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Of knowledge, not only can learn all roughly to learn 1 time, also have some temporarily can not learn of, also record at brain in.
Yang Yang is a person who likes to be strange to think fantasy, he intends even if can not study now, the future has no quasi- can use an another method realization.There is condition restriction after all, don't mean and then can never study, have no quasi- one day oneself can break that condition, but find out the method of cracking the restriction, Yang Yang is very confident to this.
So, imperceptibly, time leads quickly.
A day after a week morning, Alice Nuo is awake to come over from the contemplation.
"How, were you free now?"Yang Yang Dai anxiously asks a way in the part.
"Xi Xi, seeming can move ……" Alice Nuo happily says, at the same time, she moved to move body, way:"You go away 1:00 first, too small here ……"
Yang Yang stays away according to speech, by this time, the Alice Nuo has his/her own wings and relaxedly launches and see come out she the mood is also very delight now, slowly, she opens double wing, then stands.
Read a burst of voodoo, Alice Nuo became person's form, that beauty of person the form young girl re- appear at Yang Yang in the moment.

Chapter 186 eye in the sky reappears

However Alice Nuo look still a bit distressed, but can become person's form, the generation resumed.
Yang Yang sees this, not from exultation, favour no time for waiting tunnel:"Too like, Alice Nuo, can you fly now?This ghost place that we are quicker to fly, again at here foolish under go,Beats by Dre BMW, I am about to go crazy."
"Is all right, I try and see."
Alice Nuo sees the meaning that Yang Yang is so anxious, also have to follow him and became Long Xing once again, it is very successful to change this time body.
"Should be able to fly ……" Alice Nuo examined own body condition for a while, way:"However, I fly quickerly Be getting more impossible."
"That didn't also relate to, we could do it slowly, as long as can leave here to go."Yang Yang exciting tunnel.
"H'm."Alice Nuo ordered to nod.
Hence, they start trying to fly a forest.
Several day after, 2 people appear in an unfamiliar and small town street, Alice the Nuo spirit drum drum the ground looking at Yang Yang, Yang Yang then ashamedly looks in all directions.
"I just talk with you, have you already heard?"
"…… There of wine shop good Gao, look very good appearance, we quickly have a meal ……" Yang Yang attends to or so but talk him.
"Bastard the Yi benefit is second, you don't want to transfer a topic."Alice Nuo angrily pulls his arm, an embarrassed kind that has no language to the heaven, the way of Du Nong:"I really took you, even the directions will admit mistake."
The You tunnel of Yang Yang You:"Where ah, didn't you also admit mistake by yourself ……"
"You are still not bashful, at the beginning is who is the direction that say that we fly of the oath solemnly pledged ground with accuracy?This under Be getting better.We arrived strange empire of western Ma of inshore, I ground the energy finished consuming again.The in a short time isn't likely to fly to return to!"Alice Nuo annoys drum drum tunnel:"It is all what you harm."
"That …… I admitted mistake a direction, you could rectify ……" Yang Yang Hui slips away tunnel:"Good, Alice Nuo, be the other people all are oddlying looking at us, don't fight and passed this matter, we know each other us two all little more than road chis.Who don't also say who, admit mistake a direction, we all equally have a responsibility."
"Hum ……"
Crustily the Yang Yang skin of head continues way:"Since so, that right here much a little bit foolish days, wait you to resume energy, time can fly again, we at a stretch fly to return to ……"
Alice Nuo hears Yang Yang say so, the facial expression alleviated some, but obviously still keep being angry.
Yang Yang has to a way:"Good, in the day here.I will make you eat okay, live okay.Play well, let you want to buy what buy what, what all follow your idea, so head office."
Hear Yang Yang say so, Alice Nuo cooled down right away, but she doesn't want to make Yang Yang seeing out of F be said by his condition for suggesting.Hence is smelly the face no longer talk, Yang Yang where will can not tell the idea of this little girl, hence once the Hey Hey smile, don't order to break her as well and just saided some good words again and then started to conjecture this newly arrived town son.
Is a backland small town of eastern strange Ma empire frontier here, the east is to cross over several 100 inside of boundless forest, the opposite of the forest would is a southern free federal location.
Yang Yang and Alice Nuos are eager to flying a forest, unexpectedly after arriving the sky don't cautiously take the bearings, then the facing northwest side have been flying.Arrived at here as a result.This kind of affair is spoken of funny, but actually.Alice Nuo and Yang Yangs have never taken a risk trip experience, will can not recognize a direction also and belong to as usual.
"Ah, my belly is again getting more hungry ……" Alice Nuo injustice the ground looking at Yang Yang Dao:"Follow your this guy some advantage also have no, on the contrary will make me endure hunger, was really too useless."
Yang Yang cans not help some blush with shames and surprisingly have no heel her Ban mouth, just the soft voice advises a way:"Wait for a second, I make some money, the place in this someone's smoke, I pour not to believe rich also hungry."
"Get money?"The Nuo way of Alice:"What worth money thing did you take?"
"Hey Hey.Have already waited you to known."
Say, Yang Yang then pulls Alice Nuo to walk everywhere and soon then discovers a pawnshop after, Yang Yang immediately walked into and not and in a short while and then smiled happily ground to walk out.
"Why smile so?Did you change money?"Alice Nuo asks a way.
"Is a ground, I use the treatment medicine of surplus the and decontamination medicine changed more than 100 gold coins, this bottom rich buy Pei of machine."Yang Yang Dao:"Now I the ground in the space ring exert is some deluxe materials and I refine by myself of attribute medicine, if convert money with these, can wasted too much ……you again etc., I go to sorcery material the store buy some low level sorcery materials back, Hey Hey,cheap beats by dre."
"It is troublesome."The depressed tunnel of Alice Nuo:"That is all right, hurry up."
Yang Yang didn't make Alice Nuo disappoint, he was taking first Alice Nuo packed a store to buy some clothes to make change to the dress,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, because 2 people is in the forest, although don't be subjected to what bitterness, a period of time didn't take a shower, the clothes have been disgustingly dirty of, so on changing, immediately the 2 people's all great feeling is comfortable great.
Immediately after would was to literally buy some sorcery materials, then sought trip store in the house to stop over.
The effort that takes the first day, Yang Yang processed a take to have the weak chemical element hurts of mercenary soldier sword, then literally sought a sorcery material store in house, have already then sold with low price.
Certainly, this with low price is more only opposite than common sorcery weapon to say ground, Yang Yang earns several decuples all of a sudden and in hand up had several daughter's currencies right away.To not arouse the observant and conscientious person's attention, Yang Yang and Alice Nuo is foolish for a day, then left just in this town, because appear ten several sorceries to equip a while, which afraid is an entry-level sorcery material, this kind of affair also is good enough to call the person feel shocked.
On the other hand, get excited in leave the reason of this town son is Yang Yang to find out an important affair, that be, Ma the of big city of the strange empire, unexpectedly have the transmission sorcery that unites mutually!Ma strange Ya Lan Cheng in the empire capital city is also have to lead to a world-wide locations of one-way transmission sorcery, one among the nets orders is exactly in the southern free federal, leave the Yi dew city shortage 100 in of place.
Yang Yang Xi's that knows this message hopes an outside, in his eyes, as long as arriving Ya Lan Cheng, very quick can return to Yi dew city.
Small town north 90 in addition to inside, is a city that is named You Li Si, at Ma strange empire in.The cities are assigned name to with flower more, this with saint empire dragon assign name to a city by evil monster opposite should.Pour to also be regarded as a kind of special style.
You Li Si's flower is 1 kind to open a ground of white blossom in May, symbolize a sanctity, unfortunately is Yang Yang with Related articles:

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