, appeared will draw on a lot of visions.Their a group of people walks into a western big palace and immediately arouse the surroundings fixs a true of attention, many people start a small voice discussion, point out a point to the their sister a pair.The Na is kind to most see don't get so, stand the body station come out to drink a way:"Point what to point,Beats by Dre Electroplating!See what to see!Haven't seen beauty?"He is still the appearance of that robber's hooligan.
The evil spirit son smilingly advises a way:"The baldheaded elder brother don't call and last time have already beaten a , the result have nothing at all buys and stop beating this time."The Na is kind to touch bare-headed, the mouth say with smile:"Who make them be getting more rude, I the old Na see get spirit.To, younger sister's son, have a liking for what things ……I old Na to buy, hi hi, the old Pa said, what Zhangs all are his,cheap beats by dre."
Work properly 100 Huis to pull evil spirit son way:"The person is a lot of today, we rather arrive a northern big palace to see."The evil spirit son shakes head a way:"The thing of small group isn't good, the price is again expensive, row not come of."She is walking and seeing, point at a side up a fix is true before the body of the thing say:"You see, same of medium article fire crystal stone, his certain Related articles:

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