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Round of.
"Stop worrying, azure stone is really fierce, saided again, my younger sister in D thou, will never be a weak hand, really beat, lilac you aren't necessarily the opponent of azure stone!"
"Brag, azure stone, say with elder sister, your elder brother is bragging!"
Azure stone one face proudly looking at a lilac cat way:"Do not the elder brother just brag, the somebody else is originally fierce, just the elder brother have been disallowing me to begin, you have never seen I develop!"
"Like, good, the azure stone is most severe!"The lilac cat suddenly starts to embrace an azure stone and mercilessly kissed two people.
"Finish, finished, the lilac classmate unexpectedly joined back back mountain!"
"Die, D thou are you a back to carry on the back mountain, our woman's expression for a while feelings, close you what matter, part thoroughly pleasantly cool go, to, azure stone!"
Unfortunately, the azure stone is red face, the Shan early arrived a part to go.
"Be, be, the lilac elder sister became the back back mountain warrior, we all left her a little bit farer!"The floating cloud also created a big noise in a side.
Mo Jian Chou and water is pure Ling helplessly to see one eye, these guy, is can make too much as well, really don't know to call to ascend them is well is bad.
"Ha ha, tie up miss to pour is there is a free mind, how, three Wu evil plan in the sky, whether have again what insight, did I still think to tie up miss not to intend to implement a promise!"The D thou finger flips table's top and make fun of opposite of tie up.
All for the past two years several time, tied up have been having no to again appear, the good elephant was the commitment that forgot ever a thou to the D, but, the D thou knew, this kind of affair, is have no periodical,cheap beats by dre, demand of time, very uncertain, who don't know as well to exactly will use how long, be like D for thou at the beginning, used eight years, but himself, don't know that it has been eight years since time passesed by at all.
"Luo Luo, Mr. Ding is to play trick, just, the evil plan is really some this day abstruse, I although three Wus more than two year, but, also just slightly know skin.To, this day evil plan, I intend to hand over to Mr. Ding the conservancy, don't know the idea of Mr. Ding under how?"
Tie up Jiao to smile, is good that evil plan in the sky of ancient bamboo strips book put on the table and push a thou toward the D.
"Tie up miss might it not be is to joke again, the so valuable thing hands over to me to keep, this in case of if lane throw, perhaps, sold me to also can not repay for loss!"Mouth top although say, the thou of D remains is to grasp in hand that day the evil plan, after commencing, D thou just discover, this doesn't is a bamboo strips, non- gold, non- iron, non- jade, non- wood, also not heavy, this is a kind of very miraculous material, hold in hand, tiny have cool feeling.
"Not, I don't be playing trick, side uncle Shi's going out don't return and had already had two years and led again for three years, is my evil party in the door, when the time comes, all evil pupils in the door, have to appear, till then wait, perhaps, side uncle Shi is dead of fact, can not hide ……!"
"Ha ha, that again how, that matter and this evil plan have again what connection!"
"Look a nothing important connection, but,Beats by Dre BMW, the of each day evil plan will have 1 kind to marvellously respond, these more than two years, I hasn't been returning to believe in inside, don't return to again, perhaps will arouse to wish teacher's doubting.Compare under, I trust Mr. Ding more, so, this thing, give to maintain for Mr. Ding !"
The words listenned to tie up, the D thou contemplated a short moment and noded a way:"Like, now that tie up a young lady to there is difficult place, that at under duty-bound, for tie up miss to relieve cares at home.Tie up miss when want to take back this thing, though come to take good!"
"Thank Mr. Ding Xiang for helping, that I took leave first!"
"Tie up miss to slowly walk!"
The thou of the D later on sky evil 6 fill into a ring and returned to in home,Beats By Dre In Ear.
Lightly spread evil plan in the sky, put a true bed at the Xuan up.
Ding Gu discovers that this doesn't is a book, but a human body of pair is doing various strange posture, if have no the person of self-discipline, is absolutely don't come out this kind of action, even if is a self-discipline, D thou also not understand these actions to exactly have meaning.
Because, this doesn't is a set of fighting skill, also not is 1 kind dance, is not a power self-discipline either method.
The thou of the D tried in the sky mimicry among them of an action.
The plop is a , thou of D direct from the air falls off in the bed and fall off of D thou the Alas! is a , almost arrived a waist for the Shan.
Isn't a mimicry action, what marvellous place does that exactly have.The thou of the D could not help sinking in to contemplate.
Have no the matter beat a game, other time, the D thou puts all spirits this day an evil plan up, regrettable, lead for half month, D thou still can not, which afraid is touch to arrive the most basal secret.
According to the game stand rule, the preliminary contest is totally divided into two, the first, everybody's match is 50, integral calculus lead 40 of, get into second run preliminary contest.
After getting into second run preliminary contest, everybody's match is 15, plus the integral calculus of beginning, finally ex- the integral calculus 100, acquire the qualifications of getting into the finals.
Game beat half month, D thou just beat 20, accumulated 20 cent, the fields field all win, field time used in field all not longer than a minute.
After all, the opponent of these beginnings, the real strenght height is different, some opponents are really weak wretchedness, can say, there is no clear teacher doing backstage, all of big parts are cannon fodders.

The text chapter 196 starts
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The thou of the D shakes head to sigh a way:"Do not go, this bird trifle, completely be like a riddle, can not guess, basically didn't use, Be different from that highest sword Dian, see simple, in fact dangerous, numerous superiors , all in the middle of being stupid and doing not feel, losted a small life and became bones!"
From the smoking fire Liao, arrive water flooded to keep in deep freeze, the D thou tested fully 110 kinds of meanses, but can not have a kind of means show results, see, this thing, can be treated as the most difficult riddle in history.Luckily this trifle material is strange, although experience numerous meanses,can also keep a juice original favor, didn't transform and shed off, and tie up to hand over in the his hand of completely didn't change.
Absolute being machine, absolute being machine, D ancient mumbling to oneself way, at the beginning in the sword Ge, the D thou once wanted to ruin highest sword Dian, regrettable, a sword cut up, even the Mars had never emitted 1 to come out, biggest of the Cuo went to D for thou of drive.
Even if experience must year, I am from the Kui however the immobility.
"Pa!"The thou of the D suddenly clapped oneself's slap, loud and clear slap, how forgot to fix the really the most basal thing, don't understand of, all use to work properly to know to try.
"Day, this what bird trifle!"The thou of the D discovers, in the oneself brain, the good elephant is generally turning on electricity a shadow, performs a party in the palace, several maids are divided into two rows and carry tray and walk to palace inside, put thing lightly on the table of both sides, immediately after, the several tens beauty suddenly jumps into place the center by various posture.
Posture, to, is a posture, the posture of these women, the good elephant is very similar to the posture of evil plan in the sky last surface.
Along with these dancing of womans, the D thou more and more addicts to arrive among them.
"Ah!"The thou of the D sends out sighing of a You You, really beautiful, too beautiful, the United States arrived extremity.
Unfortunately, difficulties in it, also very of Gao, unless D thou the heart ambition is firm, perhaps, early enchant to arrive among them, totally dance together with those women, don't want out.
The thou of the D tries the action of mimicry that woman, but surprisedly discovers, oneself can not do a , that action, although understand that action very much in the heart how do, but, actually, the D thou can not do out at all.
Is difficult, difficult, only an action, such difficult, D thou see of, perhaps not next up to thousand actions.
However, is difficult, the D thou pours is don't mind at all, after all, if easy, everyone all not will.
When the game carries on, a pail of world also the favour become one regiment, know, this of ratio force, but indeed Related articles:

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