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How to think?"
If believing in the no object nature of Ze ability is had better, still keep containing question inside the heart of Zhang Shu Ye, officer's house since say so, see again say!
When meeting arrived Hai, be over moment, the color way of Zhao Huan Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De:"Kill to keep preparation for a while, I the south suburb fiesta sky, imprecation Hao blessing of big emperor in the sky!"
Li Gang waits person's mountain to shout to get an aim, respectfully but back!
The Yue flies to receive Imperial decree, inside the heart of red-blooded abrupt however burnable, a moment doesn't wish as well etc., right away beat some luggage, prepare to walk to allow right away!
The soft blessing emperor Ji is directing a female to make, the old woman son tidy up thing and suddenly listen to in spread a kid of cry a voice, the Yue flies not to need an order and goes in to start to embrace Yue thunder and throws baby's son to air, the very happy ground says:"The daddy wants to walk, will can't think daddy!"
Yue thunder naturally of brave, also not afraid, return the ground of Luo Luo smile:"Daddy, again a little higher, again a little higher!The daddy grew up, can the thunder son fly?"
The Yue flies a way:"Not ability!"
"Why?The small bird can fly, I am a person, on the contrary can not?"
The Yue flies to listen to one Leng, yes!The person is a man, why the small bird can fly, but can the person not fly?
The 嬛嬛 coincidentally comes in to seek thing and sees arrive like this scene, exclaim 1 and connects a way:"Do what, let go of the kid quickly!Is really a rightness of to live a treasure, how don't know frightened!"
The Yue flies to smell speech and hurriedly puts a kid on the ground, way:"Can't of, I have proper restraint!"
"There is a proper restraint doing not go as well!"Four years of, 嬛嬛 from a young age young girl, became a charmingly feminine women.The shape is plump, the looks is dignified, don't be some kind of romantic feelings!
The Yue flies now son in good humor, say with smile:"Thunder son, you want a younger brother younger brother, still kid sister younger sister?"
The Yue thunder is slanting the neck is wellto want to think so much, finally way:"Want a younger brother younger brother, add a kid sister younger sister again!"
The 嬛嬛 stared one eye husband, pay a kid to walk, the Chen is strange:"When wear a kid,Beats By Dre In Ear, say what these do!"
"Does not he understand again?"
"Did you understand?"
The wife at this time, more and more beautiful.The Yue flies to see heart in on concussing, the one step comes forward and hugs a wife in the bosom.Each time till this time, the 嬛嬛 shoulder trembles badly and meets big ash wolf like the small rabbit and so asks for a person to love!Four years, don't her seeming to be at 1:00 change!
The hand that the Yue flies fondles the mountain peak before the chest, the 嬛嬛 nervously stares at doorway and fears someone to come in and wants to obstruct a reckless husband, the words arrive a mouth side, Be not willing to speak again.Fawn"Peng Peng" of the at heart keeps jumping, the face son is terribly hot, not from must stick body more tightly.
Chapter 2 south suburb(two)

Chapter 2 south suburb(two)
"Urge!"The Yue flies the bridle of stopping the horse, the BMW shines on the night white"is sparse to slip away" a long Si, front the leg jump air, the side head saw one eye host, then fiercely fall to the ground.Lo its appearance, doing not run enough is clear!
A big camp still an old appearance that praises Japan's Imperial Army's regiment, the big ensign of flagpole recruits an exhibition aweather, the headlight cage of the Yuan front of door flutters in the breeze, ray also along with wave, imitate the whole world of Buddhas all is waving!
Where did the soldier soldier standing guard go to?
This piece Xian how made?
Yue's flying is just preparing to dismount, the sudden gold drum together blares, the decorous front door slowly opens, riding of two lines of awe-inspirings soldier, intrude into an eyelid, the troops has been ringing afar extension, extension!The Yuan door greatly opens, Zhang Xian of the whole body military dress, leading a stem will get and urge a horse to arrive at Yue to fly in front.
"Brush!"The ground draws out a yataghan, the point of a knife stabs toward the blackness of top of head and drinks a way:"Praise Japan's Imperial Army's regiments all the worry wait Zhang Xian to lead heavy will, welcome commander in chief to return to camp!"
"Brush!"100001000 sheaths, the Sen cold knife noodles reflects strange of ray, that acquaints with but again the unfamiliar felling is lingering around at the body, the warm is in mind to rise Teng!
"Welcome commander in chief to return to camp!"
Yes, they are still original appearances!
This is that oneself skill set the troops for setting up, that cost numerous strenuous efforts, even if far can not forget, either in the limits of the earth of troops!
Wang Gui, still old appearance!
Xu Qing seemed to be still to lose!
Zhang Bao, Wang Heng, also have those close soldiers have been being crying, almost cry tears person!
The Yue flies steady mind and draws out to wear knife to answer a gift, one word a ground say:"The brotherses good!"
"Commander in chief good!"
Will get self-movingly the Shan arrive both sides, the Yue flies to put a horse but goes into!
The lantern of road both sides slowly shines, a piece acquaints with of face, a way the vision for respecting adore, Yue's flying is most solemn and impressively welcomed, in the tiger eyes already full is a tears flower!
The step that plays a martial set became Gao many today?
Step why thus of heavy?
Because the shoulders load wears thousand Jun heavy burdens, step how the ability isn't heavy;My Yue flies who also, how can can bear responsibility a so heavy cordiality!
In Taiwan****The station settles and faces those expectant visions, is about to talk, place in the Yuan door spreads a burst of clop, by this time, who again come,beats by dre cheap?
A short moment, the person arrives at a near front, is go into inside inside wait on province inside west head oblation officer Shao become chapter, still hold Imperial decree in hand!
The Shao becomes chapter noodles south but sign, one contains aim, the Yue flies to wait person to kneel to pour in the ground!
"The Mukden accepts a luck, emperor Zhao Yue:Grant wine thousand altars now, make Yue Qing and Zhang Qing inebriate with the officers and men!Qin this!"
The Yue flies to get an aim to thank for favor, the mountain vivas!
The Yue flies to cure a soldier the strictest, prohibit in the army camp to drink alcohol, if in the past days, he has no quasi- will refute the beautiful idea of saint, now then but can't do so any further.Is unemployed for more than two years at home, he understood a lot of things, the sky of his top of head is to allow of no the profane and need he protect with the life.Though, he doesn't know a sky;Sky but definitely know him, so, regardless arrive when, the sky is a sky forever!
"Stem goes for opening widely handsome Jian!"The Yue flies courageously a track.
"Stem gives a welcome party for Yue commander in chief!"Zhang Xian sheds tears of, he loathes to give up to praise Japan's Imperial Army's regiment, but for the royal mandate is like mountain, how could not from?
The fragrance of the wine is heavy in the night view, the intense emotion of the warrior burns in the deeply drunk!
Tonight, an inebriate a square to rest!
The important event of country, soldier, fiesta two carry!
The south suburb fiesta Yuan Qiu, the fiesta does obeisance Hao sky emperor, really offer sacrifices to medium the most solemn and impressive rite!
The Jing Kang first year January 16, the instrument Luan takes charge of into green city and does preparation for big Dian dress in officer's house and rather too often establish to enjoy a , spirit tablet and version etc. matter.On the 17th, still the book or so servant shoots, gift department still the book check if the fiesta machine is clean and neat in person;The light Lu Qing receives sacrifices but goes into and reports beast of an uniform colour for sacrifice to make to kneel a report:"Please check sacrifice."Gift department still book, vice minister check sacrifice, great way:"The sacrifice is very fatty strong."And then, the sacrifice will be led long kitchen to slaughter.
Connect down, be dedicate bloody.Only the Lu Qing receives the Tao bean of multiplying by the blood of putting the sacrifice, Be dedicated to emperor in the Hao sky respectively Zu emperor before and too is before.
Then is enter Zhuan!Gift department still book upward emperor, too the Zu is each to dedicate to sacrifice a head of, the wine is a , the Bi of the Cang jade is one side, and things, such as bean, 簠 and Gui...etc..
18 day and night, the big gift makes the Li Gang, rite make the Zhang Bang Chang, baton make Zhang Shu Ye, stew a book to make Zhao Ding, pass to make Qin Kuai receive an emperor fast of-clear hall,cheap beats by dre, go to green city!
The big emperor Zhao Huan of Sung goes to green city and changes dress and takes a big Qiu , drive Gun Mian with, the Jian in palace enters Cang jade big Gui, the emperor keeps big Gui into the altar.
While being ugly seven engrave, the rite makes Zhang Bang Chang, Xuan Yue, :"Ji have been already arrived, the emperor salutes!"
The temple moves the joy of 《view Anne 》 and wishes to kneel prosperous wine in machine of useful pottery Pao to infuse ground too much, the emperor does obeisance celestial spirits and too Zu, the cluster minister as well does obeisance.And then emperor from rather too often guide to the south rank, take off shoe to ascend an altar, arrive prosperous wine of before the 罍 .The Jian in palace kneels down after washing Jue into dedicate to the emperor, keep Zun Lang to ladle up the fragrant wine in the 罍 to the emperor, the emperor is dedicated to emperor in the Hao sky before, the Fu does obeisance, the temple moves the joy of 《Jia Anne 》 , and the big gift makes to read out a volume book;Dedicate again too Zu before, do obeisance again, the temple moves the joy in 《Guang'an 》 .The gift finishes, is for a dedicate.
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