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" Reach heart in very ashamed, wish one to just authenticate to incredibly still need to bother coach to press in person, unexpectedly stay in the coach of total building to solicit students pressure so big, hurriedly promise a Tyrannosaurus to absolutely complete test to make him have an accomplishment today."There is restaurant in the ground floor that don't hurt to flow, we eat to there, don't mind?" Tyrannosaurus afraid reach and ran, hurriedly recommend even he all seldom goes by himself of the underground outdoors wrap a restaurant to have a meal.Reach to certainly have no an opinion.Stop like car, just descend get to ground floor restaurant."Die fat Kun"."Is lousy reach".Two people's face to face daring not believing will meet here, don't hurt to flow of ground floor restaurant."You how can here?""you how can here?"2 people again is without previous arrangement say Zhao."Your understanding?" Tyrannosaurus coach also feels strange, how can and so Qiao.Fat father of fat Kun is really an immensely resourceful, incredibly wrap descend didn't hurt to flow a ground floor to open a restaurant to still have SPA the spa, don't hurt to flow very big in the reputation of martial arts field, certainly the student is also a lot of, person's much money many, the crowd of people are Qian Chao, fat daddy Kun even the curators can be very intimate, being not hurting to flow a ground floor to open restaurant SPA that the not just small matter is 1."Depend, your old daddy also too gains and losses, incredibly can know curator." reach after finishing asking reason pounded the fat arm of fat Kun to say all of a sudden,beats by dre cheap.The "do not you know? all of my daddy and curators are a Bu the master's fan, usually take part in the Bu master's divination symposium, is still the Bu master's Yi King deluxe class of classmate, certainly know, didn't you tell me the interview for saying that the curator wanted to accept you and your teacher last time? the Bu master's recommendation." fat Kun is getting more inclined reached to one eye, spoke up reached to dare not believe of matter, the curator will promise the interview of teacher is the Bu master's recommendation?Good heavens!"You … . do you how can know? is that what Bu master recommend?" reach to open widely Zhao mouth, the saliva of inside soon drip come.(This was too really magic, Bu master,cheap beats by dre.)The "while just making tea at my house, chewing the fat with my daddy the yesterday's curator says of." fat Kun is getting more horizontal reach to one eye, seem to at smile him is that one is mentally retarded similar.Reach a true beginning to feel that oneself is to be getting more mentally retarded, this world's seeming the rule that oneself doesn't know is revolving, is social after reach the affair that gradual understand finished to know nothing a way before, before student's period some and self-approbation viewpoint also after it's social to step one gradual disappearance.But many than reach still and want cleverness must and doubly of person but not necessarily understand this truth."Fat Kun luxurious beef noodles" that finished eating fat Kun to personally cook, reach the beef noodles of discovering the fat Kun to cook really goodly, this is reached to once eat most good beef noodles, cook out to make him very surprised from his best friend, more surprised of BE, it has been more than four years since they knew each other, this was the first time him to eat the beef noodles that the fat Kun cooks.Person, really don't despise nearby each person, this in this world will have you the thing that doesn't know to appear forever, reached to see be in the moment eaten by oneself a naked big bowl of male beef noodles, involuntarily produce this viewpoint in the heart.The Tyrannosaurus coach also obviously feels the degree that this beef noodles eats well similarly eats to see bottom, the idea still don't exert.The fat Kun hears the Tyrannosaurus coach say the force that wait for a second and is on the 12th floor mutually hall to reaches to carry on becoming member consultation, hurriedly say that he also is going to visit.(Did not see for a long time reach a quilt sea flat appearance, start to enjoy in retrospect a senior high school period, really make people think of.) Reach to see fat Kun of Zhao one face infatuate with of facial expression, want to also know that he wants to see he with the knee drive sea flat appearance,Beats By Dre In Ear, hate in the heart of tooth Yang Yang but take fat Kun to have no alternative.3 people take the force that the Zhao elevator arrives at the 12th floors mutually hall, reach and Tyrannosaurus all already comfortable locker room's changing don't hurt the effort flowing to take very much, while the fat Kun wreathed in smiles also stand at part wait Zhao to see gamesome, just took advantage o Zhao reach in the time of changing the clothes the fat Kun has already requested Tyrannosaurus coach not to want reach dozen too gains and losses, but if coming to whole body of several days is aching, that ………the Tyrannosaurus coach can be free in a row eat fat Kun unique"is invincible delicious beef noodles" is a month.Moreover, if appear simple eye panda effect, so, in addition to the beef noodles outside can also plus "super big fat Kun chicken cutlet".But the assumption can appear a pair of eyes panda effect, beef noodles and super big chicken cutlet of that Tyrannosaurus coach eats not over.Although is work in the ground floor restaurant that is doing not hurt to flow, the fat Kun still keeps arriving upstairs for the first time, particularly the place that exclusively uses to authenticate, scan widely to hope to go, the wood wall of the place on all sides that sees more than 1,000 pings the side incredibly still put a lot of weapons, the knife gun sword Ji Fu Yue hangs up a fork whip stick ten kind the in common use weapon is similar also many.The luxury that sees arrive don't hurt to flow for the very first time imposing style, fat Kun's also a little bit regretting at the beginning has never advised old daddy's joining from partnership not to hurt to flow , certainly, isn't to regret time at this time and see reach be fixed by the Tyrannosaurus coach is today's purpose, the fat Kun even brings digital movie cameras one Be getting better, prepare to clap bottom reach the exciting appearance of becoming the panda.The person who wants to take part in consultation today is a lot of, authenticate to go into not to hurt to flow depend on stipulate must coach to do, otherwise afraid will have an accident, general student strength grasp of not and very very and easily contuse to come to take part in to become member of person.If is authenticated by coach is measured to living, so depend on not to hurt the coach real strenght for flowing can at not injury be subjected to measure rare circumstance under understand his degree, then know that the student is after becoming member approximate of series, and want to pay how much membership dues.Reach to scan widely to see go, very full is all person on the field, prepare be authenticated of the person have more than 200s around, a heap of a heap of separately stands, the great majority are warming up, while the also coming of the coach class is many, have a look about 20, just those coaches all have been having intention to not intentional of go toward reach of body up see.Reach isn't very understand only test why present up want so manies of movie camera, from on getting into force to mutually listen to a beginning, reach and then discover at least ten several set movie cameras to clap to fierce the student on the Zhao field, is ……….Want to go fetch to be advertisement to prepare to solicit students?Coach and student distinguish to know on seeing, in addition to the segment has white to take 黒Take to distinguish outside and there is also a characteristics very obviously, don't know to is to isn't geomantic relation, the coach that don't hurt to flow is almost short hair or bald, and each is a muscle person, but those prepare be tested of the students feel more humanized is like normal mankind's body figure.The Tyrannosaurus tells reach to say that they are rows at 18th order, please reach first an etc.."Tyrannosaurus coach, so many people want to become member, only 20 or so coaches to test thus isn't the meeting too tired?" reach to ask Zhao, if a coach want to test 10 to become member student, and majority of students look all be like have a little martial arts foundation, wasn't that too tired to coach."Ha, reach, I forgot to tell you, the coach test fought each other one among those parts just, because a lot of applications join of is measured to take root origin haven't learned formal martial arts, so radicleOriginally of the test mostly is the test of physique muscle dint, only once learned formal martial arts and exceed 黒Take three above would fight each other with coach, today's number still doesn't calculate much."Tyrannosaurus hurriedly to reach an explanation, reach to join not to hurt the order of flowing a life time curator, is also the selfishness of Tyrannosaurus at the same time, if the project is successful, that Tyrannosaurus of again don't hurt to flow inside of the prestige was hop step and jump, Tyrannosaurus to reach but be full of expectation.Reach to a to listen to can become member with this way, hurriedly say the way that he also wants to use to test physical strength muscle dint to the Tyrannosaurus, for fight each other, reach in addition to the conjecture in last time to battleplane experience outside, being the dozen of the online game strange experience was on network.If the Tyrannosaurus has never thought him to help reach after explaining on the contrary let reach to find out an excuse not to want to fight each other with him, hurriedly again say, if reach to have to have been fought each other to test to become member, that his become member a fee will be cheaper, and Tyrannosaurus again three promise to after a while fight each other just a kind of form, can't really beat, please reach must match with.The Tyrannosaurus of Xiao in the sky waits for a second meeting can't come to fighting each other of formality, reach the muscle of seeing the Zhao Tyrannosaurus, wish, even if is Liu Bang to the top the Tyrannosaurus probably can not support for a minute either, did a reporter of reach range of experience to greatly open, he has already known one-time of the senior high schools play malicious play cool guy is like child player house in the other people's eyes.Reach to helplessly see Zhao Tyrannosaurus and fat Kun, feel in the heart that oneself seems to force into participating in evil-doings, flank Related articles:

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